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  1. retired outlaw

    Best Tv Providers

    go talk to them face to face always worked for me in past
  2. retired outlaw

    Home in Florida ... $125,000

    Time Left: 5 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Excellant

    located in Deltona Fl.32738 2 bed,2 bath, den or sm. bed,working fireplace ,screened back porch,hole house heat pump (air& heat)newer type,all appliances,landscaped yard(Fl. certified yard by U.C.F )hole house emg. generator (7500 walt) ,lawnmower,shredder chipper,Kobalt bat.trimer,chain saw,blower,elec. hedger,hurricane shutters


  3. been trying to post house for sale need help!

  4. retired outlaw

    A Dead Mall on an Old Landfill?

    imo must be a tax deduction for owners because there are sites & roads all over the burg that were built on mill dumps ( slag) i worked on many of them
  5. retired outlaw


    Your Fired !
  6. retired outlaw

    Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    common sense tells me that more than someone should be charged & held accountable in the death of there employee
  7. retired outlaw

    View Outside My House at 8AM

    those elk are not paying atten. to the signs
  8. retired outlaw


  9. retired outlaw

    humming birds

    put up more feeders on back side of house?
  10. retired outlaw

    humming birds

    on my ft porch I have 2 feeders bout 15' apart 6 birds comeing in one chases others off all time should I put some zanax in feed to calm them down?
  11. retired outlaw

    Back in the 60's

    DuBois hotel where downtown sheetz is now,SOI where landrymat is on long ave, VFW (downtown), Clates bar (where bank is on blvd across from downtown sheets )
  12. retired outlaw

    Back in the 60's

    Resses,and & Quiet women where same bar was olso know as Minnes next door was frienly tavern
  13. retired outlaw

    my Hydrangea

    better pic.
  14. retired outlaw

    my Hydrangea

    it has changed color
  15. retired outlaw

    my Hydrangea

    this spring i cleaned it out removed dead branches thats all, from what i found out how old house is and how big trunk is i would think it is bout 100 yr old