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  1. i didnt think that it could be a WalMart truck,those guys are good drivers,and hand picked, ive been out there on the road and those guys are good


    ihe helped me out so many times,what a guy,i started having him repair things when he was just off jared street in a little garage,he never let me down with breakdowns with my business,and was always so nice just to visit and talk,ill miss him very much
  3. any one hear anything about the wreck the other night on gamelands road,life flite came in supposidly, ive been watching the paper and the news,and havent heard anything
  4. wow! thats pretty neat,i never saw old pictures with that style of company houses,thanks for sharing
  5. this ones over used"at the end of the day" ???
  6. there is going to be no sunday paper,but a saturday paper it said
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