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  1. A few years ago someone at C-E invited me to write letters to the editorial because of my comments/replies on some of the postings online. ...I had to politely decline because I'm not politically correct and I will call an ace and ace and a spade a spade. I also do not cater to political parties.
  2. While I'm more of a "we need factories instead of service businesses" type guy, yeah - we do need a KFC. I'm tired of having to drive to Clearfield or Indiana for KFC. ...or grabbing it while I'm in Johnstown for work and driving home to Brookville. Heck, I'd be happy with a Popeyes or even Church's Chicken if we couldn't get a KFC.
  3. AND! The woman that no-showed for court is Facebook friends with this woman.
  4. One of her Facebook friends is Shanna Carlson, the woman that died in that house fire in Clearfield a week or two ago. I mentioned that other situation was very meth'd up. ...and I judged my findings by the type of people and their backgrounds by Shanna's Facebook friends.
  5. Necco Wafers Fruit Stripe gum for all of 1.4 seconds for each slice. Practically any penny candy
  6. Unfortunately this happens more often than folks realize. And often closer to home than you know. Some folks are too proud to get help. Some just don't qualify for public assistance. A couple years ago a renter in our neighbors house couldn't afford food for his wife and infant. We heard them discussing the issue from our house(just a driveway between our houses). Then the next day I saw them counting out frigging pennies at Mikes for some items. We'll, for the next few weeks until they had moved away, a number of bags of groceries would magically end up in front of their doorstep from time to time.
  7. A PA LTCF is a statewide license. It just happens to be issued by the sheriff, or in the case of Philly - the Chief of Police. Your Clearfield LTCF is valid in Philly. The only difference between Philly and the rest of the state is: In the rest of the state you can carry a "firearm"(handgun, SBS, SBR) openly without a license on foot. And carrying a long gun doesn't require a LTCF even if you hide it under a trench coat. In Philly, carrying open or concealed "firearms", even long guns(rifles/shotguns), on public domain requires a LTCF. That is set by state law, not Philly ordinance. In a City of the First Class(Philly is the only one), a person is required to have a LTCF in order to carry, regardless of how and what, on public domain. But since we are under a State of Emergency signed by the governor, the rest of the state is under the same rules as Philly.
  8. Philly has no gun laws of their own. They are preempted by Title 18, Chapter 61, Subchapter 6120. The only difference between Philly and the rest of the state is that any form of carrying (open or concealed) requires a LTCF - which is set by State law.
  9. With any luck Karma will greet him with a nice pot of grits.
  10. There is a pretty good chance this will get tossed because the severity of the "crime" does not match what the punishment could be.
  11. That officer screwed up, and is screwed. There is an expectation of armed residency, and being armed when answering the door, especially at night. The mere possession, or even holding of a firearm, does not mean that another person is in danger. ...otherwise cops could shoot anyone holding a gun anywhere(gun store, while hunting, while at the range, etc, etc). I do not think the resident was shot for being black, nor any other racial reasons. Just shot because of poor training and wrongful training(police tend to go for gun more often than they should instead of backing off and de-escalating).
  12. Yep. City of Parker, population 810. Or the Borough of State College, populations 42000+. It isn't as cut & dry as it is in some states. There are a couple ways to become a "city" in PA. One is legislative declaration, another is having a certain kind of local government and enough population to get a charter. Boroughs have similar methods, without a population limit or requirement. No municipality rescinds upon population thresholds.
  13. It might not have always been so small. Places like Hallton, Westville/Coalglen, etc once had populations in the high hundreds, and into the thousands. A borough charter just doesn't automatically die off. For the charter to go away, the former adjacent townships have to reincorporate the parcels. And with an old municipality, transferring land records is a time consuming and expensive procedure since you have to go back to the beginning of the titles.
  14. Unfortunately it is her only legal recourse. She was at a level on opiates that the next dosage higher would kill her. For years they had her on everything, then finally on Fentanyl patches, which then no longer worked. That, and the pain clinics treated her like the run of the mill druggy. She got tired of being treated like crap, having to be on addictive opiates, and having to be driven to either Kittanning or Johnstown once a month for pee test and new prescription - so she did the medical MJ thing. Now, she only has to visit a doctor in Pittsburgh twice a year. ...which she still has to give urine sample, but they don't treat her like some whacked out druggy. One thing about the medical weed - they do have a range of qualities. From just above "skunk weed" to knock a horse out type stuff. Street "hydro" is higher mid-grade at the dispensaries, which goes for $50+, or about $5 per same quantity on the streets in Cleveland. ....pleading the 5th as to how we know. Like Garth, the old lady has friends in low places.
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