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  1. I've offered this suggestion before. Make it law that if a dog kills someone, not only the dog is to be put down - but also the owners. If the dog only maims a person, the dog is to be put down and the owners to be maimed by dog(s) too. That would fix a lot of the problem.
  2. It is related to that large truck/big gun + small penis thing for many of the owners.. Which is why I drive a small crossover SUV and often carry a small pocket pistol. ....to compensate for my large johnson.
  3. Nitroglycerine makes a great coffee table ornament too.
  4. People are stupid. You do not start cutting cross-country in such a situation. You follow the road back the way you came unless you know for a fact that the next plot of civilization is closer forward and along the road. The average person can walk 2-10 miles a day along a roadway, elevation/grade change factor in. Some folks can walk more. I engineer about 1 mile an hour, stopping at each pole for a few seconds to a couple minutes. Hot/cold, uphill/downhill - doesn't matter. My walks back to my vehicle are substantially less, in all about 8 miles in 6 hours. I've also walked 13 miles in 3 hours once in 92-95 degree temps in FL(mind you, flat land) when I had quit a job as a teenager selling the Tampa Tribune subscriptions door to door. (they would drop you off from a van and pick you up at a meeting point) It takes 2-5 days to die of dehydration, so you DO NOT need water right away(unless temps are above body temperature and for a prolonged time). In one day she would have likely been back to at least a commonly traveled road where she could have flagged down a passing motorist for help. 1/one/uno day and this could have been resolved if it wasn't for her own stupidity. Some people deserve to die.
  5. Me too. I have a craving from time to time for McD's, Wendys, KFC, Taco Bell, Long Johns, etc, etc.
  6. I just expect a fastfood burger to be cooked properly to McD's own guidelines, especially considering they pretty much zap or air fry burgers these days on a set timer. I already have an expectation that something will be missing from the order. lol But yes, a $1000 meal will likely be of better quality. I've spent about $600-700 on meals for the little lady and myself at Hyde Park Grill in Cleveland (some of that was $50 shots of 80 year old Grand Marnier and other drinks). Absolutely spectacular meals..
  7. Sorry I dont know how to send a private message

  8. Straight south of Strattanville, but along SR66 between Clarion and New Bethlehem.
  9. We had a KFC right across the street from McD's. Same person that owned the Clarion and DuBois franchises also owned the Brookville location. ...and when he/she died in 2011 or 2012, the heirs didn't want to keep them. But yes, a KFC would fit nicely in there. Sure would beat e coli and salmonella poisoning.
  10. I dont know about the hygiene aspect. I've been able to smell more people in line at the grocery store, 6FT away, than I have ever before at often much closer distances. Seriously!
  11. They should probably close the Brookville McD's. That place cannot cook a burger to save their, or their customers' lives. Almost completely pink on inside, which you do not do with ground meat. Yeah, I love my steaks bloody - but burger is a different story for safety reasons.
  12. In case anyone want to call me out.. That big building at the end is where WJAC's transmitter equipment is. They are on the tall tower nearest to that building. My customer is in a 5 story nuclear bomb proof building in the direction through the trees where I point at early in the vid. https://youtu.be/AIZPpQR9L1E
  13. Sounds like a headend receiver or antenna problem as primary possibility. Depending on the location of Comcast's headend, reception can be spotty. If antenna reception is good, then their receiver or channel equipment could have problems. I know WJAC's antenna is high and clear on Laurel Mountain just west of Johnstown on a 380FT or so tower. I was at the antenna site 2 days ago while inspecting another customer's demarcation at another tower <500ft away for a fiber service. The last possible problem could be between their antenna and the channel combiner before going into a fiber transmitter. There could be a break/crack in the coax allowing outside signals in to interfere, but I highly doubt this issue. Not sure about WTAJ of Altoona. ...haven't been there, yet. Back when my kin owned DuCom and TL Com cable systems, we had the antenna/low signal issue with Pittsburgh KDKA at our headends in Hazen, Sabula, TL, and Weedville. ....just too far, plus too many mountains and trees. We tried keeping it as an elective, while being in the Johstown/Altoona DMA(must carry). But once KDKA and the other Pittsburgh channels decided to charge us either 25 or 50 cents per customer(which gets passed to the customers' bills) we decided to drop them. Mind you, that was 15'ish years ago. Not sure what Zito has done since then. Even after dumping $2500 into a single channel hi-gain antenna, mounting it at the top of the tower, and buying hi-gain amps, and filters - didn't help.
  14. No mention of wives in that article, so take it on face value.
  15. Pasco isn't all that bad. My parents live there, Zephyrhills. Hillsborough county - if Florida had a butthole, Hillsborough County would be the taint. Broward and Duval counties would fighting each other for the honor of being the sphincter.
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