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  1. Perps have used it too to try to divert attention.
  2. There may, there may not be - if they do have suspect(s), they may not be announcing such to keep them from running until there is evidence enough to arrest them. Arresting a person too soon, without evidence, can result in the charges getting tossed permanently.
  3. Some pics from Station 73's Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/JED73/
  4. Trucks returning to fire again. Must have sparked back up.
  5. I couldn't tell exactly what kind of truck it was, but it looked like a green colored rescue type coming down E. Main St - no lights/siren. It might have been an engine, but pretty sure it was a rescue type.
  6. DuBois engine 75 at standby at Station 6.
  7. Engine 40 holding at standby at Station 2.
  8. Engine 8 going to fire. Jefferson going to call for another to standby at Station 6.
  9. It also may be to protect the identity of victims who are minors. You name the parent, then it will become obvious who the minors are.
  10. Have they restocked(fish) Kyle Lake since the dam and breastwork completion? I just noticed this past weekend that the lake has filled back up.
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