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  1. dubois_15801

    Internet Speed

    You can "over-signal" a device on WIFI. Or another other type of device that uses radio waves for reception of data, voice, TV, etc. Just like cell towers, there is a sweet spot between right up against the tower(router) to the limits of signal range that will provide the best reception. Too close will also cause ghosting. ...your antenna gets the signal on the first hit, but then again moments later after the signal has bounces back off another surface. The closer those hits to the antenna are, the easier it is for the device to know which to cancel out. When that delay is longer it can cause a disruption in which packet is supposed to be processed/canceled. You can see the same thing happen with off-air TV. Put an antenna up between a mountain/treeline and the source of broadcast. The signal will hit the antenna then the mountain/treeline and bounce back. You'll see a weaker ghost image on your TV. (happens with radio as well) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghosting_(television)
  2. dubois_15801

    Internet Speed

    It depends on the service you are paying for and what you are using it for. The FCC and PA PUC consider 3Mbps or more as "broadband" these days. Prior to that, anything above ISDN 128Kb was considered broadband.
  3. dubois_15801


  4. Pennsylvania isn't New York State.. There is no such thing as a "licensed handgun". No license is required to own a handgun in PA, nor to carry it openly on foot outside of Philly and absent a declared state of emergency, nor concealed within your abode.
  5. Multiple reasons.. Often a combination of: collecting, purchases for use, inheritances, raffle winnings, etc, etc. Hunting alone can require 5+ different types of guns. Then factor in different types of sport shooting, personal defense, expected duty weapons(yes, males are expected to have serviceable firearms if called to duty, which would extend to females these days). I know a guy out in Warsaw Twp that has won right around 110 guns in raffles(last time I talked to him a couple years ago). He was up over 550 guns owned before he had an auction come get a large portion of them for bidding.
  6. dubois_15801

    Can I still get girl scout cookies

    I thought Steve had a rule about dealing drugs at GoDubois?
  7. Maple syrup is a big business down in Somerset County. There is another farm on the opposite side of Meyersdale that is absolutely huge with thousands of feet of sap lines. When I first saw that farm I thought it was fencing until I took a better look. The syrup camp in this news report is down near Wellersburg. It is a wonder the fire trucks made it even remotely close in that area. Around there, if it isn't up hill, it is down hill. If you hear banjos, you better paddle faster.
  8. dubois_15801

    Hitching Post

    Last time we were in there, there was a small stage/platform on the bar side, towards the kitchen door.
  9. dubois_15801

    Bingo Brawl Breaks Out At Canadian Nursing Home

    This! This is the result of too much hockey within a nation!
  10. This really is good for DuBois and surrounding area. Manufacturing creates capital gains, not just for the business, but also for the local economy. For the most part, service/sales takes money from the area, at best just recycles money. While only 68 jobs, those jobs will draw in money from ANYWHERE those products are purchased from.
  11. dubois_15801

    Hitching Post

    When I first opened this thread I was worried! I'm glad my concern was quashed within a few replies by others. My gal is a bit of a food snob, but she enjoys their food. I've found their grub to be very consistent, unlike most other places. I always order (2) Post Scrambles(yes, I eat them both, including the toast). We really like going there when we want a more quieter time. ...have a couple drinks, watch a game, dine - no loud crowds or music. We love the Post, and the Post has been a memorable part of my adult life. Back in my "partying years" it wasn't a night out without ending up at the Post for a 2AM or later breakfast to round-out the evening.
  12. dubois_15801

    Homemade Vegetable Soup

    Grandma's touch?
  13. dubois_15801

    Jefferson County Radio Station?

    105.5FM MegaRock here.. When I'm towards Johnstown for work, Rocky 99(99.1FM). When I'm towards Pittsburgh, The X(105.9FM). When I'm towards the Ohio line, The Wolf(93.3FM). Sometimes 99.1 and 105.9 will come in at home if the sun, moon, planets, and stars are aligned, and if I hold my tongue out to the left.
  14. Magistrates generally only handle summary, and some minor misdemeanors. In the case of felony and higher misdemeanors the magistrate only serves as a bail setter, arraignment, and to hold a preliminary hearing(to see if there is evidence and if the charges apply, sorta like a grand jury hearing). If there is evidence and the charges apply, the magistrate then moves the proceedings to Court of Common Pleas.