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  1. Roundabouts are put in to speed up intersections, AND to slow down free flowing roads. I actually got PennDOT to admit it at a design meeting for the upcoming roundabout on Scalp Ave & Belmont Ave in Geistown(Johnstown area). Scalp Ave flows very well, and there are currently exit ramps to Belmont and Bedford St. There is good ingress/egress between Scalp Ave and Belmont St. They are putting it in to SLOW DOWN traffic on Scalp Ave - that is the only reason. Two lane roundabouts work great for intermediate traffic. Single lane roundabouts dont work so well for intermediate to heavy traffic, but well for light traffic. Both of which have to be scaled up if any tractor trailers come through - which Beaver Dr does not have the room. Now, if Beaver Dr had much more room - hell yeah! That would fix the problem of retards who cant either determine who should go, or who arrived first(first to go).
  2. Ahhh.. I see. It'll be a local-use to tied old/new roadways together, low impact to flow. Not a stupid place for one, unlike Beaver Dr.
  3. I dont recall a roundabout in that 322 project. There is a cloverleaf because this is being setup as more of an expressway than a local highway/road.
  4. I wrote the workorders for the T1 circuits that PennDOT will use for either cameras or electronic signs. Attached is a 3MB pdf file of the overall project. The yellow roadway is the new section. The black lines are the older section, parts of other roads and sections of new ramps and roadways made for local use.PENNDOT Potters Mills.pdf
  5. No biggy.. It just seemed odd to call in Knox Twp instead of 14, 10, 2, or even 3. I've seen those stations respond to Sigel area before Knox. Heck, seen Farmington(Leeper) and Marienville called in before Knox.
  6. They called in Knox Twp to Sigel? You sure that wasn't Sta 14, Sigel Ward 2? Or Sta 3 Corsica?
  7. Probably so. I don't know how much space they will have at new location, but I do know that most of the Dunhams elsewhere have more space than our current store does.
  8. The rent/lease at the mall is high, which is likely another factor for them to be moving. The old location was in a plaza arrangement, which really doesn't change at the new location. The attraction of malls for businesses was that even though a shopper may not be coming for your store in particular, the chances of them coming into your store increased with the communal access. (that is how it was taught to me in Junior Achievements Business Basics back when I was in grade school in the early 1980s) With practically nothing at the mall now, and these current and new situations being a plaza access - there is no draw to their store with being located at the mall.
  9. I know someone who now lives in Virginia receive (3) of them from Pennsylvania. And he didn't even ask for a mail-in ballot.
  10. They need about 20 years a piece. They both have more felony charges than I can count. Then a crap ton of misdemeanors on top of that. I wouldn't be apposed to just throwing away the key for either of them.
  11. Hopefully nothing, not a dang thing. I just want to become one with my chair.
  12. dubois_15801


    What little bit of it that I watched had me asking myself, "What did this country do to have these two F'n idiots as the top candidates?" That was a serious poop(using the S word) show.
  13. Give it time.. Sooner or later there will be one on each end of town.
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