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  1. They may have money somewhere, but it doesn't mean money has been allocated to this. Sans certain declared emergencies, budgets are generally to be adhered to.
  2. City employees aren't profession bridge builders either.
  3. Budget constraints? Personally, I prefer more volunteer and donation work than public funding for things. ...less burden on tax payers. Although, I'm not a DuBois resident - so I don't have a dog in that fight.
  4. It is. The OP bridge is at the park.
  5. If Fullington doesn't have the trip that you want, McIlwain Charters & Tours in Johnstown also runs these types of trips. Although, they tend to do more hockey trips this time of year. https://www.mcilwaincharters.com/trips/
  6. Yeah, it is Sandy Lick. DEP permits certainly apply. I don't know if it was ruled to be a Navigable Waterway though, which the Army Corp of Engineers control. I know Redbank from Brookville down stream is certain ACE controlled. Sandy Lick and North Fork of the Redbank Creek meet to make the Redbank Creek in Brookville.
  7. By the book, those permits are required. As for it happening without anyone knowing, well - I'm not saying it can't be done.
  8. I don't think anyone can be as bad as Hartless. lol The name fits. Although, I am glad he is out that way and does keep things orderly in the region. He also rolls on non-game related issues(since he does have police powers as a WCO). I do think my uncle's citation for some long forgotten 10+ year old salt blocks was BS.
  9. I've heard Troutman is pretty strict too. Never have dealt with him though.
  10. Not long after he moved to his place in Polk Twp in the 1990's he cited an uncle of mine for hunting over baited ground. That "baited ground" was the remnants of a salt block from the mid 1980's in our back pasture. We had done long taken the pasture fence down years before and forgotten about the place where granddad would put the salt blocks. When my uncle came down to the farm house to let us know what had happened we all went back to look. There were a few baby fist sized chunks of really old salt blocks(1ft x 1ft x 18" new) still there. How Hartless knew about them was unknown, probably from walking around our back 40.
  11. All crossbow's I've seen had safeties, with exception of some archaic models. Personally, I don't trust any safety. Odds are that he had the safety off and either he or something pulled the trigger during the fall. I'd be more curious as to how he managed to get the crossbow turned towards himself during the event.
  12. Probably some permits required. Any time you work over a stream you need permits, and depending on who controls the stream - which permits. If it was declared a Navigable Waterway, you would need to permit the Army Corp of Engineers. ..and possibly the DEP with a Submerged Lands permit. Those permits are a pain in the butt. I've filled out a few of them over the years, some for things as so minor as replacing a pole on one side of a stream that had an aerial line across the stream that shifted its crossing angle less than 1 degree. Even work within 50ft of a stream can require the Submerged Lands permit. As for why they may have used regular wood - treated wood has chemicals that would leach out into the stream. Your green'ish colored treated woods can have arsenic in it, which is bad for life forms.
  13. I'm willing to bet not, unless the boys told someone. WCO Roger Hartless is our neighbor at our family farm in Polk Twp, he would cite his own mother instantly if he had proof.
  14. Yes. ..which is what I've been hinting about for awhile. But, much of rural PA lacks cell coverage. So they would have to see where they were on the last ranging handshakes going out of and coming into range. ...if they went out of range. Then they know about how big the file size is of the video, so they would have to compare to data transfers for the known file sizes to help pinpoint an area given a timestamped handshake. And none of that info isn't instantly handed over. Warrants are required, then the cellular company has to extract the info and compile it. Cellular companies only put an expedited effort in missing people cases.
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