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  1. Anyone that goes into a smoking-legal bar in PA today is a willing participant, both, employees and patrons. About half the bars in the region went to non-smoking about a decade ago when that law went into effect. Each side has their own venues. This is nothing about safety or health, it is just vindictiveness. If bars are forced to go non-smoking, they should maybe consider only allowing patrons who still smoke to enter. ...thus banning non-smokers. ...sure, the smokers wont be able to smoke, but at least the naggy non-smokers wont be in there.
  2. We had one of those situations where lineage wasn't accurate. What we were taught of our great grandparents wasn't the case.. In reality they were our great great grandparents. ...they pretty much raised my grandfather as their own because he was illegitimate(early 1900's stigma on that). My great grandmother went on to marry some other guy and settled up around Niagara Falls.
  3. Same experience for us. We aren't fans of buffets to begin with. When we went in we were kinda expecting what we experienced when it was Gilberts(then owned by the Sarveys). ...just wasn't so. I'd be willing to give the new owners a fair shot in a few weeks after they work out new practices.
  4. My brother has bought yearly passes to Disney World in Florida for the past 10 years that I know of. ...goes more times a year than I can count. Seriously, seems like he's posting pictures from there on a weekly to every-other weekly basis.
  5. I don't recall there being a motel there. ...could be wrong though.
  6. If the .gov wants info on you, they'll get it anyways. You'd be surprised what the government already knows about you. I have to renew my clearances on a regular basis to go into federal facilities for work. You have to fill out forms listing all sorts of stuff, and if you forget to list something they call you out on it(they already know). I was quite shocked when they questioned a couple thing I forgot to include. ...wasn't even court or legal matters. And you have to make sure you list ALL of that stuff each time you have to renew. Some of which requires explanations, which need to match what you said last time.
  7. I took one from Ancestry.com. They have changed results to areas about 3 times since, as they have been able to better refine/sample areas. Started off with mostly Germanic and very little English, to about an even split in the 40% range for both, with smaller portions elsewhere. The initial result was against known heritage, end result is about right for our known family tree.
  8. I just remember the hoopla it made in Munderf. It was talk-of-the-community for a few weeks 20-25 years ago. I know landowners today are more resistant to new roadway corridors and even widening existing RoW's than they were decades ago. I know PennDOT pays better than fair-market value to those who are willing to sign/sell. Even if they had to do eminent domain, they still pay a little better than fair-market. I know this firsthand having to redesign telephone facilities for bridge/road projects. Even trying to get a RoW for a new pole, anchor, buried cable is such a hassle these days for me. I do what I can to stay in public RoW as much as I can just to avoid that hassle.
  9. I wouldn't get excited about it. It took them 30+ years to extend the 4 lane from the cloverleaf at Kittanning to RT85. ...all of 2.4 miles. Even if it becomes a reality, keeping the same path is the priority. All they have to do is acquire wider Right-of-Way. There would certainly be some realignments to get by some villages and towns. Second option would be to turn and follow SR66 north from New Bethlehem. PennDOT hasn't acquired any new RoW for widening or realignment. On a side note: about 20-25 years ago someone scouting for PennDOT was in Munderf(Polk Twp, Jefferson Co) knocking on doors and inquiring if folks would be interested in selling land or signing RoW for a 219 corridor. My dad's cousin said "no thank you".
  10. The minimum age to get a License To Carry Firearms is 21. The legal age of possession is 18 in PA. Under normal circumstances, absent a declared State of Emergency, no license is required to carry openly on foot outside of Philly. An 18yo could walk everywhere with a handgun on his hip in plain view. However, a SoE creates the same carry restrictions as in Philly(state law) - requiring a LTCF to carry any type of gun on public domain. Carrying "firearms" (handguns, SBS's and SBR's) concealed or in/on/upon a vehicle require a LTCF at any time, SoE or not.
  11. Not one person, ever in history, has ever been killed or injured by a finger gun. I flip-off lots of people throughout the week and yet I doubt one of them has ever been able to F themselves.
  12. As I mentioned before, I doubt anything would come of it. It would be fruitless. An impeachment would have to go through her House, which her own party is majority. And she would likely try to cite Article 1 Section 6 as a defense, which would be another stupid, long, and costly fight for both side with tax payer money. Like the vast majority of issues in Washington - it will get swept under the rug.
  13. Sorry, but PolitiFact is the wikipedia of such things - cannot be trusted for accuracy. Not to mention them having political bias. PolitiFact is only slight above Snopes for accuracy and non-bias. PolitiFact is well known for when two sides say the exact same thing, but saying one is telling the truth and the other "pants on fire".
  14. 2071 isn't limited to courts or archives. It also includes "any public office", and she is entrusted with that copy as an official report. Legally she is screwed. But I'm sure nothing will come of it.
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