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  1. I made a couple suggestions during an unrelated PennDOT meeting for Engineering District 10 about that issue. We had conducted the normal meetings discussion about another bridge elsewhere in the district. Then I spoke to one of the engineering firm's reps about this. They had said there was an investigation into accelerating this project after the incident last summer. The bridges already have some issues(nothing imminently unsafe), so any replacement should incorporate a realignment to fix the curve issues. I know I'm not the only person to put a bug in PennDOT's ear about the curve on present eastbound I-80. I think local authorities have made pushes, as well as other individuals.
  2. Whatever they can do to get rid of that wicked eastbound turn before the bridge would be helpful. That turn has caused at least 2 deaths that I know of, one of which last year.
  3. Anal beads? That or the pull string to get him to speak like one of those dolls.
  4. 1/25/21 11:33 Station 10 MVA Area 36 Rose Twp Building Accident possibly due to police pursuit.
  5. Was that the old red house along Rattlesnake Rd? If so, last I saw of it, it was partially boarded up and abandoned. No utility services connected to it at all. So any sort of fire would be suspicious.
  6. I don't think there has been much common sense for a long time. Unless you done a lot of highway traveling with truckers, many folks don't learn the basics of moving the heck over or slowing down. Driving past flagmen is still a problem even today, let alone slowing through construction zones. It wasn't long ago that one of my linemen had to accidentally drop an 8lb mini sledge hammer on a car that blew by a flagman with the stop sign displayed.
  7. 1/1/21 19:36 Box 19-E Structure Fire 734 Mineweaser Road Stations 19,2,3,7,14,15 Lindsey Engine reporting for Station 2. Station 2 is tied up on Western Ave fire.
  8. Brookville, Pine Creek, Reynoldsville, and DuBois Co 73 reporting so far. Just had a fast parade of fire trucks roll past my place a few minutes ago. From other sources, fire could be seen across town. Fire is up on Western Ave & 4th St area, east of the borough building.
  9. Doesn't matter what Joe wants. This whole thing was to put Harris in the VP chair, then to succeed Biden due to death or incapacity via the 25th Amendment.
  10. You are still missing the point. ABS or not, he still hit them. And they will still lock up without a load. They will also lockup with a load too(not as often). Slam on the pedal and they will lock. BTW, do you know what year, make, and model that truck was?
  11. It was a log truck, a commercial vehicle. It had air brakes. And I see trucks lock up their brakes quite regularly. Most of the black tire marks you see on the interstates and other highways are from commercial vehicles with air brakes. An unloaded air brake vehicle has an even easier time locking up the brakes because the brakes are sized for a loaded vehicle. That load pushes the tires against the road, thus resisting lockup. But with no load there is less pressure to keep them from locking up. ABS is rather new to air brake trucks compared to passenger vehicles. Even if that truck had ABS, it probably wouldn't have worked without a load. But not that it really matters any. He still hit the buggy, ABS or not. Either he wasn't paying attention, or he came across the vehicle in such short notice to not been able to avoid it(curve/hill in road, fog, etc, etc).
  12. Do you have to pay insurance, registration, inspection, and have to pass an exam to walk? Horses & buggies existed before such requirements. Heck, horses and buggies existed before there were roads.
  13. ABS will for a brief period. And that truck probably had air brakes. ....which rarely have ABS. You can lock up air brakes in a hurry.
  14. They all need to be on choke-collar leashes until they are 21yo anyways.
  15. Florida - the state where not only do they steal the stuff you bolt down, they take the bolts you used to bolt down the thing too. Seriously, had it happen a couple times. After having our 2nd lawn mower stolen out of our garage, I shot some studs into the floor and weld an eye onto them to chain down the replacement mower. They again pried the lock & latch off the garage door, then cut the mower, chain, lock, and the studs out of the concrete. After 4th mower being stolen, I hooked up an electric fence charger to the 5th mower. ...had one more break in, mower was left in place.
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