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  1. Good! Hopefully they will try to retain current employees.
  2. Depending on the state, the vet may have more training than the police. Some other states, and municipalities of said states, do not have much, if any, training requirements. ...unlike PA which all municipal and state police must go through the state academy(Act 120). And our sheriffs and constables have a different training requirement. In some other states, all you have to do is pass the background check - and that is even questionable as to whether that is a factor. Even here in PA where they must be certified, a vet, or just a regular person, could have far better firearms training than the police. Most police training today is focused on the legalities of making an arrest.
  3. Correct. If anything, the state made more money because it didn't have the expenditure of making those stickers, nor the matching envelopes for them. And less people had to go to get a state-created registration form since many chose to print out their own from home.
  4. I'm the Verizon engineer for Somerset County(and other areas). The poles in this story don't belong to either of the utilities in Somerset(Verizon or Penelec). They were old scrap poles that some private party now owned. Verizon corporate policy is that old poles must be returned to the shop then sent out for recycling, Penelec's policy is similar. REA's will often allow landowners to keep the old poles, but only if they are extremely old(chemicals remaining in poles are lower). Verizon will only leave an old pole if it originally belonged to the local REA, or if there are special circumstances(like incorporated into a fence, the customer had private electric on it, etc, etc). As for burning old poles - that isn't a smart thing to do. Poles are treated by a number of different chemicals, and the two primary means is either with creosote or with arsenic. Orange to brown colored are creosote, greenish colored are arsenic. Both give off very toxic fumes when burnt, and not only that - when they are fresh they also give off fumes. Then really old poles can be post-set treated where a small bore is made into the pole then a capsule placed in, then "corked" over. Those capsules are so toxic that touching them can kill you.
  5. East Main now open. Truck just left.
  6. This is just up the hill from me. Between 3rd and 4th house away from mine. Looks like a vehicle jumped the curb and into a tree. ...from what I can see. Hard to tell with all the flashing lights. Traffic is diverted half way up East Main St.
  7. That was probably for carrying it without a license. FL requires you to have a license if you carry it or in a vehicle(unless you transport it in the glovebox or in a fastened container). There is no unlicensed form of carry there, and open carry is prohibited unless hunting, fishing, or while "in camp" while camping.
  8. We went to the Gold Eagle Inn today. The lady had the filet mignon, I had the Delmonico.
  9. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I like a Hawaiian, sometimes a regular pepperoni & cheese, sometimes extra cheese, sometimes a meat-lovers, sometimes pepperoni+onions+banana peppers. Then sometimes I want a stack of Laska's pizza's. (thin, I can eat 2-3 in a sitting)
  10. The courts should start penalizing folks for filing lawsuits for more than the damages that occurred. At most, those potato skins probably cost less than $10. How do they justify the other $4,999,990?
  11. He had my vote at KFC. That alone would have done more for the area than the last 45 presidents combined.
  12. There are only a few urban areas in PA that have FIOS. DuBois isn't one of them.
  13. We toke it as both ways. She had made it clear in the weeks prior to her passing that she didn't want to die in a hospital, but rather at home(her abode). In the months prior to her passing I had purchased a mobile home for her, and her aunt let us set it up on her land. However, the hospice bed wouldn't fit through the doorway. So her aunt made space in her living room, which was 50ft away from our trailer. Then on the day of, with her talking to her deceased father and brother as if they were in the room with us - well, the other meaning of "home" sank in as well.
  14. Viruses and bacteria make you sick. Temperature doesn't, it just makes you uncomfortable or at the extremes of temperature - damage tissue(burns, frost bite, etc). Jackets don't protect you from viruses/bacteria, they protect you from hypothermia. If you get sick, it is likely because you touched something that had a virus or bacteria on it. ....door knobs are some of the worst places to touch with bare hands.
  15. My change of heart happened the moment I walked in the room. I had to drive from Brookville to Trinity Hospital in Stuebenville. (I took her "home" to be with family in Weirton WV months prior) She had a stroke while I was driving down and was barely cognitive when I got there. During her 5-10 minutes she was awake between morphine dosages she said she was "tired", then she started talking to her father and brother, both of which were deceased. She turned towards those of us who were physically in the room and said, I want to go home. Her son signed the release forms, then went with his aunts and great aunt to get the house ready for hospice. I led the ambulance from the hospital in Ohio to Sun Valley in WV. She passed away about 5 hours later in her aunt's living room on a bed that hospice had set up. The last words she spoke to me was "help me go".
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