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  1. We've had a 4 year run of bad luck with shrooms. Haven't been able to find any morels, oysters, or hen of the woods. These past few seasons. And this weird winter/spring/winter/summer thing really did a number on the morels from what I'm reading in FB groups.
  2. Hopefully he'll hire the same chefs from Japan One. Their sushi rolls were the best I've had from anywhere. I'd go up to the Jefferson Manor and punch my grandmother for a Sexy Lady roll right now.
  3. 1. Yinz is from Western Pennsylvania dialect. It has a lot to do with the source of immigrants to this region. More on the subject here --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Pennsylvania_English 2. Pennsylvania was once described as: Philly on the east, Pittsburgh on the west, and Alabama in the middle. 3. Yes, we are just as stupid as any other region in America for needless spending. 4. They are confusing for stupid people, which see #3 above. 5. They are called "buggies". 6. Local municipalities have limits on how much they can raise taxes each year, and on what they can tax. ....so to get creative, they figured they can inflate costs of water/sewage treatment and production and score a fatter payday for the local government. 7. It is real, people are either trying to escape from there or trying to get imprisoned there. Each look down on the other for their own respective reasons. 8. The last thing DuBois needs is the Taco Bell of Italian food.
  4. Spiders are the only thing on this planet that freak me out. I've been up close and personal with alligators, rattlesnakes, copperheads, bears, mean dogs, a bobcat, all manner of insects, and some p!ssed-off roosters - cool as a cucumber. But those eight-legged critters give me the willies.
  5. You can already buy beer, wine, liquor, etc. ...so I doubt it.
  6. I've got a set of those, haven't had a problem with them at all in the past 3 years of using them(randomly). That includes some serious beating/working of the vehicle.
  7. Someone should have shot him.. But, I'm sure he'll really enjoy his new lockdown for the upcoming years.
  8. Probably be awhile. Mom and Dad live in FL. Lost Uncle lives around Pittsburgh. Mom hasn't been back to PA since 2009'ish.
  9. Mom has been ecstatic since. She waited about 1 week to confirm things before contacting her other living brother. Mom had told me that grandma had a deep sorrow about having to give one up. Unfortunately she passed away in '85.
  10. A couple years ago I took one of those DNA heritage things, discovered all sorts of info on the family tree. Well about 8 years ago one of my half-uncles who lived in TX stopped in town after delivering a camper to NJ. We sat and bullshitted for awhile. During that discussion he mentioned a family secret, that my mom's mom had another child that she had to put up for adoption. (that other child wouldn't have been related to the half-uncle that told me the story) Well a few of week ago a match showed up in my connections, and we cross-contacted each other. He had been adopted shortly after birth in Pittsburgh, had a few documents with some specific info that would make a good connection(date & place of birth, birth name, adoption agency, a page with info about birth parents and maternal grandparents).. I then contacted one of my cousins from my grandmother's sister's lineage, and she confirmed some of the things. Well, I called my mom up a day before Mother's Day and her B-Day and mentioned the story that her half-bro told me, and asked her some specifics of what she could remember. ...did not mention what I already knew. First she was shocked that I knew of that story, but then opened up. Well she told me enough, poop matched exactly what the documents had. I was sitting and chuckling near the end of it, she was getting pissy at my laughing. I actually had known for a fact for a week or so prior, but was saving it for that call. I told her, "Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday - I just found your lost brother". (her B-Day and Mom's day fell on same day this year).
  11. You can only do that if the act fits a statutory crime. An M1 conviction in PA is effectively a felony under federal law when firearm rights are concerned. PA's M1 has a max possible sentence of 5 years in prison. Federal law prohibits people who have been convicted of any State Misdemeanor who's max possible sentence exceeds 2 years.
  12. If you need anther use for a tire, we use old vehicle and tractor tires as slightly raised small garden bed containers on the farm. Lay them down, then fill center with good soil, then plant your seeds/sprouts. Painting the tire is optional, but does help detract from the unsightly nature of a tire. I imaging if you want them raised even higher you could stick 2, 3, 4 matching diameter tires on top of each other, then figure out a way to tie them together(drill sidewalls and rope them?). I'd probably fill bottom ones with gravel or sand, then the last top tire with good soil(veggy roots typically wont go below top tire width anyways).
  13. Killed by a French bulldog? There is a Darwinian quote for that somewhere.
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