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  1. denman

    School Zone

    How many signs are there along Liberty Boulevard? Speed limit signs are formatted to be easily and quickly read, two words at the top and a large number. Look at one for less than a second, and you know the speed limit. These school reduced speed limit signs, however, have many words, including times of day, and the reduced limit, all on the same size sign as a speed limit sign. If you spot the sign, read the sign, look at your clock to see if you need to slow down, how long are you not paying attention to your driving, maybe long enough to be cited for distracted driving? Or maybe long enough to rear-end the car in front of you, whose driver knew about the sign and slowed down for it?
  2. denman

    School Zone

    I think the current signs leave much to be desired. They are small signs that locals should know about, IMO, but I can see how a traveler might not see them. I would like to see flashing signs with the reduced speed shown when they are flashing. I believe flashing signs would be safer for everyone.
  3. denman

    Du Bois-Sandy Township Greenway

    Did anyone go to the meeting at the Brockwayville Depot? I forgot about it.
  4. denman

    What year are these photos?

    I believe that these three photos and the Acme market in the message forum are from the same flood and in the same area. The Acme market and the gas station are very close to each other.
  5. Any information will be welcomed!
  6. denman

    What year is this photo?

    Thank you for your interest in this photo! I did a little research. According to wikipedia, spam.com, and roadsideamerica.com, Spam was introduced to the public on 7-5-1937, so 1936 is probably not the correct date for this photo. Unless, could it be that Spam was sold in stores before it was officialy introduced? Other possible years mentioned were 1946 and 1953. I am going to add some photos to the history thread that were almost certainly taken the same day. They were in the same area and the negatives were together in the box. I would appreciate any comments about the photos.
  7. denman

    What year is this photo?

    If 1936 is correct, the negative I scanned is almost 75 years old and still has amazing detail. The year 1936 would also be a good reason I don't remember Acme being there, I was not yet born. I do remember the Chinese laundry and a few other stores just beyond the photo on Franklin St.
  8. I know the location but not the year. Until I saw this photo, I had no idea there was ever an Acme there.
  9. The car is a Packard, not a Hudson. I don't remember parking meters there. My guess for this photo is early 50's.
  10. denman

    Reynoldsville History

    Reynoldsville flood. March 17, 1936 was written on the back of one photo.