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  1. I think most of us would like to have quality care here where the community and patients come first. Some older people can’t travel. It’s possible. We had it once before.
  2. It seems disproportionate for the area and other employees...but maybe that’s just me.
  3. If you want to see the finances reported to the government by Penn Highlands, go here. It shows the top earners if you keep scrolling. $766,000 plus for the CEO plus another $100,000 bonus. Also lists the board members. https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/251490707/201941359349305579/full
  4. Heard there were more lay offs today from a few of the people affected. These are permanent and benefits end - They are not being called back.
  5. Did they catch the three guys?
  6. Why shoot him? Capturing a live creature would have been more valuable...if he is real.
  7. Maybe it is her and she forgot to shave?
  8. gc


    When I saw the title "freaky" I thought this would be something else.....maybe my last date complaining about me.
  9. Oh great. If I don't hear from one of my hairy friends up in Rockton, should I assume someone thought he was big foot and shot him?
  10. I think they videotaped one of my last dates. Except the "speciman" here is less hairy. :-/
  11. I think it is just the years of frustration coming out. Many people -like me - have no one buried in that site and are left to wonder "where are the families of these people?" Yet on here, we hear that at least one doesn't care. That is sad. And these same families expect others to do things? I would rather believe that the families of these people are gone, out of the area or all dead, too, than to know they are doing nothing to help.
  12. Foxfan - I don't think it is about being noble or not. It is just shocking to hear that someone doesn't care about the condition of a loved one's grave site. Most people think differently about respecting the dead - no matter how far back in their ancestry.
  13. If I remember correctly, the city had an engineer study the brewery for safety in the late 90s. It was considered safe, then. Does this mean the city had another study done of the brewery later that said the foundation was bad? I don't remember hearing about it. Yes, DuBois does allow too many slumlords to get away with too much. Code enforcement is not a full-time job for anyone any more. It is poorly attended to. I guess it is a matter of priorities and no one in the right positions must care.
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