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  1. I don`t think there would be any enforcement till the dandelions were over 10 inches in height.
  2. These ordinances tend to include everything and the kitchen sink so nothing gets left out. The residents are usually the ones who want the Township to pass these type of rules.
  3. Most of these QOL ordinances are copies of what other rural townships in Pennsylvania have been drafting to give rural residents some degree of protection from neighbors who don`t give a damn about their property or how their lifestyle might affect the neighbor. There is nothing sinister about the ordinances. Jay Township has one as does East Bethlehem in Washington County. They are designed to give township the ability to fine scofflaws. http://www.eastbethtwp.com/2016-3QualityofLifeViolations.pdf
  4. ST MARYS — City of St. Marys Council members next week will consider a Quality of Life Ticketing Ordinance. At least one resident is vehemently opposed to the ordinance. In 15 sections, the ordinance addresses the maintenance of properties within the City of St. Marys and prohibits littering, improper storage of trash and rubbish, storage of inoperable or non-registered vehicles, non-permitted vendor operations and accumulation of snow and ice that contributes to deterioration of property value or community disorder. “These problems degrade the physical appearance of the city, which reduces business and tax revenue, and inhibits economic development,” the ordinance reads. “The quality of life and community pride of the citizens are negatively impacted by the occurrences and existence of these activities.” It also addresses dumping debris or durable goods like refrigerators, small appliances, furniture, carpets, tires and others, as well as multiple waste. Vehicles parked in a disruptive location or that do not display a valid registration are included. Vegetation, including all grasses and plants, must not exceed 10 inches in height, exude unpleasant odors or pollen or serve as breeding places for bugs. In summary, QOL violations include accumulation of rubbish or garbage, animal maintenance and waste cleanup, disposal of rubbish and garbage dumping, outdoor burning, high weeds, grass or plants, littering or scattering rubbish, the dissembling, painting or dumping of motor vehicles outdoors, outside placement or discarding of indoor appliances/furniture, storing of recyclables, swimming pools with unsanitary or dangerous water and transient retail licenses. http://www.thecourierexpress.com/news/city-manager-st-marys-resident-comment-on-quality-of-life/article_f053ddfd-2f94-5a3c-8337-daf8cc8c30db.html
  5. There will be a thorough investigation to see if there is any credibility to the allegation.
  6. Fire On The Mountain, Run Boys Run! Devil's in the House of the Rising Sun, The Chicken in the Bread Pan Peckin' Out Dough, Spreading salmonella No Child, No!
  7. You need one great pitcher to win a state championship in high school softball and two for baseball.
  8. Too late for the Primary election: Absentee Voting Deadlines Are As Follows: Applications: The last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot is 5:00PM on the Tuesday before the election http://www.clearfieldco.org/Election_Files/civilianabsentee.pdf
  9. I hope the USCAA brings back the series to DuBois next year. Nothing on the website yet on where it will be held. https://www.theuscaa.com/Information/Future_Championship_Dates
  10. The City of DuBois has added restrooms on the DuBois Walkway, according to City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio. “We were first contacted by some people that use the walkway on a regular basis that we needed to do something with our restrooms over on the walkway,” said Suplizio. “For the longest time, we had a Port-A-John over there that was filthy, dirty and could never be kept clean.” Suplizio thanked the residents who came forward, including Jan Monaco. http://www.thecourierexpress.com/news/city-of-dubois-improves-walkway-by-adding-restrooms/article_2889f2a6-bac0-5ebe-8fcf-f3468aea2d9a.html
  11. Wood-Mode needed to get bigger but no other company wanted to acquire them or their debt. https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/cabinets/consolidations-continue-among-cabinet-leaders
  12. I use ParkingPanda/Spothero. Works good reserving parking in cities.
  13. Sandy Township would not have all the problems with their water and sewage system now if the vote for consolidation had gone through in 2002. Sandy has done very little in the last 17 years to correct problems with their system.
  14. "SECOND CLASS TOWNSHIP CODE, THE" Section 603. Monthly Meetings; Quorum; and Voting.--The board of supervisors shall meet for the transaction of business at least once each month at a time and place determined by the board of supervisors.
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