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  1. No. A virus likes households that have a high density of people living together in close quarters. Many people never left their homes and still caught COVID.
  2. Then the virus spread should have ended completely when the restaurants were completely closed back in April, May and June?
  3. Because the rise is limited to a few counties https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/pennsylvania-coronavirus-cases.html
  4. Which proves my point that restaurants are not the cause. Go hide in your bunker. With fewer covid restrictions, south’s economy outperforms nation When coronavirus cases began surging across the South this summer, the region seemed destined for the same economic setback the Northeast suffered during the spring. But by the end of summer, the South’s economy remained largely unscathed from the wave of infections. Its unemployment rate had fallen to 6.9%, the lowest of any region in August. The number of people employed was 6% lower in August than in February, before most of the country locked down, compared with declines of 10.6% in the Northeast, 8.2% in the West and 7% in the Midwest. Consumers continued to spend at relatively high rates. https://www.livemint.com/news/world/with-fewer-covid-restrictions-south-s-economy-outperforms-nation-11602945487672.html
  5. Restaurants are being safely operated at full capacity in other states by taking precautions that make it just as safe to eat out as shopping at your local WalMart or other retail store.
  6. I vote for the person that is most aligned with my views. Local democrats have turned to the muck that the state and national leaders promote. Local ones will be big losers this November.
  7. Most people have determine that the risk is minimal.
  8. Private households and elderly care homes are responsible for most 's coronavirus transmissions a study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases has shown. Hope everyone has their mask on at home.
  9. She should of just faked her mask wearing like the shoppers I see in the local stores
  10. Sounds like the 5 million dollar grant program had little oversight. Just wondering if the guy faked the numbers about how many new firefighters joined. Allegheny Mountain Firefighter Initiative reaches goal of 300 trained firefighters https://www.firerescue1.com/firefighter-training/articles/allegheny-mountain-firefighter-initiative-reaches-goal-of-300-trained-firefighters-dmo3aNCkgMUSnrcS/
  11. Never will happen. There would be a better chance of the 18th Amendment coming back than some stupid idea of limiting the President's power during the final months of his term.
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