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  1. Maybe moved to a giant underground storage facility at Boyers, Pa? https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2016/10/28/iron-mountain-storage-facility-expanding/
  2. Comcast.Corp.’s NBCUniversal unveiled a multitiered pricing strategy for its new Peacock streaming service, including free and subscription options, as the media giant looks to undercut rivals and set its offering apart in a crowded field. Peacock will cost $4.99 a month with commercials and $9.99 for an ad-free version. The new service will be available April 15 for Comcast customers and July 15 for everyone else, NBCUniversal said Thursday. Peacock’s Premium tier will have some 15,000 hours of programming, including originals featuring stars such as Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore, NBC broadcast series and reruns of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation." A free version with ads will have a slimmer offering of content and only have select episodes of original programming. Customers of Comcast and cable operator Cox Communications Inc. will be able to access the ad-supported Premium option at no charge—amounting to some 24 million potential users—and can upgrade to the ad-free option for $5 a month if they choose. Comcast said it would look for more opportunities to bundle its service with partners and make it available free of charge. The company is targeting between 30 million and 35 million active accounts by 2024. Comcast will be playing catch up in the streaming fight. In November, Walt Disney Co.launched Disney+ for $6.99 a month, while Apple Inc. launched its own $4.99 a month offering with a smaller selection of programs. That added to the existing options in a market that includes industry leader Netflix Inc., Hulu, Amazon.com Inc.’s Prime Video and CBS All Access. AT&T Inc.’s HBO Max, priced at $14.99 a month, is expected to launch in May.
  3. Keyser Soze


    DuBois would actually get more money from the former Sandy customers since they are providing a bulk rate to Sandy Township now. The amount could be 4 or 5 more dollars per 1000 gallon.
  4. Keyser Soze


    Sandy water and sewage customers could see savings from being one combined system. The city customers pay about 50% less
  5. Keyser Soze


    Your next bill will have these sewer rates: What is the current rate schedule? Current rates as of Jan 2020 Monthly maintenance fee of $12.25 per bill Water $16.00 - Per 1000 Gallons used (Minimum billed is 1000 gallons) Sewer (metered) (Minimum billed is 1000 gallons) $18.50 - Per 1000 Gallons up to 1,000,000 gallons $10.50 - Per 1000 Gallons from 1,000,001 through 3,500,000 gallons $6.50 - Per 1000 Gallons over 3,500,000 gallons Sewer (unmetered) $40.70 - One (1) person household $96.20 - Two (2) person household $138.75- Three (3) person household $179.45 - Four (4) or more person household http://water.sandytownship.net/faqs.html#.Xh_sjC3MxQI
  6. Keyser Soze


    The I&I charge has been eliminated according to the Township
  7. Keyser Soze


    "The I&I surcharge is $9.50 per 1,000 gallons and is charged to every Sandy sewage customer in the township because it’s for sewage." “It’s a result of the (DuBois) city changing the way they bill us,” "all the monies collected from this surcharge going straight to the city" The surcharge is over 3 million dollars since it started http://www.thecourierexpress.com/news/sandy-township-resident-questions-i-i-surcharge/article_37e331af-0423-5b1d-84bf-96303bfd0e69.html
  8. Calm down. Anyone can file a lawsuit. In its statement, the university says its Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response and the Office of Student Conduct, which are both independent of the athletic department, plus Penn State police investigated Humphries’ allegations and forwarded their findings to the Office of the Centre County District Attorney, which “reviewed the case and decided that no charges would be pursued.” Here is Penn State’s full statement: “The University has established processes in place for responding to claims of potential misconduct. In accordance with our processes, the Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response and the Office of Student Conduct carried out investigations of the plaintiff’s claims independent from Intercollegiate Athletics. In addition, Penn State police investigated related allegations and forwarded the results of that investigation to the Office of the Centre County District Attorney (DA). The DA reviewed the case and decided that no charges would be pursued.” https://www.pennlive.com/pennstatefootball/2020/01/penn-state-responds-to-lawsuit-filed-by-ex-player-that-claims-harassment-hazing-within-the-football-program.html
  9. Keyser Soze


    I&I surcharge hit the 3 million dollar mark last year. If Consolidation would have happened in 2002 these surcharges would of never happen. According to news reports the surcharges are over now that new sewer rates have been finalized.
  10. Keyser Soze


    I own 200 acres in Sandy township . You own 200 acres in DuBois City. The ordinance should end up being the same for both properties. DuBois residents might end up getting less restrictive ordinances depending on the size of property that is owned. Right now Sandy Township has some restrictive ordinances as far as owning farm animals. I doubt if these will change.
  11. Keyser Soze


    There will be plenty of time to work through the ordinances so little or nothing would change as far as land use for Sandy residents.
  12. Keyser Soze


    Even if Sandy Townships taxes went up 10% as a result of Consolidation the average dollar amount per year for most tax payers would be less than $35. That would be about the same amount a new Sandy Township building will cost Sandy taxpayers.
  13. Keyser Soze


    Posted on January 14, 2020 by Marissa Rigatti DuBois, PA – DuBois City Council voted in favor of starting the first steps in what could be an eventual consolidation of DuBois and Sandy Township. All members of the council voted to fund a study to determine the pros and cons of merging the two municipalities into one. The vote comes in response to a proposal by Sandy Township Supervisors, which sent a letter to DuBois City Council last week. This idea has been brought up many times over the years, and it was officially considered two other times by the city council and township board. However, it was voted down the last time it was debated in 2002. Historically, it has been Sandy Township that voted against consolidation in the past. Because Sandy Township was the municipality to initiate the talks this time, many people are taking that as a sign that consolidation might actually happen. Listen to the interview with Herm Suplizio, City of DuBois manager. https://www.sunny106.fm/local/dubois-city-sandy-township-consolidation-info/
  14. Anyone using a Virtual Private Network?
  15. Keyser Soze


    This Consolidation process is different than the one in 2002.(that one was a Voter Initiative By Petition) If there is a ballot question for or against, the voters will know ahead of time most if not all of the details of what the newly created government will look like.
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