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  1. According to the FBI SHR data, in 2016 there were 7,756 Black homicide victims in the United States. The homicide rate among Black victims in the United States was 20.44 per 100,000. For that year, the overall national homicide rate was 5.10 per 100,000. For Whites, the national homicide rate was 2.96 per 100,000. The homicide rate for Black male victims was 37.12 per 100,000. In comparison, the overall rate for male homicide victims was 8.29 per 100,000. For White male homicide victims it was 4.39 per 100,000. The homicide rate for female Black victims was 5.07 per 100,000. In comparison, the overall rate for female homicide victims was 1.97 per 100,000. For White female homicide victims it was 1.55 per 100,000. VPC Executive Director Josh Sugarmann says these statistics should spark outrage. “The devastating and disproportionate impact homicide, almost always involving a gun, has on Black men, boys, women and girls in America is a national shame,” he says. “These deaths devastate families, traumatize communities and should provoke an outcry for change. The goal of our research is to help educate the public and policymakers, spur action and aid community leaders already working to end this crisis.” https://www.colorlines.com/articles/where-does-your-state-rank-when-it-comes-black-homicide
  2. No. What I say is the truth. Black on black crime is a social issue that no one is willing to discus.
  3. They are dead. Black on Black shooting so the there is nothing to protest here.
  4. And you will not have to pay for the new 35 million dollar sewage plant that DuBois is building. Your new Aqua rates are probably good for the next 5 years.
  5. Here is my per gallon rate from my September Sandy Township Municipal Authority bill. Water 0.0178 per gallon (3 x higher than Aqua`s new rate ) Sewage 0.222 per gallon (almost 4 x higher) My rates includes a I&I surcharge for sewage and a $12.25 maintenance charge for both rates. New sewage rates will be in the next bill so the I&I charge should disappear.
  6. Roundabouts are working for Pa. drivers whether they like them or not, PennDOT says A new Pennsylvania Department of Transportation review of accident statistics suggests that the state’s trend toward using roundabouts to improve traffic and enhance safety at selected intersections is paying dividends in fewer and less severe accidents. The study results, which PennDOT released Monday, found a cumulative 34 percent drop in the number of accidents at the 19 reviewed sites. And, the agency said, the percentage of those crashes that involved property damage only - or no reportable injuries - has soared from 50 percent in the three years before the roundabout construction, to 83.5 percent in the three years since. PennDOT said it looked at all roundabouts built on state routes where engineers would have at least three years of post-construction crash data to compare. The survey included, locally, projects on Route 34 at the Cumberland / Perry county line, and on Route 39 in Dauphin County. “The facts speak for themselves,” said PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards. “Roundabouts save lives and reduce crash severity over standard stop or signal-controlled intersections.” That’s in large part, Richards and other officials say, because any collisions that do occur in the circles are typically at lower speeds and at smaller angles, as compared to the broad-side crashes that can often occur at standard intersections. The survey results come as PennDOT is both moving toward more use of roundabouts - 29 more have been built within the past three years on state highways, and 40 more are in design - and working to adjust Pennsylvania motorists’ attitudes toward them. Some more numbers, as reported by PennDOT’s press department: Total number of crashes: 138 before; 91 after. Down 34 percent. Fatalities: Two before, to zero after. Suspected serious injuries: 10 before; one after. Down 90 percent. Suspected minor injuries: 24 before; five after. Down 79 percent. Possible or unknown severity injuries: 70 before; 13 after. Down 81 percent. PennDOT says it will continued to look for new opportunities to install roundabouts at intersections with safety issues, or in places where studies suggest they could improve traffic flow or enhance pedestrian safety. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2019/09/like-em-or-not-new-penndot-study-suggests-roundabouts-are-working-for-pennsylvania-drivers.html
  7. PUC Approves Smaller than Requested Water and Wastewater Rate Increases for Aqua Pennsylvania and Aqua Pennsylvania Wastewater Under the joint settlement, the average monthly bill for a residential Main Division water customer using 4,080 gallons per month would increase $5.67, from $59.85 to $65.52 a month, or by 9.47%. The average monthly bill for a residential wastewater customer using 4,200 gallons per month would increase $8.91, from $57.64 to $66.55, or by 13.39%. http://www.puc.state.pa.us/about_puc/press_releases.aspx?ShowPR=4209
  8. HUDDLE HOUSE AGREES TO BUY PERKINS FOR $51.5M Huddle House has agreed to buy the rights to Perkins Restaurant & Bakery with the intention of operating the family chains as distinct but sister family restaurant brands. Bankruptcy court documents reveal that Huddle House has agreed to pay $51.5 million for Perkins. Perkins has been operating under court supervision since its parent, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, filed for Chapter 11 protection in early August. The combination of the brands will result in a 700-restaurant operation with collective sales of about $800 million, Huddle House said in announcing the deal. About 220 of Perkins' units and roughly 315 of Huddle House's 351 units are franchised. Perkins will be run by Huddle House’s leadership team out of the buyer’s Atlanta headquarters, the announcement indicated. It specified that Huddle House has no plans to turn any Perkins units into Huddle Houses, nor vice versa, and indicated that both brands would be expanded. https://www.huddlehouse.com
  9. Head Coach: Tom Weaver (2nd season) http://d9sports.com/brockway-football-preview-video-2019-powered-by-lezzer-lumber/
  10. These layoffs were planned on years ago when Norfolk decided to implement precision-scheduled railroading. Until recently, the train business was more than chugging along. An industrywide move to implement “precision-scheduled railroading”—a system for trimming down wait times and boosting cargo efficiency devised by late railroading savant Hunter Harrison —led to widespread improvements in recent years. This model has been a boon for shareholders of America’s big listed railroads: Union Pacific , Norfolk Southernand CSX . Before precision-scheduled railroading, or PSR, locomotives had been run the same way for more than a century. Trains waited for cargo at the rail yard, then left when customers brought their shipments and loaded them up. It was an unreliable business with plenty of inefficiencies. But that started to change early this decade, when Mr. Harrison teamed up with William Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital to take control at Canadian Pacific Railway . “No one has the stomach to challenge the status quo,” Mr. Harrison, who started his railroad career as a 19-year-old laborer in 1963, said several years ago. Rather than leave the departure times up to clients such as factories, farms and mines, Mr. Harrison demanded they be ready or miss their trips, much like airline passengers. This didn’t win many friends among clients, but after successfully implementing the model in Canada, Mr. Harrison moved on to take the helm of Jacksonville, Fla.-based CSX in 2017. Tragically, his tenure this time was short-lived. Mr. Harrison died just a short time after joining the company. But his vision lasted and expanded. Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific have both adopted PSR, while CSX continues what he started. All the businesses have changed dramatically. For example, dwell times—the period a railcar spends in a terminal before embarking toward its destination—have declined at Norfolk Southern from 25.5 hours in July 2017 to 18 hours this July, a nearly 30% improvement. Freight car velocity, or the daily miles traveled by each car, at Union Pacific increased 7% to 185 miles a car in the first quarter compared with the same quarter last year. https://www.wsj.com/articles/hunter-harrisons-train-overhaul-starts-running-out-of-steam-11566552603
  11. Many municipalities still require ductile iron as the only choice for their water projects I wonder if Aqua does this for all the systems they own?
  12. Stop at the Township building and the person there will give you a bin and a information packet about their recycle program.
  13. Maybe someone was angry because they were forced to tap onto the waterline and pay for water service and give up their well water.
  14. DuBois terminated the last agreement in 2002. I am sure that the new contract has some form of termination agreement that either party can use if it becomes necessary to do so.
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