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  1. Matthews International must also be a very profitable enterprise for them not to notice this money being gone. Happens in this area on a smaller scale.
  2. Click on the story link and look at all the Listing of properties and items forfeited as proceeds of stolen money: It is 65 pages long and includes a Treasure Lake home Woman who stole nearly $13M from Matthews International gets 8-plus years in prison The Robinson woman who pulled off the largest embezzlement scheme in Western Pennsylvania history, and maybe the entire state, is headed to federal prison for more than eight years. U.S. District Judge Nora Barry Fischer on Thursday imposed a term of 100 months on Cynthia Mills, 56, who admitted she stole nearly $13 million from North Shore-based Matthews International Corp. over 16 years. https://www.post-gazette.com/local/city/2017/09/28/Cynthia-Mills-photo-embezzlement-case-13-million-Matthews-International-sentence-federal-prison/stories/201709280189
  3. Amazon is selling a nice over the air DVR for their prime days event. https://assoc-redirect.amazon.com/g/r/https://www.amazon.com/Fire-TV-Recast-over-the-air-DVR-1TB-150-hours/dp/B074J1GPB8/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Amazon+Fire+TV+Recast&qid=1562960034&s=gateway&sr=8-1&tag=cnet-buy-button-20&ascsubtag=ag%3A5cb61190-dd12-4d3c-afd9-b899fc3ffc75|vg%3A949a6bd0-a522-11e9-a630-6fc16f335d63|st%3Adtp
  4. The extra out of market Direct TV network channels cost me $ $3.50 each for both East and West Coast feeds. The Los Angeles feeds frequently have some good freeway chases on them. I have had Direct TV since it came out in 1992. Before that I had a C Band Dish that I installed that gave me free TV for about 9 years(except for the cost of the dish and the constant replacement of the actuator and then a Videocipher II satellite descrambler )
  5. The Illinois Government just made the Confederate Railroad a hundred times more popular. Confederate Railroad is much in demand!
  6. I receive all the networks plus the west coast feeds for each one.
  7. Keyser Soze


    The franchisee will make far more money by just being a Taco Bell at this location.
  8. Sweden uses the same burn technology the USA uses for their waste disposal. Their cost for basic utilities( garbage disposal water sewage, and electricity ) ranks below the USA Avg monthly cost $126 for Sweden compared to $162 for USA Their net average monthly take home pay after taxes is not too much less than the United States ($3181 vs $3,258) https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Sweden/United-States/Cost-of-living
  9. Fiction: Many believe that paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags because they are made from a renewable resource, can biodegrade, and are recyclable. Fact: Plastic shopping bags outperform paper bags environmentally – on manufacturing, on reuse, and on solid waste volume and generation. The Facts The belief that paper is better than plastic is not based on science or fact. It is based on misconceptions about how plastic bags are made, how landfills work, the incidence of plastic litter, and that non-biodegrading products are bad for the planet. Numerous life cycle assessments demonstrate that conventional plastic bags are better for the environment than paper bags. On resource use: plastic bags play an important role in the conservation of the natural gas resources. In Canada plastic bags are made from ethane which is often burned off in the natural gas refining process. On manufacturing: paper bag manufacture is much more resource-intensive than plastic bag manufacture. On reuse: it is difficult to reuse paper bags because they tend to tear. On solid waste: paper bags have much greater mass and weigh five to seven times more than plastic bags so they add five to seven times more tonnage to the waste stream for municipalities to manage. This in turn results in a fivefold to sevenfold increase in greenhouse gas emissions.
  10. Is burning garbage green? In Sweden, there’s little debate HELSINGBORG, SWEDEN—The view from the control room of the Filborna waste-to-energy plant is a dizzying one. In a cavern ten stories below the glass-bottomed observation deck, a sea of stringy, gray and brown trash is in a state of constant settling as garbage trucks dump fresh loads into the massive pit. A pair of giant orange cranes take turns scooping and scattering the debris, mixing it to an even moisture content before feeding it onto a slow moving metal grate that will carry it into an incinerator. It looks like dirty business, but in Sweden this is viewed as one of the country’s great green achievements. While waste-to-energy incinerators remain a controversial topic among U.S. environmentalists, there’s been little such debate in Sweden as the country increased its waste burning capacity over the past decade. Importing garbage for energy Sweden now imports about 700,000 tons of garbage per year to help produce electricity and heating for cities such as Helsingborg, a historic coastal hub of about 100,000 people in southwestern Sweden. Today, only 1 percent of Sweden’s waste winds up in landfills. Half of it is recycled and 49 percent is burned in waste-to-energy facilities, up from 39 percent in 1999. Other byproducts include bottom ash, which is sorted for metals and then recycled as fill for road construction or other projects, and fly ash, which is toxic and deposited in a landfill certified to handle hazardous materials. Air emissions are cleaned through a series of scrubbers and filters and come out “far under what’s actually permitted,” said Göran Skoglund, Öresundskraft’s press officer. Öresundskraft claims the waste-to-energy plant, which began operating in late 2012, is the cleanest and most efficient of its kind in Sweden. It isn’t fundamentally different from the technology available in the United States, however. “The same manufacturers are supplying both continents. This means that the emission levels are comparable,” said Matt Kasper, a special assistant for energy policy at the Center for American Progress. https://energynews.us/2013/10/17/midwest/is-burning-garbage-green-in-sweden-theres-little-debate/
  11. Chester Pennsylvania is number one on this list Covanta Delaware Valley The Delaware Valley Resource Recovery Facility is located in Chester, Pennsylvania and has been in operation since 1992. It is Covanta’s largest Energy-from-Waste facility processing about 1.3 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) each year. The MSW is processed in six boilers for Delaware County and surrounding areas that would have normally been sent to landfills. A 90 MW turbogenerator uses steam produced from the environmentally friendly waste processing boilers to produce over 645,000 MWh’s a year to serve the needs of more than 70,000 homes. As waste is processed, over 60,000 tons of ferrous (steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum) metals are recovered annually for recycling to further reduce landfill disposal burdens. https://www.covanta.com/Our-Facilities/Covanta-Delaware-Valleyhttp://www.energyjustice.net/incineration/usplants
  12. Palm Beach has the largest trash to electricity plant. The Palm Beach Renewable Energy Facility #2 is located in West Palm Beach. Fla. It is publicly owned by the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County and operated by Babcock & Wilcox. The facility opened in 2015 and is a mass burn facility. The plant serves the waste needs of 1,270,000 people. It has a design capacity to handle 3,000 tons of waste per day. It has three boilers and boasts a gross electrical capacity of 95.0 megawatts. https://www.waste360.com/node/16523/gallery?slide=14
  13. Yes. It made all 100 of the Waze employees millionaires. I think it was a Israeli company.
  14. Google bought Waze for $966 million in June 2013 to add social data to its mapping business.
  15. Single use plastic bags are much more sanitary for packing groceries than re useable canvas sacks. That is why I rather use plastic. A 2011 study from scientists at the University of Arizona and Loma Linda University found only 3% of shoppers with multi-use bags said they regularly washed them. The same study found bacteria in 99% of bags tested; half carried coliform bacteria while 8% carried E. coli, an indicator of fecal contamination. I classify them as pretty dirty things, like the bottom of your shoes," said Ryan Sinclair of the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, a co-author of the study. He is finalizing another study he hopes to publish soon looking at how pathogens spread through grocery stores with the help of reusable bags A separate study published in 2012 traced a norovirus outbreak among a girls' soccer team from Oregon to a reusable bag stored in a hotel bathroom used by an ill team member. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/01/06/reusable-grocery-bag-germs/4341739/
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