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  1. Unemployment Compensation is a insurance. Premiums (tax) paid mostly by the employer ( the employee also contributes a very small amount) It will be paid back by the employers
  2. I guess if the active COVID had shopped at WalMart the past 6 weeks there would of been no infections???? Only now infections will occur because we moved to green????
  3. The article says you will not get COVID 19 in this manner.
  4. I do not think enforcement is a top priority in this area Most riders do not cause a problem.
  5. No, even in this Pa. emergency, you can’t ride an ATV on a public road, police say Even though Pennsylvania law has provisions to make riding ATVs and snow mobiles on public roads legal during certain emergency situations, they have not been enacted during the COVID-19 health emergency, state police report. An ATV rider was confronted on Thursday in the Lehigh Valley by a state trooper, who told the rider it wasn’t legal, state police said. A media report indicated it was, but state police on Friday morning said in a news release that was incorrect. “The operation of a snow mobile or ATV on a public road or highway is still currently illegal under Title 75, Section 7721 and 7722” of the vehicular code, state police said. An emergency exception must be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or local authorities with jurisdiction, which hasn’t happened, police said. The current state disaster declaration during the coronavirus pandemic does not allow ATVs and snow mobiles to be driven on public streets, police said. ATVs can only be ridden on designated trails in Pennsylvania state parks, police said. It is not allowed on state forest road, and in state parks and state game lands, police said. https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/coronavirus/2020/04/no-even-in-this-pa-emergency-you-cant-ride-an-atv-on-a-public-road-police-say.html
  6. There is a county group of riders trying to find out who did this.
  7. I know of two houses too that were sold. A local Realtor received a waivers as did a notary. The courthouse did record the deeds.
  8. Wolf is a Dictator. The lock down was suppose to be 2 weeks.The hospitals never were maxed out or will be. There is always going to be COVID 19 cases. Go live in a cave. The rest of us would like to live our lives.
  9. Some ATV riders think they can travel the roads and then go anywhere they please. This happened in Morrisdale, Pa. Sunday night. To whoever the gang of side by sides that came up by driveway at 2:30am Sunday morning and hit my black German Shepard and broke it's back and left it lay. Therefore I had to have him euthanized today, because there was no options left for him. I'm not asking I'm telling you to stay off this property.... I have never said or complained about anyone riding through here, but you have showed your lack of respect. When there is no place left to ride it will be because you have brought this upon yourself. It seems like I'm not the only one that has suffered this weekend from this gang of side by sides. I am telling you do not run through my property again or I'll cut your f..... b..... off...... Literally
  10. The machines are designed to be used off road. Consumers are told by manufacturers and the ATV trade association that riding ATVs on roads is dangerous. Consumer Product Safety Commission Data: 65 percent of ATV Deaths Occur on Roads. Fatality Analysis Reporting System Data: 74 percent of ATV Deaths on Public Roads are on Paved Roads
  11. Masks can help keep droplets containing coronavirus or other viruses out, but only if worn correctly. “Wearing a mask is tricky because it can create a false sense of security,” . “If you don’t wash your hands before you take off the mask and after you take off your mask, you could increase your risk.” And fiddling with the mask may cause you to touch your face more often, also increasing your risk,. Improperly disposed surgical or respirator masks also can risk spreading coronavirus. Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/news/nation-world/national/article240780786.html#storylink=cpy
  12. Smell is due to molecules of a particular substance that travel into your nose. Smell does not usually contain bacteria, which carry disease and are much larger than the gaseous molecules that make up a smell. So the odor itself cannot make you sick. But some gaseous compounds can have other effects on your health by causing shortness of breath, headaches, eye irritation, or, if large amounts are inhaled, even death.
  13. The mask being our savior is still inconclusive especially with over 50 to 75% of the mask being worn wrong. Washing your hands is what will protect you.
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