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  1. YORK COUNTY, S.C. — The gunman who killed five people including a prominent doctor in South Carolina was former NFL player Phillip Adams, who killed himself early Thursday, according to Channel 9 sources who were briefed on the investigation. AP sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly, said Adams’ parents live near the doctor’s home in Rock Hill, and that he had been treated by the doctor. The sources said Adams killed himself after midnight with a .45 caliber weapon.
  2. Trans Athletes Are Posting Victories and Shaking Up Sports Transgender athletes at all levels of sport are winning medals, spurring a contentious debate over the future of gendered competition. In Connecticut, as in more than a dozen other states, high school athletes are allowed to compete in the category that matches their gender identity. According to ADF legal counsel Christiana Holcomb, two transgender athlete Terry Miller and another runner, Andraya Yearwood—“have amassed 15 different state championship titles that were once held by nine different girls across the state.” The US Department of Education’s office for civil rights is now investigating the group’s complaint. https://www.wired.com/story/the-glorious-victories-of-trans-athletes-are-shaking-up-sports/
  3. The above items you reference were federal government issues. These are state lawmakers in Pennsylvania.
  4. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), issued a dire warning of a sense of "impending doom" as coronavirus infections and hospitalizations tick up and pleaded with Americans to not let up on mitigation measures. Most of the rise is from locked down states: 14 states: Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Tennessee, and West Virginia.
  5. Last time (2009) after the schools got stimulus money and spent it they complained they should continued to receive it each year. They cried for years that they should get same amount going forward
  6. Joe Biden will fix this with his $3 trillion infrastructure plan. Wolf is giving us reliable solar to go along with it.
  7. It should also be mentioned that KFC doesn't let just anybody own one of their stores: Prospective franchise owners must have a net worth of at least $1.5 million, have $750,000 in liquid assets, have no criminal convictions, and no history of bankruptcy. As we said, it costs a lot of dough to serve the Colonel's chicken. Read More: https://www.mashed.com/180313/how-much-it-really-costs-to-open-a-kfc-franchise/?utm_campaign=clip
  8. Some of the newer vehicles have wildlife alert feature which will automatically slow or stop your vehicle to avoid collisions with large animals. The new Jeep Wagoneer include a digital rearview mirror, Night Vision with pedestrian and animal detection, and Intersection Collision Assist, which detects vehicles coming from the left or right when the Wagoneer is approaching an intersection. If the four radar sensors and camera sense any potential collisions, full stopping force is applied if the driver fails to respond to audible and visual alerts.
  9. The Democrats want "The Pandemic" to continue forever. Good for the Republicans for leading the way in trying to get back to normal. The resort can use the business. The Democracts would rather we all stayed home in lockdown for another year
  10. Keyser Soze


    Because the Sandy Supervisors in charge then would not had approved a study being done. The three new Supervisors who were elected over the last 4 years decided to purpose a study to look at the pros and cons. The previous time(2002) a petition was submitted for the consolidation by citizen groups which required much more effort.
  11. Road deaths spiked 8% in 2020 despite 13% drop in miles driven, National Safety Council reports Despite an estimated 13% drop in miles driven, the National Safety Council reported Thursday that estimated road deaths increased by 8% last year and the death rate per 100 million miles driven increased 24%, the highest one-year increase since 1924. The council reported that 42,060 people died on the nation’s highways in 2020. That’s up 8% from 39,107 in 2019 and the highest number of highway deaths since 2007. The rate of deaths per miles driven jumped 24% from 1.20 in 2019 to 1.49 last year. “It is tragic that in the U.S., we took cars off the roads and didn’t reap any safety benefits,” said Lorraine M. Martin, the council’s president and CEO, said in a news release. “These data expose our lack of an effective roadway safety culture. It is past time to address roadway safety holistically and effectively, and NSC stands ready to assist all stakeholders, including the federal government.” The grim statistics validate concerns traffic safety officials have been raising since last spring, when near-empty roads seemed to encourage more motorists to ignore speed limits and engage in other dangerous activies such as using their cellphone while driving. The result has been more deadly accidents due to the higher speeds. Overall, Texas maintained its rank as the state with the most traffic deaths at 3,891, up 9%. Seven states had jumps of more than 15%: Arkansas (+26%), Connecticut (+22%), Georgia (+18%), Mississippi (+19%), Rhode Island (+26%), South Dakota (+33%) and Vermont (+32%). Nine states had an estimated drop in traffic deaths: Alaska (-3%), Delaware (-11%), Hawaii (-20%), Idaho (-7%), Maine (-1%), Nebraska (-9%), New Mexico (-4%), North Dakota (-1%) and Wyoming (-13%). The council estimates Pennsylvania had 1,166 road deaths, up 5% from 1,107 in 2019. https://www.post-gazette.com/news/transportation/2021/03/04/Road-deaths-8-increase-National-Safety-Council-less-driving/stories/202103040135
  12. Just wondering if the deceased had been working for the police in a undercover role. The whole story about the ankle tracking device does not make sense to me
  13. SUV in crash where 13 died came through hole in border fence HOLTVILLE, Calif. — Thirteen people killed in one of the deadliest border crashes on record were among more than 40 migrants who entered the U.S. through a hole cut into Southern California’s border fence with Mexico, the Border Patrol said Wednesday. Surveillance video showed a Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Suburban drive through the opening early Tuesday, Gregory Bovino, the Border Patrol’s El Centro sector chief, told The Associated Press. It is believed they were part of a migrant smuggling operation. The Suburban carried 19 people, and it caught fire for unknown reasons on a nearby interstate after entering the U.S. All escaped the vehicle and were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents. https://www.post-gazette.com/news/nation/2021/03/03/SUV-in-fatal-California-crash-came-through-hole-in-border-fence/stories/202103030146
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