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  1. Jay

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    Rape is a crime. Perpetrators should be convicted no matter who they are or what their profession is. There should also be punishment for those who covered it up. They could have prevented further abuse in so many instances but instead turned a blind eye and protected the church instead of innocent children.
  2. Jay

    ALDF Intends to Sue Farmer's Inn

    I love to go there to eat. The food is delicious. That being said, I cannot stand to see those wild animals in those small cages. It is cruel and I do hope something is done about it.
  3. Jay

    Prayers please

    Prayers for you, your mother, and your daughter. Don't give up. God always provides a way even when we don't have the answers.
  4. Jay

    Band Cards!

    The power of GoDubois! When I got mine at Rosie's yesterday she said she hadn't advertised yet but had already sold six. 😁
  5. Jay

    Band Cards!

    Thank you. I can stop in there.
  6. Jay

    Band Cards!

    Thank you.
  7. Jay

    Band Cards!

    Is there anywhere (store) in town where you can just walk in and buy one? I know that Candy's Styling Salon had them one year. The kids I used to buy from are all out of school and band now.
  8. They lost a lot of long time fans (including me) with the stupid Chase and now the "Playoffs". I want to see each and every driver race to the end of the season with equal chances.
  9. He certainly should be.
  10. Maybe the hospital could use this since they can't afford a pArking garage or shuttle service.
  11. I thought that was probably the case. Congrats!
  12. Jay

    Hospital parking

    This is a serious subject for the elderly and those with real infirmities. Some can drive and come alone (perhaps to visit a spouse) but cannot walk far. They may not have anyone to drop them off and must park a good distance away. You younger ones can joke about it but some day as you age you will understand.
  13. Jay

    Hospital parking

    Good luck trying to find a handicapped spot. There are not nearly enough. I transport a person in a wheelchair and almost always have to drop them off and then go park in Timbuktu. Only problem with that is leaving them there alone while going to park and walking in. There are some who should not be left alone for various reasons.
  14. Jay

    Hospital parking

    I agree with Peter. A golf cart or two is a good solution and costs pennies compared to the millions they are spending.
  15. Jay


    Mosquitoes to Renovo to Steelers. Seems like a natural progression for godubois. 😁