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  1. She is so cute. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  2. Continued prayers. She is precious.
  3. I really like Home Free. Great group.
  4. Those are fantastic.
  5. My peppers are good, tomatoes just so-so, zucchini gone wild.
  6. Yet abortion - the deliberate killing of babies is okay. What is wrong with this picture? So very sad.
  7. I wouldn't call what went on at CTK "nonsense".
  8. Our bushes are loaded this year but they are not ripe yet. I got "one" today.
  9. Jay


    There is a definite need in DuBois for more affordable housing for Seniors.
  10. Jay


    I spoke with one resident today who is looking but it is not that easy. The affordable ones are full and have a waiting list.
  11. Jay


    It is not fair for the residents to have to make up for the "missing" funds.
  12. Happy Birthday Steve. Hope you have a great day.
  13. Jay


    If that is true, it is certainly not right. That is one heck of a raise all at one time. I sure hope he was misinformed.
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