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  1. Our experience with UPMC Altoona was very positive.
  2. I understand it will be a Penn Highlands medical building/clinic.
  3. She is adorable and looks so happy.
  4. Jay


    Me too. The school district has fewer students every year. The old stay (and pass away) and the young move away.
  5. She is a lucky little girl to have such a loving family who takes such good care of her.
  6. Prayers for you and your family sunflake. God bless.
  7. Jay

    Faith Marie

    Continued prayers. šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™
  8. Jay

    Faith Marie

    So sorry to hear this. She and all of you are in my prayers.
  9. Jay

    @^$(^$ red cross

    So the director of the Red Cross makes more than a president of the whole United States. Amazing. I'm sure their job as leader of a single organization is so much more difficult than the leader of a nation. (Sarcasm emoji)
  10. Thanks Steve for posting those. It wouldn't be Christmas without them.
  11. What a sweetheart. I love the shirt.
  12. She is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.
  13. That post made me laugh out loud since you blame Trump for everything bad in the world.
  14. My children and I all have college educations and I do not regret for one minute the expense and experience. I have always worked in my chosen medical field. One of the kids does not but would not have the job she does without that degree even if it is not what she studied for. Several of the grandchildren are college graduates and a couple are not. Some are just not cut out for college and I respect that. Trade schools are wonderful opportunities. Some are not cut out for that either. There are jobs out there that do not require more than a high school diploma. You just must be drug free and be willing to show up and show some enthusiasm for the work. The work ethic is basically something that needs to be taught in the home regardless of education.
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