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  1. Jay

    Parade Chairs

    The parade was nice. A little bit damp for a short time but not enough to make people leave.
  2. Jay


    As it should be. Why should the state be expected to keep someone when they have assets?
  3. Jay

    Parade Chairs

    It might be just a bunch of fire trucks to some but we enjoy the parade. It is a nice evening and shows support for the town. I don't care how early the chairs are out as long as they are not blocking pathways.
  4. Jay


    If the Nursing Home cares for your parents for years and the state is paying for it they deserve to recoup the money by receiving the money from the sale of the house when both are deceased.
  5. Jay


    It was not the caregivers. It will be made public soon (if not hidden by the powers that be). The "sticky fingers" were in the finance department.
  6. Where is Dr. Petraitis located?
  7. Time Left: 1 month and 26 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Three mobility scooters. Have not been used for several years so not running. A three wheel Go Go, a four wheel Go Go, and a large Pride. They probably need batteries or fuses but I really don't know. All in good condition. $500 for all three. Call or text 814-591 -1295 for more information.


  8. Jay


    Watch for the arrests and you will understand why.
  9. Jay

    DuBois Days

    Come on up and join the fun. Be sure to bring your lawn chair.
  10. Jay

    fusion buffet

    Do they serve any American food also? I don't do Chinese but love a good buffet.
  11. Stupid doesn't even begin to describe it. So sorry for their families.
  12. Many prayers for this precious baby.
  13. That is why the vote was simply to EXPLORE the possibilities. But some are so closed minded on the subject they are not even willing to consider the pros and cons.
  14. I have lived in the "country" for 70+ years. That does not mean I can't see the benefits for ALL in sharing a building. Sharing a building is in no way going to take away any of my "rights".
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