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  1. That poor little is getting quite a workout.
  2. Jay

    mega winner

    At risk of making LFG's head spin further, I also put onions on my BLT(O)s.
  3. Jay

    mega winner

  4. Jay

    mega winner

    BLT, TBL, LTB, - just toss those letters up in the air and let them fall where they may. The only thing I insist on is the Miracle Whip.
  5. Jay

    mega winner

    Sorry I missed the thread that never was. We want you to keep your mind so won't delve into the stacking order. One can only imagine ............
  6. Jay

    Pay to play?

    I vote for the individual candidate not which party they belong to.
  7. Jay


    Congratulations. Many blessings to the happy family.
  8. Jay

    mega winner

    Today is National sandwich day and Subway is celebrating it. Which brings us to the question - Is a Sub a sandwich? It is on a bun just like a hot dog only larger.
  9. Jay

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    Speaking of hot dogs, did anyone see the Today segment this morning "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" They debated the earth shaking topic and invited viewers to weigh in. LFG, you will be happy to know that 80 percent of America agrees with you. I was laughing the whole way through thinking of the discussion on here.
  10. Jay

    What the heck is going on in our schools!!

    The reaction to this was huge but yet witches and the devil are perfectly acceptable. Double standard.
  11. Jay


    I had an opportunity to be in your fair city (Doo bwa in my best LFG voice) and found myself playing dodge em on Main Street. Are they finished with this project and do they plan to leave the manhole covers like that? If so, the alignment folks will have great business in the coming days.
  12. Why do NC people have more of a Southern accent than SC people?
  13. Jay

    mega winner

    Soooooo - if it is not a sandwich, what is it classified as?
  14. Jay


    If you don't recognize the number, DO NOT ANSWER. If it is important they will leave a message and you can call back.
  15. Jay

    Ponderosa closing

    Where is Bob's Subs located in Brookville?