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    beautiful DuBois and STEELER COUNTRY
  1. Fox's in DuBois

    I heard yesterday (and then again this morning) that they have sold. Supposedly the owner of the one in Brookville has purchased it.
  2. Well the stupid play calling didn't help out a lot either
  3. Reading on FB earlier these stupid idiots can now try other options. For one you can tear out the interior walls of your house and pretend the insulation is cotton candy. You can also pull the oil plug on your car and have some good chocolate come out.
  4. Area Dr Arrested

    When i had my knee replaced i was still in pain 2 months after the surgery , although the pain was only there when i was trying to lay in bed. I went back to the doctor and he told me that they (the PA,s) that i had been seeing every 2 weeks after the surgery should of kept me on the pain pills for at least 3 months after the surgery instead of only 1 month. So he gave me a prescription for another 2 months worth because he said this will "make up for the month you went without". I took them for 2 weeks till i could lay down without pain and flushed the rest. Also as far as "get ahead of the pain" any pain pill will , or should , work more effecient if taken before the pain sets in.
  5. I just had people knock on my door

    They come to see me and i'm not making any excuse. I'm just telling them to leave.
  6. james harrison signs with .....pats

    Do you actually think that Tomlins that smart? Harrison signed for $59,000.
  7. steelers news

    If nothing else there should of been pass interference called on the final pass that was intercepted.
  8. LCB Requirement to serve food

    They don't serve food ( not even cheese) at the LCB stores run by the state. You said it all right there. The state owns the liquor stores and can do what they want. They also issue the licenses and can write the rules. Social clubs have way different rules than bars as far as the state goes. The state of PA sure does have some outdated laws.
  9. I saw that on the news last night and was wondering the same thing regarding the mess.
  10. Good god. Deadbeat drug addicts will try anything to get their fix. And maybe the police should stop using Narcan. And yes before i get blasted for my beliefs i have had experience with drug addicts.
  11. this was from a statement from the Centre Daily Times article That's because failing to help isn't against the law in Pennsylvania Actually i thought it was a law. For example , you are the first person at an accident. I always thought that you must stop and try to provide aid or face a misdemeanor charge.
  12. What a sad story. Had other things to say but i thought twice and erased them.
  13. How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    We have actually had training here at Lezzers on what to do if ever in a position of an active shooter or of being held hostage. One of the first points metioned is just what was said in the prior post. Always beware of where the exits are.
  14. World Series 2017

    Houston really wanted this series more. A quick observation from my always thinking mind. When Hurricane Katrina hit N.O. the Saints then win the Super Bowl to help bring the town some joy after the disaster. Now Hurricane Harvey hits and look at what happened.