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  1. Actually around 2008 or so Red passed away. He was definitely a person in the 60'and early 70's that was just a great person to know. He did settle down in the mid 70's but us "older" people still remember his antics.
  2. Pretty sure it's going to be a Mexican restaurant. But it may also be a soup / sandwich type of diner. Have heard 2 different plans.
  3. Actually no matter what. My opinion. Suicide by police. Apparently the knucklehead just didn't care.
  4. How are you sure that meth is involved? We all realize there is a drug problem and it's just not meth.
  5. Yes. Plus the stupid non knowledgeable idiot that was screaming that at her didn't realize she was from Brazil and just dark skinned.
  6. Kinda really may depend on what charges have been filed. Some attorneys specialize in certain areas and are really not up with the law in other areas. If it's serious charges may want to consider an attorney from a bigger area. Pittsburgh or Erie or State College or Altoona.
  7. Quite a long time before they decided to say he walked away. Must have been giving him a real good head start.
  8. Just imagine what it's going to be like getting into or out of there in the wintertime.
  9. If you read the article under the related at the bottom of the post it seems this guy shouldn't of been out of jail in the first place. There just has to be something else that will protect a victim rather than a useless PFA.
  10. Are you just kidding and messing with all of us? You must really have a different way of thinking. What in the world makes him a good person? Shutting down our state and making him the reason we have to follow he and his shim's rules?
  11. And NOT because Wolf said he would like it.
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