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  1. BillyC

    Weather in Brockway

    In my opinion the fireworks were a dud. We were up on the hill by Fremer Moulding and the crowd that was there thought the same.
  2. BillyC

    Casino For State College

    By going to casinos there is almost a sure way to make a small fortune. However you have to start with a big fortune first and your odds are good you'll end up with a small one.
  3. BillyC

    FYE closing at the DuBois Mall

    Even though you already ordered them , did you check into DuBois Restaurant Supply? Located right besides Franks Pizza. They either have them on stock or could of gotten them for you quickly.
  4. BillyC

    Need information, please....Saw

    Actually i believe he is/was originally from Penfield. They were a great group in the 60's/70's.
  5. BillyC

    Alligator Spotted In Clearfield County

    What i highlighted in red is kinda an understatement.
  6. BillyC

    Tourist Ideas for D.C.

    I've also done the tours in Boston and NYC as well. They are neat to do to see the common tourist sights but i also enjoy trying to get a van type tour and go into the neighberhoods of the bigger cities.
  7. BillyC

    Tourist Ideas for D.C.

    Now granted hers isn't very big but still the vast majority of the seats are upstairs so that leaves a lot of room in the bottom of the bus.
  8. BillyC

    Tourist Ideas for D.C.

    We did the same thing but were able to put the scooter chair in the bottom of the bus. Did the same in NYC and Boston. Her chair does break down very easily however.
  9. Maybe they should focus on keeping good health care professionals here before any expansions
  10. An insulated holder for a can of beer
  11. BillyC

    Small College World Series Live Streaming

    I talked to one of the council members last night and he said they are meeting with the officials in 3 weeks to try to get a 10 year contract signed. Also there is another small 4 team tournament being held at Showers Field this weekend. I believe it's a Division 3 finals tournament. Just all around a great job getting these teams here.
  12. BillyC

    Need more bars in Dubois

    I believe the DuBois Diner has an item like that as well.
  13. And the buggy was black and the horse looked like a horse.
  14. BillyC

    Small College World Series Live Streaming

    Penn State Dubois is playing baseball and the other 2 are playing softball. Just got home from Showers Field and PSU/DuBois was leading 6 to 1 in the 5th inning. Huge crowd there tonight. Stopped at the softball field on the way home and a decent size crowd. Plus there is another game tonight at each field.
  15. BillyC

    KFC building

    Yes. I've heard they are going to tear the building down and build a new one.