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  1. Why would you say it that way? Was it trying to be covered up? There should be no excuse for not reporting it.
  2. by finally hitting the news service
  3. Sure does seem like a long time for this to finally come to light.
  4. BillyC

    Our forum

    well stated
  5. BillyC

    Contractors and grab bars

    We have grab bars here at Lezzers. Various lengths and finishes. All are ADA approved. And not the suction cup ones (which are usually just used to have towels up).
  6. BillyC

    City Park Fields

    I did hear the city is trying to buy Osburn's with plans to make it a parking lot, I as well heard that over the weekend as well.
  7. BillyC

    City Park Fields

    I do believe the Pirates orinazation gave a fairly sizeable donation to help build these. I was over there looking around on Sunday morning and talked with one of the personnel working there and he said for the upcoming College World series they need 121 hotel rooms for a week and that's just for the players. These fields should bring in quite a bit of business into the area.
  8. Wow. Ya think that may be considered premeditated.
  9. Actually this just sickens me reading about this. Probably only get a slap on the wrist.
  10. BillyC

    Deb's Dairy Queen

    Also called Doctor Doolittles. It is between DuBois and Falls Creek on 219. It's an area that Doc Rice has developed that has lots of train cars and an ice cream/food area and rail cars you can dine in and a pizza place and a mini brewery and lasar tag and various other items. Parking can be challenging at time but the food (especially in the front food stand) is very inexpensive and portions are plentiful.
  11. BillyC

    Deb's Dairy Queen

    I think the the local Dairy Queen is too overpriced to begin with. Try the Meadows and their selection of various cakes.
  12. That's the newest meth head haircut style
  13. BillyC

    JLL : DuBois Mall Isn't Going Anywhere

    I just talked with one of the tenants in the mall. This management company is making some big changes and , depending on how you look feel about the mall , they may be good changes and may be bad changes. They are putting signs up that they really don't want you in there unless you're buying something. As for the walkers that have been there for years and always used to put their jackets on benches the new security guards confisacated all of their jackets because they don't want them there. In years past some of the smaller chain stores would stay after 5 on Sundays to put up new posters that their corporate office would send for upcoming sales and what not but now if they stay like that they have to pay the security people a minimum of 4 hours to be there watching them and if it goes over 4 hours it's double pay for the security team. There was a walk upcoming scheduled there to raise money for a charity and they were told they couldn't have it because the group organizing the walk did not have $2 MILLION dollars worth of insurance. Now that group is going to Blackwood Auctions to have their walk. Not sure what's going to happen with any other events that have always been held there in the past.
  14. I've heard that before but it had never happened to me. Makes you wonder why you even have to fill out the numerical part.
  15. On the other hand. I was given a check for X amount of dollars for some work that was done and the numerical amount written was correct however the written part of the check showed something like 30 cents higher. So that's what the bank gave me. I didn't want to take it but they said they had to give it to me.