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  1. Thanks to everyone. You know I may be only 65 (and a 1/2) but anyone that knows me will realize I have the body of a 90 year old but the majority of times (according to my GF and a lot of other people) I act like a 12 year old. Thanks again.
  2. From the 60's. Great time to grow up in this area.
  3. Steve (that owns China One and used to own Japan One) has bought the old Tommy D's and is supposed to be putting in a Hibachi type set up restaurant there.
  4. Don't worry. The DA Burkett will say it was all a misunderstanding and will do nothing at all.
  5. Yes. No matter what the DA says , he backed down. All the talk that he said in the beginning was just a lot of hot air. Kid's family must of had a good attorney. Or money changed hands. He talked about sentencing guidelines and what the law can do , well , what about setting a precedent? Just my thoughts on this. The young PUNKS and their families have gotten what they wanted. Which amounts to doing whatever you want as far as Burkett is concerned.
  6. Like I said earlier. Somebody is a PAL of someone else.
  7. Well all i can say it that someone (attorney or the punks parents) was a PAL of the judge. PAL stands for (personal a$$ licker). And i know and like John Foradora but in the case i'm hoping what was said earlier on the sentencing.
  8. Geez. I was going to watch it tonight. I'll have to use On Demand now. Thanks for the heads up. That does suck however.
  9. I absolutely will NOT vote by mail.
  10. BillyC


    We had a guy come into Lezzers that would not put a mask on as he said he has a medical condition that excludes him from having to wear one. Have also heard of some at Lowes without them on. They do not need to disclose what the condition is.
  11. I tried calling today at 8:40 and the line was busy. I tried 25 other times throughout the morning and all I got was a busy signal. Not worth it for me. I'll take a trip to Salamanca this week.
  12. BillyC


    Talented but now he can party all the time in Florida.
  13. BillyC

    Steeler draft

    Sign him for 1 year. McCoy would be a plus. Had forgotten about Snell and that's probably why. Really good in college though and will be a good back up. Always thought Connor would be a good back up as well.
  14. BillyC

    Steeler draft

    Fournette from the Jags is available for a mid to low round pick in the 2021 draft.
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