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  1. Chink I believe , was dog food sales rep? or something at a time ( Dad`s ??? )

    1. BillyC


      Chink was Bob's dad. Really nice guy but always kinda ornery.

  2. BillyC

    Hitching Post

    I thought that Chick's name was Leland. Also a band that played there quite often in the 70's was Friendz (out of Clarion i believe).
  3. I DO know what i'm talking about. I've known the person for over 30 years.
  4. BillyC

    Warming Centers

    There was/is not at this time , i guess. It said in yesterdays paper that they did not open one up but was prepared to have one open quickly if needed. Did not specify where it would of been.
  5. Service after the sale is always important.
  6. Yes. I am familiar with the court system but i was just stating the "hmmm" to be sarcastic. Can't really express my feelings on this situation on GoDubois however.
  7. Just saw on the magistrates report that the charges have been sent over to the Jefferson County court. Hmmm.
  8. BillyC

    Jefferson Co jail fence

    Not angry about it at all. Just laughing at the whole situation. I would love to sell a product or install a product knowing it is not the correct application and be able to sell it again to correct the problem. And what's up with "have you considered running for office" statements? I have not nor ever considered it. However if someone does in fact become an elected official you probably should be prepared to take the good and the bad. Bottom line , in my thought process , is that someone did not follow the proper protocol in either awarding the original bid or in assuring the job was done correctly.
  9. BillyC

    Jefferson Co jail fence

    Not at all. I just think it should of been taken care of maybe by a warranty or through the installers insurance. Even if the company that did the installation has defaulted or went out of business there should be some recourse. When was it originally installed? And someone has just now realized it was installed incorrectly? I'm sure there's more to the story but to pay 11K to repair something that was done wrong in the first place is just wrong.
  10. BillyC

    Jefferson Co jail fence

    That's what i was trying to say. Maybe the original installer went out of business. If so i can see why they did.
  11. BillyC

    Jefferson Co jail fence

    Very interesting that they have to pay 11K to fix something that wasn't done correctly in the first place.
  12. BillyC

    Old sub shops in dubois

    You are thinking of Mrs Fergusons Tastee Freeze. It was directly in front of the bus station. DuBois Medical Supply sits there now.
  13. BillyC

    Weekend Snowstorm

    I was just outside (4 AM) and it's freezing rain now. Or i guess it could be sleet. When you go to shovel it's going to feel like you're moving lead.
  14. BillyC

    Weekend Snowstorm

    I just read an article that Gov Wolf has issued a state of emergency and lowered speed limits on the interstates and the turnpike on this side of the state to 45 MPH and not allowing any commercial vehicles (including buses) to be on those highways from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday.
  15. BillyC

    Old sub shops in dubois

    The ch is silent. I've always pronounced is as "kraws".