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    beautiful DuBois and STEELER COUNTRY
  1. Where are the police in DuBois

    They are there quite often now. It's kinda easy pickings for them. Like Lyndsey33 said it's tough to go that slow.
  2. Sandusky question

    Today at noon Judge Foradora will give his ruling on whether or not to grant him a new trial. My question is , if he does grant him the right for a new trail will he be the presiding judge and will it be held in Jefferson Co ?
  3. Martavius Bryant

    Maybe we can get a new head coach for him.
  4. Where are the police in DuBois

    I know this isn't right however there have been times i've thrown stuff at cars when i know they're not going to stop. Probably a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  5. Where are the police in DuBois

    I live on the corner of Long and State and i have told many officers throughout the years that they are welcome to sit on my porch and get the plate numbers of people not even stopping. It's mostly people coming down the hill towards town.
  6. When i saw this on the news last night i think it's the old Highland St school in DuBois
  7. Kohlhepp True Value

    The last few times i've been in there i noticed that the shelves seemed way emptier than usual. I just heard today that they are going to now be an Ace Hardware. Have not heard yet if the stone center or Just Ask rental is still going to be there.
  8. Good Books

    And yes to Davenport with the Porsche. The last Prey book i read was Broken Prey and at the end was his list of his top 100 songs.
  9. Good Books

    Sampson is one of the characters in the James Patterson "Alex Cross" series.
  10. "blood test results obtained illegally" " medication consumed was within therapeutic levels" So i guess now that no matter what medicine you're on as long as within recommended doses that it's now legal to drive? Something is really fishy about his ruling. I can see this now opening up a lot of legal questions.
  11. road 255

    The bar burnt in September 2008
  12. Local Clubs

    As does the Sandy Club
  13. Local Clubs

    The Olympic club as well as the IPS club (on the corner of Washington and Franklin) are both men only clubs. And as a side note before anybody questions what good are the clubs for please keep in mind that they all have to donate X percentage of all their profits to charities. The charities can be of their own choosing and it usually comes in the form of a written request.