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  1. BillyC

    Steelers lose again

    Ironically Oakland today fired it's GM and that's after a win. The Steelers unfortunately will never fire Tomlin. He has lost the team but he also knows he has job security. Also if Dobbs is the main back up than Mason Rudolph must be a really bad QB. Landry Jones could of done what Dobbs did (or didn't do) yesterday.
  2. And unsecured bail at that.
  3. BillyC

    Polaski Area

    Yes there is a drug problem however if there are deaths they should be reported for no other reason to let people know what's going on in their neighborhoods.
  4. BillyC

    Who's Jesse Porter?

    I know i'm naive at times but that earlier post about his facebook must of been bogus. Or maybe not.
  5. Still nothing. However i got on the Pa. web portal for district judges and hearings (which is legal to do) and i put his name in and wow did the pages get full of various hearings he's been in.. Unbelievable that one person can go the often to the magistrates.
  6. Didn't realize there was a hearing yet. Any results you may know about ?
  7. Wow. Nothing in the paper yet. Maybe some big pay out involved.
  8. That is one of the better truthful comments I've seen on here.
  9. BillyC

    Main Street project nearly done

    Back to the eyesore on Main St with the utility lines. Just spoke with one of the guys that was/is working on the project and he told me the city had to reorder some of the new lights as when they went to install them they were either touching or above the lower lines that are still there. So they had to order shorter lights.
  10. Well it started out as DuBrook but then M and B bought DuBrook out however the drivers stayed the same. Really can't speak for the quality of the concrete. I do know that DuBook (when it was DuBrook) always had the best material.
  11. BillyC

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

    Well without a doubt it's going to be a lot bigger. Still approx 2 months from making the move. Also there were some people walking through the old KMart yesterday and possibly thinking of sub dividing into maybe a fitness type center and a Goodwill type thrift shop. I also did hear over the weekend that a KFC may be moving back into an empty slot up there or in the area by Sarveys. (Also when i'm at work the keyboard letters work better than when i'm at home)
  12. BillyC

    Old CVS - Sandy Plaza

  13. The same company was / is the general contractor on both projects.