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  1. Yes it has. Good deal for all the criminals. Unfortunately. Jails and prisons are full so they're letting people out.
  2. Then why lie and cut the monitor bracelet off? However i do agree to get the trails done quicker.
  3. C'mon. Common sense is what i'm talking about. These druggies will do whatever they can to do or say to convince someone to think they are sincere in their actions. Their looking for whatever way they can get away. What do you think this deadbeat is doing now? Hiding? Probably not. Got other people now out there selling and doing drugs drugs trying to protect him.
  4. Wow. Anyone must be able to become a probation officer. Common sense is not required.
  5. I think the majority do. But a lot of times due to whatever reasons a lot of places will have someone sign a bunch in advance so then the other person just has to sign their own in order to cash and/or deposit the check.
  6. Don't have the ability to have an angry icon to post. Bail should of been at least the amount she allegedly stole.
  7. Mine is showing it will be deposited on the 4th
  8. I looked on her FB page and she had said she's tired and ready to go to Muncy and get it over with.
  9. Also it kinda makes you afraid to just live your life. Always gotta be on the lookout for any kind of anything suspicious. Damn shame.
  10. Wow. Thanks for posting this , Steve. Had no idea it caused that much damage.
  11. When is our judicial system finally going to wake up? No bail should be allowed and make sure the deadbeats are placed in with all the other inmates.
  12. They are closed. Parking lot is being used for Palumbos overflow parking.
  13. BillyC

    Clemson/Bama 4

    Agree that Ohio State shouldn't be there. They get in every year just because of who they are. And for whatever reason they have a following. Like i've said in the past. What is the similarity between Ohio State and marijuana? Well , they both get smoked in bowls.
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