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  1. As he should be. Sorry , but that's the way i feel.
  2. Well that's certainly true. You would think however if you had that much illegal stuff in your car that you would kinda want to follow the traffic laws.
  3. BillyC

    DCC softball

    Central lost today 5-0
  4. Realize this should be in the sports forum however want to give a big shout out and a good luck to the girls softball team playing for the state championship today in State College. GO DCC.
  5. BillyC

    DCC softball

    DCC won today in the Western Finals beating West Greene 3-2. On to the State Championship game now. GO DCC.
  6. BillyC


    I do understand that. However if a person owns property they will take it. My cousins husband was there for maybe a total of 7 weeks and she had to sign their house over to CKM. Now granted she still gets to live there but the end result is it will not go to a family member but rather to CKM. The family does have to clean it out as well. Hasn't anyone ever heard of someone having to leave up there (or any nursing home , for that matter) and being forced to go elsewhere with lesser services?
  7. BillyC


    There appears to be a substantial amount of money that is unaccounted for. It also appears that CKM was not making any profits and that is unheard of for a nursing home to not make a profit. Unless something suspicious is happening.
  8. BillyC

    Quarry Ave

    I've thought that should of been done a long time ago.
  9. I didn't know they were poisoning them. I as well wonder why.
  10. Actually my GF is in Altoona and went through there approx 11:30 AM and she said it was foggy. Also my brother went through there on his way to Altoona right around noon and he said the same thing.
  11. Somewhere on the Tyrone Pike on Rt 453 (that goes from Curwensville out through the countryside towards Tyrone)
  12. Have a co worker that has a pocket scanner and this now just came across. No other details available at this time.
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