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  1. Well. That has been happening at the local private clubs. Somebody gets miffed because not everyone is following the gestapo rules that have been forced upon us and then makes a call to the LCE and then they swoop in and force them to make the changes the governor THINKS will make everything better.
  2. BillyC


    Remodeling and putting in more seating and a beer cave cooler. Should be open again in late October.
  3. Thanks Mr D. Also FYI, the BLine Sheetz will be closing on Sunday for remodeling so they can install an eating area and a beer cooler. Will be closed until the beginning of October,
  4. I can't use 806 HD or 810 HD in the kitchen. Just those 2 channels and that's the only place in the house out of 4 different boxes. It was updated {along with all the others a year or so ago} and then this started a couple of months ago. I just use regular 6 and 10 to watch the channels on that TV.
  5. You can just go takes videos or pictures of someone else's children? That just doesn't seem right.
  6. OK. Here's how I feel about the testing. This will take a while but thanks for taking the time to read it. My GF was scheduled for outpatient same day surgery this past Friday at UPMC Altoona. She was contacted by them on the Monday prior and told she had to have a test and have the results to them on Friday. Where do I get tested at , she asks. Well short of coming down to Altoona they tell her that somewhere in DuBois must do it. Her responsibility to call and find out where. Well Q Care on Main St does it at 8AM and 5PM daily. She has the test done and requests to have the results back by Thursday. They say to keep calling to check in. Nothing back on Wednesday or Thursday morning yet. Altoona then calls her with her scheduled arrival time for the next day and she tells them she has no results back yet. They then tell her "that's fine , just let us know when you get here and we'll give you a test here". Unbelievable. But wait it gets better. We had stayed in Altoona Thursday night and she calls Q Care at 9:30 AM on the way to the hospital but no results back yet. We get to the hospital and she tells the temperature checkers she's supposed to have the test. They say to tell them upstairs in the surgical unit check in of which she does and they say to let the nurse know and she says to let the doctor know so then the anesthesiologist comes in so she tells him and he says to let the doctor know and when she finally does the doctor says to not worry about it. So I firmly feel now that the testing is nothing but a scam. On a lighter note I asked another doctor there if he had any input on when this situation may get any better and he told me to ask a politician because after all i'm only a doctor.
  7. Once again. General population in jail and the problem will take care of itself.
  8. I've been keeping an eye on the John DuBois statue for the last couple of weeks now.
  9. I've also noticed on the Pittsburgh news that they have a committee of some knuckleheads that are going around to all of the historical places and reading the plaques and if THEY themselves deem them to be what THEY consider racist they are then demanding they be removed. It's history , folks. A lot of what was said and printed back then is the way the nation was at that time. May as well just quit teaching any of our countries history , because chances are it's going to offend someone.
  10. Talked early Sunday morning to a firefighter that was there and he said 2 guys were fighting over a girl and shortly thereafter the fire started.
  11. Well. DA Burkett will just go ahead and give him a plea bargain slap on the wrist anyway.
  12. BillyC


    I voted at 7 this morning. The reason I did not nor would not vote by mail is because last week there was a woman in Pittsburgh that received 4 ballots in the mail. Now I realize only 1 of them MAY be counted however it just doesn't seem right to vote by mail. I have absentee voted in the past but I took my ballot to the courthouse and placed it in a specified bin as I was going to be out of town on election day.
  13. I realize they are probably overwhelmed however 770 employees plus 100 plus 300 doesn't even come close to "nearly" 1400.
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