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  1. My GF just texted me and said if you switch your phone to airplane mode and leave it there for a minute or so and then switch back it helped. She wasn't even able to check voicemails but now she can.
  2. I as well realized that when i just read the article. They must of done it the same day. And it then takes 7 months to finally arrest her ? She must of had a really good story of why she had residue on her left hand.
  3. Well. I've seen that done at some of the local beer drinking clubs in the area , however that was all in the past. It was only done so that if a check was needed and a signee was not available they had one available. Not very good practice however.
  4. When you read about these types of crimes it always surprises me that it sometimes has been going on for years. Like in this case it was 4 years. Just doesn't seem that a person could get away with it for that long without something happening that would cause someone else to catch on. Easiest way , i guess , would be someone living and spending more than they usually do.
  5. Nor me either. Thought maybe she was doing better.
  6. Have no way knowing if this is correct however shortly after the fire stated and people were posting info on FB , James Whited (that owned Firehouse Pizza) stated that it was his building .

    1. Cacao


      Yes, that's the name that was provided.  The first responder who told my friend said that police have been watching him for a little while.  I have no way of knowing if that is true or not, but that's what he said.

    2. BillyC
  7. BillyC

    Division Street

    Well , he runs Atlas Pressed Metals and she is a dermatologist and has the big building which is the 2nd on the L past Doc Rices on Beaver drive.
  8. BillyC

    Division Street

    It's an office building for Jude and Lisa Pfingstler.
  9. in the paper today it was mentioned that the gas had been shut off a couple of months ago.
  10. Child is 9 years old. Woman is 24 years old. His mother ?
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