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  1. BillyC

    Pay Up

    They should pay the American people instead to listen to them. Which i try not to listen to them ever.
  2. Investigations do take time. Understand your frustration however a better way to maybe get answers is to arrange a peaceful protest at the courthouse or get a reporter from WTAJ or WJAC or even a Pittsburgh station to start to look into trying to get some answers. That's what investigative reporters do.
  3. Pulling a gun on someone and threatening to shoot is not a felony?
  4. Actually it's probably his manly wife that's doing it.
  5. Not sure of this. However i believe that we in PA. pay the highest amount of gas tax in the country. It supposed to help keep our roads really nice to drive on. What a joke that is.
  6. Just heard this on the 10 news. Thinking that was an unplanned polar plunge.
  7. I believe this is the same kid that had the same situation a couple of years ago at the Uni Mart in Reynoldsville.
  8. It kinda appears it's going to be south and east of us
  9. I've made lots of bad judgements and mistakes. Who hasn't? I may have spoken out of line for calling him a deadbeat however if this is the way he treats a high profile "suspected" criminal it should make a person wonder if this guy is actually doing the job he swore to do or just going through the motions to collect a paycheck. I'm not sure of this but i'm willing to believe this is not just a so called 9 to 5 job.
  10. Did he know that when he took the job? If that's truly the reason for his lack of common sense there's lots of other jobs out there for him. No wonder criminals are running around and becoming re offenders. Lack of supervision. And , yes i have worked at my job for free at times. It's called volunteering your time. It can sometimes make it a better job.
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