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  1. Zilch1

    Advice on security cameras

    Hi there. I put in a DEFENDER system. I am not an authority but I bought cameras with the highest night and day resolution.It seems to me wired cameras have more resolution but you may need to research that. You will need power for a wireless system so why not run wires for cameras at the same time. The night vision is crystal clear and looks black and white but not the crappy green you see in cheaper models. My system is 4 years old and it cost $400 and has 8 fixed cameras. I got it online and the best price then was at HOME DEPOT. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  2. Zilch1

    Homemade Spam Recipe

    I made SPAM a few years ago and it turned out great. We had friends over and they thought the same.We only invited people who liked SPAM because you either love it or not.
  3. Today when I was shopping at WALMART my car got dented . I would like to thank the woman who contacted management about the accident. A line of carts got loose somehow and hit my car. Without her I would not have been able to do anything. Because of her good deed WALMART contacted me and is making everything right. Thanks again to both the woman who helped me out and to WALMART. There are decent people around.
  4. Zilch1

    Installing New Console in Treadmill

    Hi there. Try youtube. They show how to replace a control panel. It may not be the brand you have buy it might be helpful. Good Luck.
  5. Zilch1

    DuBois water

    It tastes like burnt rubber.I put in a new water filter and it still tastes bad.
  6. Zilch1

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    PEANUTBUTTER HOT DOGS from a local meat market done on the grill. Served on potato buns with condiments of choice.
  7. Zilch1


    Burning is not an option in my situation. I am near the woods and things would go badly.
  8. Zilch1


    Thanks for the help.I wanted to see if this would work.All I want to do is kill it in my gravel driveway. If I wet down the plants and threw a black powder on the plants. Something non toxic like charcoal dust or coal dust with my theory that the absorbed heat from the sun woudf fry the plant enough that I could mow it.
  9. Zilch1


    I tried using sidewalk salt but it did not do anything. My weedwacker will not touch them.They easily grow over 6 feet tall and develop fibered stocks similar to wood as they mature.
  10. Hi all. Can someone please tell me what kind of weed these are? I am looking for a way to kill them to the ground just in my gravel driveway. They have invasive roots that grow in all directions generating more plants. They grow anywhere from 2 inches up to about 10 per day.They have hollow stocks and a mower won't cut them. I actually use a machete to cut them down. I am getting too old for that.Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Zilch1

    Is it just me?

    The oil thing really works. I use 3 quarts new oil to 1 STP and spray with a compressor.Not really messy as you would think.
  12. Zilch1

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    Homemade SPAM with fried potatoes and baked beans with a BV and Coke.
  13. Zilch1

    Ants, what to do?

    Spectracide Home Defense in the gallon pump container sold at a local big box store. Use it on the outside foundation and inside the basement and your ants should be gone without harming the outdoors. Good Luck.
  14. Zilch1


    I contacted the Courier to see if they could reprint the original article on Buzz. I hope they will do so to keep this piece of local lore alive.Time will tell.
  15. Zilch1


    Now you are talking. Anything about coins?