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  1. As of today Friday October 9th I have not received my mail in ballot. I have called 3 Fridays in a row and same old song we are mailing them out. I asked them if they do not come in soon I would like a provisional ballot. They did not like that saying it causes a lot of problems for them (the Election Office in Clearfield). I told her I would call again next Friday. If no ballot comes a week before the Election I will drive to their office and get the wife and I a provisional ballot.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has received more than 1 mail in ballots. I know 2 people who received 2 each and a friend of mine has a friend that got 3. I will bet that if you ask a mail man about this they will tell you the same is going on as we speak. As of today my wife and I have not gotten a mail in ballot. I called the Clearfield election office twice. The last time was Friday and they said they were mailing them out that very day.I fear this election is really going to be more messy than anyone can imagine.
  3. Time Left: 21 days and 4 hours

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    I am looking for newspapers to use in our animal cages.In DuBois preferably.


  4. BIG LOTS has Apple Butter and Pumpkin butter.
  5. So Johnson Motors is now SPITZERS CAR WORLD. That was a surprise when I called SUBARU. I hope they keep up the fine traditions Johnsons has established.I wish them luck.
  6. Looks great. No easy feat cooking over charcoal.
  7. I wonder how 2 people with the same tendencies connect up. This always amazes me.
  8. My wife and I get lots of spam calls. PANASONIC makes a CALL BLOCKER KX-TGA710. It comes preloaded with 14,000 blocked numbers and you add them by pushing the red button on the front. Christmas is coming. Might be a good gift.
  9. Those look awesome. What temperature and how long did you smoke them?
  10. Zilch1

    Rusted rims

    They make a RUSTOLEUM RUST REFORMER that is basically a primer that converts rust into a paintable surface. Works great on surface type rust and not so much on crusty hardcore rust. There is also a produce called RUST REFORMER that works great but I don't see it in stores locally. The Rustoleum is available at the BIG BOX STORE locally for around $8.
  11. This is a great post. I was wondering if I bought a frozen pizza crust would you grill it on both sides or just the bottom and the top would cook after the toppings were put on? Also I see GREEN GIANT makes a cauliflower pizza crust sold locally at a BIG BOX store. Was wondering if anyone ever tried it and how it was? Thanks. All.
  12. PEANUTBUTTER HOT DOGS from a local meat market done on the grill. Served on potato buns with condiments of choice.
  13. Burning is not an option in my situation. I am near the woods and things would go badly.
  14. Thanks for the help.I wanted to see if this would work.All I want to do is kill it in my gravel driveway. If I wet down the plants and threw a black powder on the plants. Something non toxic like charcoal dust or coal dust with my theory that the absorbed heat from the sun woudf fry the plant enough that I could mow it.
  15. I tried using sidewalk salt but it did not do anything. My weedwacker will not touch them.They easily grow over 6 feet tall and develop fibered stocks similar to wood as they mature.
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