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  1. Zilch1

    Installing New Console in Treadmill

    Hi there. Try youtube. They show how to replace a control panel. It may not be the brand you have buy it might be helpful. Good Luck.
  2. Zilch1

    TRIKE FOR $1000.

    Time Left: 1 month and 22 days

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    I have a 2013 ICE BEAR TRIKE. It is 300CC with 1100 miles.I have not run it in over a month and now it won't start. Carb bowl not getting gas. Starts right up using starter fluid. The carb is new.Bike needs rear shocks. $1000 firm no less. DuBois.


  3. Zilch1

    DuBois water

    It tastes like burnt rubber.I put in a new water filter and it still tastes bad.
  4. Zilch1

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    PEANUTBUTTER HOT DOGS from a local meat market done on the grill. Served on potato buns with condiments of choice.
  5. Zilch1

    Johnsons' Car Show

    I hope they reschedule. It is the best show of the year.
  6. Zilch1

    Why do you take your dog into a store?

    In the local PETCO most people were good about cleaning up after their dogs and most had control over them and they were on leashes.If there were going to be a bad reaction it seems they react before it got critical and the owners could move away. Letting dogs run loose is not OK anywhere.
  7. Zilch1

    Best Car Alignment

    CATALDO's by UPS has the latest equipment and a young guy that knows how to use it. Runs about $80. Really good job.
  8. Zilch1


    Burning is not an option in my situation. I am near the woods and things would go badly.
  9. Zilch1


    Thanks for the help.I wanted to see if this would work.All I want to do is kill it in my gravel driveway. If I wet down the plants and threw a black powder on the plants. Something non toxic like charcoal dust or coal dust with my theory that the absorbed heat from the sun woudf fry the plant enough that I could mow it.
  10. Zilch1


    I tried using sidewalk salt but it did not do anything. My weedwacker will not touch them.They easily grow over 6 feet tall and develop fibered stocks similar to wood as they mature.
  11. Hi all. Can someone please tell me what kind of weed these are? I am looking for a way to kill them to the ground just in my gravel driveway. They have invasive roots that grow in all directions generating more plants. They grow anywhere from 2 inches up to about 10 per day.They have hollow stocks and a mower won't cut them. I actually use a machete to cut them down. I am getting too old for that.Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Zilch1


    We live by CHRIST THE KING MANOR. I think we have a bear running around. I have not seen it but it has gotten into our cans that I have a bungee locking the lid on. Today we came out and the one can with the twist locking lid was gone except the lid. We found the can up in the woods all collapsed with good sized claw marks on the inside. Any ideas on what to do?
  13. I was wondering if there were any car shows around the area over MEMORIAL DAY weekend? I appreciate any input.
  14. Zilch1

    Kohlhepp’s True Value will downsize

    I saw today on a job site that there is an ACE FIX IT CENTER opening soon in DuBois looking for help. Where that would be I don't know.
  15. Zilch1

    Is it just me?

    The oil thing really works. I use 3 quarts new oil to 1 STP and spray with a compressor.Not really messy as you would think.