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  1. They keep calling others what they, themselves are. Typical bully. They also like to tell you what to do while they do anything they want.
  2. According to sources turn your update toggle off on your phones or your phones may not work soon. May be hupla, may not. Don't want to take a chance! Would only be for a few days. Sorry Brandon 18 computer put your post on my post accidentally. Have a great day.
  3. Steve, sent you a message.
  4. Will not give up till the idiot is sworn in. Not even then. I believe something will happen. Too many people are praying for help. Will get out the popcorn and watch the show! Have no idea what, though.
  5. Trump is like cat. Falling, he always lands on his feet. Bet he still has moves and won't be checkmated.
  6. Am I correct? How can Harris be vice president? To become president you must be born in America and if I am correct she was born in Jamaica. That would prevent her from succeeding Biden when his dementia becomes worse. How can that happen?
  7. If the old saying is true that whatever happens on New Years Day will happen all year, things are looking up! Got my stimulas check January 1, 2021!
  8. I heard they were planning to make a turning lane for the Maple Ave hospital. Haven't seen it, but is that possible? Loved the trees so am sad.
  9. Darn computer. You can also see a site to trade movies or music. Postcrossing.com you can look at the pictures of postcards, you can trade in the country only, all over the world or make postcard friends forever. Expensive stamps. Jigsawexplorer.com you can find many jigsaw puzzles to play for free.
  10. I get bored with social media. Please share good sites. Mine: Paperbackswap.com you put available books on the site. You send a book, you get to ask for any book on the s
  11. A great time to shop the ma and pa stores.
  12. Saw somewhere that Biden said if Trump doesn't concede by Sunday, he will send antifa to stop people from leaving their homes in conservative areas. WOULD BE HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! First, it would prove he was with him, even though many know if you type antifa .com you get Bidens site. Secondary is this is the worst time of the year to stop conservatives from moving freely. Imagine antifa thug cowards meeting the rifles of hunters. Bad move. Hope he does it, finish this, finish him.
  13. Or a pig for those who don't like turkey. Fewer, but still there. My family sometimes changes over.
  14. Thank you. Small generator for my cpap since the last time. Computer was charged. Hope yours stays on.
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