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  1. Liked the food better in the old location, but many did like it and will miss it. The place was always full. People coming off the interstate will miss it. Hate thought of only fast food available anywhere.
  2. When you help with an emergency you are told not to wear religious crosses, etc,, but after the Punxsy flood in 96 I worked beside someone allowed to wear her devil's worshippers pentagram. If one isn't allowed, neither should be another.
  3. Most likely the cowards who commit these acts think they are safer attacking a handicapped person than if they attacked a "normal" individual.
  4. Children and youth used to get presents for the foster children. I was in charge of it for 3 years as the clerical supervisor. Not sure whether they kept it up. Made those children feel less forgotten.
  5. My hubby works for BMP Systems. They take them. 371-3881 for directions.
  6. Why 2 months wait? Should be now with a way to inform telemarketers. One day had the same company call 3 times in one hour,. Finally started answering asking to be taken off list for car maintance insurance. I dont have a car. Finally threatened one to Voodoo her if she didnt lose my number. They quit calling.
  7. leahbarn


    The computer which is allowing you to ask that question.
  8. Several from Clearfield County also. I apploud all of them!
  9. Had the same for kitty. Got told she needed seen immediately but they wouldnt see her that day. At the time Quatroche was still working and had walk in evening hours in Punxy. Fixed her right up for a fair price. Almost needed the local vet to put her to sleep. Quoated 200. She went peacefully in her sleep 6 hours before the appt., while beside me.
  10. Give all kinds of false info that looks legit and imagine their faces when the scammers realize they have been scammed. You could also give address of the closest police station. I obviously have too much time on my hands.
  11. Anything warmer than the one time minus 20 on my January birthday will be fine.
  12. There are other Peebles nearby so best of both words if the new one is any good.
  13. Thanks. computer was playing games and not working right yesterday.
  14. Damnthatautocorrect.com if I have it right. Heard of kick his ass as lick his ass and am still howling in laughter. Hope ok to post here.
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