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  1. Politically correct is one thing. Acting like a traitor and not respecting the flag of this country is another. Let those flags fly. Used to walk around a cemetary for exercise. If there were any flags down or partway down, I made sure they stood, even in rocky soil.
  2. Thanks Mr. D. He will have to look you up. We are friends of Tammy Martz. You would know her and her hubby from their ice cream thing. Have a great day.
  3. Where is he at Hazen? Maybe hubby stops by there.
  4. The kind those against America want. Drain the swamp!
  5. Mim307 Claps for someone trying!!! Too many cowards out there. Too many purposely trying to hold us down. Glad he isnt one of them.
  6. Is everyone a coward jumping the gun to close off all fun, months ahead, with no belief we will prevail? Or are there threats behind this forcing lockdowns longer than necessary or permanently to change our joy's and way of life? Six weeks ahead makes me suspicious.
  7. Knowing the American people there will be a revolt and going where they want anyday. They tried the social distancing and it will take years at this rate. Keep ones at home that would be in trouble and let the caged monkeys go before the cure is worse than the disease!
  8. Depending on social security number? Maybe.
  9. I believe most stores are paying their help more in these dangerous conditions. They have to raise prices to pay those wages, but that seems extra high!
  10. Are you able to buy anything you want? Somewhere some Walmarts only allowed essentials.
  11. Thanks for bringing the outside in to a shutin!
  12. Beautiful thanks! Saw on facebook someone using a drone to walk their dog.
  13. Post office, will there be mail, fed ex etc? had plans today. Thanks everyone.
  14. Soon a dry ice factory in Clearfield. How about something that needs dry ice to ship and work 2 factories together.
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