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  1. He might have been one of them. He graduated in 76. He lived on Lincoln Drive. Brad is my hubby and your stories sounded familiar. Have a great day.
  2. Dubois, did you used to ride dirt bikes there with Brad Bedell?
  3. Hubby said someone was trying to jump. Police should be there by now. Traffic might still be tied up. Be careful everyone!
  4. About 4 pm central a quake 7.5. Waiting to see if a tsunami develops.
  5. Fauci, wonder if he will follow his own recommendations.
  6. Is there any place left in Brookville for visitors to stay?
  7. No, have to tie me down kicking. Last time I had the flu was about 17 years ago, the last time I got a flu shot. Been around it many times and didn't get it. My body not the same as everyone else's, so many might need it.
  8. Says I qualify for money because I am disabled but they want 200 Walmart card. Anyone hear of this. Have friend who told me about it after she actually received money. Anyone hear of this? Thanks!
  9. Try Jeff at BMP. Not sure if he goes in homes. 371 3881
  10. Now that the nice Sherrie is gone, will anyone else take over? Had not been out much or heard much about it during this "pandemic".
  11. The old box we had specifically hated the Today show, nothing else. Got a new box, no problem.
  12. There is a problem getting change. Sheetz blinkerlight appreciated hubby having exact change. Have heard that from others.
  13. Anytime I have issues with Comcast I Google the CEOs email. I complain there and he forwards the email to someone, different each time, that have actually helped. Gave up on phoning in.
  14. The experts dont see actual patients. That is who I would listen to, someone in the trenches not research or admin.
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