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  1. The old box we had specifically hated the Today show, nothing else. Got a new box, no problem.
  2. There is a problem getting change. Sheetz blinkerlight appreciated hubby having exact change. Have heard that from others.
  3. Anytime I have issues with Comcast I Google the CEOs email. I complain there and he forwards the email to someone, different each time, that have actually helped. Gave up on phoning in.
  4. The experts dont see actual patients. That is who I would listen to, someone in the trenches not research or admin.
  5. leahbarn

    Need Key Made

    You didnt lose your key between Cambria and Cherry Tree did you? Someone on Facebook found a key.
  6. Funny how those same experts allowed all the rioting and demonstrations whether they were masks or not. That proves they dont care. Anything fun is outlawed but anything destructive is ok. The masks help in some cases. If they helped everytime, we would be over this. It's ok! They will only give advice and care till the election. Then it will disappear, depending on who wins. Gop will disappear. Dems will force an unproven vaccine. Some of the experts care, some are playing you.
  7. I always got the impression he enjoyed all of it way to much, like he knew something we didnt.
  8. By that time the pandemic will have run its course. You are allowed a certain number of people, but of course close because you are afraid of one or two weak or mean individuals but dont care about the hundreds who would have much pleasure. Six weeks ahead shows the cowardness. It takes less vendors etc. To corral etc. Than the fair that cancelled. I know Wolf Wolf (done on purpose) would fight. He is one of the evil meanies making sure no decent person has any fun this summer. Doubt I bother going next year. Hubby would have been first in line to enjoy this and anything that upsets him upsets me, and I remember long.
  9. Now I tried media and found 80 more. There have to be others. Any ideas of other words to try?
  10. Found another 80 between hackster and hacksters! They are invading! This is one thing in this time of trouble we can control. Let's take back our Facebook freedom of privacy, to a certain degree, at least!
  11. I just found out how popular I am in the world!!!! I have purposely kept friends down to about 50, could have so many more if I wanted. During the last month have gone to settings then on the left in red blocking, then typed in Facebook. Found about 50 from Indonesia following me. Never met anyone from there. How did they decide little old me was worth it? Have also typed in fact-check and had about 100 in the last month who think my posts are awesome. Just heard today to type in hacker and found 83 who wait on my every word, went further and typed in hackers and found 81 more new friends. When did I get to be that interesting??? Look in your own settings to see how awesome you are. Let me know! Have a wonderful day. Thanks for considering my post interesting enough to read.
  12. She is the only one that needs to be muzzled. The rest of us should be able to do it according to our consciousness. Kind of late in the game too. Losing it again?
  13. Bub, do you think anyone counts turkeys in Washington D. C? I would volunteer to do that. Both kind of turkeys use 2 legs!
  14. Good luck. Hope it ends up being your favorite job ever!
  15. Dubois has the storm, my electric is out. Battery backup will go nite nite soon.
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