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  1. Carter

    Dark Brown/Black Butterflies?

    I've noticed some gypsy moth catapillars the past few days. We haven't had them in our neck of the woods for several years.
  2. Parker Dams haunted hayride will be moved to S.B. Elliott park this year and they will also have a haunted house. It usually benefits the Friends of Parker Dam. I think its in mid to late October.
  3. Carter

    Can anyone identify this plant?

    I have tried plastic (it just grows beneath it and is a all white color but it will creep out again) Also tried round-up. It still comes back. It can be pretty if controlled.
  4. Carter

    Can anyone identify this plant?

    I was going to say it was Snow on the Mountain also. I had the varigated plants for years and tried to kill it off but then it started to come in all green. I could never figure that out, why it changed color but I know for sure it was the same plant as the bi-colored before.
  5. until
    All you can eat spaghetti and meatball dinner, including salad, dessert and drink. $6.50 adults $3.00 children. 5 miles south of Brockway on Route 28, in the village of Sugar Hill. Everyone Welcome!
  6. Carter

    Spider-Black and Yellow Argiope

    My daughter had one in her garden just last week and sent me a pic of it. I had never seen one before then.
  7. Dig them out and plant them in a place out of the way. Water them and move them back when you can. I do this all the time and they survive for me. Just keep them watered in hot dry weather.
  8. Carter

    Tyler PA

    The building in the pic with the guys with the truck looks like the building at PD. It is made with logs now but could have been rebuilt on the original site. The doors and windows all seem to be the same. I'll have to check that out to see if that is indeed the same place where that building stood. I am sure the museum that is in the building at Parker Dam would be interested in these pics if they do not already have them.
  9. Carter

    Black-Eyed Susans

    Does anyone have the black eyed susan vines? I just discoverered them last summer and love them. I haven't seen many around here but did notice them in New England last week. Mine are yellow but they come in a yellow orange too.
  10. Carter

    what is this

    Do you mean you can make it from the buds before they bloom? Sorry if I misunderstand.
  11. Carter

    what is this

    We see them all over in Maine. I wondered too what they were. They have beautiful roselike blooms in a deep pink. I have seen one growing in a yard in Beechwoods and always wanted to plant one. They are very sharp though.
  12. Carter

    photo of '72 DuBois Flood

    I have several pics of the flood. The boulevard, PT, Riverside all underwater. they are film pics so I have no idea how to post them.
  13. Carter

    Sher De Lin farm

    No pics, but remember going there as well on field trips. Oh yes the peacocks!
  14. Carter

    Laundry Soap.........

    Martinos in Brockway carries it and probably always will. The owner told me he uses the Fels on his collars so I'm sure he'll keep it in stock.
  15. Carter

    Midwife in West Liberty

    I pmd you.