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  1. The movies also ask for vodka martinis due to product placement. I place little or no faith in movies, and in this case much faith in Winston Churchills martini recipe: 1) Take bottle of gin from freezer 2). Carry bottle to shaker. On this journey, show it the bottle of vermouth. 3). Pour sufficient gin to cover ice into shaker. Shake 21, not 20, nor 22 times, vigorously 4) Strain the martini into chilled martini glass 5) Garnish with an olive, no pimento.
  2. And by the bye, I thought he was pretty darn good in Highlander too.
  3. I am debating which (Hendricks or Bombay Blue) to use in my dry martini, shaken not stirred, to be raised this evening in fond farewell toast.
  4. Which part did he compliment Wolf on? The unconstitutional actions or the sending of Covid-19 positive cases to the nursing homes to kill the old folks?
  5. Titan, The U.S. Civil War was about slavery pure and simple. Slavery was the cause of the war and ultimately, the elimination of slavery was the outcome of the war. Every other issue dividing the north and south was settled by political compromise in the years following the war. The shame is that one particular group of people cannot learn from history, perhaps because they did not learn it at all and now seek to eliminate it.
  6. Hmm... Lessee... Some über-liberal nut job doesn't pay attention to where he walks in a Costco parking lot and nearly gets hit by a pickup truck. His solution might be to look both ways before walking, but instead he demands in an op-ed that pickup trucks become more regulated by the government. Lessee... Some Uber-liberal nut jobs demand statues that cause them to have to think, to have intellectual pain about something, be removed. I am getting older and doubt that I will live to see this play out to the conclusion, for which I am glad.
  7. You mean, of course, Sanibel, that "One danger is..." rather than THE danger, singular. Another danger is ignoring something that works for some people, because it may not work for all people. This second danger is especially important to those who are part of the "Herb Morrison" school here. (Herb Morrison was the overwrought commentator at the Hindenburg disaster who has a claim to fame with his overly emotional 'oh the humanity' remark...). If you belong to the school that insists we must focus on those who've passed away, and how horrible that is for their families, then to avoid hypocrisy you must support using ALL potential methods for addressing the virus.
  8. What I specifically like about my credit union is that the employees there are all long-term and I'm comfortable dealing with them. It doesn't affect me much, but remember, credit union loans are all simple interest loans, whereas with commercial banks, only mortgages are simple interest. Not to mention the (lack of) fees with the credit union.
  9. I don't have that problem with my examinations. I have a method that, so far, none of my students has been able to beat as they are simply not devious enough. (Age and treachery will overcome talent, enthusiasm and youth every time.). The issue I have is an administration that decided academic integrity didn't matter in the spring semester, and gave every case of cheating a pass because of the "stress" the students were under. By the bye, Cacao, this is why arguing the feasibility of on-line teaching with me is going to be very difficult for you. I already am doing it.
  10. Cacao, don’t confuse feasibility with your liking it or not. Virtual instruction is perfectly feasible. That has been demonstrated time and again and was how the last 13 weeks of school in the spring was conducted. It is OK for you to not like the idea. You just need reasons other than “It’s not feasible.”
  11. My point Cacao, is not use anything except remote teaching from now on. Think of the money you'll save!
  12. My question is and remains, if you're going to teach virtually for an entire semester, why not just get rid of the buildings and infrastructure costs entirely, especially for the k-6?
  13. ROFL. You go thinking that way...
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