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  1. I’ve got my bone-in 8pound pork butt slathered in yellow mustard and marinating in the chill chest. The rub is brown sugar, cayenne pepper, salt and celery salt, garlic powder, chipotle powder, paprika and cinnamon. Tomorrow it will go in a roasting pan, be covered in thick-sliced bacon, and apple juice poured into the pan until it is about 2/3 up the sides. Covered with foil and on the grill at a low (285F) for, oh, 9-10 hours. Every 45 minutes or so you have to spritz the bacon down with apple juice and also keep the juice level up in the pan. It will fall off the bone. I’m planning on some grill-pan beans, maybe a pasta/bacon salad (sensing a pattern here?) and did I mention cold beer? The thing about cooking this is it takes time and you have to keep an eye on it. Beer, a nice cigar or two and books on the patio while monitoring is the way to go.
  2. Hmmm.. I got my haircut about a week ago at the very first barbershop open south of Michigan on the main route into Indiana. The barber mentioned he has been making a killing on Michigan folks coming down to get haircuts. Meanwhile in Michigan, they’ve taken the state license from a barber who opened while cities and towns are flooded from the dams that failed. Michigan’s governor is acting like a petulant 3-year-old who is being told to eat their veggies.
  3. NOW it is getting serious! Will we have an unthinking run on boxes of of nearly inedible Mac & Cheese??? Will there be a suspicious return to the making of Mac & Cheese by actually cooking as a result? Only Alton Brown will be able to tell us!
  4. Capt. Conman, based on your logic, you also believe it to be baloney when you see someone with a handicapped parking tag who can walk without a problem? Shame on you.
  5. Hah, all you need to do is make one of the most boring drives possible (across Northern Ohio on I-80) tomorrow and get to Indiana. Our barbershops and hairdressers can open tomorrow. Northern Ohio on I-80 is a short version of driving across Nebraska - miles and miles of... miles and miles.
  6. bob_rx2000


    WHAT arrows???? Do you have some sort of requirement in PA that I am unaware of about directing the flow of traffic in the stores?
  7. bob_rx2000


    All I really remember about the Gamecock fans I know is that they, to a man (and woman) think the war between the states is just on halftime...
  8. bob_rx2000


    The amusing part of all of this controversy is that most of the pushback about wearing a mask is coming about because of the way it is being proposed. If those who believe we ought to wear masks in public would drop the authoritarian routine they'd get a lot further. (The governor of Michigan is a perfect example - she acts like a Nazi/Communist and then gets upset when called on it and throws a temper tantrum worthy of a 3-year-old.) I recognize that acting in an adult and reasonable way is much harder... However... 1) Treat me as an adult from the start and explain why the measures you propose are necessary. Make reasonable arguments. 2) Don't lie to me. Once you've been busted lying, you can't get back enough creditability for me to take your word for anything. At that point you must have facts and figures from someone who has credibility. 3) Don't try to change the narrative or rules of the road in the middle of the process. 4) Don't try to shame me when you find yourself losing your argument. Stop being a mindless drone and especially a frightened mindless drone. When you do that you've not only lost all credibility with me, which you cannot recover, you've become a bore.
  9. bob_rx2000


    I know it is asking a lot to talk about an outbreak of adult behavior occurring, but... 1) If you're that concerned about catching COVID-19 because you're around people, then don't go anywhere around people. 2) If you want me to wear a mask in public, please have a reasonable argument for my doing so. Don't tell me that I MUST do so, don't try to shame into doing so and please don't quote the questionable information you've found on the Internet as the basis of your argument.
  10. I've just spent the last 45 minutes converting a classroom to use the lectern technology with the conference room software so that we can "remote teach". At ND we have that software, with cameras, in every classroom. IU, not so much. I believe Watoos/C.C. is looking for a good investment strategy - teleconferencing companies and those making switches for AV...
  11. 1. I did not spend 4 years at PSU drinking punch made with grain alcohol only to be killed by a virus named after a mediocre Mexican beer. 2. The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!
  12. Does any of this take into account the difference between "guy grocery shopping", "gal grocery shopping" and "feeding the family" grocery shopping? Mrs_BobRx will only send me to the grocery store with one of two conditions: "get a gallon of milk and we don't need ANYTHING else" or with a specific list and we don't need anything else. Otherwise I "guy grocery shop" going through each aisle getting things that look good to me even if I have no specific plan for using them. I avoid as best I can the times when families might be there. Mrs_BobRx and I are officially empty-nesters and having finished that part of life, I have no real interest in being around someone else and their brood of children and hangers-on...
  13. Concur. I do a lot of shopping for non-perishables on my way to work at 5:30am. Perishable stuff sometimes I have to hit the grocery store at bad times, alas...
  14. My question is why did anyone bother to watch the "Who Cares Bowl" at all?
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