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  1. Killjoys. The Orak Shrine, of Michigan City, Indiana, will have our circus in 2019 the week following Thanksgiving as is our tradition. There will be elephants and tigers as usual. It is a pretty good circus too; I always have fun hawking programs and so forth. Plus the Motor Patrol Harleys and minicars get a chance to perform. Hammond Civic Arena.
  2. bob_rx2000


    The only value that can be talked about is net worth. It is the only measurement of wealth. Take the value all the things you own, subtract out the amounts you owe and what is left (hopefully a positive number) is your net worth, or wealth. This is the concept that is behind the Pennsylvania rule about draining a parent's estate and what have you. One looming problem with this entire thing is that there are so many who have what appears to be "wealth" but are in reality in hock up to their eyeballs and living hand-to-mouth, keeping up with payments but barely. I know a few (OK, more than a few) who live in allegedly prestigious neighborhoods in homes valued at $300k+ and who are driving luxury and near-luxury cars, but also are ending each pay period with single-digit checking account balances. I think of them as Dxmned Fools. Strictly my opinion here... I believe the Dxmned Fool population is moving into their retirement years with two assumptions: first that they will live on whatever Social Security provides them and second, that the government (meaning all the rest of us) will take care of them in their old age.
  3. bob_rx2000


    Jaman, How did you arrive at the $200k figure? In 2017 a $200k net worth was the 63rd percentile of the country (https://dqydj.com/net-worth-percentile-calculator-united-states/), which means that 63% of the country had $200k or less net worth and 37% of the country had more. A net worth of $1m covered at the 88th percentile. Capt. Conman, please note that I provided something called a "reference" to my data. You're allowed to not believe it, but you can validate where I came up with my numbers...
  4. bob_rx2000


    Just to be clear, a "not for profit" entity often generates revenue in excess of costs. This surplus may or may not be taxable. Say for example, a nameless nursing home collected revenue from various sources to pay for the residents living there, and also happened to run a bunch of fundraising dinners. Imagine if you will that said nameless not-for-profit nursing home ended up collecting enough from the dinners that it had a surplus revenue this year of $10,000. It would not have to pay taxes on that as the surplus resulted from activities directly related to its not-for-profit chartered operations. If said nameless nursing home decided to buy and open a dinner club facility to host those fund raising dinners, and then allowed other groups to rent the club for their activities, it would have to pay business taxes on any surplus revenue generated by the dinner club facility as running that is not related directly to the not-for-profit chartered operation.
  5. bob_rx2000

    PA Gas Tax

    Or buy a Tesla (Leaf, etc.) and pay no gasoline tax at all. Just ask your buddies in California (aka Ecotopia) about how that is working out...
  6. The state of Pennsylvania has in the constitution that a citizen of the state must be provided with an education. As I’ve oft pointed out, it doesn’t say WHERE that education must take place nor does it say that the state or local government must provision a school. It just says that the child must be provided the opportunity of an education. Why not let these two kids get their education in a cell somewhere?
  7. Yes there is, but this is also why the Good Lord allowed servers to be invented. For in-home use why not set up a computer server with the digital files and have it serve the music? I use my fruit-phone in my car and in two years have not even used the CD-player it came with. Of course, if you're interested in quality sound, dump the digital files altogether and get back to vinyl, where the good sound lives.
  8. Ah, the narcolepsy defense. I had an alleged student this semester tell me that he missed an exam because of narcolepsy. I guess it is a slippery slope.
  9. Oh, there you go again... Applying logic and reason to an inherently illogical and unreasonable case.
  10. You don't really understand. Turn signals operate by having a light bulb light up and then turn off in the front and back of the vehicle on the side indicating the direction the driver wishes to turn. If they burn out, you must spend $$ to buy a new bulb. These folks are simply economizing on maintenance to save a buck.
  11. I know the "powers that be" in the Sandy Township / DuBois area don't want to hear this, but the area is not going to prosper at all until you start acting as a unified municipal government. Until then, get used to playing a zero-sum game. Those of you who look to Harrisburg for help ought to give that up too. Here is a big hint... The state government doesn't care about rural western PA. Even your own elected state government people don't especially care about you. Until you accept that you own the problem and need to solve it out of local initiatives and resources, not much will change. Don't feel bad, South Bend / St. Joseph County residents don't get that either. They keep expecting Notre Dame to somehow bail them out of difficulties and when that doesn't happen, hope that Indianapolis will do so.
  12. LFG, I'd guess it is a combination of three reasons: 1) They do not understand what is going on 2) They do not care what is going on 3) They are profiting by dividing up the ever-shrinking pie into fewer pieces, which suits them fine.
  13. Or you can venture out to the original NorthWest and visit the Amish in northern Indiana. You'd have the added bonus of being able to come to South Bend and bathe in the reflected glory of Hizzoner-TheBoyMayor-Who-Wants-To-Be-President, provided of course, that he remembers he is Mayor and is here.
  14. Awww, now LFG, you aren't giving yourself enough credit. You're both cheap and rich! One begets the other...
  15. Well, 900-year-old timber in the roof... I imagine it was, ahem, dry. I believe the vaulted ceiling and buttressed walls remain standing, a tribute to the Masons who built them.
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