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  1. Or you can venture out to the original NorthWest and visit the Amish in northern Indiana. You'd have the added bonus of being able to come to South Bend and bathe in the reflected glory of Hizzoner-TheBoyMayor-Who-Wants-To-Be-President, provided of course, that he remembers he is Mayor and is here.
  2. Awww, now LFG, you aren't giving yourself enough credit. You're both cheap and rich! One begets the other...
  3. Well, 900-year-old timber in the roof... I imagine it was, ahem, dry. I believe the vaulted ceiling and buttressed walls remain standing, a tribute to the Masons who built them.
  4. Didn't take long for the Chicago-style to manifest itself, did it? Have y'ins all done a survey out at Morningside to ensure that nobody's voting rights are being infringed?
  5. Good Grief, no wonder our politics are so difficult. We can't even agree on pizza! Having said that, the Scottish Rite changed pizza vendors two months ago for our monthly meeting. We found a vendor who will deliver for about $.50 less per pie than the previous vendor charged, and we had to go pick up. Plus the old vendor wanted to go up $1.25 a pie on average. When you're ordering between 25 and 30 pizzas per meeting, that starts to add up. We had a pizza sampling party for the officers who host the meeting and had no problem picking the new vendor. That took about 15 minutes. Then we spent 90 more arguing on the toppings and how many of each to get. People thing the Freemasons are going to take over the world? We can't agree on pizza. Regular crust, regular sauce, regular cheese, mushrooms, hot peppers, <pepperoni / spicy sausage> for me. Fresh basil isn't bad either, especially if you're going vegetarian with sliced tomato and garlic...
  6. Maybe TheBoyMayor needs a running mate?
  7. I view Ruth's Chris as an over-rated (and overpriced) expense account place and avoid the one here if at all possible. Mortons - I'm with you on that one too. The nearest ones are in Chicago and Indy, and the one in Indy is near two really good local operations, especially St. Elmos. Best shrimp cocktail I've ever had - superb sauce.
  8. My opinion: Tejas Roadhouse is a lower end of the middle-of-the-road steak joint. Outback is a small cut above. As far as dry-aged beef goes, one of the two 4-diamond restaurants in South Bend has a 30-day dry aged, 16-oz strip steak for $49. With appetizer, drinks, salad, & dessert you'll spend on the order of $150 for dinner for two. The other 4-diamond restaurant here is roughly in line with the $150-for-two pricing although they offer explicitly French-American cuisine and have an absolutely killer Beef Wellington. By way of comparison, Tejas Roadhouse offers a 12-oz. strip steak, no on-line price (always a red flag) and Outback doesn't even list the size of their strip, nor the price and has an even more annoying website. I should probably mention that the new Pottawatomie Indian casino south of town claims to have a 4-diamond restaurant although I cannot fathom how that can be. The atmosphere alone is such that I cannot believe a fine dining experience is possible there. To each his own, I suppose.
  9. I've got some "students" who might be in the market for their product...
  10. Well, I suppose that is OK so long as the identities don't get into an argument with themselves. After all, what would you do if one of them loses?
  11. Perhaps you will, but with a declarative sentence about what you think? Not so much.
  12. Those elected have to make decisions and go on record. I think your question answers itself.
  13. All I could think of were those books from the 1970s and 1980s about "How to pick up chicks". And Pompeii-San, no redheads???
  14. As opposed to you, who confuse your opinion about law with the fact of law?
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