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  1. bob_rx2000

    Giant Eagle

    That sounds right - I left DuBois shortly thereafter. I do too... And yes, I'm old...
  2. bob_rx2000

    Giant Eagle

    Wow. Granted I've not been in DuBois for nigh unto a year now, and it might have changed, but I doubt it. I have trouble envisioning that area as "ghetto".
  3. bob_rx2000

    Giant Eagle

    Is that in what I still think of as the old "Penn Traffic" or "PT" building over by the Swede Club?
  4. I'm curious why the city or township ought to fix it at all. It strikes me the crossings are the railroad's right-of-way. You have to through several levels of Hades to get permission to close one to fix it, that I know. The railroads want the right of way, favorable tax treatment as interstate businesses and they are private companies.
  5. The interesting bit of analysis is the piece they didn't publish. (Must be taking lessons on reporting from the M$M there...) That is the revenue per outlet. The average Domino's outlet is doing $824k business per year. The average P-Hut is doing $713k per year, a substantially lower amount. But way down in #14, Blaze Pizza's average store is doing $1,130k per year. Which would you rather own? Mismanaged franchises pull down the overall total. The average Chick-fil-a store brought in $4.6m per year. Again, a Dominos v. a Chick-fil-a? I know which I'd rather own.
  6. Oh my goodness... I can see the horrified faces on those who rush to the bathroom to flush (ahem) "other substances" when the cops are knocking at the door, only to remember that they aren't allowed to because they are "essentially limited to toilet paper". I know that will stop them!
  7. My problem with 'za from the "big three" chains is that the 'za isn't very good. My absolute favorite local joint also just closed (owner died, surprisingly of natural causes, since the location was on the edge of the 'hood...). But we've got a couple of local operations that turn out 'za far superior to anything from the "big three" and one smaller chain (Marcos) that does a pretty decent job.
  8. For me the most amusing part of this is that the flag so many are up in arms with isn't being identified correctly. The flag is technically the battle flag of the confederate army. This is the "confederate flag":
  9. But.. But... Won't the Meth-Gator have all manner of problems with teeth? And premature aging? Good Heavens, it could impact those poor folks on Swamp People even more than the ratings do!
  10. You know, Capt. Conman, I think you're smarter than this post paints you to be. I'm concluding that you're being a troll, but I'm mystified why.
  11. One is forced to wonder - was it a Copperhead rattler? (Copperhead Road...) The canister of uranium is the part that makes me wonder.
  12. Around these parts those who come from Illinois are called "IlliNazis". Looks to me like the shoe fits.
  13. Just so I'm on the same page as you, Petee, when I think of reusable bags I think of the kind I have from the B&N bookstore. Is that what you're talking about?
  14. You're missing the point, LFG. You're trying to apply logic to this situation. Instead, look at from the viewpoint of the "progressive", who already knows what is good for everyone else and plans to MAKE THEM DO IT IN SPITE OF THEMSELVES. Coal is bad. They know this to be a matter of truth graven in stone. Therefore, no matter how you do something with coal, it is bad. Landfills are bad, they think, but don't really know, so burning stuff to create energy should be good. Consequences? What Consequences? Somebody else's problem. It really makes things easy - the contradictions and hypocrisy just fall away and can't be seen.
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