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  1. bob_rx2000


    (Queue Joe Diffee in the background). This is why the Good Lord created John Deere tractors... \
  2. This is a tragedy with more than sufficient blame to be distributed. The bus stop may have been there for 50 years, but I’ll just bet that 50 years ago that road wasn’t quite the heavily traveled 4-lane road it is today. Why you would put a bus stop there, or allow it to remain there, seems to me to be a question that also should be looked into. Not that the goof balls running the South Bend school district’s busing have much better sense. They have school bus stops on busy major traffic arteries when perfectly usable turn-offs into side streets are available. Before you ask, when I say “perfectly usable” I mean these side streets are either cul-de-sacs or have rectangle turns that a bus could take. I have to ask is the few extra dollars in fuel and time really that important versus one person’s life? I didn’t get a reply from the school district’s transportation director or the school board when I did as that question...
  3. The normal Western accounts of the Battle of Midway, which is a naval battle to rank in the same category as Salamis, Lepanto, Tsushima and Trafalgar, use as a Japanese source accounts written by Fuchida Mitsua,, who was a worshiper of Admiral Yamamoto. They tend to lay the blame for the battle on the local Japanese commander, Admiral Nagumo to preserve Yamamoto’s reputation. However recent Western scholarship digging into all the Japanese accounts indicates that Nagumo fought according to specific orders issued by Yamamoto and within the Japanese Navy’s doctrine and tactics. It was the Yamamoto’s flawed battle plan and the flaws in Japanese doctrine that ought to be studied. A book on the subject very much worth the reading is “Shattered Sword” by Tully & Parshall.
  4. I strongly suspect that the Shriners are one of those groups TBMWWTBP avoids at just about any cost, so he didn't make an appearance.
  5. It was a glorious day for the steak fry - sunny, low 70s, Shriners and beer
  6. It is an interesting grill setup, LFG. It is one of those large gas grills that use 100lb propane tanks,but between the burners and the grill rack are a set of lava rocks.
  7. Today's activity was grilling a couple of hundred New York strips, and a beer or two...
  8. Back in my B-glass days, we had a secretary ( that is what they were called then... ) who was an unreconstructed Rebel. She said that too.
  9. We had enough rain over the weekend that I was able to grill only on Saturday... I had thought to do chicken wings but the local grocery store had them for a buck each, whereas the chicken legs were $4.50 for the same weight, so... I did eight of them with salt, pepper and Penzey's Arizona Dreaming BBQ rub, and eight with salt, pepper and McCormacks' (sp?) lemon pepper. (Mrs_BobRX does NOT like spicy chicken...) They turned out quite well done slowly on foil to crisp-up the skin and then on the grates. All things considered, I've come to the conclusion that the wings were at a gouging price because the grocery store folks figured that people would do them to watch the Penn State game. Otherwise I cannot imagine why chicken wings would be more expensive than drumsticks.
  10. AB was advocating the use of oil soaked paper towels because the oil burns off first, before the paper. That way you have a longer lighting period. This would be important if you use charcoal that has no starter infused, for example.
  11. Capt. Conman, you need to change your "welcome" mat for one that says "Go Away". That will scare off all those burglars!
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