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  1. Gold Brick


    And don't forget we now pay $20/mo. extra because some were not paying their garbage bill. An additional $32+ dollars a year from old garbage rate.
  2. Gold Brick


    There is a thread in the debate forum. Police and Fire Dept. can work together. If we did consolidate they could actually spread out our departments to better serve the area. The City crew and Sandy crew could also share special equipment that might not be used daily but is needed. The Treasure Lake issue is of their own making. If they want help all they would need to do is remove their gates. This has been visited, they chose to stay as they are, it is their choice. There may be some adjustments to taxes and things like the different ordenances that would be more of a concern closer to town. Things that could be worked out. I really don't see it as a bad thing.
  3. Yeah, sounds like the DuBois/Sandy drama! We all live and work together why do we have so much trouble just getting along? In the end it would benefit everyone.
  4. Take your hate Trump B.S. to the debate forum. It would have been just as shocking if it was one of our teachers. Keep stirring the pot!
  5. Yes maybe we should let the government make all decisions for us......because we are too stupid to think for ourselves!!!! Yeah ok!
  6. If it's a brother then that sounds like 2 strikes for the parents. Not saying the family should be receiving death threats, but they sound like they're batting 500 or better at the moment.
  7. They didn't do it to other people yet! These fine upstanding citizens have done this before! Alot of info coming out about how some of the other kids in the family behave. They need redirected very soon! Sounds like if you plant corn.....you get corn!
  8. Great story, he's not only a great ball player, but also a great guy!
  9. Rural King had steel toe boot socks the other day when I was there but I've never tried them. Maybe someone else on here has.
  10. Thank you and God Bless all who serve and have served!
  11. Has anyone heard if the City is picking up leaves this year?
  12. Gold Brick


    It's a watch, not a sighting. Maybe next year we can do Halloween in July or August, weather permitting of course. Sorry Halloween is on Halloween..... should we change Christmas because of snow????
  13. Gold Brick


    Sorry guys, it quit raining for now. Looks like it's not as bad as you predicted. Just like when we call off school two days early and get flurries. Glad I was a kid years ago when it was fun.
  14. I'd be interested in a yearly oil coating under the truck, not sure about the rust proofing.
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