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  1. Rural King had steel toe boot socks the other day when I was there but I've never tried them. Maybe someone else on here has.
  2. Thank you and God Bless all who serve and have served!
  3. Has anyone heard if the City is picking up leaves this year?
  4. Gold Brick


    It's a watch, not a sighting. Maybe next year we can do Halloween in July or August, weather permitting of course. Sorry Halloween is on Halloween..... should we change Christmas because of snow????
  5. Gold Brick


    Sorry guys, it quit raining for now. Looks like it's not as bad as you predicted. Just like when we call off school two days early and get flurries. Glad I was a kid years ago when it was fun.
  6. I'd be interested in a yearly oil coating under the truck, not sure about the rust proofing.
  7. Gold Brick


    Halloween 3 was scary the first time out. But when I watched it years later it was hard to sit thru. It was a little different, this one was about a company making masks for Halloween and the kids were all to gather around the TV at a certain time for a big surprise!
  8. I've been looking for the black and orange wrapped peanut butter kisses. Someone usually has them at Halloween. They used to be available wrapped differently all year, but can only find them this time of year any more.
  9. Don't give up, there is more need out there for a quality handyman than you would think. There are a lot of important jobs people need that some companies/ contactors don't want bothered with. Maybe a light switch or outlet replaced, light bulbs or maybe a light fixture. A leaky pipe, slow drain. The small stuff isn't that appealing to a bigger company, but a single person/ handyman it might be. It may take a while to get your name out there but isn't impossible. There are also bigger small jobs that one person can take on also, not just the small one hour jobs. Good Luck on your new venture. If you decide to go out on your own let us know here, you may find some work.
  10. I think the gum was called Big Daddy (loved it too) there were at least 5 different flavors. Power House candy bar Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babys The Peanut Butter Fudge that came wrapped in wax paper wrapper!!!! Loved it.
  11. We may have a lot of pizza shops, but I would really like just one good one. There is only one steadily good pizza shop in town. The rest are hit and miss! How hard is it to turn out a decent pizza? Really!
  12. Don't throw in the towel on them yet, saw this on Face Book today.
  13. Yes! Isn't that what everything is compared to?
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