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  1. I guess some of you liberals will never get it. Let's just hope enough do!
  2. Wow, what a sweetheart! Nice since he's destroying their business's this year.
  3. Even if they had.....their supporters want something for nothing! They don't want to have to do something to get it.
  4. That's not the only lie Biden has told!
  5. Isn't that what they call......$hit and run? (Or waddle)
  6. The more these money grubbing, America hating Dems speak, the more they show their true colors. Are you listening America???
  7. Yes and just how much actual damage are we doing to the country with the Dems scare tactics!
  8. The Whipped Vodka is excellent with orange juice! Tastes just like a Dreamcicle.
  9. Gold Brick


    Like Joe says....shut up man! I can't hear my wire!!!
  10. Gold Brick


    No chance? Joe didn't debate. Question Name one police group that supports you.....answer: Orange Man Bad. Question If elected will you stack The Supreme Court?....answer: Orange Man Bad. Yes Old Joe is a Master Debater!
  11. Another Bob and weave, that's what you famous for!
  12. Gold Brick


    Your boy Biden says Trump is going after Social Security even though he's been after it since he's been in office. Your Dems robbed Social Security when there was a surplus!
  13. You just said thank in your blanket statement above.....More flip flopping! Tipical Dem!
  14. Just like sports.....no one cares about their over paid opinions! The Dems are getting what they wanted! Slowly breaking this country!
  15. Probably he either doesn't like shoes or he's not getting handouts! But still loves his country!
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