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  1. Gold Brick

    cops radar

    Don't forget the new stop signs on Jared Street. I don't think they are giving warnings anymore.
  2. It's a set up! They never liked him because he couldn't be bought like they are! He will ruin everything!!!!
  3. Just wait till the $15/hr. minimum wage starts! The $hit will really hit the fan then!
  4. Yeah isn't it something, they didn't give 2 sh!t's when it wasn't their A$$es in the sling, now we blame Trump and pull out all stops! Simply amazing the bleeding heart's couldn't see this one coming!
  5. I hope there is a special place for them when they get there!
  6. Looks like Pinky And The Brain's (Kamala & Pelosi's) plan to take over the world is moving along nicely! Thank you, bleeding heart Dem's....may The Lord have mercy on your souls.
  7. We deserve better protection from our bought and paid for legislators! Just saying. They really need to see we the people are tired of all the corruption.
  8. You got that right the polly lifers are just as bad for this country as the welfare lifers! Both there only for the handout!
  9. The day of reckoning is a comin'. People are tired of being sh!t on by the crocked Polly's. Wake up America!
  10. Is there really any right wing media left? Fox News isn't what they used to be News Max is about they only ones left who lean right. Sad day in america....rats (who make $175,000 + a year) run for the hills while they count on police who they want to defund making 1/3rd as much are supposed to save their sorry A$$es! Amazing! Wake up Polly's the day of reconning is coming! Sorry no burning no looting but yet now everyone has an opinion instead of just standing and watching the cities burn.
  11. I like how the bleeding heart liberals are winning about this! No one burning or looting but they broke into offices and put up the Trump Flag.... OMG! How many businesses have they destroyed? How much burning and looting? They were asked to leave peacefully and some are even doing that. A big difference than the others who destroyed cities earlier this year.
  12. I hear ya, these bought and paid for Polly's really need a wake up call. Hopefully it doesn't take a revolution to get them back to working for the ones who elected them instead of the ones they've sold their souls to!
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