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  1. Maybe think of our Veterans and homeless first. This is a lot of B.S. just to buy votes.....and America just stands by and watches this $HIT happen. Convicts and illegals shouldn't be allowed to vote. Simply amazing!
  2. I guess if the handouts were cut they might have to actually look for a job like the other groups you speak of. Let's just keep feeding the bears!!! Can't see why throwing more money at this won't solve it.
  3. Too many people amoung us who can't see the forest for the trees! It's really sad what this once great nation has come to. I really hope you bleeding heart libs can sleep at night, knowing you're destroying your children's future to have what we've had. We are now on a faster course to lose what little we have left!
  4. The two waiting in the wings are no better. A pot smoking heyina and an out of touch drunk. What have we done to this country? And to think this crew supposedly got the majority of the votes.....just for hand-outs? Forgive us for we know not what we do.
  5. The nap, meds and notebook, helped a little. You can still see he gets confused easily. But his go to response is golden! When all else fails blame Trump! Come on man!
  6. Buyer's remorse yet? Anyone who blindly supported these clowns! Will we be able to survive their distruction of this once Great Nation? May The Lord Have Mercy On Our Souls!
  7. I would like to know who will sign for all of these illegal children they are flooding us with for their much needed vaccinations they will need and probably don't have? If there are no parents, who will be tasked with the athority of signing for this, where will they go to live? They're children they can't take care of themselves.
  8. Will our bleeding heart libs ever admit buyer's remorse? They welcome illegals with open arms, while they $hit on our veterans and our homeless! They get richer on our backs while we get poorer! Make all kinds of rules for us but not for them. The list goes on and on. Is it really worth the chicken feed they throw for their blind followers who choose to live off of the government? They are killing what's left of a once Great Nation! Is there really that many stupid amoug us? Did they steal the election and with their corruption running so deep, are they actually above the law? We really need a wake up call soon! The future isn't looking to bright.
  9. The brain dead have spoken! This is what they want! An empty suit running this country till they spend us into bankruptcy! They care nothing about the country, you can see it now very clearly by their actions! Buyer's remorse yet? You bleeding heart libs?
  10. I think using a cell phone while driving is worse than the DUI's anymore. You follow someone thinking they must be drunk only to find out their phone is glued to their hand while they are attempting to drive!
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