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  1. And the state pensions are a pretty sweet deal! Don't let him kid you.
  2. I might get beat up for this but sounds like most of the speeding is up in blue states! Is it the me first handout mentality? I don't know but it seems to me the blue states are the ones having most of the problems. Unbalanced budgets, looking for someone else to solve the problems they've created. It's something to think about.
  3. I hope everyone remembers this on election day! Like the Con-man always preaches we are our own enemy! Please show up and vote!!!! We need the idiots gone!
  4. I really wouldn't know what would posses him to do that. Wolf's plan seems pretty straight forward!
  5. Wolf just announced, he wants us all to wear blinders!!!! So we can't see what's really going on!
  6. It's not right. 1/2 of the tenants are older, not that it right to rent it to anyone. It's sad people can do this once they find out there is a problem. By the sound of it the whole building is like this.
  7. Been trying to find someone who can help. Took pictures, called Serve Pro to see if we can get reputable representation. Waiting to hear from them. My only worry, if we walk away and let them keep security deposit, will they just paint over it and continue to rent it out with no concince? Something needs done!
  8. Already tried, closed due to COVID-19. Dead end there for now. Under a little bit of time crunch, don't mind paying them this months rent, but would like to get this addressed in a timely manner. Everything is screwed up because of the virus. We can't help her out or prove the mold had anything to do with her passing. I don't want to see anything else happen to the people who rent there. They own a lot of rentals and it sounds like most issues have fallen on deaf ears.
  9. Has anyone had issues with mold in a building and a worthless landlord? I was cleaning out my grandma's apartment after her passing and have found mold in almost every room/closet. I have talked to two other residents in the building with similar issues. Something needs done! Where do I turn next? You can send any suggestions or replys by PM if you'd like. Thanks.
  10. Congress doesn't deserve what they get now! They should not have anymore of a retirement plan other than a 401K. They should be on the same insurance plan they shoved down our throats! If I performed my job as well as they have I wouldn't have one!!! So discussed with our worthless elected. Yes we can't vote for each and everyone, but the few people who do show up to vote are really dropping the ball. No more career Polly's!!! They've sold us out. Time to clean house.
  11. If no plates then it looks like they might have sold a few vehicles. Either the driver of the van or at least their insurance company might be the new owners.
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