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  1. Yes I love the dime pitch too. Also can't go there without getting at least one fresh squeezed lemonade.
  2. CYS isn't perfect, they have a shitty job to do and have thier hands tied most of the time. Yes it sucks and yes a lot of kids fall thru the cracks, but they do what the government allows. Hospital and CYS have to live by what our great Polly's push through. It's BS but all we have.
  3. Resisting, obstructing or refusing to obey a lawful order from a city officer would be forbidden within the recreational areas. Is there somewhere else in the city where this is allowed now?
  4. I've never been there but I have seen good comments about the boxing gym/place on East Long Ave. in town, might be worth a look. I think they said Planet Fitness was to be in mid summer. July/August.
  5. The Flash will be playing on ESPN3 at 4:30 today.....Go Red Flash!
  6. Congrats on another win!!!! They will be playing again tomorrow.
  7. http://www.necfrontrow.com/webcast.php/LIU-6332/ Jordan Frank and The McKee twins from DuBois kicking some butt! In NY this week.
  8. Yes! Today, I wouldn't wait too long. Couldn't stand it! I called they start selling @ 11:00 don't wait too long! Haven't been disappointed yet!
  9. Does anyone know what time you can start picking up the Chicken Dinners today (Sunday, April 28th) at The Leigon Hut?
  10. He should get the needle! No excuse for that. The mother needs some time behind bars also.
  11. Hopefully they don't skate on this, I guess it's time to pay the Piper! Too many out there doing this that haven't been caught yet! Hope the had fun while it lasted.
  12. Yeah, I hear the Dems are trying to blame Trump for this too!
  13. If she would happen to loose her suit she should be held accountable to pay the 5 million she's after. Wouldn't that free up the courts from these frivolous lawsuits? If you win you win if you loose you pay what you were after. Another snowflake out for their free ride.
  14. Don't count out the poseys either! 😋
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