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  1. I was considering a tall glass but I think a straight-ish wine bottle might work better! 👍🍷
  2. Question: what becomes of the paper box? Will they collect them? 🤔
  3. Ditto! Right up until today. Today it came with the mail. 🤷
  4. 🤬 🤬 I hope they nail him. The store manager should be permitted to 🤮 on him before the justice system takes their shot.
  5. Probably the offspring of the 'nothing to see here' people. Making PA proud right there!
  6. for the laugh! I'll never look at my appliances in the same way again. 🤭
  7. This takes stupid to another level. Just remember, she's not the only pig 🤬 out there and this isn't just limited to coronavirus. This is just shining the spotlight on them.
  8. ABSOLUTELY, release their names. If they're ignorant enough to do something so blatantly crude and stupid, publish their names! Unbelievable how pig ignorant some people can be! 🙄 🤬
  9. There are a lot of YouTube videos on making masks. Many don't require sewing. 😷
  10. Sirloin tips with onion & mushrooms and cheesy hasselback potatoes 👍
  11. My roomie in college made these all the time. I have all the ingredients but....I don't own a rolling pin. I may get creative.. 🤔 🤭
  12. I agree that some have no one to watch their kids but this isn't the time to drag them to the store. Grocery 'pick-up' is a great option for them and offered by several stores in the area. JMO
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