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  1. <"Police eventually removed the child from the home."> So many red flags there and they couldn't get her out of the house any sooner? I hope she's in a REAL home now and feels safe and loved.
  2. It's all fun and games until the nice officer runs your fake name and BD.
  3. Blue Moon Belgian Wheat & Lancaster Brewing Co Strawberry Wheat
  4. Actually it would have been a cloth diaper and the cloth diaper people definitely aren't tossing it out, however, I may have! (Brings new meaning to this emoji.... LOL). Desperate times, desperate measures. 😟
  5. Napkins, for sure! They seem to multiply in my pantry and paper towels can double as napkins/multitask.
  6. BBQ chicken with spicy fried cabbage, onions and red peppers
  7. Good thing that I didn't call you for help with "the procedure". That 'oops' might have been a little too late.
  8. <"According to the complaint, in an interview, Lee stated he and Brodowsky had argued several times in the past and have had four PFAs against one another but always dropped them.">
  9. Zucchini lasagna with buttery broccoli spears. Hot fudge sundaes in a few.
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