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  1. I agree! After last year's horrible respiratory plague that lingered for weeks, I got one too. 🤒 I normally don't but...🤞😷
  2. They used the same picture but different story....or should I say.... different words/article? The story is that meth use is, and has been, on the rise in the area. That part hasn't changed since last year.
  3. <"Looker said he was told his theater wouldn't generate enough ticket sales to show the movie on opening weekend. "The general idea is, as far as I'm told, they wanted to make a certain amount of money, and we're not going to do that because we're not AMC," he said. "So we can't have it until it's done 80 percent of its business somewhere else."> So that's how they determine which (and when) theaters get a movie..... <"I had one person in particular did come in and was like, 'I'm going to buy 20 tickets, and you just hand them out to the next 20 people,'" Looker said. "I was like, 'Are you sure? Like, really?' And they insisted, so we did it." .....A couple people insisted on paying anyway and handing those off to the next people to come in, but most folks were very happy obviously."> Nice! And even better that some passed the offer of a free ticket to someone else. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
  4. Excellent! Too bad it didn't happen during his very first break in.
  5. Fake news! Michelle Obama's mother and grandmother to the Obama girls did live in the WH with her granddaughters and helped raise them. She did not draw a salary and wasn’t on any kind of government payroll for doing what grandmothers do.
  6. And, sadly, that pales by comparison to some of the other (purely racist) names that she was called and things that were said about her.
  7. Most, if not all, first ladies have endured (and survived) criticism. Melania doesn't strike me as someone who needs 'help' and is capable of launching her own 'defense'. In her own words: "I’m very strong. People, they don’t really know me. People think and talk about me, the — like, Oh, Melania, oh, poor Melania. Don’t feel sorry for me. Don’t feel sorry for me. I can handle everything." That said, 'home' decor, IMO, doesn't even make the bottom rung of the 'first lady criticism ladder'.
  8. Girls' weekend getaway and shopping extravaganza with lots of laughs (good therapy) and good food for stamina. 🤪 Friday night ~ white pizza, sweet heat wings, mozzarella wedges and zucchini planks with marinara. Saturday dinner ~ shrimp & crabmeat quesadilla with grilled veggie & white queso nachos. Sunday dinner ~ chicken & dumplings with baby carrots and fried apples.
  9. <"teeth damage, skin damage, hair loss, and numerous other health concerns can develop with prolonged use of the drug"> Not a pretty picture... addiction is ugly in so many ways....
  10. <"He says meth can contaminate a property even if it's just smoked. “The half-life of methamphetamine is 200 years,” York said. “People don’t know that. So it’s not just you go over and wipe the wall. This had to be remediated with proper products and you have to do it in conjunction with a lab.” Back in 2017, WGME discovered there's no law in Maine requiring properties be decontaminated after being used to make meth."> Makes you wonder how many places are contaminated and people using that space/place (including cars, rentals and workplaces) have no clue. Meth contamination clean up has spawned a whole new industry.
  11. Red Lobster wood grilled shrimp and a baked potato with butter, sour cream and broccoli
  12. You can't make this stuff up....the family that steals together, stays together....in jail!
  13. <"Despite the mayhem, the two suspects soon return to the store, to gather up merchandise and other items they dropped before fleeing again."> Seriously?
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