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  1. <"Reached by phone, Hixon’s mother told the TV station that her daughter had good intentions."> The apple did not fall far from that tree! Seriously? Good intentions?? She broke into someone's house and was bathing their child.....in the middle of the night....WTH?
  2. Swiss, onion and mushroom burgers on the grill with French fries and apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream.
  3. to PA Game Commission & HDOnTap for providing and maintaining this camera. There are also two live streaming webcams at the Elk County Visitor Center (in Benezette, PA, managed by the Keystone Elk Country Alliance). Those cams can be accessed at: http://www.pixcams.com/elk/
  4. Crock-potted cheesy broccoli, carrot, potato soup with veggie subs
  5. Tonight is the last night for this elk cam for the season. Going dark at 8-ish.
  6. I actually was hoping for a ⚡or 2 from above 😇.... with the cross marking the spot! ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🤯
  7. $3M! Mom can be REALLY, REALLY, REALLY proud!! And it all started with beer......
  8. Wow! You can't fix stupid...but at least one of them didn't lie about it. I hope it was worth $583.....
  9. Good thing my aunt is already gone to the big family circle in the sky because this just might have killed her. I think she single handedly kept them in business. 😇
  10. Taking into consideration their charges/actions, I found the crosses and the "faith" tattoo to be REALLY inappropriate and to be in EXTREMELY poor taste. A well placed lightning bolt, directly to the cross between the one guy's eyes, during the 'home invasion', would have been much appreciated....and VERY appropriate! ⚡
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