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  1. Just saying HEY to the Back Road Runner. I hope your doing fine and you made me think of the mountain ride past your camp. Thank you.
  2. Years ago, Johnny Carson made a funny on the Tonight Show about a shortage of toilet paper. Then there was a shortage because of the "The sky is falling" crowd. Sound familiar? Today?
  3. And as these politicians try that same move, we all suffer the bad outcome.🍻
  4. Speaking of speed limits. How many lives would be saved if we made the speed limit 35MPH nationwide. I bet that move would save more lives than masks.
  5. 2 sad things about this. #1 it seems like certain people without a real job tends to be a aspiring RAP artist or hangs with RAP, so-called artists. #2 what in the hell does the virus have anything to do with this?
  6. Why does it always take so long for people to start seeing the truth that was there from the beginning?
  7. Close to the Grim Reaper.
  8. He was one of my favorite teachers. Full of common sense and logic. Plus he drug a known idiot from his classroom up stairs all the way down to the office. I think he surprised the mouthy punk with that move. He surprised me. The Navy taught him well.
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