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  1. Most who are causing trouble under the name, BLM, has no idea what they are B1tching about. Show me a demonstration by BLM that does not involved looting and destroying other people's lively hood and I will start paying attention to their B1TCH. Until then, I will continue to see them as they really are. Ignorant, non productive people who thinks the world owes them everything because they were born black in color. I was born white, in color. Will they accept me as a fellow human in their neighborhood?
  2. fedup

    beautiful place

    The fix is in. Accept those that can't make it anywhere for votes. Create a whole new welfare state that relies on the Liberals to breathe, future voters for eternity. Create a problem and pretend you have a solution to the problem you created. Suck the human out of people for a vote. Mother Nature created us to strive to be better so our genes will be passed down as productive humans. The Liberals goes against Mother Nature. They strive to create subservient humans who will be willingly led by others and forever be dependent on the Liberals in order to survive and produce more subservient humans. Meanwhile, the Liberals who creates this mess, lives high on the hog on the backs of humans they created. Who are the insanely rich people that you hear about everyday? LIBERALS. Hold others down so you can stay on top.
  3. fedup

    beautiful place

    If you had time to take pics of my house, you had time to come in for some beers.🍻
  4. But first, bring our military home from protecting OTHER COUNTRIES boarders. See how stupid the anti-American Liberal agenda is? Send our young en's to other countries to save their country's way of life while defunding those that try to defend OUR way of life.
  5. Invite them to invade our country pretending to be compassionate. (For votes) Send their country big bucks (provided by hard working Americans) to keep their own citizens where they belong???? Only a simple Liberal mind could come up with such stupid SUCKERS
  6. 19 days?????? The world would be a better place if she was gone 19 Trillion days. I used trillion because that seems to be a nice even number that Liberals can repeat without thought.
  7. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2201698254057/forensic-analysis-of-hunter-biden-laptop-by-ex-fbi-agent-finds-no-evidence-of-fake-data
  8. They are all trying to ruin this country. Spread the blame so they can say "it was not ME" They make me sick.
  9. The accepted Liberal corruption runs long and deep. Is there just one decent Liberal running our lives right now?????
  10. If that is Obama's daughter (and if anyone knows the truth, he would) and he plays politics over his daughter, he is scum. Black lives matter. Or NOT?
  11. Don't get me started on the stupidity that the Liberals are willing to support.
  12. Not only is this creep living free, he is on TV lyin' out his azz and laughing about it. Throwing it right in your face and flippin' you the bird at the same time. Can't touch creepy daddy's creep of a son. Be proud of your first family.
  13. Just another Liberal Hack.
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