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  1. Wore out socks makes good dusting rags. Hole in sock, wash it, use it with your favorite cleaner or polish, then throw it away.
  2. He just picked the wrong city to wizz in. There are cities that allows this. Sorry, couldn't make my fingers be still.
  3. Give Dannar boots a try.
  4. Change your choice of boots.
  5. Penn Traffic. The original Wal Mart. But as you said, that fell apart with the money deal.
  6. Back in the day, VT placed a insulated box on your porch and delivered fresh dairy products into that box. Ask yourself this question. What happened to that process? Side note for fun. My old man used to B about the delivery driver. Our driveway was up hill which would allow the driver to coast backwards out of the driveway. Instead the driver would put his truck in reverse and floor the engine to back down the short driveway. Thanks for the amusing memory.
  7. I tried it. Found out I was ignorant of the process. I delivered a great product. Was always paid for what I done. Never had a problem with a customer not paying me for my finished product. My product cost too much for those that wanted a quick fix. I couldn't allow myself to produce a product that was less than my ability. I lost out to those that was more than willing to produce a inferior job for the money. If your a honest person with morals think twice before you jump into the service industry.
  8. Don't forget grandma's home made fudge.
  9. For the older Valley Rats among is------- Morellis store on the corner of 255 and 153. No people, there was not a light at the intersection back in the day. They had a long curved glass candy counter on the right as you came in the front door. It was full of all kinds of candy. You could take a dollar in there and walk out with enough candy to make your jaw sore and your belly ache. Damn, life used to be great.
  10. 60 years plus. Still stuck in my rut. Reese's peanut butter cups and Mallo cups. Hershey's chocolate bars and anything chocolate without Carmel. Old favorite that I ain't seen in years a peppermint Patty made with Wintergreen. Don't like peppermint. Chocolate covered Cherry's. The paper straws with sugar in them. Sweet tarts, And the sugar hit, list goes on
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