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  1. Was the guy related to the teenage girls that caught with a trunkload of Trump signs?
  2. Barack was in Florida , 2 days ago,. Those photos have been out for over week so both of them were into something Corruptively huge! It was like his last chance deal!! Well Steve, it looks like Obama is gonna prove he is the whimp I always believed him to be. This whole deal is pretty shocking. Can you imagine this family living in the White House for 4 years.
  3. Where are the Biden defenders????? As usual ignoring the truth. But at least one took the time to try and change the subject by talking about Tucker.
  4. Tucker Carlson Says He Can’t Go Out to Eat Without Someone Telling Him How Much He Sucks Thanks for proving the truth that he is pretty good at his job. In one sentence he exposed the truth about how ignorant Liberals are. If you actually took the time to watch Tucker you would find out he spends a good deal of time attacking Republicans. That should make you happy.
  5. So that bothers you? I guess you don't watch the MSM then if putting a negative spin on things bother you. So you finally answer-----------------------------------------I do not watch nor listen to MSM. Did we really need all the personnel attacks and noise in between?????
  6. We can only hope but i doubt it.
  7. You said you find it difficult to listen to FOX news. That's what you said. I just took it that you were listening. Didn't mean to imply you were watching it. I listen to my TV sometimes without watching it. Especially the news or the weather. Now do you want to comment on what I asked you? Or are you just gonna side step to back out of what you said. You said you didn't like Fox because you believe they have a negative spin. Ok I asked you if you watched/listened to the MSM. You are refusing to answer my question because you know that the MSM tosses a negative spin on anything concerning Trump. So just how bad does negative spinning bother you?
  8. I am gonna lean to the possiblity that Obama didn't know that Hunter was banging his daughter and most likely doing dope with him. Now that Obama has seen the truth we will learn just what kind of man he really is.
  9. The biggest problem Fox news has is they won't attack even when they have the ammo.
  10. So that bothers you? I guess you don't watch the MSM then if putting a negative spin on things bother you.
  11. Tucker could eat your lunch in his spare time as he exposes the ineptness of Liberals.
  12. You nailed it. It proves that the DNC and everyone connected to the Bidens has known about all this for a very long time. Get the votes before they couldn't cover it all up anymore.
  13. Good. Been looking at that statue my whole life. I didn't like it when they moved it.
  14. OH NO, Antifa and BLM is in Driftwood. Is the statue still standing?????
  15. If I remember correctly, he road his motorcycle with his cast on along with a helmet covered in fur with horns.
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