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  1. fedup

    Gasoline prices

    BIG OIL, will get all it can get out of this but it won't be near as much as they would have got in the past. OPEC no longer controls the world when it comes to oil. Thanks to fracing and Trump undoing Obama's tree hugging rules, our great country controls what OPEC used to control.
  2. A voted for rookie. Imagine that!!!!! I would bet a dollar he is not capable of driving a stick shift.
  3. Honest, it had nothing to do with the war. I was just bragging about figuring out a on going problem down here. I was being a smartazz because a Yankee figured out a solution that these people couldn't. So, number whatever, don't say anything to a southern person about fire. They get offended real quick and real hard. Specially if the word fire comes out of a Yankees mouth. And by the way LFG, West by God Virginia is south of the M/D line. Don't try to pass it off as a hot bed of Yankee rednecks. That state belongs to your side.
  4. One of fedup's better moments. A watering hole down here was having a big problem with sandspurs by the side entrance. Everyone was b------g about them. The lady that owned the place didn't know what to do. Sandspurs are nasty little things. Ole fedup came up with a solution for her. I took a weedburner and fried those little suckers. They popped like popcorn. I burnt the hair off my legs but I took care of them. They next day, all the patrons was thanking fedup for his solution and saying "why didn't we think of burning them"? Me, being a proud Yankee impressed with my ingenious solution, responded to their praise See, it takes a Yankee using fire to clean up the south. I was only being proud of taking care of a problem. My comment had nothing to do with the Civil War----- to me---- but it sure did to these people. They were pizzzed. OOPS
  5. Re writing history does not change history. Only a fool could believe such things.
  6. Weather wise the Panhandle of Florida may be the best part of Florida as long as you are near the Gulf. That goes for the west side of the boot. I believe the east side of Florida is the worst when it comes to the heat and humidity. I am currently sitting outside 2 blocks north of the gulf. Air temp is 89 degrees, light wind from the east. My weather channel ain't giving me the humidity at the moment. The breeze makes it feel less humid if your in the shade. If I step out from under the umbrella I could fry an egg on my bald head. If you 20 miles north of where I am at it gets way worse. They are probably at 95 plus actual temp with very little breeze. The further away from the Gulf you get, the hotter it becomes.
  7. And that is the way it is here this time of year. At 4:30 am I walk out of my workplace and instantly start to leak out of every pore in my body. I wear shorts and a tank top. Both are completely soaked within 20 minutes. My bald head drips like a shower gone wild. I picked this poison all on my own. It's just the reverse of living in PA. 3 Months or so of not very comfy weather and 9 months of pretty good weather. A couple of those months I actually wear blue jeans once in awhile. The number one big plus. No damn snow.
  8. Don't ever move to Florida then. I don't think I have ever seen the humidity below 75%.
  9. Just to make you all feel better. 5am this morning in the dark, 80 plus degrees, 80 plus humidity, no breeze. Glasses fog up when going outside. We all pick our poison we are willing to live with. The older local people who has grown up here tells me this is what it always has been since they can remember.
  10. I think Henry was a left over from that business. Along with, possibly, Bobby Cole but I ain't sure about that one.
  11. When they drilled holes in the pipeline I was working on, we all thought the same thing. It would take a long time to drill a hole through a metal pipe that was .388 thick. We got a drill with a 3/8 bit and gave it a try. It didn't take long at all.
  12. The payments of the costs of installation is based on the amount of customers in that area. This is handled by government agencies.
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