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  1. Another high priced CEO failure. Grap the golden parachute and move on to the next failure you can produce. Or is this a ploy to get the taxpayers to pay for the mismanagement? After all, mismanaged government entities and businesses are in bailout heaven right now. GRAB ALL YOU CAN GET.
  2. The area is typical of American growth through the years. We drove out the natives or married them. I am a distant product of that action. We cut down all of the huge virgin timber. We hand dug holes into the sides of mountains for coal and polluted the waters. Ask Bon she lives over one of those many hand dug holes. We produced a movie star called Tom Mix. We used huge equipment to rip out the sides of mountains for more coal. We used newly invented equipment to burrow farther into the ground for coal. We sent that coal to where it was needed to help win both world wars. We drilled the first oil well which started the energy boom and helped win both world wars. Plus polluted more waters. We drilled gas wells all over the place that helped win both world wars and polluted more waters. We produced hard working people from all nationalities. We helped with the fracking process that made America the number one energy producer in the world. We accepted dredge material from the NY harbors which was used to reclaim our strip mine scars on the side of a mountain. That process helped with the disposal of flyash which is a byproduct of burning coal for electric. Because we accepted the dredge material from the NY harbors we helped stop the dumping of it in the ocean and allowed the NY harbors to maintain ocean going ships coming to America. We accepted trash from NY and other places to be buried in our mountains. Which helped the development of leachate plants to keep our waters clean. Plus used the methane from the trash to add to our energy production for the world. We produced farms that produced food and milk for America. We accepted disposal wells to help stop the pollution of our streams. We helped to produce waste water treatment plants to stop human waste from entering our waterways. We accepted elk from out west to promote the specie's and save the loss of elk in America from a brain worm infection. Even though we killed off our own native elk years ago. We have produced a water cleaning process that cleans the water that was polluted from the coal mining. Ask Bon, not only does she live on top of a coal mine, she can see this new process of cleaning water from her front door. Lots more. One of the biggest things that PA produced is stand by your country and your freedoms at all cost people.
  3. My trash does not go to your landfill. I think
  4. Amazing ain't it? What's next? No Christmas. Run for the hills. Masks are optional for that run.
  5. Just because I can't make my fingers be still on this one. Back to the dishes ladies. Gonna say OUCH ahead of time because the rocks are coming 🍻
  6. YEP and PA will be paying that tax forever. Now think of all drama over the virus. Let your imagination run wild. Once the government starts something, there is no end to it.
  7. Maybe they can finally pay the bill for the Johnstown flood.
  8. I would sell you a 2005 BMW X3 with 128k miles. Cherry, except it floated during the hurricane. No water got inside. Just screwed up the puter system.
  9. fedup

    No flags??

    Never take back what you typed the first time. It's really what you wanted to say. Just add a disclaimer at the end. "Don't read what I just typed, you might not like it"
  10. Yep on the Crackers. I ain't looking for fancy. Those days are over with. Functional at the lowest cost is what I am after. Too old to worry about resale value. Dust can't resale anything.
  11. I agree that the normal is buy in the fall but this is not normal times. So, are the dealers desperate to sell now, because the idiots are keeping this country shut down? Or once the idiots let's this country go back to normal, will there be a lot of car buyers shopping which will drive the prices higher?
  12. I still ain't made up my mind. Plus the opinions I was seeking was when to buy. Not what to buy. But that question went away real fast. Just look at it this way. Somewhere, here in the Panhandle, some poor car salesman is gonna meet fedup. I bet I will make his or hers day. Dontcha think? They probably will run to their watering hole, screaming, Sherman is back. Run for the hills. OOPs, there ain't no hills here. "Run to the swamps"
  13. Die hard Ford fan for all my life. Learned it from another die hard Ford fan. My dad.
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