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  1. It may be a "if found, please return the wearer to DC" Bracelet
  2. fedup

    Masks again

    If you slip on the ice, start wearing two pair of boots.
  3. fedup

    Masks again

    I can't believe how gullible people can be. The government says, jump, and they automatically jump without question. It's been a year and the government has not stopped it. It hasn't even slowed it down. That goes for the whole world. When are people going to understand that all the governments and all the so called experts have no idea how to stop it. They just keep blowing sunshine up every one's AZZ so they can collect their paycheck and grandstand. Plus feel powerful because they are controlling others.
  4. fedup

    Masks again

    So he is admitting that masks don't work. Finally. SUCKERS
  5. fedup

    Masks again

    Pick me to be your VP. You play nicey nice and I'll be your hit man. I don't care if nobody likes me🍻
  6. fedup

    Masks again

    Hell, turn into a Democrat, buy a few voting machines and you will be president in no time🍻
  7. Thanks 77. My Saturday started out pretty good then you post this FACE.
  8. fedup

    Masks again

    Wake up people. This mask wearing deal is a way to control people and a way to make people comfy with being controlled by their Government. And your Government is making it happen without any proof what so ever. Suckers
  9. fedup

    Masks again

    Up until a couple of days ago, Biden was telling his voters that his 100 days was for all of America. Then he changed it to Federal property. After he got some votes out of that promise.
  10. fedup

    Lady Gaga

    Is that his sister in law? Why am I the only one pointing out this trash that the President can't seem to control in his own family but is expected to deal with the made up BOOGYMAN Putin? Why ain't our Liberals questioning this as they count the 60,000 lies that they said Trump said? Why ain't they questioning the actions of what Hunter is seen doing? Wouldn't they be defending their son against such slander if what we see is not true. Why do the Liberals get a pass on not defending allocations but they desire Trump to defend his self with every allegation laid on him? The answer is------ simple. Their sorry lives depends on double standards and HYPOCRISY. But hey, they won. A child molester walks and his dad is the most powerful man in the world as he sniffs what he wants The apple does not fall to far from the tree. BE PROUD
  11. fedup

    Lady Gaga

  12. fedup

    Lady Gaga

    And this is what the election of your president gives you. Miles of gates to keep the citizens out. GAGA?????? LADY GAGA?????? We sure do look intelligent to the rest of the world don't we? The MASK wearers in the Mid-East are laughing their AZZES off at us. LOOK AT THEM, they are wearing masks just like we do to hide our intentions. Putin and One Hung Low have their calculators out adding up the US DOLLARS they will get and the other, One Hung Low from Korea is saying "This is the country that is telling me I can't have nukes" Why should any of us listen to the ONCE great USA?
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