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  1. I can't remember all the different jobs I have had in my life, but I can remember that flagging fools was the worse job I ever had.
  2. fedup


    There was a brick home there that was moved to Sabula when I-80 came through.
  3. We can only hope so. Now wait for a new label on the can. Not to be used for human consumption. In small letters below that label. Try eating some Tide pods, stupid.
  4. They get paid to give their best guess on the future weather. BORING When their best guess has no facts, you hear 50%. New labels sells. TORCON. A tornado might hit you on this best guess scale. Every weather event has a name. Tune in and stay tuned as we try to scare you to death. Home Depot and Lowe's love us. And during it all, drop little unproven tidbits about how, YOU as a human is causing all this grief in your life. If you really want to know the truth, tune in right before a weather event. Write down the numbers they say before the event. Then, after the event compare the actual numbers that really happened. My favorite, "we could have 50, 70, up to 85 mph winds". "We could have a foot of rain but maybe 18 inches up to 30 inches" Good God almighty, pick a number and stand by it. Your supposed to be the experts.
  5. Google does not have the ability to infiltrate that mind, yet.🍻
  6. fedup


    Yep, just look at those wearing masks on college campuses.
  7. fedup


    Now, It is man made but not what people wants to believe. The weather is not man made. New Orleans and most of LA is a manmade disaster. Build them dikes and plug off the natural flow of the river. Then plug in the pumps to keep peoples heads above water 365 days a year. Completely man made.
  8. fedup


    The current weather patterns in the gulf are repeat performances of patterns of the past. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. fedup


    It's man-made.
  10. Looks like the CDL program might be a failure.
  11. I know how to buy them. Lot's of practice. At least 55 years of practice.
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