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  1. Watch out for that group text thingy. You might loose some friends 😂
  2. Ain't nothing wrong with being lucky. Vodochodsky????? The history of that name must be interesting.
  3. I watched it on HBO years ago. Excellent. A song started playing and I thought, holy hell it was the Eagles that did this song.
  4. Maybe we all need to consider a fact of life. Not everyone is gonna be happy no matter how many laws are passed or not passed. There is a lot of pain and suffering in this world and sometimes you have to endure your fair share of it.
  5. EAGLES. Hands down the best "band". Beatles? Nope. At the time they were the best "band" just because they were promoted down everyone's throat. Had the rebel hair that pizzed off parents and acted silly like they had no care in the world. Fit right in with the anti war people. But how many times can you say "I want to hold your hand" in one song? The Eagles has the music, the lyrics that fits even today. Maybe more so today. Plus they had a lot of personnel changes through the years and still produced great music. YEP, Eagles #1
  6. fedup


    Just gotta vent a little. A site makes ME come up with a password. Ok fine. When I choose MY password, the site tells ME that MY password is not good enough for THEM. It's MY password, live with it people.
  7. When you follow them to the next traffic light, they sit there like a log when the light turns green (especially at Green arrow lights) then take off like a turtle that has no where to go. So you get by them on purpose and hit a red light. They come up behind you and stop under your rear bumper like it's getting them further down the road. The light turns green, your 10 car lengths on your way when you look in your mirror and see them still sitting there.
  8. This is still a free country, somewhat and so far. This is just an example of what happens when the government sticks it's nose into free American lives. The solution is simple. The owner of the establishment gets to decide on what he\she wants. Nobody is forced to walk through the doors at gunpoint. If you like to smoke, pick your smoking place. If you don't like smoke, pick your smoke free place. It's that simple.
  9. fedup

    23 and You

    A man's sight starts the process. Just ask a fool that stayed until closing time and woke up with -------------
  10. fedup

    23 and You

    Father time is part of Mother Nature. When we grow to old to continue the species we become expendable.
  11. fedup

    23 and You

    Blame Mother Nature and don't forget, it takes two to get pass the thinking part.
  12. fedup

    23 and You

    And it comes with a mute and off button.
  13. fedup

    23 and You

    Trust no one is my motto.🍻
  14. fedup

    23 and You

    My first was mounted in my truck above my windshield. Very costly but fun. I would call the watering hole we was headed to and order our drinks set up on the bar when we came in. Had fun with that but pizzed off the barmaids. Flip phone next. Just a convenient thing. Droid smart phone next. That's when my life became forever connected to this damn thing. Don't know anyone's phone number. Take pictures of everything at work as a timeline. Instant proof of everything. Order parts. And argue on the debate forum. What more can a person ask for? Phone order bride? NOOOOOOOO
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