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  1. Does anyone else notice a trend that always happens? Something happens and the knee jerking reactions takes center stage. The majority of people climb on the kneejerking actions. Then, as time goes on, and people start thinking on their own a whole new thought process takes ahold. People start remembering, what they already knew. It's better to be proactive instead of reactive.
  2. And the stupid being done, along with the protection the stupid is getting, goes on. There is only ONE group of people responsible for all of this.
  3. I figured you already knew my answer.🍻
  4. No one or nothing should have to take their flag down to save it from a bunch of spoiled brat punks. If anything needs taken down, it's these punks. That would calm things down.
  5. To answer the question------- NO
  6. fedup

    black nat athem

    We want to be treated as equals. BUT
  7. Fact alert. All the experts in the world has not defeated the common cold or the common flue.
  8. fedup


    Just a reminder. What you are witnessing today has been brought to you by voters and their voting.
  9. Your sarcasm could very well become fact. There is a certain group of people willing to play the virus out to the very end. If they can use it to remove more of our freedoms they will.
  10. Mother Nature gives you the ability to close your eyes and/or turn your head. Use it. Can any of you imagine a world where being naked means nothing or seeing a naked human means nothing?
  11. I ain't believing that, in a free country, someone has the right to tell me to stay home. Especially if that person can not prove any reason for me to stay home. Didn't this country pretty much shut down because the experts said it was needed? YES IT DID. Is the virus still here? YES IT IS. So now what????
  12. And there it is. COVID colonies coming soon. Your infected, according to today's rules. You must not be in public because you might kill someone which could be considered 1st Degree premeditated murder. Can you be re-invected. Nobody knows. Will there come a time when YOU can't infect another person? Nobody knows, but your on record of having the virus so off you go to the virus colony until the clueless experts can produce a fact.
  13. Too much common sense and logic Hi. Two things that are absent from Liberal minds. Those minds need to be controlled by others that they think are important. Change your name to Doctor HI. Type a bunch of letters after it. Then tell the suckers not to wear a mask because they are recycling their own bad.
  14. Don't underestimate the power that this ***** has over free America. Just look at the warning labels on things you buy, those labels come from California on a lot of things you buy even if California had nothing to do with the product you bought. Someone is making big bucks over this stupid product labeling deal.
  15. No bad people left on scene???????
  16. Someone make my fingers be still. I just thought of the young son of the Bates family.
  17. The first one across the finish line is the WINNER. All others are the losers including the person who crossed the finish line right behind the person who crossed first. The lady deserves her win and it's too bad she could not not have seen what she won. But her friends did. Under the circumstances I would be proud of that.
  18. How about the Mother-in-law's suite in the back of the house or above the garage. How in the hell could you white people treat your mother-in-law that way?
  19. And Archie Bunker worked hard at being stupid while pretending to be a racist. Both programs did good as far as I am concerned. They showed the human ability to be ignorant and laughed at the ignorance. Watch the original episodes of The Last Man Standing. That program brought back the same things that The Jefferson's and Archie Bunker did. The ability for everyone to laugh at ignorance.
  20. Time for all wood working people to turn in their Jigsaws and for Jigsaw puzzle lovers to quit doing what they love to do. Maybe both groups could start working on putting statues back together. But they can't use " Super glue" because that may portray white people as a super race opposed to the use of "Black Power".
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