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  1. There use to be a website with old DuBois postcards is that still around? Perhaps some of us could volunteer to help make the historical societies website more interactive for those who have moved away?
  2. I would love to see more older pictures of DuBois and guess what or when they are if others have them. But It would be great to have an answer to them next time
  3. Actually, you would be surprised how much history this area has. In fact Jan Nichols cataloged it in two volumes several years ago, I am sure the Library has these books and encourage you to check them out. I had local history many moons ago with Mr. Thompson and it was one of my favorite classes and I know that Mr. Kilmer has a wealth of information on the subject and I am sure does a wonderful job with the class now. There are a lot of wonderful local history teachers at the school now and wonder which one of them will put their mark on the class after Mr. Kilmer retires. http://www.dasd.k12.pa.us/57573629533/lib/57573629533/Social%20Studies/Local%20History.pdf
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