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  1. I don't think they should give an exact location. Because there are people who feel like they don't have to take it seriously. By saying "in Clearfield county" those people will (I hope) think, "oh crap, it could be right here in my town! I should follow those guidelines." Whereas if they say "we have one in Town A" there are people who will think "oh, it's not here in Town B, I don't have to isolate yet." And those people will continue their normal routine. But like disgruntled said, those that do test positive should be reaching out to anyone they came in contact with while they were contagious to give them a heads up. The people not taking this seriously is alarming. I had someone tell me yesterday that they weren't worried because our population is younger than Italy's.
  2. Mentally preparing for work tomorrow.Trying to figure out who will take care of my dogs should it be decided that we have to stay there at some point in the future. On the bright side, my son and I took the weenies for a walk in their wheelchairs. They enjoyed themselves.
  3. The hospital is open. However please do not come in and steal our masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes, or anything else.
  4. It doesn't matter what the show is. Someone is going to be offended by it. It could be a stalk of singing broccoli, and people will complain because it wasn't an apple.
  5. The new building is huge compared to the old one. Gorgeous, and no more teeny waiting area.
  6. Obviously we'd have people on call just for you. :p
  7. Just once, I would love a call from my boss. "Hey, they shut down the hospital, no work today!" These kids get all the good snow days. ,😂
  8. I didn't see any plow trucks, but a city of DuBois pickup with a plow on it came down my road, then up. They did a really nice job!
  9. This pops up every year around this time. That rodent lives a cushy life, much better than he would in the wild.
  10. A popsicle is not a fun treat. It is an icy horror just waiting to stain everything when it inevitably melts all over. And now you have Georgie Girl's thoughts on popsicles.
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