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  1. Trillyn

    Coat drive

    I would contact the Salvation Army. I know they just did Project Bundle Up, but not sure about the Seniors program or outreach.
  2. Trillyn


    Saturday Downtown DuBois is having Octoberfest. Vendors & food trucks.
  3. I can hear audio. It’s a scam.
  4. Might want to call JoAnn Fabrics. I remember a time when they had a sign for it, but that was a long time ago and don’t remember seeing it recently.
  5. Might want to check your reading comprehension... He also adds the face covering is just a print and wants to make sure it is clear he is not using an actual American flag to cover his face. With that fact cleared up, Dean questions why -- and who -- hecould have offended.
  6. Guess something happened with some hookups at the top of the pole at the W Long intersection. Power back on.
  7. Anyone know why there’s a few blocks without power? Thanks.
  8. I went to that page, but didn’t see anything listed for tree removal. I checked under Wood-chips, but didn’t see any businesses listed. I am using my phone , so maybe didn’t load correctly?
  9. Daughter used Boleen Tree Service, located in Brockport. Price was very reasonable. Cut down some huge trees that were tangled in phone and electric lines, didn't damage anything. We will definitely use them again.

    1. Trillyn


      Thank you very much. Will look them up and check them out. 

  10. Anyone know someone in the area that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to trim or take damaged trees down? They don’t need to take the tree limbs/logs, I can do that. Thanks!
  11. Trillyn

    DuBois Mall

    Last store I knew that left was the pretzel place down by the old Arby’s/Bamboo Garden.
  12. 30 children (14 years old and younger) have died from COVID-19 in the US. 166 children have died from the flu this season. The flu is much more deadly to children, but no one seems to give a hoot and it was safe enough to send your children to school.
  13. You think we are going to get rid of the virus? It’s not going anywhere, just like the flu. If you’re waiting for the virus to be gone before you start to feel safe going out, then you’ll never be going out again.
  14. They sell Paw Patrol band-aids, wonder if those are going to suddenly disappear off shelves and not get restocked.
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