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  1. Trillyn


    I do not have personal experience, however I know that WPAL has different yoga classes upstairs. Maybe someone else has more knowledge.
  2. No contract. Can list the channels tomorrow so I don’t have to edit lol
  3. Comcast cable & internet. Wish I could reduce the price of cable but the channels we watch are in the higher priced package. We need internet and it’s really the only the option in town.
  4. Thanks. Maybe the menu/recipes and prices changed since there is new ownership. Will check it out.
  5. The old Firehouse Pizza location is open again, are there new owners then?
  6. Never ate there while it was Plyer’s. But when it was the American Hotel we would go there to eat, great food and the breads, rolls and pies were so good.
  7. Beautiful displays as always. I do wonder why the former First Ladies never say anything about how Melania is treated in her role. They don’t need to agree with any of a First Lady’s politics to defend her against the continued attacks.
  8. The next step is murdering humans. I do not think that that they need strung up on the nearest tree, however I believe that they have serious issues that cannot be corrected with a limited jail sentence or some out patient therapy. They are a danger to all animals and humans.
  9. I and everybody I grew up with never had car seats and we seem to have survived. I was driven around with a passenger cradling me in there arms until I could lay down on the seat beside them. Some of the cars I was in as a child didn’t even have seat belts in the back. Am I anti child seat? No. They are good for babies and toddlers.
  10. It’s a choice for the business owners to be open or not. And choice to go out and shop for the customers. Employees know when they take the job that they will be asked to work weekends, holidays, odd hours. I will be out shopping with family members after dinner.
  11. Though it is a smaller number, people have been trapped by wearing a seatbelt and died because of it or had serious injuries. Do their families then get compensation for those following a law that disabled or killed them? No. It should be a choice.
  12. Trillyn

    Scam website

    I had this happen to me a couple months ago, with a different site. All I got were copied pasted responses from their customer service. After 8 weeks of being able to look on their website that the item was still in processing, I went to my bank since I used my bank card. I told my bank I never got the item and was getting no where with their customer service. I had the money refunded that day from my bank.
  13. Trillyn

    Planet fitness

    Could care less about Planet Fitness, but they are going to be sharing the old KMart building with Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is due to open in Jan 2020. And that will be somewhere I will go and spend my money lol
  14. Maybe people have bigger priorities than lawn care? Family, work, health.
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