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  1. Was a great experience to be out and about in a brand new store. There will be no grand opening events because of the potential for large groups of people, but I am thrilled they are finally open.
  2. I know 4 people on social security that have not received a payment or letter.
  3. Same. Most stories posted by MrD are very narrow and hard to read.
  4. Thought the same thing and did some searching. Found this more detailed story on explore Jefferson, couldn’t get the link to post. https://www.explorejeffersonpa.com/cyber-tip-leads-to-child-porn-charges-against-area-man/ *edit to fix link
  5. Michael’s is open when ordering online pickup.
  6. Dr Doolittles Depot is open for takeout only. Call ahead and when you arrive to get it delivered to your car. 12-5 this week. Boxcar Brews same take out and pickup to car, 4-7. The Cafe is open regular hours for takeout.
  7. You’re welcome. I never knew it either until this year lol Was surprised. I guess they get a rise in sales of download songs and albums, that make it worth their while, after people seeing their halftime show.
  8. They didn’t get paid to perform during the halftime show. They do as self advertising.
  9. Trillyn


    I do not have personal experience, however I know that WPAL has different yoga classes upstairs. Maybe someone else has more knowledge.
  10. No contract. Can list the channels tomorrow so I don’t have to edit lol
  11. Comcast cable & internet. Wish I could reduce the price of cable but the channels we watch are in the higher priced package. We need internet and it’s really the only the option in town.
  12. Never ate there while it was Plyer’s. But when it was the American Hotel we would go there to eat, great food and the breads, rolls and pies were so good.
  13. The next step is murdering humans. I do not think that that they need strung up on the nearest tree, however I believe that they have serious issues that cannot be corrected with a limited jail sentence or some out patient therapy. They are a danger to all animals and humans.
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