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  1. raisin

    Real News

    You may go to it and you may not. If you want real news and info with plenty to back it up. Conservitivetreehouse.com. No BS, no conspiracy theories. 100% about facts. Scroll and explore.
  2. Posting this unverified stuff doesn't help our cause at all. It puts us in the same boat as the lying liberals. As I was reading it I had doubts about the authenticity. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt this is how they feel but they would never say it in public. We need to stick to facts and keep it true.
  3. There aren't any more than 10 Republicans in DC that have the will or the balls for payback. Especially not the longtime career politicians that are in the leadership roles. That's why they all need to be kicked out. They are perfectly content being losers.
  4. raisin


    Nuff said. Now let's wreck that effing town with our votes. And when they adulterate our votes with fraud we need the American Revolution all over again. There are nearly as many Republicans in that scumbag city that despise you as much as the Democrats do. Bring them all down!
  5. This impeachment and the entire treatment the last 4 years of My President Trump is not only about him. It is also meant to serve as a message to any outsiders wanting to run for President in the future that this is what we have in store for you also. Donald J Trump did more good for the American people in 4 years than any of these pieces of sh#t did in 4 decades and they don't like it. They want you to beleive that they are working so hard for you and someday you will be rewarded for all of their hard work. That day never seems to come. Does it? They hate that he got the results he did and embarrased the hell out of them. This is true for 90% of the Republicans in that scumbag city as well as all Democrats. It is thier elite country club and you better not disrupt it. IT IS HIGH TIME THAT WE DO!
  6. I have stated a few times here I no longer watch news. None of it. I read and research it on my own. I am a faithful Rush Limbaugh fan and follower and as he does his show he will reference where his research originates from. I have bookmarked those sites and read them regularly. Most will directly quote where their research originates also. Granted some is opinion and sometimes you have to navigate past that if you want to. And yes they all slant conservative because that is me. But the fact that they are willing to direct you to the original sources and original quotes speaks volumes to me. Thegatewaypundit.com, the conservativetreehouse.com, townhall.com, americangretness.com, redstate.com, The American Spectator, (spectaor.org) Pjmedia.com, thefederalist.com
  7. Not a Steelers fan (Go Bills!) but I beleive it was because they used him as a quarterback, receiver, and running back. Quarterback/receiver/running back. Thus the slash.
  8. I've noticed the disappearing acts too. Hope they are happy in doing thier part of making us a loser nation once again.
  9. The actual increase is 46.25% not 1.42%. (Increase of 1.42% ÷ 3.07%) x 100 = 46.25%. Another way to look at it is we are currently paying $3.07 per $100.00. He wants $4.49 per 100. $1.42 more. That is a 46.25% increase over the $3.07. He is a scumbag. Public education my ass. Public education teacher's unions is where it is going. Smoke and mirrors bullshit. Easier to sell when you say " oh but it is for the children, how dare you disagree". Typical liberal bullshit.
  10. raisin

    check this out

    I have never signed up for any social media site. Godubois is about my extent of social media. It was very apparent to me when all these social media sites started, people would have to give up their privacy. Something I cherish. I realize there is no way to be 100% anonymous in this electronic age but I am not selling my soul and volunteer to be manipulated to see how many "likes" I can get. People are foolish. Fast forward to today. Now one must be careful of what one says on these sites or be banned by the thought nazi's. If you don't join in on their way of thinking you are given some kind of undesireable label and deemed a threat to society. We have kids in their 20's and 30's running these sites and writing the computer algorithims telling us what acceptable speech is. They have been nurtured through our corrupt public education system to hate this Country and it's Constition and by extension the First Amendmant.
  11. I turned it of last April. Two weeks into our first covid lockdown. I refuse to be manipulated.
  12. raisin

    So how else?

    Read between the lines. The rules were nver in effect. Even under Obama. If the ACLU is against something, then I am all for it
  13. raisin

    So how else?

    So be more specific about what exactly it was he signed. I have been getting those ads and such for a far longer time than the 4 years he has been in office.
  14. raisin

    So how else?

    Wow. You are making some sense finally. That is pretty much what my post is about. Tryannical government bought and paid for by big business and global interests. We just disagree over who the bigger tyrants are. Trump laid their asses bare for all to see what truly happens in that town and those interests had to bring him down. I am not an R or a D and have voted for both in the past. I am a conservative who beleives in the Constitution as written and the ideals this Country was founded on. Specifically freedom. By the way you better dig deeper into the myth that big business owns Republicans. Maybe true thirty years ago but absolutely not true today.
  15. raisin

    So how else?

    Gonna take a lot of balls by a lot of people. I do think a good number of military and law enforcement would join the right side of history. I'm too damn old to be one of them but you can bet I wiil defend my little piece of paradise and my loved ones to the end.
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