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  1. What is it with these lefty liberals? Perverts and predators everywhere among them.
  2. Yep. And all of Joe's dirty money is disclosed on those tax returns. That's how honest of a guy he is. Right? Most of Trump's debt is to Deutsch Bank. NY Times report. Hardly a Trump ally. Mortgages on billions and billions of dollars worth of real estate. Time to move on another conspiracy theory.
  3. And the people that wiill vote for Biden are a huge part of the problem. They would vote for Charles Manson if he had a (D) after his name. They enable this kind of crap to continue on forever. They dwell in the swamp right long with the DC swamp Rats.
  4. LOL😂. Sorry to hijack. This is a very serious thread for the uninformed.... But. So LFG. I am smoking some wings this weekend. Hickory and cherry. This sounds like a great rub. But with the oil and not butter, minus the dill and less garlic. Mixed in a ziplock and wings added. Opinion from the southern smokin and bbq'n afficiendo?
  5. His State has done better than others? Really?. PA is 8th in number of cases. 16th in cases per million people. 10th in deaths per million. Go back to sleep. I hope you weren't a math teacher.
  6. 2011 F -150. 252,000 miles. Normal maintenance items. 0 mechanical failures. Nuff said.
  7. Amen to the no TV. I haven't watched more than 2 hours of news since St. Patricks Day. Everbody has an agenda. I pick the way I educate myself on this. I am an engineer by trade and am naturally a numbers and data person. The numbers and data do not make sense when compared to viruses past. The reactions we are giving this one have never been given to other far worse viruses with far worse infection and death rates. There is something more sinister going on in my opinion.
  8. What makes this one different is the man we call President Trump. 3 years of trying to get rid of him through lies and corruption have failed. A large swath of this country is drooling all over themselves thinking they can play this one to their advantage. And there are also plenty of deep state swamp dwellers left in DC, including the so called medical experts.
  9. The original 2 million was the only one that did not factor in intervention. Why are the modelers not allowed to be questioned? Why are we not being told what ASSUMPTIONS are being input into the models. Garbage in is garbage out. Always. Why does one size fit all? I did some simple math last night based on the latest number of cases in the USA. 3 States, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts accounted for 50% of all cases. Perspective and critical thinking seem to be in short supply.
  10. The one thing I take away from this whole corona virus hype is how dependant we have become on other nations for our basic needs and this is what should scare hell out of everybody. We are the greatest nation on earth and we have China threatening to shut off our medical supply chain, which by the way they can easily do. We have allowed our politicians to sell us down the river for 30 years by being bought out by lobbyists and corporations. Wake up people. Forget the toilet paper panic. Start panicking for the very future of this country. Our eyes need to be wide open and reverse the sellout of this nation
  11. The old elementary school in Penfield advertises climate controlled storage. They are also a U Haul dealer
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