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  1. If she's too childish to tell someone she's going, good luck to whoever she ran away with.
  2. Glad you could make one. A few groups are giving them out and selling them locally, if you hear of anyone else needing one. I see a lot of posts online. There are a few no sew mask videos circulating online too. I'd say the options are there, some just choose to be stubborn. I get it.
  3. While I'm not a fan of masks, they gave enough warning for folks to get or make one before it took effect. I need one for work now, so I bought off a local woman making them.
  4. We've always had good PH ER experiences. Moved quickly through, thorough testing. Nothing but good things to say. I was admitted through er in late March and staff was wonderful during my stay. They were getting ready for covid patients. I'm glad we haven't gotten a high number yet. I do think too many people use er for things that they shouldn't and it clogs it up.
  5. momtothree

    PA Schools

    It's my understanding that contract employees are still being paid.
  6. 0 tested 2 sent home to quarantine untested
  7. I saw on fb that a Dubois hair salon has stayed open. Poor decision.
  8. I hope they do use it for something. When I drive by I always think about what a shame it is being empty.
  9. It is a threat to say "I shoot you" and point a finger gun. I think they should be using this to teach her it's wrong instead of using a disability to excuse it. Did anyone else think the mention of her mommy and brother gives the impression that they say this at home?
  10. I understand your hurt at seeing this printed by mistake BUT Your original post says she couldn't apologize enough in your phone conversation as soon as you said you were his mother. Many people have a nervous laugh at inappropriate times. She apologized. I don't understand what you are looking for. The paper printed a retraction. I really don't think anything will please you. Examine where the anger is coming from and what continuing to rehash it or republishing it helps? I lost my brother in eerily similar circumstances, he was 27. It tortured me for years, imagining his last moments, no closure of a viewing. People who knew him still ask about him, many not being in the area at the time, not knowing. It sucks. It hurts. I stammer a reply and move past. I get that your grief is very raw and you are heartbroken but I think your broken heart wants too much from this situation. You got an apology. Continue to grieve and heal but honestly, your pain is at his death, not this situation. Someone mentioned your faith in this thread. How about giving some grace to the girl in this situation? Sometimes it's best to give it to God and let go.
  11. We have had people remove our signs. No respect for others property.
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