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  1. you could say the same of email and phone service providers as they are used for the same evil purposes. You can't shut it all down.
  2. Instagram is also prime place for this. Wonder what their stats are?
  3. I found it interesting and infuriating. They aren't just raising the prices, they are listing non menu items on their apps. It should not be legal to add businesses without permission. The delivery drivers can give the business a bad name if they are not reliable and that's not fair to businesses who pay their own delivery services. Customers won't think about the drivers not being from the business, they will just badmouth the business. I won't use these services.
  4. I didn't mean you did. I meant your post was spot on and I hoped she was reading it and taking it to heart. Sorry for the confusion!
  5. These are choices. Could she drive an older car that doesn't require a payment? Could she have worked and saved money instead of going to school right now? Could she have taken out school loans? maybe push back her graduation date? I honestly think you should consider paying your bills before you help her. You shouldn't have to "catch up" your bills because you are helping her. That is not wise. It worries me that you feed this thing about how she is missing out on so much and that you think the stimulus "reward" will help these kids. You can't throw money at problems and expect it to solve them. This does not teach coping mechanisms at all. If there is one thing that can come of this year, it is teaching us all how to cope with change. We are all undergoing stressful times. I sincerely hope she is talking to someone about her depression. I would also recommend you attend a session together so you can learn to help her focus on the positive and move on from the self pity.
  6. THIS!! STOP focusing on the poor us attitude. I can see why she would be depressed if you are focusing on the negatives with her. Don't feed this attitude. Everyone has made adjustments. You are naming things that have no real effect on her future. Now is a good time to learn what the real world is like, how disappointing things can be. How you adjust your plans and make the best of it. My HS senior knows he probably won't have a graduation ceremony. You roll with it. I applaud the folks taking a pay cut to pay the bills while things get back to "normal". I'm sick of seeing help wanted signs while people sit at home and collect unemployment. Get your a@@ out and apply for those jobs.
  7. These stories just break my heart. I can't imagine not knowing. Natalee Holloway was another highly publicized case that is so sad. I would rather have closure of finding her body. Cases like this are why I still question my young adults on their whereabouts. When you think of the numbers of missing persons, it is overwhelming.
  8. So, he kills a man, leaves the scene and not only is he not charged, he is to remain in his position as ag? "As an attorney and a Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserves, AG Ravnsborg has fought for the rule of law and personal liberties and would hope that he is afforded the same right and courtesy," Deaver said in a statement" He lost those rights and courtesies when he left the scene of a fatal accident. I sure hope the deceased man's family is fighting this injustice.
  9. I dislike the attitude that this is "extra money" and that college students are owed it. and don't get me started on the free pass on student loans people want. We will all pay dearly for these packages. I hope they don't pass.
  10. That's what I wondered, I would think she is filing taxes and getting her own stimulus?
  11. If she's your dependent you should be claiming her.
  12. I saw the building for sale on facebook recently . . .
  13. Are they open again? Do they still close early?
  14. I never take advantage of these offers because I can't stand crowds. I'd rather pay for my treat than be in line. Good idea to cancel. There are many more important things to focus on.
  15. I totally opened this expecting to find out where to buy amish donuts.
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