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  1. Someone on fb posted a memory yesterday from 11 years ago during h1n1. She was thinking about wearing a mask to work. All of the replies said it would look ridiculous, wouldn't work and if you get it, you get it. What's different now? Media hype over an election.
  2. There is a man who charges $20 a pair to sharpen them at hair salons. I'd buy a new pair in your case.
  3. I disagree with this concept and while traveling out west this summer was disappointed in how many parks charge, when as stated, taxes are already paying for them. A few were low priced and we were o.k. with them but we didn't go to the more expensive ones figuring we had enough to do. This and the amount of $$ in highway tolls we paid was crazy.
  4. momtothree


    All this frustration with online learning makes me laugh. I see it on fb daily. We are talking about a generation that was using video games, cell phones and iPads by 4 years old. I find it very hard to believe that there is this much difficulty having students who used technology in school use technology at home. The students I'm in contact with have no difficulty with the online classes and a few even took summer courses to get ahead. They never stopped seeing friends and played sports so there was no social lack there. What I see is parents unhappy that their kids are home and interfering with their schedules are usually the complainers. We forget that choosing to have children is choosing to raise them and right now that involves taking part in their education. My family has used cyber and/or brick and mortar public school for 15 years--for us the key to online success is dropping pre existing school ideas and finding what works for your student. Breaks, charts, work areas, home ec or gym lessons to break up the day, scheduling-using evenings and weekends if needed or starting later, etc. I am glad that my youngest graduates this year. He's been cyber for years and completes school work around his work schedule. The ironic thing is families that questioned our decision are now using cyber schooling and seeing its benefits.
  5. I think those without downs syndrome loved ones honestly don't understand what you're trying to say.
  6. I agree with you. I'm always wondering why these videos are shared in the first place. This should be a private moment and his brother is not a novelty to be used for 5 minutes of fame.
  7. Wow. Something really seems off. It goes from bad to worse with his daughter now being hired.
  8. I disagree. At first everyone listened and enjoyed their quarantine. Now they are over it. We've seen the damage done and lack of outbreak, change of info daily. It's maddening. If restaurants can only operate at 25% capacity, schools should not be reopening and sports for kids should be canceled. A friends son's ball coach tested positive and we know the rules for social distancing were dropped at games so kids are lining up for testing ---but adults can't drink at a bar. Ugh I'm watching families move their kids to out of state colleges and out of state families move kids to PA. Really? Where did all this risk go? There is only risk if the government wants to get power over something.
  9. Fast food isn't cheap when you think about it, unless you're getting a value sandwich. Cheap or not, if I'm paying for it, I expect it to be right. We go for sit down restaurants instead because the drink is the only real price difference. A sandwich and a side at most restaurants compares to fast food meals pricing.
  10. The OP may not have come from Dave but there is more truth in that post than most like to admit.
  11. Yep. We just returned from a cross country vacation and roads, hotels, restaurants and attractions were very busy. It was nice seeing folks out living instead of sitting at home in fear.
  12. Winner of a race. Yes. I agree. World records though, you should survive your feat.
  13. Funny. Folks smoking and drinking alcohol and eating fast food with masks under their chin. You know, because we are all so worried about health. Look around. America isn't very health conscious. Too late to cry health to make us all sheep.
  14. Judging what? I'm not judging a person. I'm stating my opinion on the subject of success. Let's say I want to make the highest parachute jump and I die doing so, I wouldn't have made the highest successful jump.
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