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  1. mosha

    No flags??

    Just ordered a new flag from the American Legion flag website...shipped yesterday and reasonably priced.
  2. Precious child, loving family...great combination.
  3. Plants in raised beds are OK at best, lagging behind normal growth. Peppers and tomatoes in open garden did not appreciate growing in a pond and are stunted....now adding some humus and fertilizer and spraying to deter blight. If this continues, will plant rice next year.
  4. Her pleasant and insightful comments were like "fresh air" gusts on the forum. Best wishes to her family.
  5. Thanks for the help...will be getting some.
  6. There are a couple rows of attractive light blue flowers in landscape islands along the B-Line (near the DuBois Plaza). Does anyone know the variety, ie: some form of sage?
  7. Trumpet vines are the worst "weeds" I ever planted. Cut them down to ground and it took 3 years of Roundup and lawn service to finally kill off the suckers which sprout throughout the yard from the roots. Also quite invasive via roots and seeds.
  8. I also had a father and uncle that worked at this camp. The pictures are the best I have seen of the actual camp. We presently own the private property behind and south of this camp so am very familiar with the locale. Thanks for posting these valued pics.
  9. The best green bell pepper I have grown over many years has been Lady Bell (Stokes) and is commonly found at many greenhouse operations. You might find them at Valley Rainbow in Weedville or elsewhere. Peppers are very sensitive to weather fluctuations in this area, both hot and sweet. The hotter the weather the better without going over 90 degrees for any length of time. For my soil, they seem to need a good bit of amendment ie: fertilizer and woodchip mulch around the base of the plants mainly for cutworms, etc.
  10. Just got my box of Jung's seeds today...will start the peppers first. Have also not been able to find Penn State Ballhead cabbage as Lavender indicated...used to be common. Early spring has been great for fruit tree pruning, only two trees to go. Wildflower: Blossom End Rot is an indication that there is not enough calcium in your soil. Add hydrated lime to your garden. You can also sprinkle some around the base of the plants when you plant them as it also helps to deter soil-crawling bugs from getting to the plants. Hint for buying seeds from any discount displays: You get what you pay for. Some of the old varieties are still quite good, but some may not be what you hoped for and therefore a waste of garden space. Check with others who have grown varieties you are not sure of. There is usually a good reason why many are called "heirlooms".
  11. I was thinking that the State Store moved into a portion of the Acme Market Building in the 60's.
  12. I think Ed is close on this one. The car looks to be about a 1950 Hudson. We had a '52 Hudson Hornet which looked a bit sleeker than this one. Early 50's.
  13. Happy to get my tree/shrub seedling order placed with the Pa Game Commission Howard Nursery last week. Trying to improve some scrubby acreage on Rockton Mtn. Lots of work with digging in rocky ground and tree tubes, etc., but still can't wait...better than shoveling snow.
  14. Great video...entertaining and informative. Thanks for passing it along.
  15. Tomato plants are doing great this year...some problems with early blight (usual) and septoria leaf spot (unusual) but sprayed twice with Fung-Onil (chlorothalanolil) and that helped a lot. Plants are 3 to 4' high and loaded with fruit. No blossom end rot this year. Last year I bought some "Italian" tomatoes from Sherwoods in Sabula which they grew routinely and mentioned parentage from folks living in the Valley. Fruits are a large roma-type paste tomato but big enough to slice for sandwich use. They also resemble the description of the Polish Louisa tomato in the seed catalogs. Checked with Sherwoods this year and they said the blight wiped out their supply and none available. Fortunately I had saved seeds from last year's larger fruit and those plants are now nearly 4' high but none ripe yet. Garden is in Erie area which was spared much of the blight problem from last year. Celebritys are loaded!
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