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  1. Not meant to harass you. I pre-apologize if you happen to feel harassed. You do get to make personal decisions, such as whether or not or if you get the vaccine when available to you and whether or not you expect others to wear a mask, which is mostly intended to protect you. No vaccine is 100% nor will one ever be. Masks are far less than 95% effective in either protecting the wearer or the other person. The vaccine will be far superior to mask wearing. Consider, if the population can be mandated to wear a mask, could they not also be mandated to get a vaccine? So, here we go..... 6 months from now, assume the vaccine has offered to you. At that point you, for whatever reason, decide not to get vaccinated. You walk into a room and there sit Lyndsey33 and myself. L33 is pretty much anti-covid vax and anti-mask (based on her comments.) I have been vaccinated (I have been...both shots). L33, of course, isn't wearing a mask. I have been vaccinated, and 95% effectiveness suits my my risk threshold, so I am not wearing a mask and don't expect L33 to wear a mask. L33 doesn't expect me to wear a mask. L33 has accepted her risk with no protection and I have accepted mine. In this case, do you think we should should don a mask because you have entered the room? Would you ask us to mask up, assuming you really had to be in the room? Remember, you have actively made a choice to not get vaccinated. Note that I am not anti-mask. I wear one now on a regular basis. It is required on my job and I figure if I can reduce the chances of transmitting by even as low as 10%, it is worth the minor inconvenience to me. However, honestly, I am not willing to wear one out in public indefinitely based on the choices of others. If i know there is a specific, valid reason (i.e. getting chemo or otherwise immunocompromised) for not getting the vaccine, I most likely will don a mask, but then, I have done that even pre-COVID. If you expect me to wear a mask, I can expect you to get vaccinated.
  2. Impeachment by the House, even if done twice, would not prevent Trump from running for a federal office, including president, in 2024. The Senate would have to act as well with a conviction. Removal would cost many post-presidential perks. However, if impeached after his term, questions as to if that constitutes as a 'removal', thereby costing him the perks.
  3. Some folks become self-defecating concerning how others spend their money.
  4. Well, heck, I plum forgot about the garage fridge...generally called the beer and bait cooler...and the bar and the outdoor patio mini fridges....
  5. Damn, Jaman, your are starting to sound like left-wing socialist.
  6. I have 2 ovens in my house. Well, technically it is built as a double oven. Guess that makes me a borderline waster of money. I even have 2 refrigerators! Egads!!!!! Two grills...such gluttony. Wow, I just realized I have 4 cars! Why would anyone need more than one? Dang...my house has 4 bedrooms...hell, the kids could have all bunked up in the same room. Multiple bathrooms? Oh no, that too! Further self-evaluation reveals I just bought a tractor that could have paid for a year of education at most colleges, including room and board! I better stop. All this is making me feel like a bad person. (Well, not even close!)
  7. This is fine, but, as those vaccinated are still recommended to wear a mask, just how long do you expect the vaccinated to continue to wear a mask? I respect your right to not get the vaccine, wait it out, or whatever, but if you make a choice to bypass the vaccination, why would you expect me to continue to wear a mask? I realize it is not currently mass available to the general public, but once it is, and you choose not to, then I think you are out there on your own. You shouldn't expect people to accommodate you and other vaccine refusers/procrastinators by expecting the vaccinated to wear a mask to protect you.
  8. Isn't that kind of what socialism is all about?
  9. If you have the money, might as well spend it on even your most insignificant whim. Can't take it with you, although you might be able to line your casket with it.
  10. If you are speaking of programs such are Medicare and Social Security, I can see where a socialist would declare socialim works because of those programs. In a true sense, they are not socialistic programs as I can see directly see the payments coming out of my check. My SS check amount will be based on my contributions. I will receive healthcare because I can see where I am paying in, no different than my current health insurance. Even unemployment is a carve out I can what I am paying for. I am directly paying for a benefit. It is not being handed to me by a benevolent government. On the other hand, such programs as fuel assistance, housing assistance, and what ever other assistance programs you can imagine, are more socialism. Howver, the early days are rooted in more of concept of "being a good neighbor'. Nobody wanted to see the Widow Jones freeze or starve to death because her low wage husband of 50 yrs died with insufficient savings. Unfortunately, we haved moved or at least are moving into the era of pure, selfish socialism. " I beathe oxygen, therefore I deserve."
  11. If you signed on to have government funds (ss, tax return, etc) direct deposited, your stim should be direct deposited. They won't pull info from your past payment checks.
  12. See the EIP card site for directions to transfer card to bank. Perhaps credit unions are different. Took me less than 5 mins to transfer card to bank. I transferred cards for more than a few family members and not a big hassle at all.
  13. As much as protesters take over city streets, police stations, universities, other government buildings , etc etc, etc. As long as it remains non-violent and non-destructive...have at it.
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