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  1. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    Locally for soccer, based on info from others from about last 10 years. Beyond D1, info is sketchy at best. D9Sports is doing a line on D1 athletes, but that is unlikely to ever happen for D2 or D3. Still, most seem to play only a year or 2 Andy Bush, DuBois, Misericordia, D3....owns almost every scoring record, multiple all star selection. By far, best player ever locally, probably D9. Alex Romeo, DuBois, Misericordia Jack Mohney, DuBois, current, Juniata, D3 Jeremy Sawey, DuBois, current?, Juniata Riley Meyers, DCC, Bethany, D3, 2nd or 3rd team all star selection as a freshman. Meyers' sisters played briefly at Clarion and PSU Altoona (?) Andrea Snyder, DCC, Wash&Jeff, D3, mostly a starter until injured Nick Szcerba, DCC, Misericordia, 1st team conference all star selection this year Anthony Esposito, Brockway, Westminister, D3 Julie Esposito Brockway, Clarion, D2 2 others have signed to play...Puhalla Brocway, for D2 Lock Haven and Allenbaugh, St Bonaventure, D1. Probably other. Probably be grand if D9Sports or the Courier would find a way to list more than D1. Might encourage others to extend to their careers. Even the local soccer associations dont seem to track players that have grown up in their systems. In other places, they list up players as role models for younger players. Such is the state of D9 soccer.
  2. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    In the background, there is typically a parent or small group of parents driving the process. They form the travel teams, log the miles, sacrifice the time, and spend the money. They also often subsidize other kids whose parents cannot afford the extras. A few parents will foot the bill for off season workouts, travel team fees, tournament fees, etc. Most of the time, these parents are doing it primarily to benefit their own child, but fortunately they recognize to make their kid better, they need to make other players better, too. While you certainly need a good high school coach, many successful coaches benefit from all the extra work of others.
  3. Illiterate

    Should Malkin be suspended?

    Slow motion always makes these look worse than they are, giving the impression the offending player could have avoided the contact. Malkin sppears to more attempting to protect from an impending hit as opposed to initiating contact. Two players coming at each other at high speed....stuff happens. While a player has a duty to prevent head hits, he is obligated to himself to protect himself.
  4. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    Locally, probably because many are not teachers, tend to be of the seasonal variety. Teachers have constant access to their players to 'encourage' off season workouts, which amounts to year round practice. Non-teacher coaches have limited access, which makes a difference. Unless you have kids attending non-mandatory instruction, coaches have limited time to teach individual instruction. Therefore, coaches seem to typically exploit/focus on the better athletes and/or focus on getting players to function as a group, with emphasis on basic skills. You can produce good teams, yet the star players still fail to have learned the fine skills in individual players that are needed to excel at the next level
  5. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    7 to 10 years?
  6. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    It would be interesting to compile a list of local athletes who have competed at the college level in any division for any sport. D1 players get followed, D2 and D3 barely get coverage. Quite a few do go on, but, sadly, a majority of them seem to quit after a year or 2 and/or fail to achieve any significant playing time. I suppose for local we could include DAHS, DCC, and Brockway.
  7. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    Of note, in today's world, making a player run as a form of punishment can potentially be construed as a form of abuse. Forcing a player to run for something their parents said would easily classify as abuse or most likely harrassment. Don't believe me? Google 'player harrassment and abuse by a coach' and you will start to find using running to punish on the verge of being something you just don't do.
  8. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    It seems most D1 athletes have played multiple sports in high school. As D1 athletes as typically far superior athletes, they simply do not have to put in the extra time to out-athlete other les-gifted players. I think you will find most D2 and D3 players also played more than 1 sport. Even to play on most D2 and D3 college teams, you still have to be a very good athlete. After the games, a group of us were discussing how many soccer players have gone on to play soccer at any level in college over the last 7 or 8 years. Then of those, which earned significant playing or competed all 4 years. Mostly we focused on the boys, but we managed to think of a few girls. The number we came with may be low, simply because we didnt know. We came up with some from DuBois, Clearfield, and Punxsutawney. Even DCC and, surprisingly, First Baptist has/had a few players play a season or 2 at the college level. ECC has also contributed a few recent players. Maybe we missed, but we could not think of a single Brockway boy that has played on a college team in the last 6 or 7 years. Most of the players seemed to have only lasted a season or 2, with very few having significant playing time. (Most colleges keep a very detailed history on their school websites, so was easy to verify a lot of information once you found out the school.)
  9. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    The truth is you can't. While it might be possible to limit 'non-mandatory' open gyms and workouts that take place on school property, there no way to regulate activities that occur off campus, especially those that do not involve a school coach.
  10. Illiterate

    Brockway District Sports

    The accomplishments are truly impressive. The downside is D9 is probably the worst district overall in the state for soccer. Many of the smaller schools are struggling to keep teams afloat. Aside from no local club team system, football and even off-season basketball pulls most athletes. The newer concept of fall ball and travel baseball, drains the pool of athletes. Same with the growth of volleyball, which takes players from the girls' teams. Soccer in D9 is mainly driven by athletes who happen to also play soccer as opposed to primarily soccer players. Very few D9 soccer players go on be on college teams in any division, let alone be impact players. At the high school level, many kids sitting or mostly sitting, the bench for other teams, could be solid contributors on their soccer teams. However, the draw of football and the increase of one-sport athletes in the other sports hits soccer the hardest. Contrast this to D3 and D7, and perhaps D3 and D11. In those districts, soccer is taken every bit as serious as football, where league champions and district playoff entry and seeding are hotly contested. D3 often field 16 teams in each classification, with the other districts often filling at least 8 or more teams per bracket. (Note: I follow a lot of high school soccer from those areas as I have a lot of relatives playing in Districts 3 and 11. They take soccer very serious and the competition at the high school and club levels are very high and competitive.)
  11. Illiterate

    Pay to play?

    When asked to define myself, my occupation would be not even be in the top 5 of descriptors. My occupation would be hard pressed to make the top 10. I am many things, with my occupation being an extension of 1 of may things I enjoy and in which I am interested and make me, me. I am good at my job and I enjoy it. I enjoy gardening, but I am not so good at it. I like trains and chainsaws, which have zero relationship to my job. I am a husband, father, brother, uncle, son, tree-cutter, train modeler, etc. Somewhere down the line, I am what I do. i have associated for years with many people who have no idea or maybe just a vague idea of what I do for a living. How is this possible? Easy. When I am at a model train show, I am talking about trains, not aspects of my job. I find people who stake a whole or substantial part of their identity on their occupation to be rather dull and unimaginative people...IMO. I have just seen way to many people ruin marriages and other family/friendly relationships...which should be the most important aspect of their life...because the only thing they can identify with is their occupation.
  12. Illiterate

    What the heck is going on in our schools!!

    It all depends. Topics are rarely neatly and cleanly divided. Mole Day actually celebrates Avogadro's Number, which is an unofficial holiday celebrated mainly by chemists and chemistry students. Therefore, Mole Day is a chemistry topic. The concept of dressing up moles (the animals) is merely a play on words. Mole Day originated to celebrate chemistry. As such, anything related to the event can now be rolled into the activities surrounding the event.
  13. Illiterate

    Pay to play?

    I have always said the Debate Forum made for a great while-on-the-toilet read. Then again, I 'aint that much of a political debater. However, start into things science related and niche topics like paying for education or taxes that directly affect my pocket, things can change rapidly.
  14. Illiterate

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I say it is more important how it is stored after it is caught and then how it is prepared. I spent some time along the New England coast. Most 'fresh fish' has been stored on ice for days and weeks at a time....depending on when it is caught and how long the boat is out and what type of fish/seafood. Watching them unload the boats, at times, can make you want to swear off seafood forever. I think the standard rule is fish is considered fresh if caught within the last 10 days.
  15. Illiterate

    Banning Alcohol in Colleges and DC

    Kind of enjoying your part of the discussion. Where I work, females dominate the male-to-female ratio. And most...three-quarters roughly...voice many of the same ideas you do. These women are very outspoken as a rule. What I have learned is that most women are mentally stronger than most men give them credit for.