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  1. Default router settings typically dont play nice with Comcast modem/router/wifi. For those unwilling or unable to properly configure the devices, going with the all in one is easier.
  2. With comcast you can use your own modem and router. If you have comcast phone, you just need to purchase a telephone modem. If you buy, you will break even in 12 to 18 months vs renting. However, you will need to be your own support person.
  3. Don't forget the other job requirements: Willingness to work countless hours, schedule all your vacation for 2 weeks in August, have an understanding spouse and family that doesn't mind you never being home, have an understanding employer that allows you to schedule all your work activities around the sport, ability to deal with parents and administration, ability to run a budget and some fund raising, etc. Most guys I know get into coaching because they think it will be fun and a way to still be part of the action. Most don't bargain for all the other responsibilities and duties. Coaching can be a strain on relationships and family. Most jobs don't exactly fit nicely with football game and practice schedules, not to mention the other work, such as game planning. Coaching is/can be very stressful. Finding quality coaches is difficult. And so is retaining them. You have to really love the sport because you sure don't do it for the pay.
  4. If players/families see that as their way to college and/or the pros, why not? While it's great to talk about the overall concept of 'fairness' or what ever you want to call it, but for the individuals involved, they are seeking what is ultimately the best situation for them .
  5. Of course, the reverse can be true, too. Enter D9 playoffs with a so-so record and thump the upper seeds. Overall, I just think it makes it more fun and unpredictable than the same teams are constantly playing each other in both league and district games.
  6. Not completely sure, but I think the ICC is mostly District 6 schools. When Curwensville returns to strength, it might make the D9 playoff pairings/seedings interesting, if not a bit confusing, considering Ville will have a limited number, if any, games vs D9 opponents.
  7. Illiterate


    If you want to have a really spooky Halloween ToT, check the sexual offender address lists. While most certainly they existed back in the day, knowing where they now are makes things more interesting on your chosen route. I don't know how much sociological and psychological benefits arise from a few hours of gallivanting around seeking free candy, but I do remember walking myself to and from kindergarten as a 5/6 yo. But a different time.
  8. Illiterate


    Gotta love Halloween. 364 days of the year, we preach to children not to talk to strangers, enter their homes, and to not take candy from strangers. That one magically night, we encourage just those behaviors! I know of a few areas that host Trunk or Treats, Treats n Trucks, or what ever they choose to name it. Basically, an area is chosen...i have seen it at city parks, large parking lots, or just along the streets...and those wishing to distribute candies and other treats to Halloweeners do it out of the trunk of their cars or have a table set up. Usually other organized activities are set up as well. The idea is to take the kids off the streets into a specific area. kids aren't roaming up and down streets and those that do not want to hand out treats aren't bothered by knocks at the door.
  9. Comparing teachers to Mother Teresa? I am quite sure Mother Teresa knew she was getting into a lifetime of poverty. However, with an average salary in PA of $57,000 to $60,000, plus some lucrative benefits, teachers are hardly candidates for being considered to be poverty stricken. It is much easier to pursue a 'higher cause' with a good income and benefits.
  10. Then just shrug it off. Be proud someone noticed your kid's athletic skills. In order for recruiting to occur, a parent/player has to say 'yes'. For a parent to say 'yes', they have to see some advantage for their player. A successful program will attract better players without the need to recruit. If a player moves because another school offers better academics or social situation, no one cares. Let a kid move for better athletic opportunities, everyone loses their mind, unless the kid is a benchwarmer, then no one cares. Bottom line is HS sports are meant to be fun. Few kids will ever play for a championship. Some will never even play for a winning team. Parents and fans whine more about transfers then the players. Show me a kid who whines about transfers and I will show you a whiny parent behind that player. And this sucks all the fun out of it. Few of these kids will ever play beyond HS. Most of those that play at the next level will be come bit players at best. If they stay on the team more than a year or 2, they are lucky. An elite few will become starters or significant players on their college team. Of course, every parent that thinks they have a kid with some flash of talent thinks their kid is going to be a star and get scholarships or at least be recruited. Unfortunately, most of even the local studs end up as benchwarmers. Bottom line? Encourage your own kid to do their best and have fun while doing it. Parents should just sit back and enjoy all of it while they can. It goes by quickly. Too quickly to do things that make it not fun. If it isn't fun, then you shouldn't be playing. Everything else is just background noise.
  11. I am thinking you need a hobby or something else to keep you occupied. Monitoring conversations between individuals and lurking about the city park, watching for coaches that may have a conversation with players can't be healthy. If you see a tangible, outright violation, by all means, report it. Obsessing over what you assume to be some dark, sinister activity doesn't seem like a valuable use of time.
  12. That doesn't mean she was recruited. On the other hand, if she was so far down the depth chart she seldom played, you couldn't care less. There is a difference between players being recruited and a player deciding a different program will benefit their future goals more than being stuck in a poor program and a player being actively recruited. Often, high school coaches are involved with other teams... local LL teams, travel teams, tournament teams, etc. Many just like to coach and are good coaches. Some will even offer instruction and coaching sessions. Players themselves will seek out the better coaches. Coaches will often know better players and their parents simply through various social and athletic associations. A good coach is eager to see players excel whether or not they are on his team. A coach interacting with players is no reason to automatically assume recruiting.
  13. A coach cannot approach a player and actively recruit for a sport, but he/she can can talk about it's academic programs. If a player from another school approaches a coach and asks about the school, the coach if free to talk about the academics of school. If the player asks about a sport, the coach is permitted to talk about the program. What the coach cannot do is say to the player "I want you to come to my school so you can play 'sport X' for me." Unless you stuck your head into the conversation, you really have no idea what kind of verbal exchange occurred between the coach and the player. The best tool a coach has is to run a good and winning. A well run program will spike the interest of better players seeking a better opportunity. Incidentally, aside from the softball program, DCC isn't exactly raking in District titles. And for the softball program, all those girls receiving all the accolades? All of them have been in DCC school since at least elementary, with most being there since preschool and kindergarten. I challenge you to name one significant player that was recruited.
  14. There are a lot of college grads that are not working in their area of study and/or are not directly using their degree. Many of the skills learned required to obtain a degree are readily transferable to seemingly unrelated fields. Research, writing, presentation, analytical, and organizational skills are core skills to many fields. The much maligned Egyptologist, depending on her focus, may have had courses of study in math, chemistry, geology, and biology, among many others. Combining all these knowledge bases and skills could lead to a lucrative career in something not even related to Egypt. She might have to search some and extend her net of job searches, but it can and does happen. There are a lot of careers that require a very diverse set of skills that would never even be considered a major at any college. If you dig around Indeed or other job sites, you will find many job descriptions that make you wonder if anyone on the planet would even come close to having the required skills.
  15. The cups are are no where near the actual bars. However, it will be interested to see if Boyer screwed with the original recipe and method of making Clark Bars. Clark Bars were different than similar items such as 5th Avenue bars. Glad to see them come back, but have to wait to actually see them on shelves and try one before I get too excited.
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