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  1. Illiterate


    Fantastic!!! Kubla Khan...second greatest poem ever, outdone only by Jabberwocky.
  2. Illiterate


    Wonder what the stats are of people who grew up in DuBois but now live in Sandy (and vice versa). Must be an outright scandal if a City dweller marries a Sandy dweller!! Whatever Gotham Dubois constructs benefits Sandy residents just as much. I live in Sandy and it was damn fun watching my kids play on the baseball fields in the City Limits (and EGADS! right alongside those city kids!). The lit up downtown is rather nice, although the runway lights to the hospital is a bit much. If you stood 10 people side-by-side, unless you asked their address, you would be unable to tell where they lived. The area residents go to school together, work together, shop together, and everything else together. Not one single bit of difference between them. I must confess I am not native to this area, but I have been here for well over 30 years. I am still amazed the city vs country dweller attitudes even though the entire area is basically at its core a bunch of hicks and rednecks (myself included).
  3. Illiterate


    Sandy and DuBois are no different than thousands of other communities across the country. Sandy does not have the lock on the definition of livability. I have relatives that live in New England less than an hour outside of Boston. They have a nice, large home on about 10 acres. The cost of living is no different than around here. In fact, you would see little difference between here and there. And the area has grown. The area also offers lots of amenities for the younger population the area attracts. Plus, travel time to work is no different than most folks travel to get to work around here. The old and the new blend pretty nicely and my relatives love it. They get 'country' living with all the benefits of the larger metropolitan area. The future of Sandy is not a bunch of old folks sitting in front of their garages swatting flies while chatting about lawn tractors and tomato gardens.
  4. Illiterate


    I see a lot of vacant retail space. However, considering the lack of retail outside the immediate DuBois/Sandy area, DuBois is the 'shopping mecca', unless you want to drive for a couple of hours. The driving factor is mostly healthcare professionals. Then again, fancy cars and large homes stand out more than the average cares and homes. There is also the segment of society that has no issues going into debt up to their eyeballs to have a nice car and/or a big home...and toss in the impressive vacation.
  5. Illiterate


    #1 Bush actually leads the team in tackles for the season. I think he is one of those guys that just goes out and does his job without having to showboat every tackle. #2 He does suck at challenges #3 I think the OC dumbed down the offense so much, it was like playing in a wheelchair. The offense just became so darn predictable. The QBs should have been let to play and not just play to not lose. I think both Rudolph and Hodge would have done much better. For example, how many slants did you see either of them run? Assuming Ben comes back, the Steelers should do pretty well. The defense is awesome, now you just need a half-assed offense that is at least a threat to score more than 10 points a game,
  6. He also finished by stating discipline should be returned to the schools, after stating disciplined was applied with no need to tell the parents. I don't have an innate trust of anyone disciplining my kids, especially without informing me. I hear tales of the 'old days' and a lot of it sounds like near abuse. And it not like teacher abuse of students is a rare thing. In the 70s, I can remember teachers slamming kids against lockers, publicly humiliating them, and verbally abusing students for even the most minor of infractions. There are teachers that enjoy their power over students. On the other hand, we had a high school principal that his mere presence commanded respect and authority. He could quiet a gym full of students with a snap of his fingers. Yet, I never heard him raise his voice or even seen him much more than slightly annoyed, not matter the situation. Students respected him, not feared him. He earned the respect and trust of his students and parents.
  7. Not a matter of administering "hard" (whatever that exactly means) discipline. The issue is of who will be administering the hard discipline.
  8. They make the most of their possessions. And when you are limited to 8-12 possessions per quarter, with them getting points on over 80% of possessions you are getting points on maybe 50-60% of yours, they just simply start pulling away. It really frustrates the other team.
  9. As far back as I can remember, that has always been how ECC operated, even in the lower grades. They play their game plan: ball control, few turnovers, be patient for good shots, play disciplined defense. And wait and watch for other teams to make mistakes. When you watch them play, you might think it is a close game, but when you glance up at the scoreboard, ECC seems to be suddenly up by 10-15 points. Their points per shot attempt and points per possession must be amazing.
  10. There so many factors and bias that come into play. Telling a kid to sit down and shut or to knock off goofing around or other minor issues, not a big deal. However, anything that could result in anything from detention to possible expulsion is another matter. Athletes and honor students seem to get a lighter sentence. Average Joes and Janes may not get the same consideration. A kid that is simply not as well liked or if the teacher has some issues with the parents can result in uneven punishments. On occasion, school officials will or will try to pressure kids into admitting to doing things they didn't do. Parents must be part of the process and kids accused of more serious issues should not be left to face officials alone.
  11. Thanks for the tip. Have stop next time I go by...which is soon! On a related note, I have developed a taste for the offerings at Blackbird Distillery.....moonshine.
  12. If you think some middling high school history teacher is going to discipline my kid and then not inform me of the incident, you are off your rocker. While I will grant some leeway for minor infractions, anything over a certain point is definitely my business. While the school needs to maintain control and discipline, I have seen way too many teachers abuse the privilege. I have seen and experienced students unfairly, unjustly, and/or erroneously punished by some over-zealous school official. If you feel you must instill fear in the student population to maintain control, then you are a failure. Some faceless school official, acting as absolute judge and jury over my kid, meting out random punishment, without my knowledge, is definitely not in the cards.
  13. My son and daughter bring me a wide variety of craft/local beers from New England, Upstate New York, and North Eastern PA as gifts on a regular basis. Probably well over 300 so far. Less than 10% are ones I would consider drinking again. Super hopped up and wild flavors aren't my thing. I like beer to actually taste like beer. Craft lagers and pilsners are more my style. Then again, you are likely to find Old German in my beer fridge...something my Dad drank on a regular basis. If i have to 'learn' to 'appreciate' the brew, probably not my style. Like most people, I go to a bar to enjoy being with friends. I don't go armed with a notebook to evaluate the beer.
  14. To be fair, there are a lot of really bad tasting locally produced beers. Just because something is a craft or micro beer doesn't mean it is actually a good tasting beer. I will say I have tasted way more garbage craft beers than good ones. Taste is on the tongue of the drinker. If one really likes a large brewer, then that is what they drink. One is not good and one is not bad. It all depends on the drinker. Of course, drinking with friends improves the taste of any beer.
  15. Unless it is consistent, I don't get to excited about minor mistakes or omissions. If i generally like the food, getting the wrong wing sauce isn't going to make or break my day. Barring food allergies, getting honey mustard vs honey BBQ isn't a life or death situation. Not even worth my time to give 'em a call. Now, if I order 3 subs, and only got 2, I probably give 'em a call, especially if I paid for 3. If it is that big of a deal, just check your stuff before you walk out. I prefer most people want to do a good job, but, being human, people makes mistakes. Of course, it helps when you go pick the stuff up, you don't remember what you ordered anyway, so....
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