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  1. Are you implying that I should feel guilty that hard work and God-given talents have allowed to become successful enough to eat myself into being a fat slob so that now I require stretchy pants to contain my ever expanding gut and man-booty?
  2. I don't buy women's handbags, but spending $275 for a handbag doesn't seem to be an Amish value. Of course, I don't see the selection of a handbag to be 'part of my story'. A handbag is a place to carry stuff as opposed to a life style choice. Kudos for being successful at selling a couple of pieces of stitched together leather for a premium price. Wish I would have thought of it!
  3. Sandy Sewer :(

    Note that I am a transplant to this area nearly 35 years ago. I also currently live in Sandy. It is my sincere belief had Sandy and DuBois merged about 30 years ago, this would be a much more prosperous area. Instead, they waste money fighting over things like sewage and water and just about anything else you can think of. I am quite sure businesses have looked at this area. All the pieces are in place: easy access to major highways, decent education system with public and private, including college, facilities, low cost of living, reasonable distance to major cities and colleges, healthcare, and numerous other advantages. However, the infighting between the locals probably has caused many a business to bypass the area simply because they didn't want to deal with local politics. You can't complain about youth fleeing the area while sitting back an wanting to remain 'anonymous'. Would years of 'instability and uproar' be worth it? Yes, definitely. Right now, the only hope for the future is the young and outsiders that move into the area take a wiser approach and cast off old territorial notions and the us vs them attitudes. Fortunately, eventually the old plugs in the sewer will die off allowing progress to made.

    As a public field, I think the field is open to public use when it is not being used for a scheduled games or practices.
  5. Clarion Kmart To Close

    Guess you will hear over there now is cricket......... (OK, terrible joke, but couldn't resist...)
  6. Switching verizon

    I am checking out Xfinity as well. Been with Verizon for years, so it is tough to jump ship to another provider with its potential issues and problems.
  7. DASD

    Good, experienced MIS techs are hard to keep. Pay them too low and they quickly take off for greener pastures. Considering how almost everything is dependent on a fully operational and functional computer network, a good MIS tech that keeps the system up and running with less downtime is probably well worth the pay. However, I am not quite sure what the going rate is for an experienced technician. More than a few are necessary if they are also troubleshooting and updating student computers.
  8. Switching verizon

    Wonder how well the new Xfinity phone plans work. I think they use Verizon towers as well. Also, if you are a Xfinity customer, you can connect to wifi hot spots all over the place.
  9. Not really anything new or a big deal for that matter. Locally, Ridgway had a very successful lady kicker a few years ago. I am pretty sure Curwensville had a lady kicker only a year a 2 ago. Both ladies were soccer players as well. Kicking successfully is more about technique and leg speed than leg strength/size. Only issue that occurs is if/when the lady must attempt to tackle a much larger ball carrier.
  10. Student Rights

    Never said you allow your kid to do such things, but it does happen. If you think your kid isn't capable of such things, then you must have them on a very short leash or be totally clueless. At some point, you do have to unhook them and simply trust them. And they have to trust you. I trusted my kids, but reserved the right to verify. I guess the difference is how you handle those infractions and whether the kids actually learn anything from it or the punishment simply causes them to be more creative in devising ways to not get caught. Blaming colleges and frats is a total cop out. Hazing, drinking, etc are all on the student, and by extension, the parents. In most cases, these are, or were, 'good kids'. Somewhere along the line, the students failed to learn, or were never taught, the concept personal responsibility. While definitely not a super parent, and most likely lax by some parental standards, I was able to send my own kids 6+ hours away to colleges and not worry whether they could handle themselves or be responsible without constant parental supervision or us having to intervene in every problem and issue. Based on their educational and professional successes, I must have done something right. Definite wins for me.
  11. Student Rights

    On the other hand, something could have happened at school or during those activities. Bullying perhaps? Maybe a specific event that provoked such a response?
  12. Student Rights

    Huge difference between 4 boys splitting a single warm can of Coors Light out in the tool shed vs wandering in at 2:30AM totally drunk. Similar crimes, but yeilding vastly different punishments.
  13. Student Rights

    I wasn't even referring to the more 'extreme' stuff many, if not most, kids do. However, I highly doubt there a kid out there, no matter 'good', that doesn't do things that are highly objectionable to the parent's moral code. It could be anything form sneaking that glass of champagne at the family wedding to referring to a classmate as a b**ch within the confines of their social circle. In the contest of the original post, any of these minor infractions could be deemed by a school to be a major infraction resulting in severe punishment by the school, even it occurred off school grounds and had nothing what-so-ever to do with a school activity. Stay in the shallow end here. There is a difference between parental disapproved behavior and the kid heading down the road to a life of debauchery. I do notice the phrasing 'most likely NOT' and "I do not believe". Of course, I guess it depends on how strict is your definition of 'acting up'. A 16 yo trying a beer at a friend's party? Not acting up. A group of 14 yo boys playing poker and smoking cigars while sleeping out in the woods? Not acting up. A 15 yo saying they 'f**king hate geometry'? Not acting up. Then again, I didn't intend to raise Stepford children. Maybe not things that are parent approved or a proud parental moments, but hardly makes them bad kids.
  14. Student Rights

    Chances are pretty good your kid behaves that way or similarly on at least a few occasions, but you simply never hear of it. It is important to consider the post was meant to be private among a group of people she calls friends. What's next, a 'friend' reporting a private conversation at Sheetz? Maybe a 'friend' turning over a text? As a parent, you can choose to punish your child as you see fit. It this case, the school is stepping in on a private conversation and inflicting punishment. The school becomes the judge, the jury, and the executioner.
  15. Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dies At 91

    (Again, not specifically directed at you personally....) Your extreme edge of moral behavior may be less far than those of many others. For example, you may think girls wearing skimpy bikinis coincides with immoral behavior whereas the rest of society obviously does not. Although the moral boundary keeps extending, I think collective society does a decent job of controlling the moral boundary. At least a Caligula-like society isn't the norm for most of society. I knew a girl in high school that was fond of stating that sex outside of marriage was acceptable if you were in love with that person. Sounds reasonable, I suppose. However, she was known to fall in love quickly and often. Not quite sure where that fits on the morality scale.