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  1. Typical summer scene: Kid sitting on the porch steps with ice cream cone and a dog Kid takes lick kid wipes nose with hand then transfers cone to that hand so he can wipe nose with other hand Kid takes a lick dog takes a lick kid takes a lick kid lick ice cream off his hand he just used to wipe his nose dog takes a lick kid takes a lick....
  2. Good bet if you asked a lot of people where electricity comes from, they would point to the wall outlet.
  3. For those that have a sense of humor...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ6mVumHY9I
  4. Doesn't this actually describe the average husband when the wife isn't around telling him what needs to be done? I could teach a class in this. However, teaching people to be non-productive would in and of itself be productive, so I guess I shall pass.
  5. Not sure if a large grocer would have enough of the cardboard stock boxes to handle all the customers. In addition, those stock boxes would be a lot more difficult to wrangle out of the store and into car then into your house, especially if you had multiple larger boxes. Back to the sanitary aspect, cardboard, especially reused cardboard, is a very dirty item. Even a barely noticeably dampness in a cardboard box can easily result in carrying in a wide variety of molds, spores, and fungus into your home. (Those buggers see cardboard as a feast!) Not to mention they shed a lot of particles. No to sure I want reused cardboard coming in direct contact with my foodstuff on a regular basis, especially perishables.
  6. Not to throw a wet blanket on things, but I am curious as to why the parent set the gofundme account at $1000, with proceeds to be get them back in business, go towards their man cave, and to be divided among the boys. I may get it the amount was the $180 they had stolen, but $1000 (with about $800 already donated) seems quite excessive. If the stolen money is returned, now they get that as well or will they consider donating it forward? Seems like they are taking advantage of a bad experience. I thought they wanted to earn the money and not take a 'handout'. Note: I don't blame the kids, but rather an 'overzealous' parent.
  7. Free, but under direct supervision. And the kids (and responsible supervisor) must pass a basic verbal hygiene test. (Hand washing, keeping area clean, keeping pets from area, etc). And the stands are subject to random, drive-by inspections, with the concept of further educating kids if something is not quite correct. This stuff does sound like cool stuff and supposedly educational for the kids. However, the risk always exists that something bad might happen. If someone gets sick from the lemonade (or other stuff they might sell), who is responsible? Who gets sued? The kids? The parents of the kids? The parent who organized it? The owners of the property the stand was on? And this stuff is part of the 'learning process' and taking reasonable precautions is a responsibility to be learned.
  8. Illiterate


    You may not have the choice. Your children/relatives simply may not be able to provide appropriate care for you. If you are afflicted with degenerative disease, you may not even be aware of what is happening to you. What is really sad is when the person has outlived their own children. Also, depending on when you had children, your children could be elderly as well! Think about it...if you make it to your 90s, your children could be into their 70s.
  9. Most people really don't care about the chairs. I don't 'chair up', but I have yet to have an issue finding a good spot to watch. I usually like to be within the first block or so. Those in the parade, well, their enthusiasm seems to wain as the parade nears the end. More fun to watch while they are all fresh and and still excited!
  10. Illiterate


    Based on a relative's recent experience, it depends on how the money was spent. If spent on needed medical care/necessities, it is unlikely to count against you. In their case, some of the money the parents got from the house was spent on remolding. Handicap access (ramp, bathroom handicap access, handrails, etc) was not counted. However, the money spent on other things (windows, carpet, and the like) was counted. I agree if you have substantial assets, you should have to spend down your assets before state aid takes over. Your are right in that I, as a taxpayer, should nopt be on the hook just so children and relatives can receive an inheritance. Although, I would allow for money set aside to fund a child's or grandchild's college tuition. Unspent tuition is then the property of the state (so as wealthy grandparents don't try bequeathing $500,000 for each of their grandchildren to avoid it having to be used for nursing home care!) I think most just 'quote' the last entry that sparked them to reply. That is generally how I do it. Not actual targeting of a specific poster, in most cases. Heck, most times, I am only vaguely aware of the name of the poster when I reply.
  11. Illiterate


    If you buy your parent's home at fair market value, you are good to go, even if you buy it the day she is admitted to the nursing home. However, you had better be able to show that either through loan and/or cash exchange, an actual monetary amount has been transferred. In other words, if you paid cash for let's say your parent $50,000 home, your personal account better be deleted $50,000 and the $50K should appear on your parent's financials and then traceable as to how it was spent (if all of it was spent, such as for medical care that will not show up as an asset unlike as a new car would). Highly unlikely to get away with paying cash then just having your parent slide it back to you under the table. Concerning other personal items, it can be tricky. General, personal items such as jewelry are typically not counted, unless you fairly recently purchased some fairly expensive items or have a lot covered under insurance. If you has a Picasso hanging in your home, that will probably count towards your assets. You get a one car exemption, but, while your 4 yr old Ford Explorer might get overlooked, it may not be the same with your 2yr old $100K BMW 8-series Coupe In any case, you should get the help of an attorney to make sure all the legal stuff has been met.
  12. Check out Jitterbug...Verizon network, bigger easy to use phones. Relatively inexpensive, but covers the basics. Depending on age, the usual smart phones can be more complex then needed and the small icons and such can be difficult to use. Know some folks that use them and they do like them.
  13. Sexual objects are toys. For adults, but still a toy. Now those we keep locked up!
  14. Should note though that during the Boston Bombing, I hade quite a few friends in the area of the bombs, some within less than 100 yards. The all said the response from people was amazing...there seemed to be more running towards the area of the bombs to help victims than there were running from the bombs.
  15. Answering your question is only a problem when you don't like the answers your are getting....
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