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  1. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    I blame it on a co-worker. She is a real snow freak...only person I know wishing for snow armagedon. Her husband stopped by in the morning and during the course of weather discussion, she looked at him and said to him that she couldn't remember the last time she got anything over 8 inches and if she didn't get it this weekend she was going someplace she could. He chimed in that he would have siutcase ready for when she got home. Things went downhill after that. Redfaced the rest of the day.
  2. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Well, you just know everyone would just have to be involved in such a delicate situation. As long as they are involved with your care... I would more concerned if they sent you to pediatrics for after care....
  3. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Why do the words 'home circumcision' sound like a bad idea?
  4. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    The nurses can always use as good laugh.....
  5. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Depends how juicy the peach....
  6. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Gotta be careful around those wet spots...
  7. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Bet you would be walking funny....as people tend to do when walking through deep snow.... On a snowy night, most women would be more than happy with 6 to 8 by morning.....
  8. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Reminds me of an old Newlyed Game clip.....a woman said she wanted snow on her wedding day, but it didn't snow during the day. It was OK though because she got 8 inches that night....which made her happy.
  9. Illiterate

    Weekend Snowstorm

    Was gonna make a joke about men overestimating things in inches, but decided it might be in poor taste....
  10. Illiterate

    Reputable coin dealer

    As with anything old and potentially collectible, many people fail to realize there is a significant difference between wholesale and retail value. Dealers typically offer wholesale prices, but neophytes, based and internet or book retail values, are expecting a lot more.
  11. Illiterate

    Naked guy dacing in town

    Think yer looking to close.....
  12. Next time the wife is feeling frisky, might have to break out the pineapple rings.....
  13. Iceberg and tomatoes. Oil and vinegar, with salt and pepper. I must be doin it wrong.
  14. I thought pineapple was just pineapple.