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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/kotaku.com/the-art-of-girls-licking-doorknob No dirty pics, but some bad words. Seems this was a Japanese trend.
  2. I bet if you keep your eyes peeled, a week or so after Valentine's Day you should be able to assemble a fine collection since that should be about the time wives and girlfriends are tossing their 'thoughtful' gifts, after the mandatory one time wear, into the trash.
  3. Was your husband reading the employee training manual from Robert Kraft's favorite massage palour? Can only image what else he found if he did a search contining the words "knob licking".
  4. That photo is wrong on way too many levels.......
  5. UPMC is the 800lb gorilla that likes to throw its weight around. In this case, they really didn't give Wolf an option. I don't think UPMC spent a dime to sway Wolf. They didn't have to. It's not like Wolf could shut them down for 'disobeying' his orders.
  6. Bad breath would a great tool to encourage social distancing, which could make using mouthwash counter-productive.
  7. But why not now? Why wait? Be part of the solution. Take yourself even more out of the equation. (Being purposely annoying now.) Of note, I am thinking the lockdown is much preferable. Way to many people in Lowes. It interferes with my shopping.
  8. Why are you even going into the store? Order online and let them deliver and load curbside. You can even leave your car if you want more distance. There is absolutely no reason to enter the store, unless you like to pick your own stuff, which is is kind of selfish, since you are just as likely to pass on the disease as anyone else in the store. Plus, if you use the curbside service, the other store employees have one less person to risk being exposed to during their day, unless you have no regards for their health and safety. Same goes with Lowe's. Respect the employees. Order online and use curbside so you only risk exposing one person to you and not the 2 or 3 or more you may encounter in the store. (Yes, I am being a pain.)
  9. I have always been taught God knows your past, present, and future. However he does not dictate or direct the process. Dictating the process would nullify the concept of free will. God knows before hand the choices you make, but doesn't involve himself in the decision making process of your decision. Tough concept to wrap your head around. In terms of your impending death, God knows when it is but doesn't direct the action.
  10. I was mostly OK with Wolf's actions until he started calling people cowards. Then it went further downhill with threats to deny money for COVID cases. Throwing in additional threats to pull state license and essentially encouraging insurance to not pay claims was way out of line. He started to throw a dictator-like tantrum. Big loss of repect from me.
  11. it will be interesting to see how these treatments and medications end up getting priced out. There will be so much scrutiny over pricing, companies may just not be able to collect a windfall like many other drugs. There is also a chance if the pricing is out of line or at least appears out of line, the government can actually commandeer their patent. If that is the case, there just might not be the dramatic stock price increase. "But the government has a potentially powerful safety valve at its disposal to counteract outrageous pricing by the pharmaceutical industry. Under 28 U.S.C. § 1498 (“Section 1498”), the federal government has the power to use or manufacture any patented product, and must provide only “reasonable” compensation to the patent holder. The government could therefore elect to either contract with another manufacturer to produce a cheap generic version of expensive patented drugs. Or it could use the threat of Section 1498 to negotiate a license from the brand-name manufacturer to use their drugs at a steep discount." https://www.peoplespolicyproject.org/2017/10/02/the-government-can-legally-commandeer-drug-patents/
  12. Many are wearing them as chinstraps, so what's the point?
  13. After having to go out yesterday (5/8) and get somethings to fix a toilet, I kind of prefered the lockdown. One would have thought Lowes and Harbor Freight were giving away the store for free with all the people aimlessly wandering the aisle. It was great to be able to walk in, get what you need, pay, and get on your way. Guess it is back to waiting behind the husband and wife consuming way too much time and space, debating the merits of upgrading to a curved flush handle for their toilet. The traffic really sucks now too.
  14. Illiterate


    I have a friend whose half-brother became his step-dad. Does a brother-daddy beat an uncle-daddy. I once asked a guy from WV if he divorced his wife would she still be legally his sister. He hasnt talked to me since.
  15. Illiterate


    When someone uses the phrases'relatively speaking' or 'its all relative', it shouldn't be in reference to your up coming nuptials... Definition of nuptials (Merriam Webster) 1) of or relating to marriage or the marriage ceremony 2) characteristic of or occurring in the breeding season Choose your definition wisely.
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