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  1. duct tape + popsicle stick = poor man's viagra
  2. Well, not exactly...parallel lines dont cross....
  3. I just noticed your tag underneath your name.......
  4. Wow, that was direct! No "wink, wink" double entendre there at all.
  5. I would love to be fly on the to hear you explain that to your employer after failing a random drug screen......🍭
  6. Illiterate

    Penn State 2018/19 wrestling

    If you check in a day or 2, or even the same day, you can often find every bout/match in it's entirety posted on YouTube.
  7. Illiterate

    Finally some parity in state playoffs

    He wasn't saying DCC recruits...just a scenario.
  8. Illiterate

    Finally some parity in state playoffs

    I detect some hostility. Frankly, the response is just a 'talk back'. Saying 'you' is just easier than saying (or typing) "those that 'whatever'". You just becomes the token for the group under discussion. Now, do I favor recruiting? Depends sort of on the definition. What I do favor is a player being able to play where he or she wants to play. To me, that is truly in the best interest of the player. If a player, for whatever reason, thinks he can succeed elsewhere, why restrain him/her? If a player initiates the contact, then the school should be free to sell them their academic and sports programs. For all I care, a player can move because of inadequate playing time, doesn't like his teammates, the coach, or even the color of the locker room. Do I think schools should advertise for sports...no. I stand by, if privates/charters are placed in a separate playoff track, they should be allowed to recruit. For those that think all privates/charters recruit, the only reason is because those that think all privates/charters recruit think privates/charters are recruiting. (Sorry, going back to the 'you' token...much easier to type.) If that is so, then let them recruit. If local schools want to retain those players, then build a better program! The reality is a kid can only be recruited if that kid sees some personal advantage. Open transfer can be easily accomplished, but still have rules so it doesn't get too out of whack and that the recruiting school does have 'penalties' to pay when they do occur. The 2 system playoff format does punish the large number of schools that do operate within the rules. ECC is a monster due to its youth programs. DCC, if they are recruiting, they need to hire a different person because what they are doing isn't working. Kennedy is the within-the-rules rule breaker...teams like that well, what they do is unfair. DCC an ECC seem to be well-accepted with in the D9 sports community. Neither school is ripping off players from local schools. That is in comparison the the likes of Kennedy, Linkin Park, and most Philly schools. Again, the hypocritical part of transfer players is only star or stud athletes are the focus. If a career benchwarmer or non-star player moves, no one cares. People only care about transfers and moves when it will affect their team. There is no concern for the actual player and what is best for that player. The player can be absolutely miserable, but as long as he/she is helping the team win or possibly the only reason they are winning, that really is all that matters. If that stud would then, say, destroy his knee and be able to play at a high level again, no one would care if he transferred. As far as DCC, the Varacallos (basketball) and Adam Fox (baseball) are young, active, well-liked coaches with a solid background of personal success as well as being upstanding citizens. There will be kids that want to transfer just to play for those coaches. Kids will move not necessarily to win championships, but to be with a coach that can help them achieve their goals. I favor a competitive balance/relegation style of system.....one system.
  9. Illiterate

    Finally some parity in state playoffs

    I think it was in the late 90s or early 00s, (I could be way off on those years) 3 schools in very close in proximity all had state level girls' basketball programs for a period of something like 5 or 6 years. The schools were Altoona, Williamsburg, and Guilfoyle. Most years BG and Williamsburg were in different classification but for a year or 2 were the same. BG was accused of recruiting (typically when they were beating Williamsburg). BG-Wlliamsburg games were nasty. The question begged, from whom were they recruiting? All 3 teams in close proximity were considered top 4 in their respective classification. BG being in the mix essentially allowed another group of girls from that area to excel. Some girls that may have been 4, 5, 6 or 7 at the public school simply went to BG so as to increase playing time. I think what really happened was there was excellent coaching in the area and most of the girls played together and traveled and were highly dedicated. Locally, when DCC won their first D9 baseball title in over a decade, a few years ago, I think all those kids were always DCC. (They lost to DuBois 1-0 in extra innings.) We also discussed the fact that most of that team (starters) would either not be playing high school baseball if they went to public or would have been buried so far in the depth chart as to see limited playing time. We figured 2 or 3 would have been considered impact players at DuBois. At DCC they could start as fresh/soph vs sitting the bench until jr or sr year. Sometimes, having another option is actually the better thing for the kids.
  10. Illiterate

    Finally some parity in state playoffs

    Best descriptor of private/charter schools if have seen comes out of District 3. They call them freedom of choice schools. Let's face it, these issues are less concerned with 'fairness' or 'safety' or any of the other good sounding reasons. The main reason this comes up is because people are primarily concerned with giving their little Jack or Diane the best possible chance to win. One way to do that is simply eliminate any competition that could be better. Suppose 6 basketball players arrive at DCC. If those players end up being bench warmers or the players just aren't very good, nobody cares. However, one very good kid shows up and everyone loses their mind. Probably the best way to handle all this is in line with the system of relegation they are putting in place in some sports: the more and longer you win, the higher the division you must play in. Start losing, and you drop back down. Merit, performance, and ability based system. Schools that clandestinely recruit are eventually going to end up at the appropriate level of competition. Also, just because your a big school doesn't mean you have a quality program, so eventually you will sink and rise to your appropriate level(s) of competition. The main point is that if you are separating out a certain group because you accuse them of recruiting, why then shouldn't they be allowed to recruit? It wouldn't affect you one way or the other at that point. Really can't have it both ways. Many kids that go to Catholic schools pay below the list price. These schools have programs in place based on financial need. It is quite possible there are a significant number of kids that are going free anyway. That free kid could knock my kid out the the Valedictorian spot and I am paying full price! Aside from the state duels, wrestling is primarily an individual sport at 'playoff time'. I have often wondered why the split occurred for individual. As most wrestlers are taught outside of the school, school size has little impact on on their performance. This is true for any individual sport: tennis, gymnastics, track&field, etc. For individual sports, the more significant thing is access to and/or ability to pay for the extra instruction. You and I could have similar basic wrestling skills, but if your parents can afford to send you to top clubs, instructors, and tournaments and mine can't, you will be better because you had the opportunity to learn the finer nuances and skills of the sport. The same could even be said about team sports. If your school soccer team has 8 club players and mine has none, is that fair? When all is said and done, no matter what you do, someone is going to find a way to designate things as being 'unfair'. At least what seems to the predominate mindset, people see being the top finisher among a group of bad teams as better than 4th among a group of very good teams. Not so much as seeing how good you are against whatever competition is in your way, but rather how I can knock down my opponents to at or below my level. Final note. Bishop McCort did basically the the same as BeCa. Built it and they came. McCort was also 'overly' competitive for a first year/ new program. Shiny new top notch facilities, good coaching, and the prospect of practicing every day with other high quality wrestlers was an instant draw, much like BeCa.
  11. Illiterate

    Finally some parity in state playoffs

    If non-boundary schools are forced to compete in a seperate playoff system, would you be alright with those then being able to openly and actively recruit? If not, why not? Really, you can't accuse a school of recruiting, seperate them out and tell they still can't recruit or accept kids from other schools without some transfer hoops to jump through. Assuming non-boundary schools could then be able to openly recruit, the net effect could result in a drain of better athletes from public schools. The better athletes in an area often play together during the off-season and many would jump at the chance to play together at the same school. Recruiting schools could make quite a case. And what would then stop, say Clearfield in football, from deciding they too want to recruit? How fast do you think scholarship programs would pop up for these transfers? I think the first course of action, while keeping basically the current transfer rules in place, would establish "boundaries" for the private/charters. For example, DCC could accept kids from Brockway, DuBois, Punxsy, Clearfield, Brookville..schools they normally do have kids from...without repercussion. Accept an athlete outside of those schools...you must up your class for every player. You could add in a 'quota' system, say DuBois resident no limit, but if the team exceeds more than 20% or more combined of the other schools or more than 2 non-related players from any one of the , you must move up. Of course, you add any combination of the above and force up multiple classes. The thing is, most privates/charters do not recruit. Locally, kids that play for DCC or ECC have been in those schools since elementary. Transfers are few, unless you think they are recruiting 8 year old studs in 2nd grade.
  12. Illiterate


    I think information was passed orally.....
  13. Illiterate

    DuBois Mall is in a Receivership Sale

    Altoona has a much bigger local and regional draw. Plus, it has a large number of stores to choose from. DuBois could have built itself up as a large retail center. However, that time is mostly past. The past 25yrs has mostly been a case of DuBois and Sandy competing, not cooperating. Too busy fighting over sewage. Wasting money literally on $h*t. Along with that, so I am told, owners of businesses fought to keep out other industry so as to keep wages low and 'control' the local workforce. With its location, DuBois/Sandy could have become a regional force in retail and industry. Banks seem to like the location and healthcare seems to have thrived, but eventually those will suffer as well. I am sure companies did look at DuBois and Sandy as locations but choose not to battle local governments and business leaders. The other thing is that DuBois seems to carry a negative vibe. The naysayers are out in voice about everything. You name it, DuBois is down on almost everything other communities would love to have: The hospital, the ball fields, the local college campus, Treasure Lake, etc. Even when the Mall was at full capacity, people would go out of their way to not shop there. Eventually you would hope new blood with fresh ideas and enthusiasm would start to take over, but with most of our bright and talented taking their skills elsewhere....
  14. If this had been some 3rd string sub that rarely played, this incident would probably end as part OF ESPN's comedy clips.