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  1. Those fields also include engineers, geologists, safety and regulations, and other job titles that may not be employed at the drilling or mining site. Most of the very well paying occupations could easily be located in an office building 200 miles form the drill sites. Say you have 3 job titles, A, B, and C, equally distributed across a category. A = 100K/yer, B = 75K/yr, and C = 50K/yr. Average wage for the category is $75K/yr. Location X only employs B and C, so average wage for that category in that location is $62.5K/yr. Location Y is only A and B, so average wage is $87.5/yr. Locale Z is only C, so average is only $50K. C appears to be underpaid as a category, but but for a job title, it is the normal wage. There may be a lot of in the field workers across the county, but very few of the higher paid engineers, while a urban area may employ fewer overall, but those guys are all the highly paid engineers. A real comparison is of on-site drill workers from across the state, then that would have to be adjusted based, let's say, on actually production at the well head.
  2. Actually, your data shows occupational groupings, which may not be the same positions. Within those groupings are perhaps dozens of job titles. The fair comparison is job title to job title. The county may just happen to consist of primarily the lower paid positions while the much higher paid positions reside elsewhere. Nor does it seem to adjust for important consideration such as cost of living or cost of doing business. I am not saying that Clearfield County isn't economically depressed, but there could be other solid reasons for the differences.
  3. At least now I know the place is still open. All this time, I thought it was a closed business! However, I haven't been into serious biking since soon after my college days (wife, kids, and job kind of cut into the riding schedule until it became non-existent.) I have a couple of Shoguns and a Specialized stored away in my parent's garage. After 25 years of storage, I am sure they will need some work to get ride ready again. At least now I know there is a reputable shop nearby. Of course, they are probably real dinosaurs by today's standards.
  4. Without further details, it really is tough to make a totally fair comparison. Many of those general job categories are quite broad. For example, Information can include everything from the help desk people to the computer architects and engineers. Your probably not going to find many of the upper end paying Information jobs in Clearfield County, whereas larger areas with tech companies are going to have to significantly more of the higher paying specialties. In the same vein, your not going to find many lawyers in this area charging $500/hr fees or having clients that pay multimillion dollar retainers. Many of the occupations within the job categories are more concentrated in urban area than rural areas. It would be much more interesting to see breakdowns county by county coupled with specific job titles within the broad categories.
  5. Not everyone is cut out to be a tradesman. Then again, many tradesman aren't cut out for many of the above jobs.
  6. I probably get 90% of my shoes and clothing locally. Then again, I ain't a very stylish dresser. I am one of those guys that finds a pair of pants and then will buy the same pants in 3 or 4 colors. Same with shirts. Actually, I will do the same for shoes! And the occasional suits (wife keeps shrinking the old ones). Sneakers, I shop for older styles and can often find many pairs I like at Ross. Again, not a very stylish dresser. I get the need to go elsewhere for a lot of things. There are a lot of things that would not sale enough items to make it worth anyone's effort to maintain a large supply. High end items, cameras, electronics, and a lot of other specialty items. However, there are a lot of folks that will not even consider stepping into local stores, not even to buy a pack of gum. Then you have the folks that will buy online to save $2 on a $100 item because they think they got a good deal. I seriously like to buy local and use local services when ever I can. Mostly cause I don't see it worth my time to drive 1 1/2 to 2 hrs to save $10 on a few items or to look at more items in which I see little difference anyway.
  7. Pittsburgh is attracting a lot of high tech jobs and companies, especially in AI and robotics. Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Uber all have a major presence. In fact, the 'Burgh is one of 3 cities chosen by Uber to test and develop their self-driving car technology. Of course, if you consider high tech to be assembling TVs and circuit boards, then yes, most of that has moved out.
  8. State College has a ton of tech jobs. To bad some of those couldn't be lured to the DuBois area. I get located near PSU has advantages, but the cost of living is much lower around here. Plus, PSU really isn't that far away. If Pittsburgh manages to land Amazon HQ2, maybe the overflow will reach this far. Amazingly, Pittsburgh is a bastion of high tech.
  9. That's only a small part of it. A lot of folks first choice for shopping is either Pittsburgh, Erie, or Altoona. Or online. They won't even take a look to see what the local stores have to offer.
  10. pH Question?

    Essentially, pH will affect the compounds that can be formed. Boron, for example exists as either boric B(OH)3 or borate B(OH)4 depending on pH. (pH measures availability of H ion) The 2 different ions react differently with other elements, producing different compounds. (You have to take into consideration other elements which may be present.) A higher/different pH can form a compound that is less able to be utilized. (pH is also affecting other ions and their chemistry, thing can get very complex). Nutshell: pH affects element chemisty, which, depending on other conditions, can produce other compounds that form tighter bonds not easily broken thus making that element unavailable for other uses. Also different ions may be utilized over others.....ion A maybe preferred, but the current pH produces more ion B, so less of the base element is available for use.
  11. Doc G’s

    That is kind of beer snob territory. People drink what they like. If that be a big brand beer, so be it. However, essentially stating only craft/micro brew beer is good beer is totally off key. I have tasted a lot of craft/micros that were a total waste of yeast and water. By the same, I do enjoy some of big brands as well as a many of the craft varieties. Concerning Doc G, I have made the rounds on their various offerings. Some are good, some are outstanding, some are downright awful. Unfortunately, their growler bottles do not have the brew listed on the bottle, therefore, I can never remember which one I liked. (Note: I have 9 empty growlers on top of my beer fridge..keep forgetting to take them back.) Beer, for the most part, is an acquired taste. It is fun to try new stuff, but most people are going to default to what they like, irregardless of the brew origin.
  12. Free Photo Editor

    It all depends on your needs. Make sure you have a really good monitor -- $$$. And be willing to just dive in and practice. GIMP is a free, full-featured program. I think it is probably the best...rivals Photoshop. The learning curve can be very steep, however. Although Google killed it awhile back, I continue to use Picasa. With a little digging, you can still find it online. Try these (at your own risk!) or (If not, I may be able to send you the program.) It has decent basic/low level advanced photo editing capabilities, awesome cropping, photo leveler, and a lot of special effects. The best part is it is an incredible photo organizer for your desktop...the reason i still use it. If you take tons of phone pics that you want to keep/edit, I strongly recommend SweetHome for Android (I think a version for iPhone exists). If you want yer phone pics on your desktop, this nifty app will automatically download those pics and other app pics to your desktop/laptop/server over your WiFi. Easy to set up, but works great, although naming and filing system for the downloads can seem a bit awkward at first. If you have a Canon camera, the Canon software (ImageGarden, I think) is decent for simple editing and is also a good photo organizer.

    I think Nutting is something like the 10th richest owner with a fortune of over $1billion at his disposal. In a small market, what type of owner they need is one that is merely looking to break even most years and not actually to make money. In short, a person with deep pockets and loves baseball and wants to win with no real need or desire to actually make any money off of it.
  14. Steelers part ways with offensive coordinator Todd Haley

    It may be better for the team. If Munchak would move to OC it would take away work time with the o-line. Success with the o-line may have actually cost him the OC job. Also consider that Fitchner may already have, as a QB coach, the experience of working with all parts of the offense.
  15. Steelers part ways with offensive coordinator Todd Haley

    Randy Fichtner, QB coach, new OC. Still think Munchak is in-line for HC should Tomlin fail next year.