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  1. Big cash payouts seem to be the potion that heals.....
  2. Just claim of forgetting all the Python quotes gives you high anxiety. The should be reason enough to get your official and legal 'medical marijuana' card. On second thought, still quoting them well into adulthood should be reason enough.....
  3. Clark bars rule! Boyer has brought them back. The also are now making Clark Bar cups, which also includes those point cards..... I like Reese Cups, but Clark Bar cups just blow them out of the water....
  4. A better one comes to mind, but it is not among family friendly listings.....
  5. I kinda like the debit/credit card method. In cities/towns that aggressively ticket parking scofflaws, it can save a fine. Download the app and you can reload your meter with out having to run back down the street or leave a restaurant to feed a meter. And you don't have to overload a meter 'just in case', which saves a few quarters.
  6. Without meters, people would simply fill up the spots, using them as their personal parking spaces. The fine has to to be enough to discourage the practice of not paying the meter. Park all day for a $5 fine vs feeding the meter every couple of hours...might just be cheaper to pay the fine.
  7. Lining pockets and egos are probably the primary reasons consolidation has not occurred.
  8. I thought I escaped the quoters of all things Monty when I graduated college. I just never understood the fascination with lame British humor by the American college male student. It really amounts to nothing more than a male bonding ritual among the guys that can't get girls. ((I would use a less socially acceptable term, but I am being polite.) Let's face it, the surest way to end a date is to start quoting Monty Python movies.... Maybe if i offer you guys a wafer- thin mint.....
  9. I worry about the occasional mysterious possibility of a flat tire.... I work around and with diehard SandyTownshipers (maybe its Sandtonians?). To end conversations or just generally piss people off I will make a simple obtuse remark about a merger....
  10. Monty left me unamused, but, I was a huge fan of Benny Hill.
  11. Being an outsider, I must really be evil. Not only do I use the services offered by DuBois, but when people ask me where I live, I say 'DuBois', even tho I actually live in Sandy Township.
  12. It is like that in every rural township in the central third of PA. Heck, my sister lives up a mountain side in Mifflin County. I joke that I am surprised they even have electricity. However, most of these townships can actually cooperate with the local city. Locally, St Marys and Benzinger have done it. Sandy is not unique. The concept of the Little House on the Prairie vs Gotham is near ridiculous. The concept of rich city dwellers idly dining on champagne and caviar while the country folk reading each other bible passages by candlelight after a hard day of labor prior to retiring to an early bedtime is equally absurd. The only reason it can't work is because of those that simply refuse to believe it can work. Unfortunately, it will probably not happen in the foreseeable future. Anyways, having a combined office building for both DuBois and Sandy is a good thing. Quite frankly, I am surprised there was even enough common sense to even consider it. Well, at least the Courier will have tons to write about as a portion of the populace take up arms to try to prevent it from happening.
  13. Just another way of saying "I don't have a clue" and/or "I don't understand." You really need to see where I grew up. The southern central part of the state makes Sandy look positively urban. Sandy is far from unique or special as a rural setting. There is nothing more special about the people that live there. My wife grew up on a farm. Most of my friends in high school were farmers. The 'city' had a population of well under 3,000. To find a town with a population over 8,000 you had to drive at least 30-40 minutes on non-state highways. EGADS!
  14. I will preface this with the fact that I am an 'outsider' who move to the area almost 40 years ago. I have raised my own kids in the area. Chances are good, once my kids become settled elsewhere and I have retired, I shall probably move on. Actually, there might not be much to stay for in another 10 or 15 years. The only thing that might keep me here is if one of my kids happens to relocate back to this area, which is unlikely. I built my home on about 10 acres or so in Sandy. Really, I can't tell the DuBois 'city' folk from the Sandy country folk. For that matter, I can't even tell which live in the Lake, who also happen to be Sandy folk. As an 'outsider' (who has been told many times) I don't have a clue and I don't understand, all I can say is I have seen these 2 communities spend much more time and money undercutting each other than trying to cooperate to improve the area. The fate of one depends on the fate of the other. DuBois if far from being a luxurious city by any stretch of the imagination and as far as I can see, most people in Sandy aren't exactly living as homesteaders. If your main concern is that by DuBois and Sandy being a unified government could result in prosperous community, causing a massive influx of new residents due to rapid expansion of the local industrial and commercial complex that could spread in the tranquil countryside, then maybe I see your point. However, I highly doubt that would happen. But, I do believe a unified, or at least highly cooperative local governments, could improve the local economic situation. May not cause a significant expansion, but would at least slow or maybe stop the local slow downward spiral.
  15. too easy.... ripped off for panties that are going to be ripped off?
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