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  1. D9Sports is unique in that it is essentially an independent sports site. However, my point is that it is far from comprehensive. There are many newspaper related sites that are way more comprehensive in coverage of all local sports, including player interviews and up-to-date stats and records. If you are interested in football or basketball and some baseball....coverage is great. Not so much for other sports. I do follow D9Sports and log into the site and I do think they do a good job on what they choose to cover. Comprehensive means including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something. Power rankings, done correctly, do not place emphasis on single games. Power rankings are based on a body of work and many other factors, probably even school size. If a AAAA school beats an A or AA school, that should be expected. But, it is a much bigger deal if a small school beats a big school, but much less shame if they lose to the bigger school. Is a big school that is only 0.500 or so against schools of similar size really considered better than a much smaller school that dominates schools of similar size? (Clearfield has 314 boys vs 102 for CL.) The only thing that matters is final standings based on the seeding points with in your classification and then, of course, who wins the playoff games. Everything else is pure conjecture.
  2. While there are there are the Kennedy Catholics, Beth Catholics, Linkin Parks, and Constitutions, most private/Catholic/charters simply do not engage in recruiting. Players are attracted to coaches and traditions more often than lured in. You often also find a family history of attending that private school or at least attending private schools in general. My own kids played sports at DCC and I can't recall any kid coming over for sports, at least one that was a huge impact difference maker. Even against ECC, we played against the same kids from about 4th grade on in all the sports. Of course, some kids do cross over for a chance to play whereas at their own public school they would be unlikely ever to see the field of play, if they played at all. As far as how private should be handled in general come playoff time, I think the emphasis should be more on the school's history, how long the students have been in the system, overall level of success, exactly where their player reside, etc. Even at some public schools, those schools might as well be private schools as their athletic programs are so well honed they actually do attract people to move into the district just for the sports program. Some powerhouse public schools skirt the PIAA rules on off season practices, practice times, etc, which IMO, makes them just as bad as schools that openly recruit. One simple solution might be to simply allow schools to declare themselves as a recruiting vs non-recruiting school. Playoffs would be split based on that designation. A school caught recruiting simply gets kicked into that category. Locally, the 2 Catholic schools do allow for a greater number of players to participate in athletics. Many of the DCC players across the various teams most likely would not even be on rosters at DuBois, Clearfield, or even Brockway. Even if they were, playing time would be limited. Power rankings are worthless. KSAC, AML, and northern tier teams don't really play each all that much during the season. Point differentials don't really mean a whole lot either. Point differentials are usually based on coaching philosophy. Some coaches will leave in starters or star players during blowouts just so they can pad stats while other will freely substitute bench players. Illness or injury to a player or 2 can also cause wild point swings. This makes it tough to compare. A league with a number of good teams tend to give each other losses, thus knocking them down for playoff seeding purposes. A good team in a very weak conference or schedule can emerge unscathed, but still not be the best or even a top 4 team, but a great record gives them seeding advantages while other better teams knock each other out due to seeding that put them once again up against each other in earlier rounds. D9Sports is comprehensive when it comes to football. Extensive pre-season reviews, in-depth coverage of every game, pre- and post- game summaries, and tons of up-to-date player and team stats. Boys baseball and basketball follows as second (D9Sports does not seem keep running stats or current records.) Girls softball and basketball even more behind that. Coverage does increase during playoff time. However, wrestling, volleyball, soccer, swimming, tennis, and golf receive sparse coverage, mostly limited to some coverage during playoffs. To be fair, the Courier Express is not much better. with significant coverage limited to a few select teams in the non 'big' sports. For example, the CE posts all-star selections for football, wrestling, boys and girls basketball and baseball and softball, but not for soccer (and maybe not volleyball?). Sure you can eventually find most scores on D9Sports, but far from an overall comprehensive high school all-sports site. (How often do you see DuBois' boys volleyball team mentioned?) In the eastern half of the state, over-all coverage to all high school sports seems to be far superior to what is typically offered in the western half. (Typically, it is by the local newspapers.) Pittsburgh area does a decent job of recognizing all athletes and teams across all sports. The way to a long life in the local papers beyond your high school years? Play in any of the following and your will continue to receive fairly regular coverage: minor league baseball, college football-any division, D1 baseball.
  3. I agree it was a very poorly researched, if not outright slanted, reporting job. D9Sports generally does a good job at reporting D9 sports, however, they are unabashedly anti-Catholic/anti-private/anti-Charter when it comes to high school sports, at least as indicated by their tweets, especially during basketball playoffs. They are also very brutal on officiating, which in turn unfairly helps support the concept most officials are biased and/or incompetent by players, fans, and coaches. The latest tweet exchange concerning this probation is focused on what might happen and seems to give the idea they are eagerly anticipating further sanctions against DCC. I am also quite sure there are a few schools that would love to see DCC rubbed out of the playoff scene in baseball and softball for the next few years.
  4. Illiterate

    Public Transportation ??

    Transportation services are integral to tourism and athletic events or any other local attraction or event. Of course, if nothing at all is going on, then limited reason to have extensive transport services. The occasional odd transport job in't going to earn anyone enough of a living to make it worth their while.
  5. Illiterate

    shelter dogs

    One shelter told me home visits are to see if the animal was the correct fit for the family/new owners. Sometimes people take home a dog from a shelter only to find they can't handle the animal they selected, the animal is tearing up the furniture, tries to bite visitors, too big, etc. The home visits give the adoptive family a chance to return the animal without all the associated guilt.. The bottom line is, no matter how much you want to assign human characteristics to your pets, they are still animals. That cute, scared little doggie in the shelter could turn out to be a vicious little jerk once you get it home.
  6. I once knew an older priest from my hometown. He was pretty frank about the life of a priest. Definitely not a glamour job. In terms of priests not be able to marry, he also said he agreed with that concept. He used to say a man cannot have 2 masters. Basically, he thought a priest could not selflessly serve both the members of his congregation and a wife and family. Times would occur when he would have to make a choice between congregation and family, resulting in a no-win situation for neither congregation nor his family.
  7. Illiterate

    Our forum

    if you evaluated debate issues the way you evaluate wrestling matches and wrestlers, yer good to go.
  8. Illiterate

    Our forum

    Debating topics is not the issue. It is the antics of the 'debaters' that caused the closure of the debate forum. As far as I can tell, Steve is not shutting down one favored side over another. As I enjoyed the 'theater' of the debates, a lot of it was cringe worthy. The DF was dominated by a relative handful of people with some treating things as if it was their sole domain. Undoubtedly, the collective of debaters was it own fire ring, causing many others to steer clear of the forum, which in effect caused them to avoid the entire site altogether as the DF collective fire ring was spilling over into the regular forums. The metrics cannot tell you how many folks stopped coming altogether due to the antics of the DF fire ring. If you wander in to catch some local news and see a small group arguing over everything, you are less likely to come back. For example, if someone simply made the comment or started a thread "the new fields look nice" it was likely to devolve into a debate over taxes, entitlements, value of sports, etc. very quickly. The loss of a few debaters will probably be more than offset the increase of folks, even if they are casual visitors, coming back to a more pleasant board. One way to increase bar business is to get rid of the riff-raff that is always getting drunk and starting fights.
  9. Illiterate

    Our forum

    I think so, yes. The debate topic isn't necessarily the issue. The issue is how folks present their arguments and how they respond to each other.
  10. Illiterate

    Our forum

    Everyone can have their own fire ring,,,,,lol
  11. As most clergy work with and around children in some respect, most clergy probably are considered mandatory reporters.
  12. Starting to kind of crossover into a debate on religion in a few posts. Technically, it is a vow, not an oath. None-the-less, secrecy of the confessional is a cornerstone of Catholic teaching. Here is not the place to argue or debate the tenants of my or any religion. We can all agree pedophile and abusive priests are bad and the Church needs to work harder to prevent it from occurring. As no religion is immune form similar occurrences by its pastors and leaders, it is probably very safe to assume your church is abusing children at the same rate. The difference is the Roman Catholic Church is a a large, structured, well-funded entity. The scale alone will have more criminals in terms of raw numbers. Some pastor, with a tiny congregation in some small backwoods town, who abuses a kid or 2 is not very likely to make national headlines.
  13. Most priests probably are already mandated reporters. However, priests are bound by the Seal of Confession, which is absolute. There are no circumstances which allows a priest to report to any authority what has been heard during a confession. There can be as many Federal and State laws you could ever possibly want, but, very, very few priests are going to break the Seal of Confession.
  14. Illiterate

    New Credit Card

    Estate lawyer is still the best bet. It is easy to get entangled in nuances of the various laws that may come into play. Plus, if their are any questions or issues that do arise, and you do need lawyer at that point, it is best to have one that is already familiar with your case and circumstances. "Tucking it away for her" may not draw much attention if it amounted to 'pocket' money, but if a new car or remodeled kitchen appeared, that could draw suspicion. The other thing a lawyer will help ensure is that your assets will go to the intended people, as well as protect them while you still exist. I recommended to my own parents to make their will and everything else with as little involvement with we children as possible, unless we are all present. Your child's spouses need to be factored into the equation as well. (You may or may not wish the spouse to have anything in the event of a death or divorce that occurs and your will is never changed and/or you will stuff to your grandchildren that are not of legal age.) If one child seems to be over-involved with the process, it becomes way to easy to have the will challenged if one sibling believes the other sibling coerced or otherwise guided the parent(s) in how the estate was divided. A good attorney can help make sure no monkey business is occurring or has occurred. Simply telling each child what they are to get is never a good idea. When it comes to money, you can never really know how someone will react. Nursing home (LTC) insurance can be expensive, depending upon your age. Polices can cost in excess of $5000/year. And that is typically only for about 4 or 5 years of care, unless, in some plans, you can also afford to continue the premium payments while you are in a nursing home. This is less expensive than LTC care, but you have to be able to afford the premiums of the insurance in the first place. Typically, one child ends up doing most of the care for elderly parents. Paying that child a reasonable or fixed rate could be a way to avoid scuffles come will reading time. However, we were strongly urged to have all the siblings agree to the payment and sign off on it, if we were to go that route. Also, the sibling receiving payments will need to keep business-like records of everything.
  15. Illiterate

    New Credit Card

    Does your lawyer specialize in estate planning? There are multiple methods such as Living Trusts, Beneficiary Deeds, and Co-Ownerships. Probably a host of other methods as well. A simple will causes as lot of issues. We siblings went through some of the process for our parents. Depending on how much real estate and other stuff you own, I would seek out an estate planning lawyer. Also, remember, Medicaid can place liens against your home should you need nursing home care, which you should consider. Medicaid has a 3 to 5 year look period period on transfer of assets.