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  1. This so incredibly stupid as an item....I want one. Had the entire family enter.
  2. Daily? Now that is some impressive, obsessive dedication!
  3. Illiterate


    We werent football parents. Generally one weekday and one Saturday. Typical drive was 3 to 4 hrs for away games. About 2 for home. About 20 games total. Weekdays started at 730, Sat games either 1 or 7.
  4. Illiterate


    Nah. However, if my kid was still a high school player and some group of dipwads wanted to make a statement by refusing to move and affected the game, I would be mega-pi$$ed off, to say the least. One can disagree with the rules as much as they want, but if their actions affect the players.......
  5. Illiterate


    Excellent choice, thinking of players first, with much thoughtful consideration of your own personal well-being. The alternative might be having to have a football surgical removed from your colon, after it was forcefully placed there by a gang of irate players and parents. In addition to the tar and feathers. Pain and humiliation are great teachers. But, you can count on more than a few creating some trouble.
  6. Illiterate


    Simple rule to enforce. If you refuse to leave, the official ends the game and the home team takes a loss. Sure, stick to your guns that the rule is stupid, but, the only ones that really get punished are the players of the home team. Do you really want to be part of the reason your home team has its game ended and gets a loss, even if they were winning? Do you really want to face the wrath of parents and fans that adhered to the rule? (Could sell some tar and a bag of feathers at a premium price at that point in time.)
  7. Illiterate


    Being a PSAC parent must be nuts in terms of getting to games, especially if you are a working parent. Aside from the end-to-end state travel, the game times of non-football sports are all over the place. 11AM Tuesday, 1:30 Friday, 10AM Saturday, 7:30PM Sunday, 4:30PM Monday, etc. My kid looked as some PSAC schools, but selected a D3. Most of the D3 conferences seemed to go out of their way to schedule parent-friendly game times. Across all sports, you seldom saw games scheduled before 630PM, whether it was soccer, lacrosse, or women's basketball, which means we seldom had to schedule vacation days to get to games, even though we had to travel about 2 hrs for home games and up to 4hrs or so for a few away games. I think we only missed 3 or 4 games over the college career. (Fortunately, we travel to at least weekday games with other parents, so it cut down on need to drive. You could sleep in the car on the way home, get home at 2AM, and still get to work at 7 or 8!)
  8. Illiterate


    Whether the rule is riduculous or not, schools have little chioce but to follow the rule. If an outbreak could be traced back to a school that ignored the rules, I suspect a lot of job terminations and lawsuits. A school administrator personnel, or teacher would be a fool to risk their careers. In a larger stadium, you could at least not count players and field people. Unfortunately, parents and fans like congregate in groups. Highly doubtful you could get them to stay apart and in their seats. The easiest way to deal with this is simply to disallow live fans and stream the games.
  9. After much quizing of the pharmacists, this is what I got: The program is called 340B. It's a givernment program. PennHighlands is a 340B hospital because it meets specific requirements. Not all hospitals qualify. 340B gives hospitals the ability to by drugs at less expensive prices for outpatients, including retail prescriptions. Other pharmacies in town offer 340B through PH DuBois hospital. If your physician is an employee of PH DUBois, scripts he or she writes are eligible for 340B prices. The PH DuB pharmacy charges $15 plus cost. If your rx costs you $100, PH paid $85. However, if your doc is not 340B, your Rx may cost you $700 meaning PH paid $685. The pharmacy keeps 2 inventories...one at 340B cost and another at non 340B cost. Entities like ExpressScripts and non-340B pharmacies cannot buy drugs at 340B prices. Since they pay significantly more, you pay more. Drugs are usually cheaper on 340B, but not always. 340B prices change often. Your next refill could be way less, but it could skyrocket, too. (I have heard people complain their drug that used to cost them $30 now costs them almost $150.). The pharmacy has no control of cost. They will always charge cost + $15.
  10. Illiterate


    Ok, promote anarchy and rule-breaking. Entry by ticket or pass only. School gets caught, they lose priviledge of fans being able to attend. Whether a school, player, parent, or fan thinks the attendence rule is worthless, a school or school official would be foolish to break or ignore the rule and allow spectators to enter unregulated. No school or school official would want to be known as the epicenter of a rash of covid cases because they ignored the rule. Could happen even if the rule is followed, but you would have no defense or arguement if you permitted 500 or 1000 fans through the gates.
  11. Illiterate


    I have yet to hear of any schools planning on streaming live games. Most schools probably already have the basic equipment. You can even stream with video with vid capble dslr, some old video cams, or even your smart phone. There are probably even some students who would have fun streaming games announcing, etc. Simple rules for tickets: Home fans only. Dole out 2 tickets per player/cheerleader/band per family (some families could have a player, band member and cheerleader, so only 2 per family). Start with seniors and distribute tickets till gone. If some get left out, they move to first after seniors (seniors always get tickets) for next game. Tickets are non-transferable and not salable...if you will not use them, either don't accept them or turn back in so they can be distributed correctly.
  12. Why would deer want to eat a goose with diarrhea?
  13. Education can be anything from formal education to self-taught. You can have all the intelligence in the world, but if you don't apply it to anything, it really doesn't mean anything. Kind of like those that constantly state 'I could do that if I wanted to. I just don't want to.'
  14. Intelligence without education is kind of a wash... Although my wife usually doubts it, I would be considered intelligent and educated. But, put me in a room full of auto mechanics, I am the dumbest guy in the room. I can describe how the internal combustion engine works, but I sure as hell can't fix one.
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