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  1. Illiterate

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    Check the bleach content on the Clorox Cleanup. You will need at least a 2% bleach to kill lingering mold spores, with a fully wet contact time of at least 10 minutes to get the spores. If you don't get the spores, it will return rather quickly.Aim for a higher bleach concentration. Note that if you use bleach in your stainless steel sink, rinse well. Bleach will cause stainless steel to pit As it being drywall, hydrogen peroxide is probably a better choice. However, H202 solution of 3% (common household peroxide) requires around a 2 hour wet contact time to ensure adequate spore kill. 10% and 35% concentrations are available, as probably other concentrations, which can get contact times down to 10 minutes. Eye protection and rubber gloves are must at those concentrations.
  2. Illiterate

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    If I was buying a home, there is no way I would ever let the seller do his own mold remediation.
  3. Illiterate

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    The presence of mold is not the only indicator. Among the factors include species, air quality (spore count), location, and general distribution.
  4. Illiterate

    DuBois Area High School Closed

    Molds and fungus are ubiquitous in the environment. If a professional air quality service air and surface sampled your home, you would find enough CFUs (colony forming units) to make you want to go bleach yourself. The arrive from your yard, on your shoes, produce from the store, on those Amazon prime boxes, and even waft in gently on the summer breeze. Spores can be difficult to eradicate...normal household cleaners just do not work. Even bleach requires a fairly significant wet contact time to wipe out the buggers. That quick wipe with the Lysol towelette that then dries in 30 seconds did almost nothing. A bit of moisture and some food and it is party time!! (Kind of like uncontrolled college students.) Just because you checked weeks before doesn't mean a problem won't develop after the building becomes filled with thousands of people moving in, out, and around, bringing with them not only the buggers, but causing increases in moisture and humidity just by performing daily activities. It really only takes a small amount of spore-forming colonies to cause a significant increase in air borne spores. I don't know for sure, but I bet the air quality at many schools is sampled at least a few times over the course of the year and not just once annually.
  5. This conversation certainly took a left turn somewhere........ Anyways, what does being 13 have to do with it? Back to cold outhouses...one of my friend's family has a polar bear weekend for the men at their very, very rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere. They pick the coldest expected weekend of the winter and tough it out with beer and steak in tow. I went one weekend. Upon arrival, old Uncle Jake offered a Depends. I refused but told me I would be I would be thankful for it when I found my self outside in below zero weather having to take a pi$$, claiming it aint' easy to pull an inch of "willy" through a couple of inches of insulated clothing with ice cold hands. Interesting weekend and Uncle Jake was indeed correct.
  6. Your still on the subject of toileting, right?
  7. Might have to give that stuff a try. I have seen it around, but I am wary of too many products that make claims that just don't work out. Thanks
  8. Unless you managed to hit exactly between the vertebra of the neck, hitting bone would slow you down a bit. In addition, you would have to hold the saw in a rather awkward position that would eliminate the amount of force you could use to run the saw through your own neck. Unless you are using some sort of home-made rig, I just don't see how you could actually cut off your own head. To do so, you would also have to be able to think through tremendous pain and suffering to continue on much after the initial contact with your neck. Even if you could do it with a few seconds, the instinct to pull away from the source of intense pain at first contact would be difficult to overcome.
  9. On the gas devices I have, I just end up replaces the carburetors. You can find'em on Amazon for about $15-20. I just brought a 20yo gas hedge trimmer back to life with a cheap carb....good as new. They are easy to replace. I make a solid effort to add all the anti-ethanol additives and stabilizers, drain the gas for the season, etc., but on intermittently used gas tools, I get about 3 years before things start running rough.
  10. ...forest for the trees.....in a dicussion that includes chainsaws?,
  11. Used safely, a chainsaw is the ultmate man-toy...loud, dirty, and can cause a whole lot of damage in a very short period of time with very few people willing to bother you while you are playing with it.
  12. Consider those migrants are freely crossing the border from underwear into jean and pant zone.....
  13. I like your spirit..perhaps a new marketing gimmick for fruit rollups What about that chocolate stuff that when poured on dries to a shell?
  14. Seems there has always been that men lack modesty and women are virtuous creatures that must be protected. However, I was just reading an article, in a medical journal, while waiting in doctor's office, that many men actually forego or delay healthcare due to modesty issues. The idea of dropping trou in front of a female provider, or possibly multiple female providers makes a lot of men uncomfortable.