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  1. So I am assuming that from your reply junk the blight is in this area, correct. I pulled all of my plants in early August last year also but I also pulled the plastic then too. I am hoping that the spray I got at a local feed store will help block the blight from my garden this year. I dont have any red tomatoes yet but lots of zucchini if you want some pm me Big TO. My peppers are also loaded but my cauliflower and brocolli dont even have a hint of anything on them yet. The plants are huge.
  2. Has anyone heard what the status of the blight is this year? I spray my plants with a fungicide and I clipped all the lower leaves off today and retied my plants up so that air can circulate around them. I hope this helps as I lost every plant last year and really need to restock my shelves.
  3. Block, Time will ease the pain but the memory may bring tears for a long time to come. My thoughts and prayers for you as you try to get through this loss.
  4. WOW! What a great tribute to Adrienne!
  5. I read that they were deer resistant- guess they dont know about the deer at the lake do they?
  6. I have been noticing how nice these are looking in everyones yards this year and want to plant some for myself for next year. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Do I plant seeds in the fall or plants or wait til spring? Thank-You
  7. I washed all my tomatoes just like it said with the bleach solution but must have had the blight on them harder than it looked because I may only get 1 tomato to eat. All the rest are gone- rotting as they sit. Still looking for some to buy.
  8. Please let me know by pm if you will be able to sell any of them. I am so desperate this year I have contacted a farm in Erie to see if they have any to pick. The prices I am being quoted for a bushel are outrageous.
  9. Thanks lavender. I ended up losing more than I had thought I would but did save a couple buckets of the tomatoes. I read that I can dip them in a bleach solution and then wash and dry them to rid the spores and fungus. I am doing this next on my agenda. Had to come in to the a/c to cool off a little after all that work. Anyone have any ripe tomatoes I can buy after they are done with what they want from their garden please remember me. Thanks
  10. Hey dyna, I have alot of zucchini if you need some pm me!!!
  11. Just came from my garden in tears, I have the blight on over half of my 72 plants. Guess I know what I will be doing tomorrow. :'( Can I pick off the tomatoes and try to ripen them? Mine aren't even turning yet.
  12. Sorry about your loss, such a nice tribute even without pictures. I feel your pain.
  13. Just picked up a couple of packs of seeds tonight and bought our big roll of black plastic. I'm going to talk to my mom this weekend to get our order of seeds sent together.
  14. Sorry for your loss Boobear. She looks adorable!
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