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  1. https://county10.com/small-demonstration-held-in-dubois-this-week/amp/
  2. This is noteworthy, and I had to go to page 7 to find it!
  3. Back to reminising about the briar hill gang. Congrats
  4. Just did a quick search and found nothing on FB.
  5. There's always someone on Facebook marketplace looking for junk to haul away. They appear to be just doing it for the money they get from the scrap.
  6. I can't even SEE the "debate" forum...
  7. Otto wasn't exactly in a G-Rated movie though...
  8. Found this to be interesting... https://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-state/2019/10/22/Pennsylvania-lawmakers-campaign-concealed-spending-scarnati-costa-turzai/stories/201910210089
  9. A continuation of the observations at Platt Road Wetlands.
  10. Made a new video of the Heron activity out on Platt Road. Find it on the Video page here.
  11. Spring Activity at the Heron Rookery. Spotted at least 9 chicks.
  12. We got a bogus package thru UPS yesterday. This prompted my wife to look up aliases for my address. She found that (among others) Anjolina Jolie lives here. The bottom line: anybody can be named anything and we'll never know who is behind them. I try to read articles and make a best guess based on past performance.
  13. I think Dave deserves a message board of his own. You know, someplace to post all those police reports from everywhere BUT Dubois.
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