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  1. Well this is still coming up. The Federal Govt. suspended all activity related to the census until after June 1, so we haven't even been given training yet. According to a published report May 20th, Treasure Lake has only had a 25% response compared to 67% for West Sandy. I guess I know where I'll be walking around anyway.
  2. This is noteworthy, and I had to go to page 7 to find it!
  3. May 28th Unleaded $1.005/gal #2 heating oil $0.945/gal.
  4. Tuesday, May 25th Unleaded $1.045/gal #2 heating oil $1.01/gal
  5. Back to reminising about the briar hill gang. Congrats
  6. Just did a quick search and found nothing on FB.
  7. There's always someone on Facebook marketplace looking for junk to haul away. They appear to be just doing it for the money they get from the scrap.
  8. Thursday May 21.... (wholesale) Unleaded $1.05/gal #2 heating oil $1.03/gal ------------ Local Sheets.. $2.35. Kwik fill $2.29. I-80 Pilot $2.19
  9. video for Memorial Day 2020 http://www.godubois.com/index.php?/forums/forum/75-local-videos/
  10. I decided to create a short video for Memorial Day this year. We all appreciate the sacrifices made by the families of veterans and their service to the country!
  11. I can't even SEE the "debate" forum...
  12. Otto wasn't exactly in a G-Rated movie though...
  13. Found this to be interesting... https://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-state/2019/10/22/Pennsylvania-lawmakers-campaign-concealed-spending-scarnati-costa-turzai/stories/201910210089
  14. Monday May 19 Unleaded 96¢/gal #2heating oil 94.5¢/gal Up 22¢ since May first and 60¢ from April 10th.
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