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  1. That was answered on NBC 7:00 news last night (3/31/2020). YES.
  2. But I think we all would do whatever it took to protect our family. If running away to the pocono's or camp towns does it, I would try. Most of them have no means to get away so " it is what it is". Follow the safety precautions at the grocery and we will be OK.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=807008156475167&id=444325896124864
  4. Tried a camera set to intervalometer to record the neighbor's tree removal today.. 1 photoe every 10 seconds.. viewing 1 frame per .25 seconds. Don't forget my other posts..
  5. Bus line from NYC to Chicago.. 2 per day at Dubois... Travelers at our local gas stations and restaurants by the hundreds... Tons of garbage gets off here headed for Greentree, and the Greentree employees live where? OTR truckers come and go... UPS "Dubois Drop-off" busy every day.. Let's all be careful out there!
  6. _Rusty_

    Power loss?

    Again at 10:12.AM. Penelec website says "emergency repairs"
  7. They appear louder, but there is also a seeing on our smart TV that auto corrects it. I notice a slight spike followed by the corrected signal. And I don't think there will be a "Love Child"... she has a bad rasshhh...
  8. It took me a long time to spot this guy on my phone! 👀 We know of an active nest in knoxdale and valeer. Maybe one of them...
  9. So just like the pandemic of 1918, we can expect a rise in the population about a year later!
  10. What is the range of fiber? Amplified every....
  11. Work still continues replacing the gas lines in the neighborhood. This is a short video of how the horizontal boring machine works.
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