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  1. Regular season rankings in high school are a joke. Until playoff time, they mean nothing. You cannot be paper champions during the regular season and lay a goose egg come playoff time. Take football for example. Everyone knows DuBois has a semi-decent team and besides Clearfield, Karns City, or Clarion they probably have the "best" team in the district almost every year. Even when the team is pretty bad like last year, they'd probably beat 85% of the team's in the district (or more) just because they're a bigger school with more athletes. This is also why you never see DuBois ranked in the state-owned rankings because everyone knows they haven't won a playoff game in something like 25 years. They make the playoffs and choke every season they get in. D9 geographically is big. For one person or one group to be on top of the entire district and each individual team would be impossible. I'd bet the traditionally better schools get more consideration (in the rankings) than a breakout non-traditional school who might be better. If I happened to be a coach, I'd take the local website's rankings with a grain of salt and tell the kids to forget about them.
  2. What if the students on the bus asked the bus driver to listen to the local Christian music station on the bus radio?
  3. gopsu

    And another thing: Paper Plates

    We use paper plates here as well. I buy the BIG pack at Walmart and they last a long time. If we used our actual plates, our dishwasher would be running non-stop!
  4. gopsu

    DCC Sports Probation

    Sorry, today is the first time I've been on GoDuBois in about a week or so and I didn't see it posted in the Sports Forum.
  5. gopsu

    DCC Sports Probation

    I just read this over on the D9 Sports website: This sure does stink for the student athletes knowing that they cannot compete in playoffs (I would assume) for the next year and a half. DUBOIS CENTRAL CATHOLIC PUT ON ATHLETIC PROBATION During the regular committee meeting, DuBois Central Catholic was placed on athletic probation to last from March 23, 2018, until December 31, 2019, for failing to submit PIAA transfer forms for several student-athletes. The violations occurred over a three-year period. The district committee may also place additional restrictions on the school. No other information was provided.
  6. If a bad guy/gal wants to start shooting at kids at a school, he/she dies not need to enter the school building at all. How many kids could he/she shoot at during recess at any of our elementary schools? Or how about during outside gym class or after-school activity like track & field, marching band, football, etc.? Or how about during morning or afternoon bus drop-offs? I 100% agree with strengthened indoor anti-shooter measures, however people forget about the guy who opened fire in Washington, DC at that Congressional baseball practice last year. That shooter could have taken out the entire baseball team.
  7. gopsu

    Access and Criminals

    I don't know, but the last time I was at Palumbo's getting some ground beef and chicken, the couple in front of me at check out sure loaded up on candy before paying with their Access card. I don't care that they got meat with it, but they had at least 6 candy bars between the two of them (and this was not Easter candy). Was the candy cheaper than the meat? Most likely, but in my opinion, candy should not be something you can buy on an Access card. I've said it before, the Access card should be like WIC which has limits. Also, if you have the money to purchase cigarettes and drinks then you shouldn't have as much money each month on your Access card.
  8. Christian
  9. gopsu

    More Kmart, Sears Close

    Our Sears store is so gloomy. I don't think they've changed anything to it in 12 years, besides get rid of the electronic section.
  10. gopsu

    More Kmart, Sears Close

    Shoot, the Sears wish book is how I selected my Christmas presents very year! Once it came, my sister and I would go through it page by page, writing down the page number, item description, and price of whatever we wanted for Christmas. We had a $200 limit each year. If I remember correctly, my Mom would take our lists, call Sears, place the order, and that was 99% of my parents' Christmas shopping (minus stocking stuffers).
  11. There is never anyone in the chat room when I randomly click on it. Once, about 5 years ago, there was someone in there and we chatted for a few minutes.
  12. I personally do not appreciate having to tell my 6 year old daughter stupid things at such an early age. For example, the truck balls/nuts people hang behind their trucks. What purpose do these things serve? I also don't like most things on the radio or on the television. Songs today are awful with all the swearing in them. TV is awful as well with all the vulgarity and nudity. Yes, there's the Disney channel for kids however it's difficult to just flip channels without something coming on that's inappropriate for young eyes and ears. No, you cannot shelter kids forever and they will unfortunately hear or see things from somewhere like the bus or school. However if all parents gave a crap and put their foot down, things could be different. My motto is this, if you were sitting next to your Mom (or your Grandmother), would you listen to or watch what you're doing? If the answer is no, then there's a problem.
  13. Basically no attacks or continuous badgering of the same thing over and over again. If I had a dollar for each time I read that Obama or Trump was an idiot on here, I'd be a rich man. Say it once and move on. That kind of stuff has no worth. Stating that the President has gone to Hawaii or Florida "X" number of times and it costs us tax payers "X" amount of dollars each time and we as a country cannot afford it when the deficit is "X" amount of dollars has worth. It would be great If the 2 party system worked, but I think we are too far apart, one side to the other. There's too much hate in this country.
  14. How about make each Debate Forum topic a poll where each poster must give their point of view from a few selections and then back it up with something worthwhile, like facts. Someone mentioned a 2 or 3 post maximum on each topic. That would work well I think. Some posters, like someone said before me, must have a lot of time on their hands because they are constantly going back and forth for a long time. If you cannot get your point across in 2 or 3 posts, then you're not going to. I have not been on here much lately. I used to be on here daily, most times throughout the day. Some posters have a way of thinking they're right all of the time and it's a turn off. Some things, in my opinion, do not need to be discussed or debated in depth like they are. If you don't like Trump (Obama previously), state that fact once and move on. If you dwell on a topic such as the President all of the time and we read it on every single post, it gets old. I enjoy the Message Forum and the Local Accident Forum especially. Some things I miss on my Facebook feed that someone posts on the Message Forum. The Local Accident Forum is great as Mr. D keeps us up to date quite often. I like the idea of posting like you're talking to your Grandmother. Be factual, be couteous, and be to the point. No one likes a Keyboard Bully. Yes, we all have the power to keep scrolling or even block certain posters' posts, but we shouldn't have to. The 2 party system in this country has gotten this population so divided over the past 20 years (+/-). The constant back and forth has to stop. It has to start in Washington. They shouldn't have to let something in a new law from the opposing party just so their law can be passed. We are one nation, under God......let's act like it.
  15. gopsu

    NCAA Tournament

    I will be rooting for Chicago, as always. 😉