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  1. Facebook posts are what I was talking about. People don't like change. People will make every excuse possible to resist it. The kids will get over it. And in another year or so, these new changes will be the norm.
  2. I'v seen many people up in arms over moving 5th graders to the middle school. I don't see what the big deal is. If the middle school is barely half full and the elementay schools are jam packed, then why not do the obvious and move some kids to the middle school? Kids adapt easily. Parents make a mountain out of a mole hill. If the parents didn't make a big deal out of it, the kids probably wouldn't even care. Where I went to school, K-4 was elementary, 5-8 was middle school, and 9-12 was high school. That was over 20 years ago now. Since then, they closed down all but one elementary school and it now enrolls K-2. They built a new intermediate school and it has 3-5. The middle school now only has 6-8 and the high school still has 9-12. Kids in 11th or 12th grade can go to the local vocational technical school for one year. Some of its programs offer duel enrollment with Pennsylvania College of Technology and you can get your first collge semester completed while still in high school (15 credits for free). At $453 per credit, that's $6,795 savings.
  3. Lowes Prices

    I would agree with that statement. We went there looking to order and purchase new countertops for our kitchen. Evidently no one in the store can assist you in the evening. We had to hunt down an associate in another section of the store and they radioed for someone to meet us near the countertops. About 20 minutes later someone came and said that he was not the right person and that the person who was (right) would be in the next morning. So he took our name and number and said that we would get a call the next day. We weren't in a rush, so a few days went by and no call. I called and spoke o someone and got the same story. They finally sent a contractor out to take measurements. Several weeks went by before I sent an email to the store and finally got a reply back apologizing for the delay and they sent a quote. By that time we went to YBC by the YMCA and they had EXCELLENT customer service. They came and took measurements and even took the time to redesign our kitchen on the computer. They did that in less than a week.
  4. 5 am school or no school?

    Supposedly the snow came unexpectedly and they didn't have the people in place to treat the roads. If you remember that day, it started snowing around 10am (at least in TL). So that gave them about 4 hours to get people in place to get the roads treated. If you know which road is Harbor View road, there were cars all over it that were stuck. It is a windy, hill that you use to get to/from the back gate if you live on the back side of Treasure Lake. For some people, they HAVE to use Harbor View to get to their homes.
  5. 5 am school or no school?

    I've lived here almost 12 years and I still do not comprehend what the criteria is for the transportation director to issue a 2 hour delay or to cancel school. There are many mornings when our road hasn't been touched and there's nothing called (delay or cancellation). Then a few times we get like 2" and school is cancelled. I do not think that the conditions inside Treasure Lake are considered toi much. Everyone knows that in Treasure Lake we get more snow and the roads are much worse. I can leave home with it snowing, get into town and it is not snowing at all. Then I get back into TL and it's still snowing. I call that LAKE EFFECT snow.
  6. 5 am school or no school?

    Treasure Lake road. It has been awful this year so far. A couple weeks ago the main road that goes past the Lake View Lodge to the Marina was a sheet of ice in the afternoon. One bus driver noticed that and did not attempt to drive down the hill towards the lake. Vehicles could not drive up the hill. The driver called security to have them notify maintenance to come take care of the road. After several calls, the driver called 911 since they didn't come. Students sat on the bus for about THREE hours! Some parents managed to walk to the bus to get their kids. A teacher with a side-by-side brought the stranded students snacks and a drink. Needless to say, it wasn't until sometime between 6-7pm that the bus could complete its run. There were MANY disgruntled people in Treasure Lake! There were cars all over the place in ditches.
  7. 5 am school or no school?

    My road wasn't plowed until about 11:35am yesterday.
  8. I would bet some Treasure Lake deer would do that too if they had to fend for themselves!
  9. Hey LFG, I may be moving down your way. Thursday I was told that my group was being realigned and 15 of us would have no job come January 1st. That's almost half of us, my boss included! So needless to say, I'm frantically trying to find a job. There's a position in Augusta,  GA with my company that I applied to. Looks like Augusta is on the SC/GA border.  I'm not sure where you're at in SC, but if things transpire well then I may be your neighbor.

    Besides sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc., are there any sites local to your general area? 

    My wife said if she has to move, it has to be South where it's warm!

    1. LFG


      Augusta is further south than me, basically due west of Columbia. That's a great area, plenty of business and things to do, but not a huge city like Columbia. Industry is booming all over the state right now. CareerBuilder has a lot of local listings, but I'm not sure as far as social sites

      You would be very close to Lake Murray, a beautiful lake in Columbia

  10. 'Elf On The Shelf' Turns 12

    As a kid, some 35 years ago +/-, my Mom had an elf named Buttons who would watch us kids to see if we behaved or not. My mom was smart though, she never said the elf went back to the Noth Pole at night and flew back, so she didn't have to relocate the stupid thing like we now do with the ones in our house! Some nights we forget to move them and in the morning we either have to make up a story as to why they're in the same spot or quickly relocate them!
  11. A freight train could go through my bedroom and I'd probably never hear it. My spouse elbows me sonetimes and asks me "did you hear that?" and I'm like "hear what?"
  12. Good luck hunters

    I took my youngest kiddo to the bus stop this morning around 8:10. In the empty lot next to my house was 2 bucks. They had small racks (spike and a Y), but I'd bet a lot of hunters would love to see 2 bucks while hunting.
  13. "Whopper' Of A Meltdown

    Wow, that's crazy. If the manager is that irritable in the morning when it's generally slow, I'd hate to see her during the lunch rush or dinner rush.
  14. We got our tree and a bunch of chocolate goodies at Sundie's outside of Brockway for cheap.
  15. Good luck hunters

    Looking out my window right now I see a nice deer on the golf course. Too bad I haven't hunted in 21 years now and I cannot hunt out of my house in Treasure Lake. It would be way too easy with our deer pets.