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  1. I also hate going to several stores, that's why I don't like shopping plazas or shopping outlets. I dread going to Grove City because you walk a hundred miles to get to the stores you want to go to or else you have to get back in your car, find a parking spot, and then walk to the store. Add kids, a stroller, and baggage, and it's a pain in the butt. Malls are so much better in my opinion.
  2. gopsu

    B-Line Paving

    I pray that they get it done before school starts.
  3. I wish the schools followed more of a college schedule where the students go back to school earlier and have longer breaks during the school year. If they did that, parents could take their kids on vacations throughout the year more often without worrying about their kids missing more than ten days. After the tenth day, each absence needs a doctor's excuse. So if you want to take a family trip to Hawaii or anywhere else in March, then you're kids will miss five days (or whatever) and that leaves them with just five other absences prior to needing a doctor's excuse. Up until about three years ago, parents could call them an educational trip and the school district did not count the missed days towards the ten day rule. We took the kids to Disney World in March one year and Hawaii in January another year and the missed days did not count. The teachers gave them all of their assignments and they did it all while on vacation and they handed it in the day they went back to school. Being in elementary school at the time, the teachers also asked the kids to make a scrap book and to share it with a presentation when they got back.
  4. gopsu

    ALDF Intends to Sue Farmer's Inn

    I often watched the one bear walk around in circles swaying its head back and forth. I'm not sure if that's normal for bears in captivity, but all I know is that I could not imagine being confined to a small cell. Most animals need room to roam as they travel miles and miles They must be bored out of their minds in every zoo across the world. Hopefully the owners can rectify the situations and keep the animals.
  5. gopsu

    Treasure lake beaches

    Join one of the several Treasure Lake Facebook pages. They do a good job keeping us property owners informed whenever the beaches are closed.
  6. Bring back an arcade to the mall and other stores for teenagers. Parents will drop them off with money to spend if there's something for them to do and buy. Back in the 90's, the Susquehanna Valley Mall was the hangout for us teenagers. It had a nice arcade (Space Port), restaurants (pizza shop was the best), and stores with things that we wanted. We also had a nice skating rink (Sunset Skating Rink) with its own arcade and it had sock hops and all-nighters. I do not care for the skating rink here in town. Like our mall, it needs renovated.
  7. Wegman's itself is a shopping experience that could last you a few hours. The one in Mechanicsburg is great. Every time I'm there, it is packed.
  8. gopsu

    1953 football season at DHS (part 1)

    How about those striped uniforms?
  9. I also pass people in the right lane who do not get over out of the left lane. It drives me nuts that they don't get over after passing someone. I do wish that I-80 could be widened on the hills so that truckers could pass each other as necessary without holding up a line of cars who have the ability of maintaining the speed limit. I totally understand that trucks have the same right to pass slower moving vehicles, but sometimes they're weighted down and can only go 40mph passing another truck going 38mph up a hill and it takes awhile for the passing truck to get back over in the right lane. I like how going eastbound between the Lock Haven and Jersey Shore exits they have 3 lanes. It would be great if there were 3 lanes on the westbound side near the Milesburg exit and the Penfield exit. Earlier this Summer when they had the construction zone with one lane of traffic after the Milesburg exit, I would detour around I-80 by taking 144 and getting back into I-80 at the Snow Shoe exit. All it took was one time for me to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for a half hour to go 5 miles.
  10. gopsu

    What Root Beer Do You Like Best ?

    My favorite root beer is also Barq's!
  11. gopsu

    What Root Beer Do You Like Best ?

    I wish Weis was closer than Philipsburg so we could get these birch beers a lot easier!
  12. I tell my kids all of the time to not post EVERYTHING on social media. A lot of kids have zero restraint these days. They see YouTubers posting everything and for some dumb reason, they follow suit. Many employers look at potential employees' social media accounts to weed out the bad apples. If I was a hiring manager and I came across these photos, good chances I'd skip over her and go to the next candidate. Is she an awful person, no.......however, depending on the job you're hiring for, you may not want someone smoking weed or sucking/blowing on a vape. There's a reason why employers (mine included) ask EVERY year whether you smoke or not. I even get an insurance discount for not smoking. Hopefully this girl learns a lesson and thinks twice prior to clicking on the Post or Share buttons!
  13. gopsu


    This Saturday is our ONE day trip to either Grove City, Altoona, or Pittsburgh for Back to School shopping. I dread it. I know there's absolutely no way we can buy what the kids all need here in DuBois.
  14. gopsu


    Kind of like this!
  15. 120mph in a 35mph zone!?!?!?! I missed her age initially and when I read that she was late getting home I figured she was a teenager trying to make curfew. Then I went back to the top and read that she is 22, old enough to know better. I hope she doesn't plan to drive anytime soon.