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  1. Home Heating Question

    There are many factors to that one! We had a 2700 sq ft home totally propane heated before we moved this Summer. If it was warm like last Winter, it took about 500-600 gallons. 2-3 Winters ago when it was -20°F and super cold most of the time, it took something like 800 gallons. Then it depends on the price if the propane. Buying it in the Summer for the Winter is cheapest. Forgetting to pre-buy is costly. I've already paid over $4 per gallon. So if you luck out with a warm Winter and you pre-pay, it's not too bad.....maybe $1500. Or it could cost over $3000. New home has natural gas and so far, it has been very cheap. Natural gas furnace & hot water heater in this home. The bill I just paid was $37 for the month.
  2. Glad it is reopened. Kids gotta pee somewhere! 😀
  3. Cough Relief

    Spent last weekend outside primarily. Did a lot of walking and sightseeing at a few parks. Came home and then felt like dirt. We have several pets and no mold or mildew that I've found. I've never had issues with allergies before. It'll go away at some point hopefully!
  4. Cough Relief

    My daughter has a nebulizer, maybe it would help?
  5. Cough Relief

    With Vicks on my chest and my feet, I'll be smelling good. 😀
  6. Cough Relief

    The doctor checked everything yesterday. It feels like there's something in the back of my throat tickling it. I wish it would go away!
  7. Cough Relief

    Wow! Nyquil and Robitussin didn't work in the past.
  8. Cough Relief

    I may try some Vicks tonight (if we have some).
  9. Cough Relief

    Bought that previously and it didn't work unfortunately.
  10. Cough Relief

    Suggestions please. Nothing OTC works for me. Once I get a cold, a cough follows.....and it stays all the way until Spring! I went on Z-pack yesterday for being sick all week, but like in times past, here I am still coughing. Salt water gargle, nope. Honey, nope. Pineapple, nope. Thanks for any suggestions besides these that haven't worked. I've been up coughing since 3:30!
  11. Unclogging a drain

    Walmart, Lowe's, Sears, etc. sell hair removers for like $2-$3. The one I recently bought at Walmart is yellow, about 2' long, and has jagged edges the length of it. You push it down your bathtub drain and when you pull it out of the drain, it brings all kinds of hair up with it. We recently bought a home and the one bathtub drained slowly. I used this and it was nasty pulling up someone else's hair. Gag!
  12. Verizon DSL

    Get rid of Verizon DSL. 😀 We had them in TL and had the SAME thing where we had to restart the modem all of the time. Call support and talk to India. Things were magically fixed over and over, but they never were. Switched to Zito cable internet and it's so much better (reliable and faster).
  13. Do indoor antennas work?

    I bought (and immediately returned) one from Walmart a couple years ago. It did not pick up one channel. A friend bought a small and cheap outdoor antenna that he posted on his deck and he said he got something like 20 channels which were crystal clear. He got it off Amazon. We dropped cable cold turkey and only had Netflix. That got old pretty quick and then that's when I tried the indoor antenna. I called Zito and got their cheapest, local channel only package. With it and digital televisions, we get the local channels plus over 100 HD channels. We thought they screwed up, so we called them and we were told that they have no way of separating them and better televisions can pick up more channels. Our bigger, better TV's do pick up more channels whereas the smaller TV's (bedrooms) don't. So for about $20 a month, we get a lot of channels.
  14. Two weeks to investigate this? What exactly is the child's complaint? What if a teacher asked the student to stand up? Pretty soon no one is going to want to hold a position within a public setting where someone may get his/her lil' knickers in a bunch over something so minor. If the student was not forced or later punished, what IS the problem?
  15. D9 football

    I'm glad to see a couple district 9 teams moving on to the next round of state playoffs. Ridgway/Johnsonburg beat Curwensville, 9-7 Clarion beat Chestnut Ridge, 20-14 Last season Ridgway/Johnsonburg made it this far and lost to Farrell. Guess who they play next week? Farrell again. Hopefully there's a different result. Clarion will play Wilmington next week. Wilmington is undefeated and made it deep into the playoffs last season. They beat Kane 42-0 last season. Karns City lost pretty bad to Sharon tonight. They had a down year. A couple teams DuBois lost to played each other. Hollidaysburg beat Grove City, 30-27. Another team that beat DuBois, class AA Newport, got beat pretty bad by Dunmore, 35-6. It's kind of weird not mentioning Clearfield since they were beat by Bellefonte the other week. Hopefully the Red Raiders get beat tomorrow in Altoona against the Seals from Selinsgrove. It would be nice if there's a playoff game here in town next week and the weather is decent.