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  1. meat loaf cheese potatoes fried green tomatoes
  2. sour kraut with kielbasa and mashed taters
  3. T-bone steak grilled over locust wood baked tater mac salad and golden monkey
  4. it was in the freezer with no label i think it was venison but it mite of been goat lol
  5. roast beast green beans corn and apple sauce
  6. it was very good some friends came over so i fired up the deep frier in the garage
  7. deepfried turkey deepfried corn on the cob baked tater and blueberry bread with cream cheese iceing
  8. bean & bacon soup ham samich and pepsi
  9. chicken fried porkchops parsnips wild rice and coffee
  10. i like the frozen bread dough loaves that you thaw let rise then bake
  11. bowl of chilli cheese and garlic bicuts and coffee
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