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  1. Since I moved to reynoldsville I do a lot of grocery shopping at mikes bilo and they take your grocery’s out to your car and load them for you
  2. meat loaf cheese potatoes fried green tomatoes
  3. sour kraut with kielbasa and mashed taters
  4. T-bone steak grilled over locust wood baked tater mac salad and golden monkey
  5. it was in the freezer with no label i think it was venison but it mite of been goat lol
  6. roast beast green beans corn and apple sauce
  7. it was very good some friends came over so i fired up the deep frier in the garage
  8. deepfried turkey deepfried corn on the cob baked tater and blueberry bread with cream cheese iceing
  9. bean & bacon soup ham samich and pepsi
  10. chicken fried porkchops parsnips wild rice and coffee
  11. i like the frozen bread dough loaves that you thaw let rise then bake
  12. bowl of chilli cheese and garlic bicuts and coffee
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