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  1. It all depends on his priors I imagine .........looks as tho he may have a few............at least the book cover suggest it.
  2. How would you not get at least 10 years in the slammer with even 1 forcible assault if the D.A. has any compassion for victims ???
  3. a cinnamon was pictured near old A&J dairy , now he met his fate at the DQ.
  4. sorry I don`t follow ? brown cinnamon black bear ! yikes
  5. The station , back when , was ran by the Cherry family ....Just maybe it was Rocky C. , not sure tho.
  6. The wanna be Sen. took a huge step . Running before learning to walk cliche. He does a great job for the city and hopefully Sandy someday . To lose him would be a major blow to DB city , esp since his opponent ( if a seat winner ?) will not look favorably this way again , if ever . ....All my humble opinions. thanks for reading this...
  7. There were "discussions " awhile ago of putting a casino between the Dubois exits in a vicintity behind Dr.Doolittle`s , anyone know if that moved forward ?
  8. Thinking back , did this have something to do with a nickname given to " the bean can bomber" that was a rural Sykes , Pa. Milita member ?.. just a guess really .
  9. PH absorbed some hourly lower level employees a short while ago into corporate status , ONLY to furlough alot of them and described it as CORPORATE STAFF CUTS..............what a load of corporate manure !!................the BOARD there is a joke.
  10. An OL would keep Ben off of his backside that ( one last time career ender ) maybe.
  11. Unfortunately the very first pick will be Big Ben`s , and it will show how much influence he has ( even over Coach Tomlin )
  12. Thought the namesake was FELIX UNGER of the odd couple . he liked to make those for Oscar.
  13. Notice To Proceed , with this work . Who has issued it if any was indeed issued ? Seems like alot of clandestine work around that area ......like back in the day when the Ramada Inn was built almost in total secrecy .
  14. There has been no info posted at the entrance off of the state road. Alot goes on these posters that needs to be shared .
  15. Yep every town and each ward in the city had one , supervised !
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