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  1. Thinking back , did this have something to do with a nickname given to " the bean can bomber" that was a rural Sykes , Pa. Milita member ?.. just a guess really .
  2. PH absorbed some hourly lower level employees a short while ago into corporate status , ONLY to furlough alot of them and described it as CORPORATE STAFF CUTS..............what a load of corporate manure !!................the BOARD there is a joke.
  3. An OL would keep Ben off of his backside that ( one last time career ender ) maybe.
  4. Unfortunately the very first pick will be Big Ben`s , and it will show how much influence he has ( even over Coach Tomlin )
  5. Thought the namesake was FELIX UNGER of the odd couple . he liked to make those for Oscar.
  6. Notice To Proceed , with this work . Who has issued it if any was indeed issued ? Seems like alot of clandestine work around that area ......like back in the day when the Ramada Inn was built almost in total secrecy .
  7. There has been no info posted at the entrance off of the state road. Alot goes on these posters that needs to be shared .
  8. Yep every town and each ward in the city had one , supervised !
  9. Loss of hunting privileges in any gun violations , I assume , would include any weapons ........... we may be wrong of course ?
  10. IF ONLY THE COWS COULD TALK??.............maybe the tide has turned here and all criminal acts will be published , as they should be ........there is an invisible shield of secrecy in this part of Pa. !
  11. A dis-charge of a gun during the commission of a felony should earn a few years ( or life ) of no hunting because of it. A plea deal should include that by the D.A and supported by the judge . Why would a gun be allowed in his hands to hunt game IF FOUND GUILTY ,?.... by admission I read . A heinous act that I am sure he regrets . All my opinions , though I may be mistaken.
  12. Huge vet bill , embarassment and potential loss of hunting privileges , plus legal fees will add up.
  13. . Felonies get passed up to county court , right ?..... He was very difficult , as a Twp.official , to get a straight forward answer to any question .... Was he retired , or let go ? " no longer employed " could mean either.....I hope the Carlsons will not accept a plea deal of pleading guity to lesser charges ..
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