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  1. Kudos and what a novel approach to a common problem .
  2. doingfine


    Inaction then and refusal now by the US Supreme Court ( on election frauds ) is sure to lead to a Civil War in the USA I`m afreared ...
  3. 10-15 yrs ago YES I would`ve agreed fully with you ........but now Circling back the educators of today are caring and get results from those willing to learn . Union or not makes only a spittal of diff. .........Now the Boards are a completely different horse of another colour.
  4. may be false but clear details if untrue .At 7:00am a forensic ballistic expert from Quantico arrived at Mar-a-Lago and determined the bullet fragments were from a 7mm Remington Magnum round. He found himself amid an intractable dilemma, our source said. The round had been fired at a downward angle and, had it pierced glass, would have sizzled through Trump’s skull, but an attack on the east window meant one of two things. The sniper had taken the shot from either estate grounds, which lacks elevated terrain, or from somewhere above the Atlantic swell, a seemingly impossible feat. Edits by author Mike Baxter. ???
  5. Won`t impeach successfully , so they tried to shoot him while he was sleeping the other night . Only newly installed rhino-glass saved the bullet from doing the intended damage . Now future charges can include attempted murder. Keep squirming , the day is coming to those whom deserve just punishments.
  6. Now a problem is not players leaving , But bringing players in with no $$$ available to speak of.
  7. Biden opens borders and instigates battles with Syria and Iran , how Dam_ stupid can one be ? This man is dangerous to the USA.
  8. Gov will be most despised rat in Pa , as soon as the big rat Richard Lev. goes to Dc....nothing more here.
  9. Biden has appointed 11 of Jewish faith , ........, so then he will crawl back in bed with Iran ........nice foolery Joe Schmo.. I hope Israel is watching........How can 11, 5 even 1 work with Joe who will befriend the Irans who want to vaporize Israel ??..
  10. Levine may be a good " friend " with Mick-elle O`boy ama . Barry can verify .
  11. They`re are various levels of Martial Law , these were the intentions of using only the degree of M Law as needed ............by the way duckduckgo is now controlled by google as reported awhile ago. true ???
  12. Our government was designed to withstand the influence of corrupt officials, a recalcitrant Congress, and excessive presidential authority. But without constant attention to those guardrails, the norms of democracy are threatened. copied from another info source.
  13. for updates and info of this topic go look .............thedonald.win
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