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  1. They`re are various levels of Martial Law , these were the intentions of using only the degree of M Law as needed ............by the way duckduckgo is now controlled by google as reported awhile ago. true ???
  2. Our government was designed to withstand the influence of corrupt officials, a recalcitrant Congress, and excessive presidential authority. But without constant attention to those guardrails, the norms of democracy are threatened. copied from another info source.
  3. for updates and info of this topic go look .............thedonald.win
  4. Maria Strollo Zack, the Chairwoman of NationsinAction.org, a government accountability organization, reveals in a new video allegations that the vote-manipulation system used in the 2020 U.S. election was actually used in Italy in 2018 as a dry-run. “They actually used the same voting machines in 2018 to put in the pro-China party, and a lot of people don’t know this but that was their test-run to then use it for the American election,” Zack says...........interesting .
  5. doingfine


    A few short months ago you could not get Nancy`s gang back into D.C. for votes on anything ..........now you can`t get them out of the big House day or night ..............they are running SCARED of any Declassification...release the info now not later.
  6. doingfine


    CCP and all others may have very few questions and most likely know alot from our own " partners with China "
  7. doingfine


    could not resist posting this
  8. doingfine


    With her 1 allowed phone call out " she appointed another to her " chair of the House " at 9 am or so.........valid news ???
  9. doingfine


    Batten down the hatches , and go down with your ship Capt. Nancy A major atmospheric river is aimed at the West Coast today and tomorrow and will bring a threat for river flooding, landslides, damaging winds and heavy snow.
  10. doingfine


    Basic Synopsis of Monday: FEMA activated in DC with national guard and probably live troops, DC mayor now taking orders from FEMA. Report that Congress was informed that Italy now admits to changing votes in Nov 3rd election Reports that Nancy did not show up to House on Monday. Videos of live troops moving through a truck stop. Executive order that tells USA businesses they have 60 days to completely divest of any Chinese company that supports the CCP military complex (that would be any company in China but the food stand on the street). Aunt Nancy missed work again!
  11. doingfine


    during the " RIOT " she left the chambers some 5 mins. before the crowd arrived . I believe she went for her computer after being tipped off by phone from someone outside..........No pics of the occupation showed a laptop being carried..............If it was stolen the contents would be appearing by now , or maybe it`s in govt agents hands ?.......too many scenarios to think about , my opinion.
  12. Regarding that letter , the roundup of traitors has began in Italy , at least with their citizens who were implicated in the " Steal ". M. Pompeo was pictured in the arrest of at least one.
  13. Saw a pic lately of Mike Pompeo leading a squad of Ital. police and 1 handcuffed and blindfolded gent. ?? authentic ? ..interesting tho
  14. One new report has the US military flying POTUS to a nuclear base in Tx , that is only 1 of 4 such bases . IDK if this is true .
  15. George S_r_s paid them to be there , his fingerprints are all over it. ..........Granny Pel_si soninlaw was wearing the buffalo horns , he was in the west coast riots that DID DO alot of damage to monuments and fed. buildings. it`s my belief !
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