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  1. Iowa will have 15-20 thou fans at the NCAA in that huge stadium.the boosters will make sure the team is loaded and even the backups will be top notch in case of injuries or suspensions.
  2. can`t read or don`t wish to ?.........you called it hunt club , I called it a reception w/photographer...........you enjoy spreading lies ? or do you have the dog in this race ?......see who`s spot on and/or who can`t understand what is printed when the hearing reveals all I have said !......facts ? I got them , ....you want them .....keep wanting!!!.............goes for Lynsee3 too........
  3. So a hunt club picnic hired a photographer ?? I think not !...........she summoned help !
  4. close this thread until after the preliminary hearing is held.......too much wrong info is already posted on this NEW thread ......a pity .
  5. let all the facts come out at the hearing , I see already false info is being given on here .......FACT !
  6. Fire and Rescue come in the opposite direction( on the wrecks lane after traffic is long past there ) after the last crossover , have for years even when fatality is reported........Brookville area squads had that down to a science , ....at least up until a couple yrs ago .
  7. Lamberson name comes up in Fulton county , below raystown i assume.
  8. might be in the " exercise yard "..
  9. the village of Pancoast , off of Wayne Road was interesting , had alot of history and was in Jeff County .........near the road over to rte 830 by the gospell center area. ( sort of )
  10. My condolences to his families . Sounds like he had a good long life ...
  11. Ok. St. 27 vs Iowa 12 this pm in Stillwater . Psu will glance their way is all .

  12. Chink I believe , was dog food sales rep? or something at a time ( Dad`s ??? )

    1. BillyC


      Chink was Bob's dad. Really nice guy but always kinda ornery.

  13. nice addition , but I wish you could click the days ahead at bottom in blue/red
  14. like to buy plots there . are they selling any ? lots of room to make alot of $$$ . or is penna-hilanders movin in ?
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