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  1. Mergers and Acquisitions, LFG is this good for our area?
  2. I like pizza once a week, preferably with a brew or two. Mancuso’s from Reynoldsville is my number #1 choice-peppers, black olives and tomatoes.
  3. BigT

    A rant

    I saw an old gold Volvo wagon parked in the 100 block of W. Scribner Ave. yesterday. It looked like the tailpipe is about to fall off.
  4. BigT

    A rant

    Is the Volvo gold colored? If it is I have seen it numerous times, I will see if I can get a tag number.
  5. To the left of the Mall there is a few strip type shopping centers.
  6. The Mills was not constructed as a strip mall. When it was built it was the next big thing. The thought was if they build it people will come to shop. In hindsight they probably didn’t see the avalanche of on line shopping. I think the Zambia group from Johnstown may have been involved with the property, they owned the DuBois Mall.
  7. That is my kind of speed when flying. We were spoiled back in the day when Orlando to Pittsburgh was 100 minutes or less gate to gate. I could leave Orlando at 1:00, get the commuter to DUJ and be home at 4:00. Unfortunately the connections going on vacation were not as good.
  8. BigT

    Hitching Post

    Chink’s given name was Leland. I remember him telling us he sold dog food for Dad’s Dog Food from Meadville. Chink was also known to tell us to drink up after last call so he could go home. The Post was not always open 24-7.
  9. BigT

    Hitching Post

    Their FB page says they will be open by the weekend.
  10. I think you may have the answer about the reason why he was hired. In the corporate world many times people are transferred in or hired to do what no one else wants to do on the local level.
  11. Inquiring minds would like to know, if the Superintendent is a salaried position WHY would the position require paid sick days? How do you acquire 93.50 sick days in less than 3 years of employment? I thought the school board was supposed to make intelligent decisions!
  12. Do think the cause and effect of this tragedy will ever make the national news?
  13. Wow Steve, I think I became a member in 2007 or so. Now I am curious!
  14. Very well said LFG, great explanation of how the bonus system works in your location.
  15. I had pm'd him a friend's phone number who has a lot of Brewery items. The researcher did respond and thanked me for the number.
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