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  1. I took the preliminary questions and from what i saw I am white and old. The choices were for minorities and younger people.
  2. I think I will do my part and take the survey. Another $30 from Uncle Sam.
  3. Thank you for being the voice of reason to protect the minors.
  4. I wonder if he wants to get rid of the federal tax on gasoline or diesel.
  5. I wonder why Biden is so quick to spend the taxpayers money. He should appeal to the career millionaire politicians that have made all their money on while in office instead of working for it. Most of them are over 70 and are reaching the end of their lives.
  6. I had to read about a local connection. Yikes, those female wrestlers fight dirty!
  7. One hour and twelve minutes long. Thanks for sharing but that is too long for my attention span.
  8. My pet peeve that needs to be enforced is running red lights.
  9. I would like to know how a horse drawn wagon could haul all that supposed weight. Twenty six bars would be possible, seven to nine tons impossible.
  10. What is the latest on this story?
  11. I received a call this morning about a power outage from 814-483-3170. I picked it up and asked about it. Total SCAM! I asked 2 questions and they hung up!
  12. Thank you Steve for sharing Doctor Loeb's story. Somehow I missed this while we were down South.
  13. BigT


    Have you looked at the report? I have and I have questions but my mind is not made up. The financial numbers don’t look bad for either city or township residents. I don’t think any big wigs will be able to stuff their pockets. My belief is some of the big wigs are of the age that they will retire.
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