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  1. BigT

    Old sub shops in dubois

    I think Wendy’s on the Boulevard was closed because of hazardous materials underground from back when the Lighthouse Service Station was there.
  2. BigT

    Old sub shops in dubois

    Bob’s delight! Mmmmmmm!
  3. BigT


    Cat naps were what my grandparents took. I always liked a power nap in the afternoon when I was working, I utilized part of my lunch hour or afternoon break. Now that I am retired I sometimes miss my late afternoon nap and nod off watching TV about 8:30 or 9 pm. My nap of choice is 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. BigT

    Trash pickup?

    This past week I think everyone put their garbage on the normal evening. Down on Maple Avenue by Showers Field there were a few bags that blew out on the road and the garbage was scattered everywhere. I wonder if anyone has picked up the mess?
  5. BigT

    Your First Computer Experience?

    My son ran up a $200 long distance bill using a dial up based out of Altoona! He paid off the bill by delivering papers for 6 months.
  6. BigT

    Age of posters

    I feel privileged to be the same age as you. I like to think I am a young 66!
  7. BigT

    franks pizza??

    Was it located in the old Logan Hotel?
  8. BigT

    Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    Do think the cause and effect of this tragedy will ever make the national news?
    Looks good Steve!
  9. The 2019 Kiwanis Diners Club books are now available at Shankles Pharmacy, Medicine Shoppe, Gourmet Kitchen, Curves and DuBois Public Library. They are a great value and support a great community organization!
  10. Getting the field ready is one thing, the safety of the fans in the other thing. Ice and snow on the steps, just a recipe for slips and falls.
  11. BigT

    Beaver Drive opened!!!

    Great news, the completion date that was printed a while ago in the Courier was November 16. Any road work that is finished 8 days early is a good thing!
  12. BigT

    DuBois Streets

    Back to the topic, the ride on the new pavement is awesome. Does anyone want to bet how long till it gets a water or gas line leak that needs repaired?
  13. BigT

    DuBois Streets

    Way back when I had people that were on a DuBois operation report but lived in New York and multiple locations in Pennsylvania their 1% withholding shows DuBois. Corporate accouting told me that the different tax authorities had reciprocating agreements so location was no big deal. I myself have seen my withholding listed in multiple locations across Pennsylvania depending who I was working for.
  14. BigT

    DuBois water

    Thank you to the water plant for refreshing, clean tasting water again. I think it probably happened the middle of this past week.