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  1. BigT

    Beaver Drive opened!!!

    Great news, the completion date that was printed a while ago in the Courier was November 16. Any road work that is finished 8 days early is a good thing!
  2. BigT

    DuBois Streets

    Back to the topic, the ride on the new pavement is awesome. Does anyone want to bet how long till it gets a water or gas line leak that needs repaired?
  3. BigT

    DuBois Streets

    Way back when I had people that were on a DuBois operation report but lived in New York and multiple locations in Pennsylvania their 1% withholding shows DuBois. Corporate accouting told me that the different tax authorities had reciprocating agreements so location was no big deal. I myself have seen my withholding listed in multiple locations across Pennsylvania depending who I was working for.
  4. BigT

    DuBois water

    Thank you to the water plant for refreshing, clean tasting water again. I think it probably happened the middle of this past week.
  5. Thank you Mr. D. I think it’s time for a hands free cell law in Pa. Why is every soccer mom driving a late model suv holding her cell phone while driving?
  6. BigT

    Do You Eat Farmed Fish?

    I always look at the label of any frozen fish I am buying to see it where it was caught and where it was processed. I avoid buying any fish that is processed in China or Asia.
  7. Time to buy another couple rolls of Forever Stamps!
  8. BigT

    DuBois water

    Before the City started mixing well water with Anderson Creek reservoir water I only noticed a change in the spring.
  9. BigT

    DuBois water

    I was away and when I got home the taste has once again has taken on the swampy, bad well water taste. The smell or odor is bad too.
  10. Thank you for sharing. You never know when Mother Nature is going to have a meltdown 😀.
  11. BigT

    DuBois water

    Good news, we were away for the weekend and the taste of the water is back to normal. No smell either!
  12. While they are at it, I think they should be made to use a state issued credit card that has to be reconciled every month on their expense account. When I was working my expenses had to be justified with receipts. Mileage for the use of my vehicle also needed to be detailed daily. What are the chances this will ever happen?
  13. From Matt Gabler’s weekly email. Headline Harrisburg Friday, September 21, 2018 The latest news from the State Capitol Ending Taxpayer-Funded Vehicles Members of the General Assembly have the option to use a taxpayer-funded vehicle for official business and personal use. Rep. Gabler has never taken advantage of this program because he believes he should use his own vehicle to go to and from work, just like all of you. House Bill 482 would end this program that allows members of the General Assembly to receive a vehicle leased by the state. Rep. Gabler is a co-sponsor of the legislation, which is scheduled for a vote in the House next week. If enacted, it would require lawmakers to use their own vehicle while driving on official business and get reimbursed for mileage at rates set by the federal government.
  14. Does anyone know what type of plane that has been circling Dub City and the Oklahoma section for almost an hour know. I would imagine it is at least 4,000 feet or more in elevation.