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  1. BigT


    I do the same, I mix the mulched leaves with the compostables from the kitchen. The greens and browns need to be mixed with the right amount of moisture in the bin. If I am mulching leaves and rain is in the forecast I will not use the bagger on the mower.
  2. BigT


    The sun is shining this morning, I will be out taking care of our leaves! A few years ago I left the leaves and unfortunately the grass appeared to have been smothered.
  3. I witnessed this last week, I wondered if the guy was actually going to be charged with contempt of court. I had wondered to if he had just worked 11-7.
  4. BigT

    Could you??

    May I suggest going to a Zac Lawhead at the City Building. He is the code enforcement officer. Express your concerns and see what happens for starters.
  5. Merry go round, round about, just think what would happen when 80 is closed due to an accident....😂
  6. I saw some excavating and a possible new driveway between UPS and CJ Packaging, what is going on? Olive Garden?
  7. If you have a smart tv see if you can get the NBC App if they have one. When WTAJ was gone for 2 months I used the CBS App and was able to watch the local 10 news. I got $20.00 a month credit for 12 months when I told them I was going to leave DirecTV and AT&T.
  8. I grew up in that part of Johnstown. The Geistown area cloverleaf had quite a few great businesses. My favorite was Ann’s Pizza, 10 cents a slice! I imagine the underpass that was Belmont Avenue needs replaced after 70 years old,
  9. until
    Fall Craft Bazaar in the Community Room at St.Michael Terrace, 111 W. Long Ave. DuBois. Friday October 4th and Saturday October 5th. 9-4 Use the rear entrance. You’ll love our prices!
  10. BigT


    Perkins is open after some interior renovation was done on Monday. Breakfast was excellent today. Exterior renovations will continue! The owner is not going anywhere!
  11. Collins and Nolder also had the big garage in Falls Creek across from the Pine Inn.
  12. I heard from a reliable source that just like everywhere else finding the right people to staff the business hours was an issue.
  13. I knew an agreement would be reached before NFL regular season would start. Last Saturday I bought A ROKU Express stick and now our old TV is smarter than a 5th grader. That was also probably the reason they settled.
  14. We have taken US 321 from Columbia, SC to Hardeville, SC numerous times just avoid 95. Saves miles and we get to some Scandinavia in the Palmetto state. I am talking about the towns of Denmark and Norway.
  15. It is fairly easy to do. Google it or go to YouTube.
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