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  1. 19 weeks with no pain relief is way to long. Herniated disks are no fun. Not being able to sit on a toilet for you know what was the worst. I could kneel, stand and sleep so I survived. The pillow between the legs sleeping helped too. Many years ago my boss diagnosed my herniated L5/S1 disk as soon as I talked about my pain. My description of the pain was what he had a few years earlier. The MRI confirmed the location of the herniated disk. Good posture, aligned hips and myofascial physical therapy at P&G Physical Therapy have had positive results for me.
  2. This story from WTAJ about moving over is mislabeled in my opinion. The PennDOT website and information refers to the “Steer Clear Law” where you are to move over when any emergency responder is on the side of the highway. About 3 or 4 years ago shortly after the law was put into effect I saw a state trooper who had just finished with a driver on the side of I-80 pulled over an elderly couple with Connecticut plates who did not move over or slow down. All the trucks and cars ahead of me moved into the left lane except them. I wondered if they just got a warning.
  3. We just received a call from Sparrows Point, MD. , 410-709-4101. My account has been locked- I wish I would have been in the house to answer "DuBois Police Department!"
  4. I seem to remember if a motor vehicle is not licensed etc, it has to be out of sight in the City. Behind a fence, in a garage out of view of the public right of way.
  5. Just yesterday there was a full size truck tractor bob tailing down Maple Avenue using an engine brake. I thought to myself why? I am no expert but the hill on Maple Avenue is only 2 blocks long, no need to use it. The proposed ordinance should be not just single out heavy trucks, the little zoomers with the loud exhaust pipes and big bass speakers are more annoying in my opinion.
  6. Thank you Mr.D! If I were to ask 10 people what important world event happened on June 6th, would 5 even answer D Day?
  7. Erie had problems last night too. The peaceful protesters were fine but someone started throwing fireworks, water bottles, etc. at City Hall I believe. The mayor declared a state of emergency to clear downtown.
  8. Congratulations Bill, I always appreciated the help you gave me at Lezzers!
  9. Back when Red Lobster in DuBois was built I remember it was because Darden Corp. was trying it in a small market. Supposedly the DuB city location is the smallest per square footage restaurant that was ever built. If someone would build an Olive Garden I bet people would come from St. Marys, Ridgway, Brookville, Punxsy & elsewhere.
  10. How about reserving your space on a parade route with chairs or taping blankets to the sidewalk a week in advance.
  11. No jack stands in my garage. I have 4 eight by eight inch cedar wood ramps my Dad gave me from his dumpster diving days at construction sites in Florida. I no longer change my oil at home so time to get rid of them!
  12. I have no problem with a new area code. All my contacts in my phone have the area code because I use it many places besides the 814 area.
  13. This story is from New York. The DuBois area flags for Memorial Day placed by the American Legion and the VFW. i believe the Memorial Day program at Morningside Cemetery this year has been cancelled.
  14. Thank you Mr. D, you are the the 511 app of GoDuBois for many years.
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