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  1. Good story, I didn’t watch the video. I think I will stick to Frank’s, Bucks, Scottos, Napoli’s or my favorite Mancuso’s!
  2. We all know how Penn Traffic or Riverside didn’t survive the multiple buyouts and bankruptcies. The grocery business is not a high profit margin business.
  3. Sea sickness?

    If you are on a Disney Cruise they have the motion sickness tablets down in the sick bay available 24 hours a day. The downside to taking anything is most drugs even OTC recommend avoiding alcohol. Mmm, on a cruise and not enjoying a adult beverage or two or three or four.🤢🤢
  4. Gas near $3/gal. February 9th 2018

    What is the reason for the price increase? No hurricanes, no refinery fires, not switching to summer blend....mmm?
  5. GoDuBois in February 2000

    Wow Steve, I think I became a member in 2007 or so. Now I am curious!
  6. I am going to put the bathouse up that I bought the from the habitat group 8 or 9 years and has been in my shed. I do see bats at dusk but I live close to the mighty Sandy Lick Crick and wet lands.
  7. Nickles Outlet Closing

    The building was originally built for UPS. Brad Ragan the fore mentioned tenant was next. Nickles Bakery was next. I may have to go to the DuBois Area Historical Society and look in their City Directories when they open in the Spring.
  8. Advanced Disposal Landfill Collapse

    Very well said LFG, great explanation of how the bonus system works in your location.
  9. The machine and trailer were not stolen. A friend of the owner had permission to borrow it. I can’t reveal any more information.
  10. LFG, Are you familiar with Mt. Trashmore in Virginia. My sons family have visited it and likes the recreation opportunities there.
  11. Mayor & Infrastructure

    Friday afternoon there was a water main break on Maple Avenue at 5th Street. Our City Manager was out directing traffic when I went down the hill. Better him than me out there in the cold! I felt bad for the water department crew that were out in that weather.
  12. Lowes Prices

    I found out 7 or 8 years ago that Lowes would price match. Their prices vary by region, with Clearfield being in the State College market and Home Depot competition. I always check their web site and item numbers. Ask the cashier to call Clearfield to get a verbal confirmation of the price and he/she will override the DuBois price. My biggest savings were on 2x4's. I needed 200 and saved 50 cents a board for $100.00 in savings. When pricing shingles take into consideration whether the delivery is on the ground or boomed to the roof. Billy C and Lezzers will save you labor cost with a good competitive price.
  13. I have a garage full of my father-in-laws treasures that need to go. The basement of his house needs cleaned out too! Is there anyone that does that anymore?
  14. The new book is available at Shankle's Pharmacy,, The Medicine Shoppe, Gourmet Kitchen, Curves, Farmers National Bank and the DuBois Public Library.
  15. Wolfs Auto

    I noticed they were gone last week too. Are they still open in Brookville?