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  1. More election material in today’s mail! 2 Center for Voter Information, 2 Biden-Harris and 1 Trump. The letter carriers will be happy when the election is over I’m sure.
  2. Besides the Maple Avenue trestle escapade what else did he do that only Red would try?
  3. That would be Red!
  4. I only put this out here for discussion.
  5. This organization has been quite active mailing unbiased and informative information about the election.
  6. Red did recover and lived another 20 years if I remember. Red was a kind soul and had no fear back in the 60’s.
  7. If Billy C had not retired he would have an idea what is going on there. Has anyone heard what is happening there?
  8. In the 2017 Election there was discussion that Pat Ford would probably be elegible to retire mid term. I would say the discussion points were true.
  9. It's sad to see the Gold Eagle going up for auction. The food and atmosphere were very nice back in the day.
  10. This came in the mail today. The website is voterparticipation.org for current information.
  11. Thank you for sharing! I see there will be a roundabout, I wonder if the locals will like it?
  12. BigT

    Gray Fox

    Maybe the Fox came out because of the date, 10/10/20=40.
  13. Penn Central definitely is good but what determines why you think they are expensive? I am always happy with their work and nothing’s cheap anymore.
  14. We have received 4 or 5 applications for mail in ballots. Trust me that Clearfield County’s Board of Election will only count one completed mail in ballot. If you apply for a mail in ballot the signature book at your local precinct will show that and if you don’t return the ballot then a phone call to Clearfield has to be made for a provisional ballot issued for you to vote in person.
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