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  1. BigT


    I am glad I didn't spend that $3.00 for last nights drawing. If I go by a machine I might go big and buy 2 tickets!
  2. You were issued a new ballot and the numbered list books were adjusted. The spoiled ballot went back to Clearfield in a special envelope. I remember that we may have had 2 or 3 spoiled ballots in our precinct.
  3. Petee, the paper strip was from the last paper ballot before the Ivotronic touch screen machine that was just retired. The paper ballots we are now using are numbered on the tablet that the ballots are torn from. The numbered stubs are returned to the County Election office and are reconciled with the 2 numbered books. The number of each ballot is recorded in the signature book that every voter signs. The signature book also has a watermark in the signature space if a voter has applied for a mail in or absentee ballot and has returned the ballot. It is impossible in Clearfield County to switch a voters ballot.
  4. Thank you Steve for psting on the announcement/news side. Please take a look that the offerings available from the different establishments! The proceeds from the books are the only fund raiser that the Kiwanis Club has to support worthy causes including the Smoke Alarm Project for families of newborns at Penn Highlands Hospital and many other young children organizations in the area.
  5. BigT

    Coat drive

    Joe’s Tux and Cleaning is a collection point for the Salvation Armies coat drive. The coats will be cleaned and repaired if necessary before distributed by the Army.
  6. WTAJ didn’t check the spelling of Glen Campbell. I wonder what other information they don’t check before before airing or posting?
  7. More election material in today’s mail! 2 Center for Voter Information, 2 Biden-Harris and 1 Trump. The letter carriers will be happy when the election is over I’m sure.
  8. Besides the Maple Avenue trestle escapade what else did he do that only Red would try?
  9. I only put this out here for discussion.
  10. This organization has been quite active mailing unbiased and informative information about the election.
  11. Red did recover and lived another 20 years if I remember. Red was a kind soul and had no fear back in the 60’s.
  12. If Billy C had not retired he would have an idea what is going on there. Has anyone heard what is happening there?
  13. In the 2017 Election there was discussion that Pat Ford would probably be elegible to retire mid term. I would say the discussion points were true.
  14. It's sad to see the Gold Eagle going up for auction. The food and atmosphere were very nice back in the day.
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