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  1. Congratulations Bill, I always appreciated the help you gave me at Lezzers!
  2. Back when Red Lobster in DuBois was built I remember it was because Darden Corp. was trying it in a small market. Supposedly the DuB city location is the smallest per square footage restaurant that was ever built. If someone would build an Olive Garden I bet people would come from St. Marys, Ridgway, Brookville, Punxsy & elsewhere.
  3. How about reserving your space on a parade route with chairs or taping blankets to the sidewalk a week in advance.
  4. No jack stands in my garage. I have 4 eight by eight inch cedar wood ramps my Dad gave me from his dumpster diving days at construction sites in Florida. I no longer change my oil at home so time to get rid of them!
  5. We made a trip to Clearfield yesterday and retail gas at Kwik Fill and Sheetz was still $2.09. That was 20 cents lower than DuBois. It was to bad that I had a full tank.
  6. Always worth the visit to see what Ted has!
  7. I have no problem with a new area code. All my contacts in my phone have the area code because I use it many places besides the 814 area.
  8. This story is from New York. The DuBois area flags for Memorial Day placed by the American Legion and the VFW. i believe the Memorial Day program at Morningside Cemetery this year has been cancelled.
  9. Thank you Mr. D, you are the the 511 app of GoDuBois for many years.
  10. I remember my grandma telling me I always have some one watching you.
  11. Hobby Lobby and Fine Wine & Spirits are open
  12. Great story, thank you for sharing. I would hope all my grandchildren would do the same and call the police!
  13. What a great story and video! PBR was my beer back in the early 70’s. I bought it at Wray’s Beer Distributor or at the Hitching Post.
  14. BigT

    Kyle Lake Visit

    Thank you Rusty, please keep sharing your excursions!
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