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  1. When Matt was first elected he told Gary Stormer he would not be a career politician. I am glad that he served us and honored his promise. i wish him well and congratulate him for his service to this area as our representative along with his service to our country in the Army Reserve.
  2. BigT


    I looked in the Chamber of Commerce book for the population of the city and township in 2019. Dub City 7,556 Sandy 10,559 Total 18,115
  3. BigT


    City Water and Sewage Charges $7.00 per thousand $10.00 Water Surcharge per month $11.00 Sewage per thousand, determined by billed water $2.00 Sewage Surcharge per month These are residential rates.
  4. BigT


    Just think, the mergers or consolidation of counties would be a step in a way to reduce costs. Brookville and Clearfield wouldn’t like it but new county offices in DuBois would be great. Keep the courthouses where they are since they are both historic buildings.
  5. Jackie retired last year and closed Curves.
  6. From my cell phone voice mail.
  7. BigT


    If consolidation comes up for a vote and it is approved I am willing to bet you will be 74-75 years old by then. Most people like where they live but life changes things and we all must move to smaller and one level abodes. I know we will be leaving our home within 5-8 years for something smaller on one level. I agree with your comments about farms.
  8. BigT


    i bet the sporting activities in the Sandy area could be grandfathered in.
  9. BigT


    I respect your your comments but you sound like the old timers who were against consolidation the last 3 times it was put to a vote. The monopoly you speak of may or not happen, let's see what the study results are. What makes you think that the new DuBois would take on any more debt? From my point of view both council and the supervisors are fiscally conservative about raising taxes.
  10. BigT


    DuBois City Council will be talking about consolidation this evening.
  11. BigT


    The economic climate has changed since the St. Marys-Benzinger Township consolidation merger. I am waiting to her from some friends that lived there when it happened.
  12. BigT


    Good Post. But the question is who is willing to give up some of their power and position? Is it going to be one sided? Do you think The current City Manager is willing to give up some power? Or didn't Sandy just hired a new Township manager who seems to be forward thinking. Their is a lot of discussion on how this should be managed. Yes, consolidation may be an answer but a lot variables have to be answered. This is from the debate forum. My thought is consolidation could take 2 years and Herm may want to retire by then!
  13. This morning the speed limit on I-80 was lowered to 45 mph from mm 101 to the east according to the 511 app. Your question about trucks having a warning system to prevent collisions is alive and working on newer trucks. I have been told that snow and ice can cause problems for the sensors on the system.
  14. DirecTV for TV, Verizon DSL for Internet. I will be probably be jumping to Comcast for their special price when I get back from vacation.
  15. What Saturday morning cartoon was that saying from?
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