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  1. I feel that way about most drivers in the summer time too!
  2. We visited the USS North Carolina a few years ago. Put it on your bucket list and give yourself plenty of time (all day).
  3. I had not thought of such a great way to discourage drug dealers. Could our elected representatives possibly sponsor legislation to add this to the criminal code?
  4. You should be able to use your same email.
  5. Penn Traffic stores had quality goods before the days of Nixon and detente. (Foreign products) The flag ship store in Johnstown was the place to shop I remember my grandmother telling me-1950's-60"s. I was told that some Riverside people wanted to start a convenience store chain, (Sheetz, 7-11, Snappy's, Wawa) but they were told it would never be profitable. BIG MISTAKE!
  6. Thank you, I will be making the call. Comcast's system only cares up to their modem- Do you the modem? Will I even have to disconnect the modem/ wifi that I have now?
  7. I have been told the request for absentee voting ballots can now be made on line. If this is a fact the process can save a few days!
  8. This topic may require a trip to the DuBois Area Historical Society next Tuesday!
  9. I have been told by my kids that Verizon DSL in DuBois is way to slow. I have the highest speed available at $39.99 a month. Comcast offers their Performance Internet for the same price. Is Comcast internet really that much faster? Can I use my own router-wifi if I switch?
  10. DuBois_15801, thank you for the information on the absentee ballot information. i may have to stop by Matt Gabler's office and see if this regulation can be amended for the people in your situation and others. i would think that a change would be a good bipartisan and easy effort to get passed.
  11. He was way to young to pass away, with so many law enforcement agencies investigating is there more to his untimely passing?
  12. Speaking of regional dairys, who remembers back when Sani-Dairy in Johnstown was part of the Penn Traffic family of brands? Dean Dairy acquired Sani-Dairy and shut them down within a year or so. I wonder if there are people in Johnstown dancing in the streets now that Dean's is declaring bankruptcy?
  13. Have you ever applied for an absentee ballot with working out of town? There are many parents that bring their kids to vote, preschool-kindergarten-grade schoolers and they use it as an educational experience.
  14. If you work the election poll the 13 hours makes for a long day. That is not counting the set up and tear down with the trip to Clearfield which makes for a 15 1/2 hour day. According to the law and regulations you have to be at the polling place for the entire day. I am thinking your response may be with a hint of humor!
  15. Good story, I did not know the details of what was provided by Stat-MedEvac.
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