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  1. BigT

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    The geezer writer’s opinion in the Tri-County Sunday 9/19, is worth a read. I believe you can read it online if you don’t get the paper.
  2. BigT

    Sandy TWP Water and Sewage For Sale

    There are a couple of nice houses for sale on Walnut Ave. I am no sure if they are in the City or Sandy.
  3. BigT


    Shopping for clothes and shoes in DuBois for me is not good. Try finding any pants with a 36” inseam or size 14 shoes. I guess that’s why I go by Big T!
  4. BigT

    Power outage

    Monday night right before midnight we heard the sound of a crash. Seconds later the power went out in our neighborhood. I could see the lights were still on Beaver Drive. I called the Penelec outage line and it said the power would be restored around 3am. Does anyone know what happened?
  5. BigT

    rent a car

    Rogo’s in Brockway May still rent too.
  6. BigT

    rent a car

    Enterprise at Cataldos on Division St by UPS.
  7. I must have not been in Emporium long enough to think about lunch since Y2K. I have only been Emporium twice in the past 10 years.
  8. Sounds like a road trip to Emporium is needed!
  9. BigT

    Dangerous Intersection

    Any time I am the first in line waiting for the green light I always look left, right, left and say have they all stopped. My rant would be the people that think they can make a right turn off Liberty Blvd. on to West Park when I have the green light going from East Park to West Park.
  10. BigT

    What’s going on in dubois

    Please keep Jason in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you to the first responders who brought him back twice. He was flown to UPMC Altoona, stabilized and is now in Pittsburgh.
  11. BigT

    Fire in DuBois

    THank you for the update.
  12. Englishmen and Dutchmen are words just used to describe non Amish-Americans and Amish. I have known people to call Amish black hatters also, even though most Amish men and boys wear straw hats.
  13. I know his office is closed, does anyone know where his patient’s dental records are?
  14. This law is long overdue but why do people not use common sense, remove the snow, clean the entire windshield, headlights, taillights etc.. As others have mentioned not turning on headlights when wind shield wipers are on is a law that is a common sense thing too. The big rig drivers have more area to clean and cleaning the layer of ice off a 53’ Long, 13’ 6” high trailer presents a huge challenge. You can’t see that ice from the ground until it starts to slide off. I am with hipower, just go South before the snow and below freezing temperatures happen around here.
  15. BigT

    Post Office

    I have been on vacation and have not heard anything about this topic. Where is the original story? The Post Office is an American institution that may not always exist as we know it but it may morphe into something better!