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  1. BigT


    A good friend suggested I get the CBS app. We have a RokuTV (smart tv)and it was easy to get the app for a free 7 day trial. If Nexstar and AT&T don’t settle up in a week then I will pay $9.99 a month for the app.
  2. BigT


    AT&T-DIRECTV told me that Nexstar is playing hardball with all cable and satellite companies. I see that Senator Richard Blumenthal is calling on both parties to hammer out a deal. The Nexstar Media Group cancelled today's (Friday) negotiation session. Maybe tomorrow something will happen. I did get a $20 a month reduction in my bill for the next 12 months from DIRECTV.
  3. BigT


    Good news- FedEx delivered my Local Channel Connector kit today. Bad news- The only over the air channels I receive are the WPSU digital channels. It maybe time to say goodbye DIRECTV!
  4. BigT


    I told the representative I wanted access to CBS. I don’t care if it’s KDKA or wherever just so we get the network. I will keep everyone posted to what happens.
  5. Another senseless murder in my opinion. Drinking, drugs and driving are a recipe for disaster. My sympathy to the families of all victims.
  6. Many years ago Dish TV was not flexible enough for me so I went to DirecTV. I for the most part have been a valued customer according to them. Since AT&T acquired them they have been OK. I don't like change, but that is the world we live in today. The Lady of house will be much happier when CBS in some form is available for her shows.
  7. BigT


    I spent 45 minutes on the phone with DirecTv. They will be sending me a unit that will allow me to watch local channels that have been blocked by Nexstar. 7-10 days till FedEx delivers it. Apparently the unit is coming from China.
  8. The lady of my house is MAD because WTAJ is not available on DirecTv. Who else is not happy?
  9. If the people that drive in the passing lane and are oblivious to the traffic passing them on the right would get off their phones I would be much happier.
  10. But what will the limiter do about the big rigger that tries to pass going up the hill and blocks the passing lane for a mile or three?
  11. I think it was in the mid 70’s because my sister in law worked there then. The DuBois Area Historical Society has City Directories that go back to the early 20th century.
  12. BigT

    fusion buffet

    Isabella’s has been closed for a while. There was an ad for the auction of the kitchen equipment etc. in the Courier a few weeks ago. Word on the street is Southside Pickers will be expanding to the building.
  13. BigT

    D Day

    There are many good and sad stories about this 75th Anniversary of D Day.
  14. So far this topic has some great comments and as I would say at work “least best” and needs to be worked with. The proposed ordinances are meant to keep the low life’s and idiots maybe under control. As far as dogs in the park a few years ago I was watching my grandkids play in the under 12 area and a older lady was allowing her precious little pooch to do it’s business in the wood chips. I told her what an idiot she was and she still thought it was okay.
  15. I know you need to have the Uber app, how does it work?
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