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  1. You could be right, Junk. I just looked this one up online and there are some pictures which are fairly close to what I saw. The most interesting thing that I learned is that they only live as adults for a week. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, Lavender. I looked there before posting but didn't see anything that came close.
  3. Well, that's more than I knew before, so thank you! I had no idea that feathered antennae indicated a moth instead of a butterfly.
  4. Success! Here is a picture - sorry about the screen, but since it was nice enough to land where I could get a good picture I can't be too upset!
  5. One landed a few minutes ago and I was able to get a better look at it. It is definitely brown, with swirls of greyish tan near the wing edges and a round spot near the top of the wing.
  6. Has anyone been seeing dark brown (possibly black) butterflies with tan near the edges of the wings? I've been watching between six to ten of them flying between my house and shed. They land on the shed but keep flapping their wings and skitter all over the roof. I went outside to put something in that shed and they flew within six inches of me. I'm wondering what kind they are? It's possible they've been around in previous years, but I don't recall seeing them before.
  7. Fish tacos and fresh strawberries.
  8. Petee, the leaf does smell like lemon. Peppery lemon, but lemon nonetheless. I just got back from visiting a local (to me) greenhouse and checked out the citronella plants that they had. Those were identical to the one that I have here. Thank you all!
  9. Hmmm... if it is a citronella type plant, maybe I'll put it in my butterfly garden instead of the herb bed! Thanks!
  10. Thank you both! As far as I am concerned, I will classify the first one as a wildflower and let it grow; it isn't anywhere that it will cause a problem yet. The second one definitely has thorns. It kind of threw me because it started growing last year in with my really old rosebushes. As for the third one, I'll take your advice! It was in with the parsley in the herbs section when I picked it up, but it wasn't until I got it home that I realized it had no plant marker. My fault for not checking.
  11. And one more... I think this may be parsley, but the identifying plastic marker got lost.
  12. My turn! Any idea what these might be? Wildflowers? Weeds? Beneficial? Noxious?
  13. Chili, with fresh Italian bread and butter.
  14. I used tavern ham and no salt chicken broth; it was excellent! Check your message for more information.
  15. I did put carrots in this batch! Plus celery, onion, and a bit of minced garlic. Everything went into the crock pot last night before I went to bed last night.
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