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  1. A couple guys out of NY, contracted with Windstream, were looking around my property yesterday locating existing poles for a project to run fiber lines. Unfortunately for me my old copper service runs 1000 ft underground to a pole that only services one other house and that line runs another 2500 ft on poles to another road to catch service. I will never see fiber to my house😣
  2. http://www.wirelesscorrection.com
  3. Orbytv depends on an outside antenna for local channels which is not an option for many in this area other than PBS. You get the other channels with the dish part of it and I know with my Dish Network setup I sometimes loose signal due to weather conditions. I think the initial cost for equipment and installation can be costly as well. I would do some serious investigating before deciding on Orbytv. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the info. TV is 1080i and I don't use Amazon like the rest of the world so might look at Roku for around $40 to play around with.
  5. just checked it and speed around 5.5- 6 mbps download
  6. I have a "non smart TV" and will need a streaming device to try the many services available. I do have an HDMI plug on my TV but not sure if my DSL out in the country on old copper wires is going to be enough speed. I have used Dish Network for many years as there is no cable out my way. My question is what streaming devices should I look at?
  7. Didn't mean to shoot her multiple times with his shotgun? That EVIL gun must have jumped from the closet and went outside and jumped into his hands and just started firing on its own!! 😯 Definitely the manufacturer of said instrument to blame in this case.(heavy on the sarcasm)
  8. until

    Due to the unfortunate weather conditions, this event has been moved to the Brockway Fire Dept at 751 Taylor Way. Bring the kids to see Santa and get their treat and also enjoy some hot chocolate and friendly conversation and check out the fire trucks while you're there!
  9. Just went by my job site in Horton Township. Dozens of support vehicles and State Police!
  10. Same should be said about politicians and maybe we wouldn't be in such a mess!
  11. Polls are open from 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM so I don't see Saturday necessary or being a better choice. Just like I don't agree with the Saturday opener of rifle deer season. If you want to do something, you will find a way and make it work! Just another case of cowing down to the few that effects the many!
  12. It was originally called the "Grande Opera House" opened in 1903 and was used for live shows.
  13. Loved the smell of fresh ground coffee even as a kid when we went in there!
  14. Our local asphalt plant uses millings to mix with and make new asphalt. Nice to see it is 100% recyclable.
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