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  1. Bub

    He is Resin

    He is Resin!!!
  2. Bub

    new truck

    Yep, and I can remember when we would proudly use them to bring our shotgun, 22 rifle or large caliber rifle to school to show them off to our buddies/teachers/coaches then go to the woods hunting after school! Try that today and go directly to jail. Funny how no one can see how these online shoot em up games that our youth are addicted to relate to the violent culture of today! There is no reset button in real life!
  3. Dang, now I'm hungry for popcorn. I mix Worcestershire sauce with real melted butter and pour on top of my Orville Redenbaucher popcorn. I'm headed to the kitchen now.....
  4. So much for family coming in over the weekend and having a couple days to scout hunting spots and checking firearms for accuracy before the war starts on first day!
  5. Yes there was a Stuckeys at Corsica exit with a green roof and the best Pecan Log Rolls ever!!
  6. Did anyone else get a multi page letter announcing the chapter 11 filing and listing all the companies they owe money? Also got an email supposedly from Windstream today asking for an electronic authorization to continue using my email, just click on the link. I did not click on the link until i check to see if this is ligit.
  7. Bub


    I planted a couple small rows of onions this week.😃
  8. I have always had Motorola cell phones and always charged them full every night. My last phone was seven years old and and during the final year the battery started giving out. I bought a Kyocera military spec phone this time with non replaceable battery and for the past several months charged it to full every night and will probably continue to do that. I did read however you should not use phone while it is charging and I have been guilty of that many times in the past can't understand why that would be a problem!
  9. There are conflicting ideas I guess. Just got off chat with my cell provider and they said it is better to not let the battery get to low before charging and it was ok to charge it to 100% but not to use it while it was charging
  10. I got a new cell phone last fall and I have been charging it to 100% every night as I had with my previous phone for 6 + years. I just read an article that this is bad for the battery life and you should only charge it to 40% to no more than 80% for best results for extended battery life. Article also said this applies to a tablet or laptop. So my question is how do you charge your devices like cell phones, tablets and laptops?
  11. Extended until October 1 2020
  12. Let us know how the syrup tastes when it's done!
  13. Petee, I would call before going back over to be sure they have them in stock. Website says limited stock for Clearfield, also they are open top without lid.
  14. Rural king has 55 gallon plastic for $20
  15. Porta potty in the parking lot should do the trick!
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