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  1. The cards are all falling in to place now. Take 2020 divide it by 666 and you come up with 30330 the number Joe is asking you to text for support of his campaign! Hmmm.
  2. Joe probably has Obummers REAL birth certificate
  3. Got two of them in the mail today, different questions on each and no doubt they were trying to make My President look bad. Nothing is going to change my mind who I am voting for and let me say it won't be the gun grabbing, baby killer mob!
  4. Major impact on the local economy and the many vendors when these events are cancelled.
  5. Might be some time before they can get it to fill with the dry conditions. Seems most local reservoirs are way below normal levels not to mention all the streams and other waterways And I would think they would be required to keep releasing a certain amount of water past the dam to maintain down stream flow!
  6. Any charges brought against the parents/guardian of the child for leaving them unattended in a vehicle? Was the child in a properly approved child seat while in that vehicle? Did they inspect that vehicles parking brake? Was the person that had been operating that vehicle before leaving the helpless child alone properly licensed and insured? A clear case of child neglect! Thank goodness for the Trooper and his quick actions that saved that little child from possible harm this time!
  7. Bub


    Absolutely Love today's Photo of the day. Great pic!!
  8. Interesting, says video removed. Guess the powers that be didn't want us to see it!
  9. I'll bet there are plenty of 814 #'s to go around and no need for this new area code in our area. I get several calls a day from spoofed unlisted 814 numbers that are probably available for legitimate use!
  10. Very dangerous to invoke the power of Satan! He is real and he is very powerful. I will continue to pray for our Nation that God will once again bless us and bring us back to a moral standard of living!
  11. Was cruising my property on The Hill this afternoon and snapped this pic. Amazing how quickly the colors came on!
  12. Just looked at the picture and this was no doubt racially motivated. She was picked out by that black officer because she was white. Where is the outrage, the massive protests and the burning and pillaging? Welcome to the New World Order!!!
  13. A terrible tragedy no matter what and the operator of the harvestor, well his life is forever changed! The boy may have had permission and many times the harvest is contracted out and the operator may have had no idea anyone was to be there hunting. I would have thought the people that dropped off the boy would have been more responsible for his safety. In PA you have to be 16 before being able to hunt by yourself without someone directly beside you!
  14. And yet after reading your post here there were two ads following it, those being one against Mitch Mcconnell And the next to support the two running on the democratic presidential ticket.
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