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  1. It's all about maintaining the Fear. Keep the people in fear to more easily control them! He also stated that we should send our children back to school in disposable clothing so it can be thrown away before entering the house!
  2. Has to make you wonder how many 10's of thousands or more tests across the country are/were invalid as well. I never did trust the numbers being presented!
  3. People go way to fast thru there. Going south on 219 I always slow down to 45 posted speed limit and get passed like I'm sitting still. With Vehicles coming off West bound and crossing north bound lanes to go south and vehicles coming off East bound And going south and not slowing to merge with oncoming traffic makes for a dangerous mix!
  4. " It is the responsibility of all citizens to police each other" Sounds like something right out of Hitler's handbook for his Brownshirt gang
  5. Bub

    Cashless Society?

    Just don't try to give some of these younger people $10.25 for a $5.25 purchase and expect them to figure out the proper change!
  6. And with that test your DNA was probably put into the system to remain forever!
  7. Was in a local gun shop the other day making a purchase and the gentleman helping me and I were discussing the mask situation. He asked me how many pairs of pants did I have that stopped a Fart! Think about that! When you smell someone's fart you are inhalling small amounts of their poop so Cloth masks are probably mostly worthless stopping anything viral from escaping your mouth!
  8. This happened to someone i know personally and they would have nothing to gain by lying about it. Stories might sound the same maybe because it IS happening all over the country! You can call it BS if you choose and also choose to believe the numbers they present to you. I do not!
  9. I know of a friend's sibling and friend in Texas signed up for testing and line was hours long so they left before getting tested, Later They both received positive test results from that day when they never even took the test. The numbers being presented to us are FALSE and purposely misleading!
  10. To paraphrase an old Star Trek scene from the Borg; We are the Liberal Socialists, you will be assimilated, we will add your biological conscienceness and your finances to our own, resistance is futile!
  11. I don't know the particulars of this accident but there would Be a lot less of these types of accidents if the golf carts, side by sides, ATV's in general would stay off of public highways which by the way is illegal for them to be on in the first place.
  12. I don't believe any of the numbers that are being posted
  13. Since the Italian Oven has closed, Olive Garden has decided to put a drive thru only restaurant at that location!
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