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  1. Quit using G___gle. They are manipulating what they will allow you to find! Try DuckDuckGo
  2. Thought those type of tools had an electronic device that needed deactivated at the register or they would beep going out the door. Lots of gonads to go right back in a couple days to do it again! These people cause prices to increase for us honest folk! Hope they catch the creep!
  3. Probably because by the time she got out of the house to look all she seen was the Wally truck that was behind and between her and the pickup which was in front of him.
  4. As the old saying goes "I would rather be tried by 9 than carried by 6"
  5. Amazing how well this all was preplanned and carried out. The Swamp is deep and wide!!
  6. Probably everyone is logging in to see if they got Stim money yet!
  7. Bub

    Dish Network

    I finally sent them an email last night Telling them they needed to refund part of my monthly bill for removing part of my promised package etc etc. They must have read my email and decided they better get busy 😆
  8. Is that Klingon for "I'm an idiot"
  9. Bub

    Snow Hysteria

    Sure is pretty though
  10. My tag line is "I am the master of my unspoken words and a slave to those I've already spoken"
  11. Bub

    CBS and DISH

    CBS station still off on my Dish and really haven't missed it!
  12. The Swamp is deeper than any of us could have ever imagined! The Evil is Real and wide spread! We will never know the America we grew up in ever again! I pray every day that God will once again Bless this Nation even if so many have turned their backs to our Creator, our Supreme Commander in Chief!
  13. I dont think the swamp can ever be truly drained since it is so large
  14. Sounds kinda like an inside job. Thought they restricted who had access to the money handling area and not just let any one in to "use the phone"
  15. Toilet paper usually goes on "The Bottom"
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