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  1. Caught this little fella on one of my critter cams
  2. Also how will this fit in with the "open container" law in Pa. How will they seal the drink that you can tell if it was accessed while driving? You can go buy a mixed drink for the road but still can't get a friggin haircut! You just can't fix stupid.
  3. So should all his many victims that were paid 100's of millions of dollars be scared that they will have to pay back the money they got if he would get a new trial and actually get his conviction overturned by a technicality? How many times do the tax payers have to waste resources with these appeals?
  4. I sure will miss taking the grandkids there this year! It's a beautiful, clean and well maintained park! Also enjoy the food.
  5. As the old saying goes. We're with the Government and we are here to help!
  6. Look up in our beautiful blue sky today and take notice not ONE jet trail to be seen. Is this why the temps have been so cold? No jet exhaust to magnify the sun and also keeping the warmth from escaping the ground in to the atmosphere! Anyway enjoy our beautiful blue sky today!!
  7. Found this deflated balloon while tilling up some food plots for my critters. The message on the tag says a lot about what we are going thru these days!
  8. That was the Link Wilson herd until the Amish moved in and wiped them out!!! He never could keep track of how many critters he had running around since they were always getting thru the fence. Lots of good memories of Link and his old dump truck and lime truck!
  9. Venison cutlets that I found in the back of the freezer and fresh made leek dip. Definitely want to be social distant from me tonight😱
  10. Just made my first batch of leek dip and almost ate the whole batch
  11. I do not know anyone either and like you have known many that have died of cancer and heart disease. Where was the outrage then? Cigarettes and Roundup are still available so why have they not been outlawed? My county has had only two cases and seems to be holding at that and yet on Monday if i want to get groceries i have to wear a mask and stay 6' away from others. Heck, can't get a haircut, can't go to breakfast with my friends etc. etc. and most are just accepting this mandate without a whimper! Scary times for certain and life will never be as free as we once enjoyed and deserved!
  12. You gotta be careful bringing in raw manure. You could end up with weeds you never imagined in your garden before. I speak from experience so good luck!
  13. I DO NOT LIKE high winds🌬️ here on The Hill😵
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