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  1. He won't get anything. Two other people tortured a deer and only got probation.
  2. I remember when that happened at Willow Bay campground , Kinzua Dam. Only that one had a dead body in it. We put our boat in that morning over top of the truck. Came back later and divers were there with police. Mid 1970's I think.
  3. Maybe it's for something that was to be fixed on a truck and the driver got down the road and had to get the same problem fixed again. This happens alot. Not just at TA' s.
  4. What's the difference between feeding deer, plot planting, and a farmer's field of corn or soy beans. The deer feed together in all three cases.
  5. As a truck driver myself he did exactly what he should of done. Someone is coming at you in the left lane your going to move to the right lane if clear. He didn't know that person was trying to kill themselves. It could of been an older driver that just made a mistake, or even a new young driver. This has happened to me twice coming south on 219 in Fallscreek. They come out of Sheetz going north in the south bound lane. I had to move over to miss them. They went all the way under I-80 till they realized there mistake. Sure I could of hit them, but you always try to avoid a head on accident ,especially with a semi truck.
  6. To Illiterate: that's the best answer to a problem I've heard all week. Thank you. So many people here don't see the whole picture.
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