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  1. Where are you in TL ...such as clubhouse area or beach area? We have zito cable Tv and they are changing things. We are trying to decide whether to leave zito or buy the required Roku etc. .Our Internet is Verizon. And do you have 1gig internet from zito? thank you!
  2. I always thought days off during a declared emergency were not made up.
  3. PinkCat


    Local https://www.theideagirl.org/
  4. until
    Local author PJ Piccirillo will discuss his new book, The Indigo Scarf, at the DuBois Public Library On Tuesday, Nov. 12, 5:30-7:00pm. PJ will discuss his novel, writing, and research into northcentral PA’s pioneer history, including African American settlement, and will sign books. Friends of the Library will provide refreshments.All are welcome to attend this free event.
  5. Exterminators will look for and find nests. Worth the $$.
  6. I use plastic containers. You are welcome!
  7. I always freeze sauce. No problem.
  8. Buzz Bajardi....he was a legend. In late 60s I think it was, he was found dead in his "house." I think he had family in Sykesville. Older members of my family spent time visiting Buzz. My other half knew him too. I definitely remember the article in the paper. When I was a little girl, I remember him walking past my grandmother's house on Long Avenue. He always carried a sack over his shoulder, and when I asked my dad what Buzz had in the sack, my dad always said "cats." I think Buzz actually had a few cats ..he was a gentle man from what I was told ...
  9. Mid to late 50s very early 60s Reason: car, parking meters, street light. Building was the post office
  10. Got the same thing last summer to replace my set of 21 years old. I love this high efficiency washer and I bought the dryer with energy feature...what a great set...noticeable drop in power bill and water bill.
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