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  1. WMJ77

    Checking in

    day 1 the attic...around 15 garbage bags of things that were in bins....and 7-8 going to goodwill....might have to give them some bins too
  2. me either...now I know what Deb looks like
  3. when wooden spoons put fear into kids minds
  4. Charges would be first thing I would do as I pull her out of the walk in freezer
  5. China cashes in off coronavirus, selling Spain $467 million in supplies, some of them substandard
  6. China did their best to cover it up....it cost some their lives
  7. good.... the dumbass should get nailed
  8. banana bread muffins this morning tonight I'm going to try a new version of Sheppard's Pie....(wish me luck)
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/dollar1200-cash-payments-help-for-businesses-heres-whats-in-the-historic-stimulus-package-for-coronavirus/ar-BB11HG8Z?li=BBnb7Kz
  10. WMJ77

    Checking in

    trying to work up the energy to attack the attic....the kids thought the basement was bad...they are going to help
  11. 1st pan went faster than I thought...…(only made 2 pans not 4)
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