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  1. WMJ77

    schools closed wensday

    jeff tech clfd
  2. Coroner Bill Young confirmed that Dublin committed suicide.
  3. what if he didnt start acting out till his 20's......
  4. WMJ77


  5. WMJ77

    Internet Speed

    mine is 70.5 down and 5.9 up
  6. WMJ77

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    fried ckn, mac/chz
  7. what? you can take them with you, doesnt mean they have to come in with you......why do you think trunks are so big?
  8. WMJ77

    Meet my granddaughter Faith Marie

    kissable cheeks!!! wooohoo
  9. 4,900 reports since it was launched in early January. scary.....
  10. great, I have to go to indiana thur morning
  11. WMJ77

    2019 Coyote Hunt Winners

    we/ my buddy and I were going to get in it this year, we have seen a lot of tracks where we hunt deer and I watched 1 on the first day of rifle season....maybe next year....congrats to those that got one