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  1. it wont win any pretty awards but it is/was good...veggie on lft....meat on rt.....will be eating it again monday, maybe tuesday too
  2. shhhh....was trying to keep that quiet
  3. save all those bags of leaves this fall and sell them as organic T.P,
  4. WMJ77

    dog training

    anyone know somebody that is good?
  5. HAPPY B-DAY ....7mo and chillin in a tu tu.....life is good with you in it!!!
  6. WMJ77

    A question

    new?...lol...there was a topic that didnt even have an ending....we all took shots at filling in the blank.....thats our imagination and desire to learn new things at work
  7. where ever I can youtube lessons
  8. yep, me too....they are hard to find
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