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  1. Pause Current Time 0:53 / Duration 0:55 Loaded: 100.00% Unmute 0 HQ Captions Fullscreen Up Next: Scotty Sire Eats Cat Food And Reveals Jac's Terrifying Talent | CHSH Instyle Michelle Obama Showed Off Her Natural Hair Texture on Instagram
  2. ole Joe expanding his hair sniffing choices.....
  3. totally agree Bon cherry dr pep even better
  4. ok, he is guilty....but come on 17.....she knew what she was doing and thought it was ok....she is just as guilty
  5. WMJ77

    cops radar

    pulling lots of people over dubois/dubois....slow down!!
  6. more calls to de-program Trump voters Liberal media, Big Tech increase calls to 'deprogram,' deplatform Trump supporters | Fox News
  7. since he told her what he did, wouldnt that make her an accessory after the fact, since she didnt go to the cops.....and sorry but if a relative of mine just told me he sexually assaulted a friend of mine while at my/in my house.....calling the cops would be the easy thing to do, stopping me from beating him would be a little harder
  8. the "friend" could have been a real friend and went to the cops first...
  9. kickin' butt & takin' names....you go girl!!!
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