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  1. WMJ77

    junk pickup.

    goodwill isnt taking furniture, either is salvation army, I thought we had a free furn place but I guess I was wrong.....anyone have a hunting camp?
  2. we want a name..... The suspect’s name has not been released. is bullshit.....he is a perv and doing it near kids.....JT MORE STAKES
  3. people in general care about other people....this trend of singeling out a certin section of people is the problem
  4. WMJ77

    beautiful place

    and then there is this......you know she is smiling behind that mask as she wrote that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi invited President Joe Biden to address a joint session of Congress Tuesday night. An address to a joint session of Congress is essentially the State of the Union address, however, it is not referred to as such until the president’s second year in office. Pelosi invited Biden to give the address in a letter, setting the date for April 28 should Biden accept. “Nearly 100 days ago, when you took the oath of office, you pledged in a spirit of great hope that ‘Help Is On The Way.’ Now, because of your historic and transformative leadership, Help Is Here!,” Pelosi wrote in the letter. “In that spirit, I am writing to invite you to address a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday, April 28, to share your vision for addressing the challenges and opportunities of this historic moment. Thank you for considering this invitation to speak to the Congress and the Nation. I look forward to your reply,” she continued.
  5. WMJ77

    beautiful place

    what have we the USA become....we are slowly losing the land of the free tag CHICAGO is a war zone...portland...lol and Seattle ....everyone is leaving NY, Cali has no power...we have gangs and no border...we cant even pass election laws to TRY to have a fair election,,,, our polys are greedy liars that take turns playing us as they get rich...our schools and overpriced collages are teaching our kids to hate not only our country but each other.....gotta love it
  6. WMJ77

    beautiful place

    same with the US DC is a tourist trap surrounded by a slum and hookers
  7. I'm disgusted they took statues down, burn our flag, abuse kids, teach kids everything BUT what they need to survive in todays world, big tech, polys and their greed I could go on but you know
  8. oh we have some racist people here......but the school didnt need to "talk" to these students ...its really none of their business...its a parent/child opinion and would be or shouldnt be delt with depending on what your opinion is......a sign isnt going to hurt most....well maybe not these days.....peoples feelings and if it does....you need to get over it, get tougher skin ....I sure as hell wouldnt care what some kid in schools sign said....we have turned into a country of sissys
  9. WMJ77

    beautiful place

    I thought that was your boat......the answer is ........Honduras ....now why would you want to leave there, cruise ships stop there must have a ton of tourist and money flowing ....but hey lets walk to the US get raped along the way to end up in a shithole cage with a space blanket
  10. who would not want to live here can you guess where this is??
  11. In my opinion, and its just that.....school aged kids have NO idea what BLM is even about....most of the riots are based on black men mostly who are committing an illegal act OR are trying to get away from cops that have caught them . BLM should be telling people to STOP RESISTING, FLEEING AND PULLING WEPONS on cops, man up ....you got caught...go to court and LIVE to fight or die another day.....you are the reason cops act the way they do towards you......now BLM will tell you a cop wakes up hoping he/she can kill a black man/woman/kid and get 10 bonus points.....its not true....stop blaming cops for the actions you cause....respect them and they will return it, point a gun/knife at them or try to get away and chances are you might die...is it worth your life....well is it ?....again JMO
  12. $37,500 per teen per week of our money.....we get $1400 whenever .....ummmm ok
  13. WMJ77

    junk pickup.

    the nomadic place?
  14. WMJ77

    junk pickup.

    ya but if not you might end up with a wet chair
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