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  1. a big pat on the back to all the dads out there
  2. Good intentions but was the Solicitor on vacation? no, she just hates wolves
  3. you left out the best part mr D solicitor Toni Cherry said most rules boil down to "common sense" but "some people in the community were raised by wolves" ahh how nice of her
  4. I dont like gray areas......so kids can still ride bikes, skateboards, scooters in the park?
  5. Council condensed its lengthy section of restrictions on specific vehicles into “non-pedestrian forms of transportation.” These will not be permitted, unless approval is granted by a city official or police officer at their discretion. “non-pedestrian forms of transportation......such as???
  6. we went to a graduation party/Army enlist....we had so much food chicken, haluski with keb, 2 diff baked beans, 2 diff spring salad, potato salad, wing dip, cheese trays/meat trays, scalloped taters, sweet/sour meatballs, bbq mini weenies, brownies3 kinds!!, cupcakes, somekind of pnut bttr cake, and thats just the stuff I tried....lol
  7. just shoot him then call the coroner....see who gets to him first ....the cops or the body bag
  8. had to work...... now thinking about supper and mega million tickets....thanks for the BDay wishes
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