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  1. isnt that a different bridge than the OP
  2. the calls wont stop, they want me to set up appt to give next time.....and I cant do that.....you can only give so many times a year
  3. I don't think anyone can be as bad as Hartless then you never meet Colleen S.....
  4. WCO Roger Hartless is our neighbor at our family farm in Polk Twp, he would cite his own mother instantly if he had proof. THIS IS TRUE
  5. there is no more wood? nobody knows how to replace it? the cone adds to the beauty? its not part of the baseball field? Christmas is coming?
  6. just because it has leaves on it ......doesnt make it camo
  7. yep, they are worse than telemarketers and poly ads/donors .....I give blood and thats not the prob....getting calls every night ,1 on my home ph....1 on cell ......even though I tell them I cant make appt I can only do walk ins, they call me to set up an appt ....3 nights in a row, and now I'm pissed .....I just told off 2 different people in less than 1 min apart.......after telling the last person to take me off their call list for the 10th time ....do you know what she asked me .......would I like to set up a quartly call instead ....I bet I get called again
  8. veggie soup for last 3 days.....nasty belly bug hit us
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