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  1. WMJ77


    The first three quarters had me....sick and pissed off.....and not in that order
  2. WMJ77


    if you turned it off at halftime or even 3rd quarter.....you missed a great finish
  3. WMJ77

    anyone else getting this

    nevermind, cleaned out history and that helped
  4. WMJ77

    anyone else getting this

    Index of /www Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory - Apache Server at www.godubois.com Port 8 just started showing up......when I click on parent directory it takes me to my regular GD page
  5. WMJ77


    heard 3 choppers and busses called to get people off 80
  6. WMJ77

    Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    meatloaf mashed taters greenbeans
  7. WMJ77

    Hunter Shot In Back By His Beloved Dog

    careless with a gun IS stupid
  8. doesnt sound good "Cancell helicopter"
  9. WMJ77


  10. WMJ77

    Hunter Shot In Back By His Beloved Dog

    also its against the law to have it loaded in the car/truck......unless its a muzzleloader