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  1. how did she do this time....I really hope it went better and no UI this time
  2. nothing better than reading this.........She woke up happy and smiling and kicking her legs in bed. sounds like a plan is needed, and you all are on it
  3. man oh man she cant catch a break.....stay tough Faith....you and your family are in our prayers
  4. WMJ77


    did carpets today....man they get dirty without noticing it
  5. if he is one of the top authorities on this virus we are in real trouble
  6. glad to hear she is doing as well as her lil' body will let her....such a fighter....you rock Faith!!!!!
  7. hows the little peanut doing?
  8. WMJ77

    anyone hear

    the one I was asking about was the one near 80
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