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  1. I read that too and thought it was pretty interesting.
  2. Stanley: The White ghost train the travels down the tracks and dissapears. I've never saw the white train, but I have heard and felt a train coming towards me on one of the older railbeds that arent there anymore that ran across Stanley rd above the intersection where the tracks are today. But there is more than just that out there as I've seen and heard some weird things in this area too many times. My Great Uncle owns the land thats off to the left of the Stanley Bottom tracks at the end of Main St coming from Sykes, as well as lived at the 1st big white house w/detached 2 stall garage on the right on Stanley Rd. Mind you, He owned the land that the old street car trollies travelled thru with a stop station. Stanley Bottom was a hub for trolley/rail passengers. Growing up hunting that land and just going out there as my own quite spot to get away from everyone, I remember hearing odd things while being up there alone. Almost like two people were carrying a conversation. Or the time I heard horse hooves walking down the the old trolley track bed directly in front of me. (yes, the track beds still are clearly visable.) To this day I still witness odd things up there. It's one reason I hid a geocache there to see if anyone else notices anything weird. I didnt type aything about it in the description about any of it. So far I've had 3 people in a year and a half email me privately that found it was eerily spooky being in and around the area and asked me if I knew more about it. While I have extensive knowledge of Stanely Bottom and the Jefferson Traction Co that owned the trolley cars in the early 1890's, I havent found information on if anything has happened there.
  3. Never knew this existed. The things you learn while browsing the web. I'd like to go there this week sometime. Is there a way to drive back, or do you have to walk back? And How do you get there?
  4. Turn them into cache containers and sell them.
  5. I've got two books written by Janice Nichols, (published by the DuBois Historical Society), that I'll have to dust off and look into for you. I believe the DuBois Library has a copy of these. DuBois Where and When Vol 1 and Vol 2. Chapter 5 of Vol. 1 is called: DuBois, Here we come - The Early Years - The Shaffer Story.
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