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  1. Ignatius


    Will items such as this, be representative of your book content (question is meant in a very positive way)? If so, I would not rush to publish, but rather look for guidance from a national firm, as you may have something that interests far more than local people (sort of in the "Bathroom Reader" genre). In preparation to write, what other books are you reading or what other books have influenced you in this pursuit?
  2. Ignatius

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    What is being said in the media, by pundits, on social sites and yes, here, is very troubling. Too many are confusing a religion, with practicing a religion and leading a moral life. Contrary to Conman, I have stopped reading about this abuse and wish to learn no more. Because of the time lapse, much is being reconstructed, therefore revisionist by the eyes of the researcher. I can't ignore that I was an altar boy for one of the accused, and knew nothing of the allegations (nor was I abused), and did not hear of the accusations until decades later. That leaves the question "why" in my brain, particularly having resided in a very small town. Supporting a religion, a political party, a sports organization, a social club, is a personal choice: some of you do what you feel is best and let me alone & quit projecting your views on me. What is ironic, throughout all press releases, etc., the word "Catholic" could have "Jewish" or Muslim" easily substituted. The lesson for all is to quit confusing actions of a few over the entire group population. What happened was intolerable, unlawful and wrong, both by those who perpetrated the crimes and those that permitted them to go on (this also includes civil authorities that blocked legislation). Regardless, that is absolutely no reason to condemn an entire religion.
  3. Ignatius

    What is being built

    Yes. Animal Hospital to replace the existing one on Shaffer Road.
  4. Ignatius

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    I agree with 98% of your post, except none of us were/are privy to original reports, to determine factual basis for the allegations etc., but otherwise you are spot on. It has to stop. On another level, not related to your post, I don't like the attempt to destroy Cardinal Wuerl. Through the years, I can recall numerous times, while in Pittsburgh, he dealt with abuse cases, and in as open a manner as he could.
  5. Ignatius

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    I have read and re-read the report, and I can't draw a firm conclusion either way, nor should I. A conviction can only happen in a court of law (or in the case of many of us, in God's eyes). Is it our place to see the raw data, the initial reports to Bishops Trautmann or Wuerl? No, though it would be the place of the AG to finish what was started. Many have only a prurient interest in this report and some have distaste towards the Catholic faith. But was there a disconnect between reports of decades ago and failure to prove/disprove the allegations? Probably, or else we would not have had the report, leading now to the burden being placed on the AG's shoulders to prove or absolve, as any other crime would and should be.
  6. Back to the OP: I could see myself in the middle of that inflatable raft, offering "comfort" to the occupants (plus helping them with the cooler of beverages they had to have)!
  7. Ignatius

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    We are all faillable, and I'm not defending any of the priests or their superiors, nor I am stating the accusers made false statements. But this is a lesson to all parents here to know your kids, to speak freely about how to be aware of abusive behavior, no matter where it may occur. I'm sure the accused were very troubled individuals, as were those who were charged with adjudicating allegations wagered against the mentioned priests. Such actions were not only wrong, but unlawful and have affected many for the rest of their lives. What is troubling to me, is how quickly entire groups are categorized, including any persons working with youths, be the circumstances being religious, public or parochial school related, sports, scouts or any interactions between adults and our youth. Again, this is a lesson for all parents to be better parents in teaching our kids. For me, at Central, a priest (not named and never accused of any impropriety), passed away earlier this year. He paid attention to a group of us, recognized us where others ignored us. He was the only teacher I had in my 17 years of education that I visited after my secondary education was completed. I didn't thank him, but we "parlayed" as we did in high school, and we enjoyed the visit. Do not condemn adults for working with kids, for every abuser, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, with purity in their motives. The abusers, if not punished by law, will by be punished in the hereafter, if you are a believer. The victims, I hope, will be relieved of the abuse by time and understanding, that they were not the fault of the abuse. To our elected officials and superiors of adults that work with youth, you cannot prevent abuse, but you must act appropriately when advised of these acts.
  8. Ignatius

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    What needs to be remembered, is that a religion is an organized entity with members of similarities in faith, but practicing a religion is an individual's choice. One should not categorize all Catholic priests as sex abusers, anymore than all Republicans are Nazi's, or all Democrats are baby killers.
  9. Ignatius

    Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse in PA

    A major issue with this type of abuse, is that these are children generally from a strong family unit, hence the practice of religion in their families. For a youngster to become an altar boy (or girl), there was implied trust by the family in the sanctity of what they (the kids) were doing. In other words, the kids would not know who to speak to, hence the lack of reporting of the abuse. I have to add, I was an altar boy for one of the priests named in Sykesville, and my wife was a catechism teacher for one. Neither of us had any idea of "monkey business", leading me to assume that the acts were not reported in a timely manner by the kids (or their parents, if told). The PA state AG took the Erie Diocese bishop (Trautman, IIRC) to task for covering up the acts of one the priests, however, again, we're dealing with acts that are several decades passed. That doesn't make them any less heinous, but adds to the difficulty in leaning the motives of those that supposedly knew. An entire religion should not be condemned, by the acts of a few.
  10. It was said that maybe 250,000 attended, maybe more. I knew one person that attended, yet I know several dozen more that said they did, but didn't.
  11. Ignatius

    Going to see another empty space at the mall

    Bob, The mall is grossly out of date, and it would be my opinion, the current owners will milk revenues in its current condition as long as they can. I have no idea of ownership or who's managing the place, but all readers should be aware of the levels of ownership styles, REIT's, etc., with some targeting distressed properties, without having intentions of putting money in. I'm not saying, or implying anything about this property, except that it has probably exceeded its useful life (original portion built in 1973, IIRC). To rehab into a modern use may very exceed going green.
  12. Ignatius

    Going to see another empty space at the mall

    Gardner's location was in the highest profile part of the mall-at the main entrance. If an impulse store, such as a candy store, could not make a go of it in that location, the future is very bleak for the rest of what is called "the DuBois Mall". Either rents must be lowered more than significantly, or the owner/operator must make efforts to bring stores to the mall, that will attract foot traffic.
  13. Ignatius

    Going to see another empty space at the mall

    Where's the mall?
  14. Ignatius

    Old time creeks & swimming holes

    Always taste like the water where they were caught!
  15. Those are available on Amazon for $179.00 delivered (if Prime!).