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  1. Traffic Circle at Harley Davidson

    I third it, and, in fact, the city really ought to consider using police to direct traffic at certain times of the day, for example, when school dismisses.
  2. Traffic Circle at Harley Davidson

    I would love to see one at both locations! Something like that would be a spark to downtown revitalization, as through traffic will find alternative routes. This would leave people with an interest, visiting the downtown and would aleo resultbin a much cleaner area.
  3. Traffic Circle at Harley Davidson

    I made the "round-about" suggestion for there early in the other thread. Something needs done, however, the issue will be the light at the Boulevard intersection, which may be too close (same issue will exist for a light there). Yesterday was horible at that location.
  4. The fascination has always been there, but the part that hasn't is the public display of "no control". This is not a sexual orientation issue, as normal people of all ilks do not perform their preferences in a public venues, no matter if straight or gay. A display such as that should be offensive to all.
  5. I do use I❤️Radio, but, it ain't the same not playing through my very vintage stereo!
  6. In that era WDVE was one of the top stations in the nation. Sadly, for us rural-ites, good FM radio has become a thing of the past, unless you have an good antenna, in a good signal location.
  7. The problem happens with interpretations: much as I dislike zero tolerance for anything, at least there is no room for a misunderstanding or for someone to the right or to the left of any law to put in place some sort of litmus test.
  8. Penguins

    Don't know if there are any Penguin fans here, but a little birdy told me that a pair of tickets are in the raffle for the fashion show tomorrow night (for the DuBois Free Medical Clinic).
  9. I remember about 35 years ago, or so, being shown a property by a local lady realtor. My guess, at that time, she would have been about 40 to 45 years of age. She had this ridiculously long nose hair, easily an inch, coming out of one of her nostrils and was all I could focus one. It was almost to the point that I was going to pluck it out for her!
  10. Maybe DASD can find some dough to build a "cyclone fenced in area" locked at 8:30 AM, unlocked at 2:45 PM, for those students that wish to go hunting after school, and have firearms, bows, etc. with them? Students would need to apply for a special permit to park in the impound area, and vehicles would be inaccessible during school times. The issue as I see it, is, what is the difference if the kid has a cross bow in his car, parked on school property, or parked the same distance away on a public street? Again, a law that cannot hold water for the intended purpose.
  11. Kohlhepp True Value

    Green Egg for smoking the ribs, Yeti to keep beer cool to wash down the ribs! life is good.
  12. Showers Field

    Heard the grant Herm got, also included money for a truckload of "tanning spray in a can" to color the artificial turf brown in late fall & winter, so as to make it look realistic.
  13. Possible roundabout coming to DuBois.

    Four stroke Honda. Also have a Harley.....but my days on motorcycles are behind me. Too many bad drivers, and I don't want to shorten my years!
  14. Possible roundabout coming to DuBois.

    Not necessarily an auto thing! I would love to take my dirt bike on a roundabout to see how fast I could get through it.
  15. Possible roundabout coming to DuBois.

    Two things changed it for me: first was changing the name from "Winston Cup" and the second when my hero (Harry Gant) hung up his helmet!