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  1. Ignatius

    Our forum

    Petee has an excellent point: why go through al kinds of work, when it may be easier to warn offenders and if aberrant behavior continues, remove them. Employ a three strike rule and then you're out. Get along or move along. Multiple clubs, etc., may be a good idea, but, I would bet if we had access to the metrics of the forum, we would see the most visitors here, then the debate forum and then descending rapidly. I'm left wondering if any of the offenders have done any "Mea Cupas" to Steve or the forum? Or, are heels dug in, BP still rising, with some just itching to return to the defense of their opinion, just to prove some now forgotten point?
  2. If all posters were of your temperament, nothing would have happened to the debate forum.  Thank you for always trying to keep me in line in a very tactful & reasoned manner.


    I originally entered the debate board maybe 6 or 7 years ago (?) using my own name.  My sole motivation was the constant, unfair attacks being done on the board toward educators without consequence.  So I got on the board to put the attention on me instead, and let a few of the attackers have it. I suffered a lot of personal attacks since some posters, for some reason, knew who I was, and, most significantly, knew my occupation(one of many).     I never used foul language, or got directly personal.   Rules were eventually established, which cut down the attacks considerably.  Now that the forum is closed I feel a bit saddened, but the original purpose for my entry has come to an end, I suppose.  Without the debate forum there will be fewer unfair attacks  toward an occupation I once belonged to, or other groups/people that are heavily stereotyped.

    I learned a great deal about both sides of the political spectrum in the last several years, but I always hated when posters got personal.

    Thanks again....

    1. Ignatius


      Thanks Tom,

      And also thanks for the job and example (excellent) you've done with my daughters!

      Tony Zaffuto

  3. Ignatius

    Our forum

    I feel compelled to post my feelings about what is happening on this forum: quite simply, the debate forum was closed, primarily because of issues occurring between a few posters. In my opinion, there was quite a bit of baiting going on, generally based against the support some gave for our president. Even though the debate forum closed, this has carried over to the "message forum". Some have decided it is OK to turn threads into opinion/debate discussions about our president, in spite of the thread not starting there. Yes, I am a Trump supporter, and for very specific reasons, which I will not go into here. I did not vote for Obama, yet if anyone cares to look, I never made a disparaging remark about him as president and in fact, hoped for his success as president, as a president that has success, bodes well for the nation in general. The preceding paragraph says little about this thread of mine. The forum belongs to Steve Pompeii, and we should all thank him for providing it. The success of it depends upon us and how we participate on it. To me, it has been extremely off-putting to have threads in the message forum tied back to our current president. I would be curious if the actions of a few of these posters (and you all know who you are) is causing a downward drift in visitors to Steve's site. Remember: this is Steve's livelihood and disregard for his rules may have a marked effect on his keeping this site active. Though some view this as a game to get reactions, there is a potential real world effect as a result of those people humoring themselves. I'm stopping short of further comments, and if any of you feel compelled to do so, PM me and tell me where I'm wrong. We can meet in person and hash out the differences, but in any case, please consider what some of the actions are doing to this site.
  4. Ignatius

    sprinkler systems for high rise buildings

    We're being baited.
  5. Ignatius

    The Debate Political forum is closed until ....

    This will be my final post in this thread: Go DuBois belongs to Steve, however, the responsibility for the success of the forums, fall on our shoulders. We can act and interact as adults, or we act childish and let it wither on the vine. The choice is ours.
  6. Ignatius

    The Debate Political forum is closed until ....

    I agree that Steelnut is one of the most gracious posters on the forum...BUT there were a few others that knew how to push buttons, and they agressively did so. Each of us have (unseemingly to many) sensitive issues and some here were astute (devious?) enough to recognize what got S-Mom going and became relentless with their triggers. Was she singled out? Maybe a bit more than others, but yes, it did happen. Some of us posted about the increasing vitriol and many of us cut back paying attention to the debate forum because of it. Staying or leaving is every person's personal decision, but consider that, since the 2016 election, the debate forum became a microcosm of American politics. As some of the conservative ilk cut back posting, Mom kept carrying her banner. The arguments poised were as nebulous as those put forth in the opinion shows of MSNBC, Fox and many other networks, print medium and so forth. What was wrong was her carrying the argument into the "General Forum", but there were others that did the same: maybe not as overt as Mom's post, but as cutting nonetheless. So what is the solution? As this is a private forum, Steve is free to tell us what the rules are, and our decision becomes one to abide or move on. But don't think for a moment that S-Mom was the only one at fault
  7. Ignatius

    The Debate Political forum is closed until ....

    A simple method would be to speak to another as if in person. Too many on internet forums, hide behind a persona that is not them in real life. Conversely, many in real life, when confronted by conversations, such as some that have happened here in the past, would rapidly distance themselves from the interaction. It is easy to hide behind a computer screen, and for that reason, several years ago, a few of us had "beer summits" and "food summits", whereas those that wanted, got together and put faces to the avatars.
  8. Ignatius

    More Kmart, Sears Close

    For a "bird's eye" view of how far some malls have fallen, Google "Century III Mall", located just outside of Pittsburgh off Rt. 51. Built about 30 years or so ago (by the DeBartolo family), it was the third largest shopping mall in the country. Today, it barely has ten stores remaining.
  9. Ignatius

    The Debate Political forum is closed until ....

    My suggestion would be for a moderator that is not a member of the debate forum.
  10. Ignatius

    The Debate Political forum is closed until ....

    Nah-Zappa is more of a health reminder to men to have prostate exams. IIRC, Zappa was barely 50 when he died from prostate cancer. As far as Crossfire goes, in my mind it was probably the best show of its kind then AND now, but I don't remember seein Zappa on it.
  11. Ignatius

    More Kmart, Sears Close

    Traveled a bit over the several months and noticed several television commercials advertising local, "mom and pop" owned Sears stores. Seemed they were a cross berween a catalog store and much reduced in size, retail store. DuBois once had a downtown datalog store and IIRC, Summerville had a reduced size Sears store, similar to he recent TV commercial. Could this be their strategy or could this be the last gasp of owners of legacy small Sears stores?
  12. Well, at least they ain't procreating......
  13. Well, Timmy and I had the "extra info" talk. First, the boy is 19 and I've been worried about him for nearly 20 years (yeah, from the moment I figgered he was conceived, that is, if It were me and not the postman, and me and the missus always joked about the postman delivering, but I didn't know her smile was a smirk or a smile, but I digressed). Anyhow, to sat the least, my habits were not very good, and the missus, well, she was more part female alley-gator than humanoid. She would put anything, and I mean anything in her mouth, and being part alley-gator, her mouth part was also nose part and all were snout part of her 'natomy. So Timmy's recent bout of conumdrum-itus could be connected to his inheritance from his swamp mom. But that sure don't make it right. I suppose it's better seeing that plastic thing hanging from his nose, least it looks like a booger, especially if it were one that he picks up from the alley back of our trailer. Yeah, and at least it ain't that silver spray paint that he keeps aiming the wrong way. Oh yeah, back to the talk. He explained that him and his chums only did the conumdrum thing a dozen or fewer times, and mostly when they were taking the rowboat cross the swamp to that docksize bar and grilled, were the big boys and girls hang. Well he 'splained the big boys didn't like him and his chums much and to impress the big boys, Timmy and his chums got the big boys some illegal stuff and to get it cross the swamp, they put it in da conumdrums. Well when they got to the dock size bar, cops were there and Timmy and da lads figgered they had best get rid of the conumdrums, but didn't want to waste the stuff inside, so they snorted the whole thing. I think I believe him.
  14. May I suggest some astroglide?
  15. Timmy, I thought your sex ed teacher explained which appendage condoms go on. I know we when had the talk, I told you to be careful when you're out sniffing around before you go poking your nose where it doesn't belong, but, to tell the truth, I think I had better explain things a little bit clearer.