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  1. I would suggest a trip out your way, but more of visiting some of the Shaker settlements, maybe heading southward towards Berea, KY. Become inspired and learn to construct your own: Bob is only trying to entice one and all his way to support Hizzoner, of whom Master Bob might be campaign chieftain (said tongue in cheek, obviously, as Hizzoner is now the "soup du jour", displacing Beto-hands).
  2. Well, between the guv and his lt. guv and the group around him, with their push for legalizing pot, evidently sometime in their past, they must have enjoyed watching a hellbender while they were stoned. They must wish us all to experience the same.
  3. Argentina (country of origin of these conumdrums), which can be sometimes exotic in some of its proclivities, is driscriminating against most of us. First, as I studied on this matter through the night, I learned is a male driven society, with the females more subservient, but striving towards unbending equality within the sexes. Then I learned of dramatically different sexual mores, encouraging multiple partners. My conclusion? These items are geared towards a "menage a trois", mainly to avoid cat fights in a most intimate time, giving each female an equal part of the job, while the male lays back, supervising the event about to beset him. Hey, it is Argentina!
  4. no short cuts in the heat of passion-generally a single minded goal!
  5. Lessee: one hand holding the flashlight. Another holding the magnifying glass. Another using the tweezers to hold the protuberance and finally another installing the protective shield.
  6. Like being a 12 year old all over again and keeping an opened one in your Captain Video ring's secret compartment, "just in case"! Finally many years later, when the opportunity finally "arises", you find A. your girlfriend laughs so hard at you still wearing that Captain Video ring, that she loses interest. Or B. when you open the secret compartment, you find the conumdrum has dry rotted apart, leaving you just with the "ring".
  7. Well, umm, shall we prepare for a night of passion, my dear? Perhaps, we shall plan, by prepping this conumdrum, wrapped in this neat box, that we each must open with both hands. No dear, those two protuberances won't do at all and neither will mine, WE MUST USE OUR HANDS! Our feet? Well, maybe if we were arboreal primates!
  8. Survey was taken at Lakelawn, near Reynoldsville. Here multiple bodies were buried in same plot, so census will be easier and quicker.
  9. Governor Wolf has employed the help of an ex-con, just released from an eight year sentence for trafficing in vehicle inspection and registration stickers, to map out a replacement system. PSP spokesmen said they are truly befuddled at how Wolfe intends to enforce any new regulations, as they will have no way to differentitate between plates and combinations of stickers. They suggested to go back to the old way, and expressed the need to do this, will require new plates for every vehicle in the state. Wolf assured the group this is not needed, as anyone who is worried about non-compliance, can contact his new ex-con plate czar for assistance, as he has experience in the supply of items to "project" the appearance of legality, plus he had advance notice of the new plates and left prison with his suitcase full of the new style. Wolf ended a presser stating "Trust me, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you".
  10. Six months in jail, and she'll qualify for a "health and human services" appointment by our PA guv.
  11. But then you take in 2,500 calories with the cheese steak sub!
  12. But a privately owned parking lot, with a gentleman renting part of its use for his business. He is paying rent, therefore has a claim towards who uses it, unless he has a rental agreement that stipulates something contrary. Regardless, this is not our argument, but rather the business owners in that part of town to sort out. Our part is to decide if we wish to patronize those businesses. I don't have a dog in the race as far as what this town wants to do with permits for buildings, etc., with parking regulations, other than all needed treated in a similar fashion. If I remodel a building, and I am subjected to providing "X" number of parking spaces for employees and visitors, than all other businesses should be treated in a similar fashion, per the town's code.
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