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  1. Doc G’s

  2. First time buyers, tall tree and long rope for the scare. Thing is, us humans all think we're smarter than the next guy. That first shot of Crown will never have us living in a van down by the river, nor will that first toke. For many, that may be true, but there are many that have little self control. Nobody gets out of bed and decides they're going to be a junkie. In fact, I would bet a significant number don't know they're junkies until its too late. Leaving Narcam for future use is wrong.
  3. Yes, it is the wrong approach. But, after OD deaths rise higher than now, ma guv'mint will swing the other way. Go after all dealers, tall tree & short rope.
  4. Disgusting BUT: whatever you do for the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. I find it incredulous that names of addicts are known, yet there are no mandated treatments. It is not a matter of saving a life-that determination is not in the mind of an addict, it is the public abandonment of people. I am not an addict, nor is any member of my family.
  5. Don't Try Stifling A Sneeze

    Don't ever sneeze, burp or phart at the same time!
  6. Ponderosa closing

    And Mortons is equal to Ruth Chris in quality and price. Worth the trip.
  7. Ponderosa closing

    Already is one! The ISOG club. No more can be said, entry by invitation ONLY!
  8. Area Dr Arrested

    Was he stoned when he said that? I've heard conflicting statements about Colorado's results of legalization.
  9. Coziness

    Or an overweight house beagle! She's an old gal, that has earned her right to do as she pleases.
  10. New car plant in Alabama

    This area (actually a bit northward, towards St Marys and Ridgway), was once the "powder metal capital of the world". This area let that title slip away. Can it be regained? Probably not, as much knowledge has left this area, populating the rest of this country as well as overseas. The question remains, though, can this area play to the strengths of local powder metal knowledge to increase our local manufacturing presence? Definitely, but it would take a concerted effort of both public and private entities to address local issues. These local issues include limited industrial infrastructure and a motivated workforce. Bear in mind, that for each powder metal plant, there are support industries, including tooling, heat treat, plating, secondary machining shops. Also, it should be noted that the two largest iron powder suppliers in the world have a somewhat local presence, one in Muncy, PA and the other near Johnstown, PA. We also have materials programs at the local Penn State campus, as well as a world-wide recognized materials program at University Park, PA. Our local high school has an excellent and evolving robotics program, that will just be a hop, skip and a jump into automation that is a key to future local industrial growth. There is no reason why this local region is not selling itself to the automotive supply chain in a wholesale manner. My opinion? Local emphasis needs to shift from ball fields and brewing beer, to what will sustain and then grow the local economy.
  11. Mayor & Infrastructure

    Plus buried electric lines would look so much better! Unfortunately for infrastructure, problems only manifest themselves at the worst times (or perhaps at extremes of usage).
  12. If caught n the wrong side of the law, you have a right to trial by jury, and also to be judged by a jury of your peers - may need a sympathetic defense attorney to make sure your wishes are fully met!
  13. Coziness

    My protection is not only an extra blanket, but a nice, warm house beagle laying by me feet.
  14. Good luck! Fortunately with the business uptick, you should have excellent possibilities to choose from.