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  1. Ignatius

    Internet Speed

    Thanks Keys: I am assuming the higher the number the better?
  2. Do we know for sure this was a bear and not a "furrie"?
  3. I would say the car you drive says more than anything.
  4. My fingers are too big for iPhone keypad!
  5. Dayam LFG out and about having some fin!
  6. Ignatius

    Hitching Post

    I would have to agree!
  7. Ignatius

    Hitching Post

    Lessee, I seem to remember a local ner' do well, imitating Ozzy Osborne's chicken act...
  8. Ignatius

    Hitching Post

    Nah, just was a good place to stop.
  9. Ignatius

    Hitching Post

    Had to work if I wanted money!
  10. As an employer, when reviewing applicants, you always give the "Mr. Ed" treatment: look at their teeth. It is surprising how many twenty somethings (and some younger) have their teeth virtually rotted away.
  11. Ignatius


    Once I was looking for my reading glasses. Found I had them on. Must not have been strong enough!
  12. Ignatius


    It's always at the last place you left it! seriously, ifthe account is in your name, call the bank and they can replace it. If her name, then she must call. You'll need the account number, but that's on your statements.
  13. Ignatius

    Hitching Post

    Some of us worked weird hours at UPS: 9AM until finished, 5, 6, or whatever. Barely had time to clean up before the "pursuit" of the sometimes called "fairer" sex (nothing fair about them at all-they have a unique ability to fight back). Post was a very frequent stop then, and of area bars, an above average chance of getting served, if underage.
  14. Ignatius

    Hitching Post

    If you can remember what happened in the 70's, you didn't have much fun!