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  1. Ignatius

    Alleged Rape At Paris Companies

    Employees are very hard to obtain locally, regardless of payscale. They are even more difficult to retain. When one of your employees is jailed, you, the employer can request work release. Wage has little to do with this horrific crime: blame the accused. I would bet the Paris owner would rather deal with a hundred of the UPMC issues of the past year versus what has happened to this poor young lady.
  2. Ignatius

    Alleged Rape At Paris Companies

    I don't believe it is fair to put blame on the company. Do you understand how work release works?
  3. Ignatius

    Alarming news report

    Work release or some other work release program?
  4. Ignatius

    Local non-affiliated church

    Even then, burden of proof is on the employer, even with extensive documentation, including an empolyee that failed to show for over a week!
  5. Ignatius

    Local non-affiliated church

    On one level, I feel identically as you do, but on another, though the past is often an excellent predictor, it is not infallable. What is past cannot be changed, but what is later today and tomorrow, can.
  6. Ignatius

    Any Lamps around DuBois?

    Turns on only very late at night😈
  7. Ignatius

    Any Lamps around DuBois?

    It's always a major award....
  8. Ignatius

    DuBois Christmas lights

    The Main Sreet and Long Ave. lights look very nice.
  9. Ignatius

    Any Lamps around DuBois?

    Got the real thing in our front window! Very "fragelli"!
  10. Prisoners of his ilk all suffer from the same disease: A.S.S., or anal stretching syndrome.
  11. Ignatius

    Wouldn't it be nice?

    These type of suggestions (QVC & Amazon) are less dependent upon demographics than much traditional retail. Funny how Amazon completely turned "brick and mortar" stores upside down, and put many out of business, yet they are now setting up retail locations.
  12. Ignatius

    Wouldn't it be nice?

    Looking at the old Kmart, now empty building, wouldn't it be nice if Amazon/Bezos, would put one of his "bricks and mortar" stores in that location? Amazon is selectively placing well stocked retail locations through the US, and, IMO, that spot (and the DuBois demographics) might be perfect for one.
  13. I have no issues with either the city or the township, as I abide by all ordinances, and if I have any questions, I ask for clarification in advance (I am litigation adverse). Both municipalities have ordinances and everything is available for review. I personally see the township more proactive towards a larger percentage of their residents. My entire life has been in this area, and it is every resident's responsibility to make their little bit of it better. As far as "improvement", this is primarily market driven, and not "if you build it, they will come". You want a revitalized downtown? Those who invest money expect a certain degree of return. Without a market ROI, why would money be invested? This is where the city could do a better job.
  14. Being a resident of one and owning multiple properties in both, I would give the nod to Sandy, as being more responsive to the needs of its citizens and businesses.
  15. I'm just about through with this thread: I'm all pooped out!