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  1. Well I can tell you there are quite a few current and former local PD and PSP LEO's out there breaking the ATV/UTV laws for riding on public highways too. See it all the time....
  2. If it would have been up to me it would have been another Tacoma but the boss wanted her 4Runner. I was only there to chisel a deal and sign the check to pay for it.
  3. That's easy to answer.... By not living in fear and letting some politicians control my life. Pretty simple concept I believe. I'm on a job with 500 construction workers on it deemed essential by the DHS when ol Tommy Boy Wolf tried to shut us down. Since this "pandemic" started we had 1 positive case out of 500 workers and he was back to work 14 days later. How can that be??
  4. Where in my post does it imply giving up?? I'll tell you. It doesn't!
  5. It's a horrible existence to live your life in fear.... When the big man upstairs decides to punch your ticket that's a wrap. Game over.
  6. I dealt with the Toyota dealers from DuBois, Altoona, and Indiana on my recent purchase of a 2020 4-Runner TRD Off Road package. Check them out for yourself but the one in Indiana got my business.
  7. Fed not sure how your feelings are about Toyota but if you want a "midsize" truck that in mine and many others opinions the Toyota Tacoma blows Ford and GM right out of the water. They hold their value and are very reliable. I traded in an 07 last summer with 160k miles mechanically sound and a few rust spots and still got $10k. And they are made in the USA with a greater percentage of the parts manufactured in the USA than the other two.
  8. So did you take photos and turn them into Wolf's snitch hot line?? Did you call the local PD?? Citizens arrest??
  9. I called this one long before the charges were ever filed. Another fine job by The Jefferson County Good Ol Boy's Club....
  10. The only thing that can protect you from these is red Kool Aid, Depends undergarments and Exlax. They're flying off the shelves in other countries so you better start stocking up while you still can!!!!
  11. Pretty easy to figure out. He's been partisan in every decision he's made with this deal. Big box/big corporate stores and businesses received free realm to operate business as usual while the mom and pop businesses get threatened with criminal prosecution and license revoked if they opened. Then Wolf who was to revamp, modernize, and strengthen the UC system two years ago brushed it off and put it on the back burner and look at what we have today. Countless out of work Pennsylvanians that many are going on two months without getting their UC filed let alone collecting a dime. Countless people about to lose their businesses, homes, life savings, etc.... And you have the nerve to ask why there's so much animosity towards Wolf....
  12. Ol Mr High and Mighty that thumbed his nose at Mr Pompeii's rules for years is now all of a sudden the forum Gestapo.... B.I.O.Y.R!
  13. My mom spent 9 months in and out of UPMC Shadyside and Hillman undergoing multiple unneeded surgeries because of PH's incompetence and misdiagnosis.
  14. NikonSniper


    Exactly!! They should all be in DC and on call 24-7 until this crisis is over! I'm sure the usual suspects will be along to tell us they are more important than us lowly US citizens blah, blah, blah......
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