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  1. Force your way into our home and you'll be standing in front of the real God...
  2. Well the one is a minor so either the kid gets a job and pays it or the parents will be responsible to pay it. Yes they could also be arrested and placed in jail for failure to pay fines and costs. I see warrants issued and court reports all the time in the local rags for that.
  3. Lost the greatest Rock & Roll drummer this week. The legendary RUSH drummer Neil Peart.
  4. My gut tells me that deals will be made and charges plead down and walks away with a meaningless probation and fines.
  5. There is. Call 911 and give them description of the truck, license plate #, and location/direction it's going.
  6. What's people going to do when we actually get some real accumulation of snow?
  7. The legal "moonshine" that is being made is a high priced poor imitation of real corn liquor that's made in them there hills.
  8. It sounds like the parents of the bullied individual need to take it into their own hands and hire a lawyer and file legal and civil actions before it gets out of hand.
  9. That would be a big negatory Ghost Rider!! Tis the season to be eatin!!
  10. It all comes down to proper training. Period! It doesn't matter if it's a Pitbull or some ankle biter. Me and my wife were raised with German Shepherds and continue to have them since we were married. They are listed as the #3 most dangerous dogs. They require strong owners who show them that they are the Alpha and ongoing training along with plenty of physical activity is a must If one thinks they can own a GSD or any dog for that matter and not do all the above maybe a cat is better suited for you. Our GSD has just completed the AKC advanced canine good citizen training with flying colors and is one step from being an AKC certified therapy dog.
  11. It's all about the almighty $$$$. The Sunday hunting is all about enticing hunters to come back that give up hunting in PA because of the PGC's constant BS and to sell more license. Fact is if they lower the size of the deer population their license sales will tank once again.
  12. The fun part starts now! Getting it all rigged up and lift it into it's location.
  13. The cashless tolling is nice. I have an EzPass but sometimes I forget it because it's used in multiple vehicles so when I do I don't have to mess around digging out cash or the credit card. A couple weeks after you go through you just get a bill in the mail.
  14. Maybe the PSP should start cracking down on all these coal buckets, log trucks, and 18 wheelers that look like rolling LED Christmas Trees that blind you because there's so much light coming off them.
  15. Because I live closer to 119. Though I have gone 80.
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