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  1. Busy building power plants 6-7 days a week so the tree huggers can charge their electric cars and phones.
  2. IMO based on dealing with local "Amish" furniture stores is if one finds something they like is to take pictures of it and go to the local Amish community and deal directly with the Amish craftsman. Just recently on our kitchen remodel I saved thousands of $$$ using Amish cabinet makers VS various others.
  3. Get this political crap out of here!! Respect Mr Pompeii's site and rules!
  4. Abuse of power/authority. He should resign or be fired! See the civil lawyers lining up for this case......
  5. From the sounds of reports on TV they don't have fire equipment that reaches that high??
  6. Not looking too good. Live reporting on various news networks.
  7. I've asked the gun control supporters and anti-gun people on here various times what they would do when armed intruders invaded their homes in the wee hours of the morning and the lone nightshift PSP crew was at the other end of the County when they called 911. None of them ever answered. Guess they planned on beating them with the phone....
  8. Kudos to whoever taught this young man to shoot. Chalk up another one for the good guys!!
  9. Heck with the way gas has went up .60 in the last month and a half they should have plenty to pay for this.....
  10. Hey as long as the goat got his share the next rider should be safe.....
  11. Thin and crispy, extra sauce, pepperoni, and double anchovies. If I could get good Chicago deep dish around here I'd get it.
  12. If the "English" life/life style is so evil and horrible I'm sure you can talk to the local Amish Bishop and elders about converting from us heathen English and become Amish. Right??
  13. Have no idea?? Just listening to the "elder experts" discuss and solve the world's ills at the coffee shops.
  14. I deal with an Amish business that uses electric in both their home and shop, have electric tools and household luxuries, and have both land lines and cell/smart phones. The only thing they don't have is a car or truck. Pretty lenient order.....
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