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  1. Hell lets make Hazmat bubble suits and SCBA gear mandatory...... https://www.foxnews.com/health/fauci-backs-double-masking-in-coronavirus-fight-says-likely-more-effective
  2. I just seen on one of the great MSM news stations Fauci is considering that Double Masking may happen soon. He can KMA!!!
  3. Maybe you should pose your questions to the Clearfield County Judge and District Attorney instead of a message board. I highly doubt they read GoDubois and I can pretty much guarantee if they did they wouldn't respond to some anonymous person that uses multiple names to post here.
  4. Hmm... Someone had to give the orders to the Capitol Police brass to send them to the garage.
  5. No you are 100% wrong. They are ALL a bunch of crooks and liars from the local political hacks clean to DC.
  6. I'm really finding it amusing that when one disagreed with something the Dems supporters said about Trump you were labeled a Trumper. Now if one says they don't agree with all this unsubstantiated mumbo jumbo which ZERO has yet to be proven you are all of a sudden labeled a Biden voter for questioning it. Honestly it's pretty sad really.... I know, I know it's coming. So is the discovery of a Sasquatch family with a unicorn ranch on Rockton Mountain....
  7. In this day and age it's surprising that people continue keep anything of value stored at their camps.
  8. I've noticed over the years that when a new PSP class graduates and starts their assignments that the vehicle code violations spike for awhile.
  9. Hmm... Could this be the spawn of the deceased KKK grand wizard C Edward Foster that lived in Walston?
  10. My health insurance already went up $400/quarter Jan. 1. Imagine that....
  11. I saved near $4k plus got substantially more for my trade in on my new 4Runner by driving 50 miles to another dealer. The same with my wife's new Durango. I saved enough at a dealer 75 miles away that we were able to build/order/upgrade to exactly what we wanted and it was still less than the local dealers lower grade model. The dealers around here think they have you by the jewels. Wrong!
  12. And local businesses wonder why we take our business out of town and or online.
  13. Well if they were from Jefferson County and would have just abused and tortured those deer they would just get a meaningless fine and a slap on the wrist.
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