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  1. IMO well worth the wait. 😉
  2. When they were at the festival in Punxsy the line was from a 1/2 hour to an hour plus.
  3. Anyone that has any self pride in their selves does the best that they can do and the right thing whether they are doing it for free or a million dollars.
  4. Wolf's new edict for leaving your home....
  5. Hmm... Can't go to stores without a mask, must maintain 6' social distancing and on and on. Can't wait to see the explanation from the "experts" on how this is going to happen with football, basketball, wrestling and so on. I'll bet little Johnny and Suzie's parents are going to have to sign a waiver to resolve the PIAA and school districts from any legal action if they get sick.
  6. We were shut down for 3 days over Wolf's illegal edicts until the DHS told him to go pound sand that he had zero authority to shut us down.
  7. Unless you're wearing this with the HEPA cartridges you're just peeing on a forest fire.....
  8. I call BS on this coin shortage.
  9. 50% by the State + 50% by the district = paid 100% by the tax payers.....
  10. While we're at it maybe all religious statues, monuments and everything else depicting religion needs to be removed from the publics view because some are offended by it. Agree..... One word answer. Yes or No
  11. State/businesses setting themselves up for some more HIPAA and ADA Federal and State civil law suits.....
  12. Two different deals by two different groups. .
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