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  1. Saw this last year or so, it was pretty damn COOL !!!
  2. LOL, what a train wreck...........
  3. Penn DOT would of taken years to do that, then make it a TOLL Tunnel
  4. My opinion, who cares WHO it was or Where they were from. Thanks for your services to try and keep a good community DRUG FREE. I honestly could Not Be Paid Enough to be a law enforcement offer in these days we live in. Just saying......................... :)
  5. LOL, thats funny, now I gotta re live seeing that movie again.
  6. I just got back from brushing off car and shoveling for the morning escape to work. I'd guess in Dubois I have a solid 8" of snow and still coming down hard.
  7. thertguy

    Sold sign

    I "HERD"...... LAST TIER BANK................. And they Re-Named "Ghetto Sheetz" to Sheetz DuBwaww :O
  8. So... lets see how the Covid-19 reacts to this......... ohh wait we have been wearing masks and its still spreading How about a face shield...
  9. Last week I about blew through these, driving... thinking, no thats facing other direction, getting closer, OHH hell NO !! new stop signs........... The police will have Field Day with this...........
  10. lol, Kid worked at my place 2 weeks training on 1st shift, the went to 3rd shift, missed about 3 days of the 5 day work week, then got in some trouble.................. I would not of even thought this kid was 29 years old from looking at him, but guess some Jail time will get some years added to his appearance.
  11. This is a New Event for this year, please stop by and make this a Great Event !
  12. I leave for Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Thursday, cant wait !! My car is being featured in a 25th Anniversary Display of the Dodge Neon
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