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  1. Banks are required by the Community Reinvestment Act to invest monies in the communities that they serve. They get examined periodically by their Regulator to make sure they are doing so. So like someone on here mentioned earlier, there's something in it for them as they get CRA credit for these type investments by their Regulator. The larger the amount given the more credit they receive. So it's a win win situation, they get CRA credit, DASD gets a new football field and other needed renovations.
  2. Just wondering what will happen, if a couple years down the road, the Bank is bought out by a larger Bank. Will it go back to being Mansell Stadium or will it then become PNC Stadium?? Or what happens in a couple years, if the management of Nextier decides the DuBois Office is not profitable and decides to close this Office. Will it go back to being Mansell Stadium or will it remain Nextier Bank Stadium whose closest Office will then be 50 miles from DuBois?? I know these are both hypothetical situations but the possibility of either one of them happening is very real these days. Wonder if the school board discussed these possibilities before they approved the name change??
  3. You hit the nail on the head exactly Titan.
  4. Maybe the sign Cacao saw underneath the Middle School sign doesn't mean anything. I hope we're misinterpreting its meaning. Maybe the name of the Stadium isn't actually being changed, I guess we'll know in a few days if and/or when it's in the Courier.
  5. I heard the Branch Manager is gonna have his tellers washing cars on their lunch hour.
  6. I appreciate your opinion, you make a good point about needing money to build and upkeep, but I still don't like our Stadium named for a Bank based outside our immediate area. You are so right about the DASD possibly now being called something else........how bout the Dubois Area Branch of Rosebud Mining/ Kittanning .
  7. In my opinion, what makes changing the name of our Stadium from Mansell to NextTier Bank, even worse, is the fact that the Headquarters of NextTier Bank is located in Kittanning, so DuBois is just one of many Branch Offices of this Bank. So do we want our DuBois Stadium named for a Bank headquartered in Kittanning ??
  8. I heard a rumor the Bank is giving them money to install new turf on the field. I think the turf that's on there is still fine but because it's over the recommended time of it's usefullness, they're talking about replacing it. If that's true, then not only changing the name of the stadium is wrong but using the money given to the school by the Bank to put in new turf when it's not needed is wrong. Maybe the school can put the money in escrow until new turf is actually needed.
  9. I'm sure NextTier Bank gave the school money to do some type of renovation at the stadium. Wonder if the people making the decision to change the name gave any consideration to the long time residents of the area who knew the tradition that went along with the name "Mansell Stadium"? I think I know the answer; the only thing that's important any more is money. How sad!!
  10. Yes I meant the Trojans not your Gamecocks. Sounds like you not a fan of his either.
  11. That's why I'm hoping USC makes him a ridiculous offer that he can't refuse. I guess I'm dreaming but it doesn't cost anything to dream. Their recruiting, which I have always thought was is strength, is definitely gonna take a big hit if he stays,
  12. From preseason #8 in the nation to an 0-5 record with Michigan next up. I know they have had some bad luck with the Brown medical issue and Parsons leaving but if you have the talent to be ranked that high before the season began there's no way you should be 0-5 at this point. As much as I don't like to admit it, Franklin's team quit on him after the opening season loss to Indiana. Yesterday for example Ford their 3 string running back didn't come out of the locker room for the second half. Was he injured or did he quit? Also, allegations of sexual assault charges filed by Humphries. Of course they are so far being denied by the authorities . Might they be legit? At first I didn't believe them but now I'm not so sure but what they may be legit. I know because of Covid this has been an unusual season but everybody has had to deal with the same issues so I don't think will can use that as an excuse for possibly ending the season winless. Curious what all you other PSU fans are thinking?
  13. Sounds like you're insinuating both defenses gave up TD's on purpose just to get mentioned on ESPN. Definitely not the case as I was on the sidelines at the game sometimes closer to the action than I wanted to be. So many points were scored that night simply because neither teams defense could stop the others offense.
  14. If you were at Mansell Stadium on September 11, 2015, you saw in-person what had to be the greatest game in Journey's too-short football career as he rushed for 722 yards and 10 touchdown in that "wild" 107-90 Meadville win over our Beavers. He helped put DuBois high school football on the national map that night as highlights of the game was covered by ESPN.
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