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  1. This is beautiful and takes alot of work, I was wondering why they didn't do Halloween this year, It always looks great then also!!
  2. Congratulations Bon!! i haven't been on here for sooo long but wanted to say she looks like she is doing much better and is growing fast!! Grandchildren are the best!!!!
  3. Ham and cheese panini and a donut.
  4. My friend gave me some garden lettuce so I had 2 BLT's Tasted sooo good! I was really hungry for those!
  5. Weenie Wednesday at the Sandy club, so I stopped in there to get a footlong and fries (love their sauce)
  6. Soccer was sselling Marianna's so I ordered 1 and a delluxe pizza, the hoagie is long gone and I had the pizza tonite, It was pretty darn tasty.
  7. Grandson came out today to watch the race. I made us chicken salads withlettuce, cheese, peppers, cucumbers, FF and hunks of chicken breast and Good Season's Italian salad sressing. Pretty yummy and I ate too much!
  8. Went to camp Saturday and stopped and got a hoagie at Mikes in Brookville Came home today because it was so cold and ate the rest of it
  9. WEndy's crispy chicken sandwich and fries and a small choc Frosty
  10. I fried up some sausage and onions and then added 4 tornup hot dog buns then mixed 2 eggs and a little milk and dumped over the sausage/bread, covered until the egg was done, flipping a few times. Jack (dog) and i ate the whole mess. Breakfast for dinner.
  11. Fish dinner at the church in Sykesville, very good! Red velvet cake for dessert.
  12. That's what's for dinner now!! Quick and easy and sounds soooo good!! Tuna casserole with peas!!
  13. i can't believe you have a f emale cat and she has't driven you crazy being she isn't fixed, I had too get mine fixed right away, the crying was nervewracking!!
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