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  1. How dumb is ito keep 57k not in a bank? None of my businesses have more then $150 in petty cash. The rest is in the bank!
  2. JimmyPete


    The debate was no different than DuBois and Sandy
  3. CYS should be charge with neglect and murder. They knew from a on going case! This life could have been easily saved
  4. Just like DuBois and Sandy lol
  5. I don't know I've only stop there a few times when working on in that area for the subs... I
  6. I just miss the local stores like the one in Luthersburg Henry's? and the one in Grampian sholes that was burnt down... That offered more better local service. I'm not a fan of DG.... Only good thing is the hire local people.
  7. If we got attacked would we wait till the next president?
  8. I wonder if the hairdresser scissors was adjusted?
  9. Takes my guy about 20 min a reel..... About a few times a year. When I touch them up takes me about 10 min. Well I've worked on golf courses, ball fields, had my own landscape company...... Worked in Georgia and Virgina and NC putting in turf for ball fields. So I have facts and experience over you. That's how they get those nice stripes in stadiums with razor sharp reels with rollers.
  10. It doesn't matter if it has a motor or not the reels still need to be sharpened....
  11. Reel mowers yes but my newer reel mower has to be adjusted when putting the reel back on but still needs to be sharpened. Reel mowers cut like scissors the run across a metal edge called the bed knife. That holds the grass while the blades on the reel run across it.
  12. So how do you "adjust a mower blade". I would like to know because of been cutting grass for over 20 years and sharpen my blades daily.
  13. I listed to the scanner as it was happening and thought the police was doing a great job. It was great to hear Sandy and DuBois police help as well. This area really lacks in manpower with police.... The county sheriff's office needs to do more with assisting patrolling area that don't have police coverage.... They do it in other states I live in for rural areas. The state police are spread out to thin to be effective. How long would a person have to wait if held at gun point in Penfield, Luthersburg, Rockton, Grampian Chestnut Grove, Irishtown areas? Would Sandy or the city respond as well? What if the PSP was to busy? Then there even a more delay in communication between PSP and county 911. The closet available police officer / department should be called no matter what. Lives are at steak and the county 911 director and the county commissioners could have blood on their hands for not providing sufficient police coverage for those who don't live in Sandy, DuBois, Clearfield, Lawrence township etc. Yes PSP covers them but can't get there in a fast manner.
  14. Did they ever catch the driver the fled into the woods?
  15. It's funny most of the arrest is on the Clearfield side. 🤔
  16. What we did was sent a email to dealers with the van we wanted, what package and trim level, and what colors. We took the lowest price to the dealer we wanted to buy from and they honor the other dealers lowest price and gave us a few extras. Just to get our business. Sure beat out traveling alot to other dealers.
  17. Toyota is the way to go. We have a Honda 2019 van that has the same electronics as the Ridgeline and they suck. The computer that runs the entertainment and air control system glitches out often. Only way to fix glitch on the van is disconnect the battery for 10min. Dealer said Honda doesn't even know how to fix it. Our Toyota that has close to 90,000 hasn't needed brakes yet but the Honda Van at 30k going to need them soon. This is the last Honda we'll buy.
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