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  1. Buster99


    Had so much fun at Saturday's game, even if we did get wet! Our seats were amazing! Got some great pictures and met some really cool people. Oh, and they won!! Can't wait to go to another game!
  2. Buster99

    Farmer's Inn

    And Clear Creek park. Keep on that road and hang a left across the river and you can go to the "new" Hallton Hilton.
  3. Buster99

    Farmer's Inn

    Just like Mr. D. said. Corn meal made into a loaf and pan fried. Butter and syrup. Maybe not the greatest stuff, but always reminds me of my dad.
  4. Buster99

    Farmer's Inn

    Best brunch around! They always had mush like my dad used to make. Very reasonably priced.
  5. Buster99

    Fox in town

    Just saw the fox standing in the middle of South Main street in front of the hospital. Eating something. Looked pretty healthy to me. Kind of cute!
  6. You do NOT want salmonella! NO! NO! NO! Worst week of my life!
  7. The D'argy's are amazing people. I will them well in all of their endeavors!
  8. Buster99


    Asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday.....Pirates game on May 12th for when Cutch is back. She was raised right!
  9. Not sure about her, but definitely not his first go around with the law. Not a productive member of society.
  10. Buster99

    Full Moon

    Thank you!
  11. Yet they still sell thongs, condoms, and Astro glide. Aren't those sexual?
  12. Buster99

    Wal-Mart online grocery ordering

    To me, it is the same as online clothes shopping. Won't do that either because I need to touch and try on the clothes. With food, I want to see, and touch, and even smell before buying.
  13. Buster99

    Five Guys

    We thought 5 guys was just ok. Have had better burgers at places that aren't chain restaurants. Fries were good.
  14. Altoona is listed as closing but not Dubois.