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  1. Sea sickness?

    Yes, I have made chum many times. 😕
  2. Tax return time frame?

    Okay, thanks!
  3. Tax return time frame?

    I don't have any of that. Mine were filed over a week ago so I was just wondering. Thanks.
  4. Tax return time frame?

    If you file your taxes electronically, what is the average time until the refund is deposited? Thanks.
  5. Sea sickness?

    Yes, thankfully. Our cabin is right in the middle on deck 2. Great location. We shouldn't have any trouble keeping busy....this is the Legends of Pittsburgh cruise!
  6. Sea sickness?

    Thanks everyone! We are going to try the sea bands along with an over the counter med. Hopefully it works.
  7. Ponderosa closing

    Have you tried "The Sub Hub" in Reynoldsville? We are die hard Bob's fans, but this place is amazing!!!!
  8. DuBois schools closed 2/7

    Speed limit on 80 is 45.
  9. Sea sickness?

    We are leaving soon for a cruise and I would like to get everyone's opinions on controlling sea sickness. The BF and I both get motion sick and don't want to ruin our trip. I went a on a cruise about 15 years ago and tried the Sea bands. They didn't seem to work for me. I took Bonine the entire time. Probably overdosed on it because I was so worried about being sick. I don't like Dramamine because it makes me so drowsy. I asked the doctor for those patches that I could put behind my ear, but they were $79.00! Any suggestions or advice on what has or hasn't worked for you? Thanks!
  10. Bon Ton closing

    If it is just WM, I will be naked.
  11. Ponderosa closing

    We love eating at the S&D Polish diner in the Strip district! Food is so good and lots of it. A lot of the people who work there don't speak English!
  12. School delays 1/30

    And Dubois. 2 hr delay
  13. School delays 1/30

    Brookville. 2 hour delay
  14. Area Residents Sentenced In Fatal DUI Crash

    I don't think either of them got what they deserve. POS
  15. Suspect Bites K-9, K-9 Bites Right Back

    LOL!!! Good for her! He probably really annoyed her by biting.