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  1. Here is my recent Lowe's experience: Ventless gas heater quit in basement on Thursday. Went to Lowe's and picked up a 30,000 BTU for 249.99. BF started putting it in and realized it didn't have a blower. We need a blower due to the size of the basement/crawl space. Called Lowe's. Could get a blower for an additional 80 bucks. So, he called around and we ended up returning it and going to Tractor Supply. 30,000 BTU with factory installed blower.....199.99. No brainer.
  2. She would show up at our Relay for Life bingo occasionally. Thankfully, she didn't write any checks to us!
  3. Buster99

    Sonic, Bespoke, & Wild Earth

    I've always said that I would be a millionaire if I could make dog treats that taste like a dog's butt. Seems that is the flavor my dogs prefer.
  4. Already got mine. No problems at all. Tiny little bump. Last year I had some swelling and itchiness at the injection sight. I can't imagine why anyone with a chronic illness would not get the flu and pneumonia vaccines. You can't get sick from them. I do everything I can to ward off illness since I am diabetic and have asthma.
  5. Buster99

    Heinz Officially To Make 'Mayochup' Happen

    I dip my fries in mayo and ketchup mixed together. Have done this for a long time.
  6. Buster99

    A Bahamian Memory

    Just had conch the week of Labor Day! We went on a cruise to the Bahamas! Sooo good! Also had alligator and escargot. Yep, I will try anything!
  7. Buster99


    Had so much fun at Saturday's game, even if we did get wet! Our seats were amazing! Got some great pictures and met some really cool people. Oh, and they won!! Can't wait to go to another game!
  8. Buster99


    Asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday.....Pirates game on May 12th for when Cutch is back. She was raised right!
  9. Buster99

    Ponderosa closing

    Have you tried "The Sub Hub" in Reynoldsville? We are die hard Bob's fans, but this place is amazing!!!!
  10. Buster99

    Ponderosa closing

    We love eating at the S&D Polish diner in the Strip district! Food is so good and lots of it. A lot of the people who work there don't speak English!
  11. Buster99


    Sooooo disappointing.
  12. Buster99

    PSU Football

    We had a great time today despite the rain and cold. Would like to go again when the weather is better. Tomorrow we are off to a Curve game!
  13. Buster99

    PSU Football

    Nope. Only Steelers games.
  14. Buster99

    PSU Football

    Wow! That looks really cool. Now, I'm even more excited! Thanks for the tips!
  15. Buster99

    PSU Football

    Thanks! I asked a family at my church that has season tickets and they invited us to tailgate with them. Should be a good time!