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  1. Buster99

    What is being built

    I actually ate at Bravo! for the first time after the Pirate game on Sunday. It is also a chain Italian restaurant so I was skeptical. Way above the quality of Olive Garden. Will definitely go back. Had the Shrimp fra diabolo. Yummy!!!! I am not and have never been a fan of Olive Garden.
  2. Buster99


    I get work clothes for the BF at Goodwill. He can destroy them all he wants. BTW, I think they are having 50 % off everything this Saturday.
  3. Buster99

    Loophole no pun intended

    Sling Blade?
  4. Buster99

    Hospital parking

    Every time I had my parents at Presby or Hillman Cancer Center, we paid for parking. A lot! As for Presby, the parking garage is just as far a walk, or further, than any of the patient parking that is now available at Penn Highlands. The number of patient spaces has increased. The number of handicapped spaces has increased. The only thing that has decreased is employee parking. As an employee, I don't care. I can use the extra walk.
  5. Buster99

    what to wear

    Just went to one on Saturday. Hot!!! Agree with the sleeveless summer dress and sandals. Word of advice....bug spray, sunscreen, and lots of water!!
  6. Buster99

    Dairy Queen

    Dairy Queen in Brookville has been gone for awhile now. The building is still there but it is called "Boulevard Eats and Treats." Miss Dairy Queen, but I have had ice cream there a few times now and it is just as good. I will only go there or Buff's for my ice cream fix.
  7. Buster99

    Old Tommy D's

    Wine bar. With really good tapas.
  8. I swam there a lot as a kid. Never worried about any bacteria in the water. I know exactly where it came from....geese! There is goose crap all over the place. They tried different ways to get rid of them, but they won't leave.
  9. Yep. They have one there too. I don't get to Altoona too often. Usually only once a year when we go to a Curve game. I am in Pittsburgh at least once a month. We go to Pirate games and we love to shop/eat in the Strip. Oh, and the Casino!
  10. I am so excited to try this the next time we are in the "Burgh!
  11. Buster99

    Rural King Opening Store In Venango County

    I like the free popcorn and coffee at RK!
  12. Buster99

    Penn Highlands parking changes start 6/4

    Thank you for posting this! I was just going to do it. Hopefully everyone understands that this temporary inconvenience will benefit everyone!!
  13. Buster99


    I think there is a motorcycle show at Treasure Lake on Sunday or Monday.
  14. Buster99


    Had so much fun at Saturday's game, even if we did get wet! Our seats were amazing! Got some great pictures and met some really cool people. Oh, and they won!! Can't wait to go to another game!
  15. Buster99

    Farmer's Inn

    And Clear Creek park. Keep on that road and hang a left across the river and you can go to the "new" Hallton Hilton.