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  1. New Business on Hamor Street?

    Oh wait, read that wrong. We eat Firehouse a lot! I thought it said Fireside....isn't that the new place?
  2. New Business on Hamor Street?

    Haven't tried there yet. Do they have a website?
  3. New Business on Hamor Street?

    My standard order at Bob's.....senior super. Dang. Now I'm hungry.
  4. Creepy!

    His place in Brookville is now a parking lot.
  5. Oh, okay. That makes sense. I guess I just don't understand the point of a union taking money from the employees when the employees can talk directly to management themselves. Apparently they don't feel this has been effective. Myself, personally, my management has always addressed my concerns. I feel very comfortable speaking to my bosses about any issues that I may have. Believe it or not, they are very good at resolving issues that we have had in our department. They are also very good as explaining their decisions. I guess I would be frustrated if I didn't have that open relationship with my supervisors.
  6. So how does the bargaining work? I assume each side says what they want and then they try to come to a compromise? But, ultimately, isn't the decision still the employers?
  7. But even if it is poor working conditions, what can a union actually do? I'm just trying to understand. I wouldn't think they could force management to hire more people if the funds aren't there to cover the payroll. Or, could they hire more at lower wages or even lower the wages of those already employed? Could someone please explain to me what a union is and isn't capable of doing?
  8. Cacao, you are absolutely right. If a union does enter into the picture, they can only bargain and promise. They can't actually change anything. Sure, they may get you better wages, but at what cost? Lay offs? Higher out of pocket for benefits? Every action by anyone will have an impact on the bottom line. All parties involved need to do their research and not vote just by what others say or don't say. Some people will just vote yes or no to go with the crowd. Like any election.....just because you can vote, does not mean you should. Be informed. Once you cast that vote, it can't be retracted.
  9. I am diabetic and would NEVER drink juice. Too much sugar. Chocolate milk, however, is yummy. (In moderation) I don't drink it often, but it is a nice alternative when I am craving chocolate.
  10. We ate at the one in Altoona yesterday. I have sworn up and down for years that I don't like grits. Decided to give them another try. I ate mine and the BF's. Apparently my tastes have changed! Didn't have to eat anything else yesterday after that breakfast!
  11. Rock Man

    We saw one of these along the interstate yesterday. Who is making them?
  12. PSU Football

    We had a great time today despite the rain and cold. Would like to go again when the weather is better. Tomorrow we are off to a Curve game!
  13. PSU Football

    Nope. Only Steelers games.
  14. PSU Football

    Wow! That looks really cool. Now, I'm even more excited! Thanks for the tips!