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  1. Well there appear to be some parenting failures with this family. Clearly the two boys in the video need to face some serious consequences and need some intensive MH treatment
  2. This is a terrible story it is only God's grace that more were not hurt hopefully the cause can be found
  3. i would like in the political debate forum. Thanks

  4. Well unfortunatly this company has built up a pretty good monopoly in our region from buying out other companies and getting local governments to require residents to use their services. I often wonder how it comes about that places which once allowed people to pick their own trash company came to decide that Advanced should be the required company. Now they are raising rates for many 20% or more. This company's customer service is the pits having spent several hours a week or so ago trying to reach them by phone at several different numbers. Their practice of picking up trash at night while I can see some advantages to it it also involves risks to the workers who, when I have seen them do not have reflective vests on, which places them in danger from traffic, (also required by OSHA). This could be just employees not wearing what they should but if the employer was serious about safety they would be wearing it. Some years ago I worked for a company that was providing services to government agencies and saw them providing many gifts to local officals that encouraged them to give the company business. So I am bit leery of deals like advanced is getting but a company with a poor safety record places not only their workers but also others at risk
  5. It is unfortunate that to often someone must die in order for changes to come in some industries
  6. DRNeil


    here is the best way for Meatloaf
  7. http://americanoverlook.com/he-setup-a-trail-cam-to-catch-poachers-on-his-land-but-his-jaw-dropped-when-he-looked-at-the-photos-2/63841 What do ya think it is?
  8. that looks like the old clearfield county home on what is now Leonard St
  9. she was such a nice person she will be missed
  10. Dodge Houtzdale is kinda far from Rockton Mountain.
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