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  1. Paradox


    More seating kind of seems like a waste of money at this point.
  2. Sweet, today I can customize my legal identification, tomorrow I can snap my fingers and decide my credit score is 800 and declare myself debt free...just because and not have to pay a cent. I just decide I wish it so and it can't be questioned or everyone is intolerant and a bigot if they disagree.
  3. If you get Zito, buy your own modem and router. Will save you a TON of headaches.
  4. Hopefully word gets out while he's in prison on what he did and other justice is served.
  5. Burn me at the stake if you want but all of these cancellations are just ridiculous. Canceling community days, 4th of July activities etc. is just plain stupid...in my opinion. One side says it’s the worlds worst virus, one side says it’s not as bad. I’m in the middle but more towards the not as bad side. Pretty much as any other virus today eventually we’re all going to be exposed to it and/or get it at some point and diluting our immune systems isn’t the answer. Again all my opinion. All this isolation and distancing is doing is turning people into even more antisocial disrespectful @$$holes who can’t function in society. Not living life and shacking up is just killing people from the inside more aggressively than any virus.
  6. I actually didn't realize that. Thank you for this. It really would be nice if there was an investigative journalist in our area.
  7. I agree that would be awesome but will probably never happen. Not with the amount of ad revenue the Courier gets from them.
  8. Yeah it's called outsourced contract agencies. You don't hear about that because it's not reported. A lot of jobs are outsourced to contract agencies and staff from out of the area.
  9. No a large part are not just temporary they are just done. Some I heard have a return to work date but a good portion are just simply done. I guess a lot of good nurses that have been there for years and some of the newer nursing staff and nursing assistants were let go, some with and without return to work status. Almost half of the security staff were let go. A big chunk of the maintenance crew, office staff etc. Mostly clinical, support and operations staff it sounds like, none of the top six-figure brass.
  10. Laws are one thing, a police state society like China or North Korea is another.
  11. My personal opinion, and it’s just my opinion that if we don’t push back a little now we’re never going to regain a lot of these freedoms and luxuries we have taken for granted back. They shove the “it’s for your own good” excuse down our throats and we just keep giving up whatever the local and federal governments want us to without question.
  12. I disagree. I’ve already seen people on witch hunts for people who are rumored to have it or may have known someone who knows someone. We don’t ask other people to disclose their illnesses and people they’ve been in contact with. Why should this be different? We don’t ask AIDS or Hep-C patients to announce they have it after or before they use a restroom do we? We could use the argument that those are completely different but the principle is the same.
  13. It sounds like in my opinion that the hospital employee and the BF need to stop leaking info that could potentially cause panic or cause issues for those that are sick. To the public or other individuals.
  14. Got the initial and follow-up response from the DuBois Area School District alert system, which let me start off by saying I highly appreciate, regarding elevated police response, bus services being diverted, and lock down. Thank you for the action by the local responders and school district. Only thing I’d like to know is what prompted this? With my kids in these schools and a continued heightened police presence remaining, what happened?
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