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  1. I wonder what stopped them from being able to sanitize?
  2. Oh let me guess, YOU verified all these claims with your own YouTube research? This woman blatently lied about being jailed without cause, losing all credebility. Just a coincidence she has that book out right? YOU go research what she says and let me know when you get something that isn't on YouTube or Infowars.
  3. brandn18


    What the heck, might be fun to have all you guys gang up on me. I don't see a debate forum listed in the main forum list, how do I get approved?
  4. Keep in mind, this wackjob woman was jailed for stealing equipment from her employer after she was terminated... not 'without reason' or as an attempt to silence her as she may claim. She also said that breathing into a mask will reintroduce the expelled virus back into your body making you more ill - which is sheer Idiocracy. She's just trying to sell her new book full of BS.
  5. brandn18


    I can only assume the debate forum for Dubois is an echo chamber of ultra conservative ideals.
  6. brandn18


    No, more so like Ivanka and Jared's private email server they use for government business to keep things off the grid.
  7. brandn18


    if thats the case, sounds like a waste of paper IMO. If they need to print one copy for some strange policy, thats fine. Those voting could just as easy read off of a digital copy. So, one staff member needs to be at a site to ensure it gets printed. My wife works for a large corporate tax office. They deal in paper, checks, mailings, etc. With everything going on with Covid-19, her entire division is working from home...except her. She goes in daily..prints what needs printed, mails what needs mailed, scans files, etc. They don't need the whole team there watching her print correspondence. They work on digital files, email back and forth, talk over virtual meetings...
  8. brandn18


    What would you call it? Field work? Unskilled labor? They have desks, computer, phone, meetings, filings, etc...all done in an office setting.
  9. brandn18


    Good. They can all work from home. Theyre not touching product on an assembly line. Electronic documents, email, video conferencing....they can get all their crap done.
  10. brandn18


    Why can't they work from a home office..just like 90% of most office jobs.
  11. True. In addition to taxpayer funded schools, emergency services, social security. We're halfway there!
  12. Well, it didn't come from his pocket...despite his name on the memo line. We all know it's taxpayer money. If you hate Socialism make sure to send that check back.
  13. Everyone likes to spout how we need to be more patriotic and support our fellow american, and come together, and blah blah. When it comes time to act, it's all about "me, me, me".
  14. "hoax","fake news", "covfefe 19"
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