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  1. It's a great initiative, I hope it catches on nationwide. I'll gladly forego a straw if there is a chance of positive environmental impact.
  2. brandn18

    BWP Bats At The White House

    Did Trump showcase any of his or Ivanka's clothing lines there?
  3. Agree with you on this one. They kneeling protestors have said time and time again, it's not a display of disrespect for the military or the flag. They claim it's about racial inequality in a country that claims "justice for all". They honor the wars our fathers fought and everything that the flag stands for, they just feel those values are not being upheld and THE MESSAGE OUR FLAG REPRESENTS is not being heard. What will it take for some to understand this?
  4. brandn18

    what to wear

    I'm a male, but usually wear a suit. If middle of summer, I'll sometimes just wear a button down shirt w/tie and slacks. If the majority of the guests want to dress like bums that's their problem..I'm not a slob and will present myself accordingly. I'd much rather be overdressed than show up in jeans and cowboy boots.
  5. brandn18

    Casino For State College

    Stop being ridiculous. It's a building full of games. You use money to play games and entertain yourself. I can never understand why ppl feel the need to demonize the gaming industry.
  6. brandn18

    FYE closing at the DuBois Mall

    I work from home full time..I have the computer on and in front of me 8 hours a day. Ordering online is a perfect way to obtain my needed goods (groceries, clothes, household items, etc). I shop online to buy the stuff I need, not the 'latest and greatest'. Also, I never pay shipping fees - almost everyone offers free shipping these days. You don't have to understand this new way of commerce, it's going to happen regardless.
  7. brandn18

    Jurassic Park Movie

    saw it last night. It was OK, but as a Jurassic Park fan i was kind of let down. It's wasn't nearly as good as the previous....
  8. brandn18

    Best car dealer

    That's how they make money... Cash just means they get what they get, no incentive. If someone wants to walk who has 'cash in hand' who cares? Let them walk and the next person can finance and increase the commission. My point being, having cash in hand doesn't provide you any leverage to help get a good/better deal.
  9. brandn18

    Best car dealer

    Dealer's don't want cash. They get kick backs for setting customers up with financing. The "i got cash in hand" incentive only works with contractors, and those who can pocket the payment and hide the income from being taxed.
  10. brandn18

    DuBois City Dumpster

    Just drill holes through it. The discs are stacked.. You hit them all.
  11. Good point. To her, the shirt could equate to prayer to Allah or Satan - or some other obscure god.
  12. brandn18

    Public Transportation ??

    If i lived in DuBois still, i'd use the DuFast service. It covers alot of area and doesn't seem very busy: http://www.dufast.com/ Uber is extremely easy to use and makes end to end transportation simple. I wish DuBois has the ridership to attract more drivers.
  13. brandn18

    Wal-Mart online grocery ordering

    If it helps, you can refuse an item on the spot and they will adjust your bill. I always look at my eggs before they put them in my trunk. They said if any are cracked, I can refuse and they will isse correction on the transaction. So far, no bad eggs!
  14. brandn18

    Five Guys

    Burgatory makes 5 guys look like jailhouse food
  15. brandn18

    Five Guys

    Yea, we are the minority when it comes to this issue. Many people like Golden Coral also, which boggles my mind! GC has extremely poor quality foods.