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  1. Photo of the podium guy at a BLM protest.... because he was counter protesting.
  2. Making an Antifa sign? I don't see any signs...
  3. I wish the swamp would have drained itself sooner. It's a little late now.
  4. Has been 2 days total, any italian papers reporting this yet?
  5. False. you already proved you're ready to jump on board with the lady who lives in the suburbs of DC who can report on what's happening downtown despite having any facts to back up her opinion.
  6. Feel free to jump back in when the FBI pins down some antifa thugs for these crimes. Since they have facial recognition software it shouldn't take long. You seem to think that's what's coming so I anticipate the report. I'm sure you'll stay silent when they start cuffing the Qanon idiots.
  7. Great example of your OPINION. How did you conservatives get so much smarter than everyone else that you're all knowing? Would be interesting to see which MSM is telling you everything that you think YOU know. Are you a faux guy?
  8. Thanks for keeping a clear head, and that's definitely what I believe based on the evidence that I've been able to review. I realize there's many people that think differently and that's okay. They can look at their evidence and make their own determination. To be transparent, I don't believe the 2016 election was rigged either. Trump touted during his campaigning that there was massive fraud and it was rigged against him. Didn't believe it then either. Trump won fair and square in 2016.
  9. Fox isn't MSM? Or MSM is only Liberal to you?
  10. Because I haven't seen any with own eyes. Oddly, neither have the courts. Who do you want me to believe on this? My own eyes and sworn judges, or Qanon morons? Easy choice
  11. There's already been "proof" that certain rioters were Antifa.... already debunked.
  12. Yep, everyone in America has heard all the claims. I can't count how many "proof positive" videos I've watched, none of them incriminating. If you or anyone else can link to me some substantial video/photo evidence (not just some investigate journalism piece from project veritas or Newsmax), I'd love to see it.
  13. Again, that's fine. My opinions don't align with yours so you don't want to consider them..I expect that. You would rather believe the OPINIONS of another person, who also was not there and knows nothing, because they align with yours..also expected.
  14. Okay, but until people stop putting their hands on poop that isn't theirs.. I'm just going to lock my car because it takes a split second. I doubt there's ever been a time in the history of humanity that there weren't thieves among us.
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