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  1. brandn18

    Public Transportation ??

    If i lived in DuBois still, i'd use the DuFast service. It covers alot of area and doesn't seem very busy: Uber is extremely easy to use and makes end to end transportation simple. I wish DuBois has the ridership to attract more drivers.
  2. brandn18

    Wal-Mart online grocery ordering

    If it helps, you can refuse an item on the spot and they will adjust your bill. I always look at my eggs before they put them in my trunk. They said if any are cracked, I can refuse and they will isse correction on the transaction. So far, no bad eggs!
  3. brandn18

    Five Guys

    Burgatory makes 5 guys look like jailhouse food
  4. brandn18

    Five Guys

    Yea, we are the minority when it comes to this issue. Many people like Golden Coral also, which boggles my mind! GC has extremely poor quality foods.
  5. brandn18

    Five Guys

    I've had 5 guys on several occasions over the last 5 years or so. The service was always great, but I never really thought the burgers were that tasty. They seem overpriced, and loaded with grease - lacking flavor. Just my 2cents.
  6. brandn18

    Wal-Mart online grocery ordering

    They don't deliver to your home. You drive to the side/back of the store in a designated area and they load it into your vehicle. It is kept refrigerated until about 15 mins before you arrive. It's a wonderful service, I've been using it twice a month for the last year in my area with minimal issues.
  7. brandn18

    Austin Bombing Suspect Dead

    These acts of domestic terrorism are starting to intensify and become more numerous.
  8. brandn18

    Local small milk producers struggling

    Turners or nothing!
  9. brandn18

    Essential oils

    IMO they don't do anything. They are a gimmick and a waste of money.
  10. Triangle Tech tuition is over 16k a year. 18 month program ~24k.
  11. They turned a game into a business. I'm not debating the validity of the protesting players. I feel I understand what they are trying to accomplish (no it's not an attack/disrespect for the military like so many believe)..and I agree that they chose a good time/place to do so. My pain point is that Americans turned these games and large business ventures into 'patriotic events'. But why?? Why is a football game deserving of our national anthem? Is patriotism tied to these 'tough mudder' events, competitive skateboarding, or bodybuilding? Sports/games have nothing to do with patriotism imho. The Olympics, on the other hand, is a display of a nations greatest athletes. They are chosen to represent our country - thus warranting some patriotic support. 100 years from now, the greatest nations will be measured by their innovation - not who has the best football team.
  12. brandn18

    Ponderosa closing

    Crossing my fingers for "Bob's Subs" out of brookville/clarion area...
  13. brandn18

    People Wonder About Appliance Safety

    "This is Us" is such an amazing show. Great characters, great acting...they did it right.
  14. I used to travel to many of the factories in that area doing sales. I found lower end entry level labor paid around 10-12$/hr... Semi skilled labor $18-20/hr. These are starting wages..some of the old timers high 20s or so.
  15. The photoDNA, like most other software, can't have a 100% accuracy rate. It's just code written to automate this filtration process. As good as it may be, stuff slips through and gets reshared 100x over. It's a huge effort that can't be easily the twarted. Facebook is a behemoth of data.