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  1. brandn18

    Pittsburgh Synagogue

    Another sick domestic terrorist. This new trend is troubling.
  2. Good luck. Malls are now a failing design, it's not the preferred way to perform commerce any longer. They can dunk all the money they want into it... It will remain unpatronized.
  3. I've watched The View 5 times or so.. And have yet to see any 'hate speech' that everyone complains about. Yes, they are very critical of Trump and lean far left...but nothing derogatory. If someone could share a YouTube clip of what they consider to be so outlandish that would be helpful.
  4. brandn18

    Ponderosa closing

    They have a few in Pittsburgh now. I'm not sure of one in the strip district, but I know of one downtown..one at the Pittsburgh Mills..and one in Gibsonia. They are all kind of different than the Bob's in Brookville/Clarion area. There's a weird story about how they got the Bob's name and opened up, but not exactly like the original. https://www.theonlinerocket.com/news/2013/04/04/sub-wars-local-sandwich-shop-in-the-midst-of-battle-over-restaurant-identity/
  5. brandn18


    This is the correct answer.
  6. brandn18

    Ponderosa closing

    There are ZERO Mediterranean restaurants (that I'm aware of) in DuBois area. A Turkish place would be a nice change of pace.
  7. I'm guessing less complaints about Whoopie because she has yet to use any racial slurs in her tweets.
  8. Agreed, not everyone should have a gun....these type of ppl should not.
  9. brandn18

    Ashley HomeStore To Open At DuBois Mall

    idk, I find Ashley to be a 'bargain' brand. They even sell some Ashley Furniture pieces at Big Lots. I just bought a dining set from Ashley in Pittsburgh...similar looking set costs ($700) just about the same at Value City, Bob's, American Discount Freight. All these places are in the same bucket if you ask me.
  10. Agree with you on this one. They kneeling protestors have said time and time again, it's not a display of disrespect for the military or the flag. They claim it's about racial inequality in a country that claims "justice for all". They honor the wars our fathers fought and everything that the flag stands for, they just feel those values are not being upheld and THE MESSAGE OUR FLAG REPRESENTS is not being heard. What will it take for some to understand this?
  11. brandn18

    Ponderosa closing

    Crossing my fingers for "Bob's Subs" out of brookville/clarion area...
  12. brandn18

    Ponderosa closing

    Poke is no joke
  13. brandn18

    Ready! Set!............

    i thought we couldn't advertise local deals on GoDubois? I got bitched at for advertising a local special last year and my post deleted.
  14. brandn18


    i got spiders all over..they drive me nuts. I don't see them inside much, but they hang out on my porch like kids in Martin's parking lot.