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  1. Lol. I took your own sentiment and gave it back to you - only to have you get offended. Tell me, what is it like to be so fragile?
  2. That's ok. Nobody here or there cares what you think either. No sign is going to influence anyone at this point. It just further divides a neighborhood. Take down your dumb little signs, stfu, and go vote in November if you feel like it.
  3. I'll tell cletus to move the broken down pick-ups and run the weed eater so I can see his MAGA sign for a quick snapshot.
  4. So, we got audio/video of Trump bragging about sexual assault...Biden sniffing ppl...and Pelosi is taking sh@t for going to a salon?? The nerve of her.
  5. My neighborhood is pretty split for signs. The nicer houses seem to have Biden signs, they guys who don't cut their grass and have junk on the porch have Trump signs. My neighboring municipalities are largely Biden signage. I have no signs, because nobody really cares what anyone thinks.
  6. brandn18


    Mabel's Pizza, Clearfield PA. Best pizza on the planet.
  7. That's old. Probably from March 1st when there were 100 cases in the US. I'm sure the CDC never thought things would get this bad where we now need masks.
  8. Turns out I have the same amount of scientific and medical training as you. This might help explain why masks could be effective:
  9. Sorry, I didn't think I misunderstood...but I've been wrong before. Saying "Looters and rioters are off limits because they are traumatized by their ancestors having been slaves" seems pretty straightforward to me. Didn't sense any sarcasm here. My opinion of the white ppl who protest come from my own experience. I base it off friends and colleagues who participate in demonstrations and I know well enough to understand their viewpoint. There again, they could have me fooled and just be stricken with guilt..idk. I don't go to protests so I can only assume they are being genuine.
  10. That's....better? You should practice more caution before calling all looters 'decendants of slaves', if that's not exactly what you mean. Not everyone understands or agrees with BLM, but I'm pretty certain it's more than asking for reparations. The white folks you see along side their black friends and family aren't there out of guilt.
  11. Papa John's in DuBois? They are gone due to high prices and not running promotions. They had a 5 year lease, and knew after 2nd year they would be leaving.
  12. So are you saying all the young, white looters/rioters are using the excuse that their ancestors where slaves? That doesn't make sense.
  13. Didn't know all rioters and looters were african american.
  14. Absolutely. The "big winds" were 37mph. Would you have any faith in a builder who put fence posts in your yard that weren't properly braced and wind blew them over? You'd be mad, probably call them a hack.
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