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  1. Guess I'll just drive on whatever side of the road I want, go whatever speed I desire, and drive in the carpool lane by myself. I don't want to be forced to follow any guidelines, that's tyranny.
  2. Any Republican law makers in that list? They're known for that sort of thing.
  3. Fights, gang activity, etc. Police aren't getting calls to clear the park at lunchtime...all this crap happens at night.
  4. If getting explosive diarrhea as a potential side effect means I can likely avoid getting Covid I'm fine with that. I can't spread explosive diarrhea to my elderly mother with COPD and possibly end her life.
  5. So, it doesn't go shooting through the air and onto passerbys? Must be the layer of fabric stopping that from happening.
  6. Wow, you really think a virus just floats out of your mouthhole like a spec of dust? It's in your spit, your snot, etc. It needs a binder. If a wad of spit goes into your mask fabric, u think the virus just wiggles itself out on the other side?
  7. False. If individuals think wearing a mask protects them, they're not one of those smart ppl you were referring to. I can't count how many times it's been explained that masks are to protect others from you, if u become infected. If someone doesn't understand that after hearing it for damn near a year, theyre probably a little.....dumb.
  8. Or because there's a flu vaccine that those with a high risk can take every year to lessen their chances. No, I don't fear the 'china virus'. I'm fairly young and healthy...slim chance I'd die. The fear is that I could UNKNOWINGLY transmit to an elderly citizen or other who could, in fact, die. If wearing a mask helps reduce that, I'm happy to help. If it turns out the mask is useless, who cares - it's as easy as putting on shoes.
  9. Until an effective vaccine is released and we can help control spread and safeguard those who are most at risk (elderly, those with existing respiratory illness, etc).
  10. I'm not worried about smart people. Smart people are wearing masks so they don't get mouth fluids in the air. If i see someone not wearing a mask, or not wearing pants, I avoid them. Go find a friend and do a little test: Have your friend spit directly into your face. Now have your friend wear a mask and try to perform the same the same action. In which instance do you think you were more susceptible to coming in contact with your friend's bodily fluids and therefore contracting any virus he/she may have? Again, no fancy study needs presented to understand this. So now what?
  11. I don't know if I'm ready for a pantless society. Idk about you, but if I had to stand near someone who was pissing into open air...I'd prefer they had pants on to reduce how much gets onto others.
  12. There's no proof that wearing jeans will stop the transfer of piss either, but common sense tells me they are probably helpful. Don't need a scientific study to understand that putting fabric over a hole that you expell body fluid will aid in preventing spread.
  13. brandn18

    I Voted

    Zero minute wait, as I mailed mine in weeks ago.
  14. He has pretty good dance moves for an elderly man!
  15. What a monster. Another example of him trying to keep his boot on your neck.
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