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  1. That's very unfortunate, and wrong. Patriotism shouldn't be 'beaten' into children, they should understand why and have the desire to stand.
  2. SNL

    One of my favorites as well
  3. I don't think the added sugar or cream is going to hinder the health benefit. It doesn't lower the concentration of antioxidants or caffeine levels.. Simply add fats, carbs, and calories.
  4. 2017 CMA Nominees

    Agree. It's complete garbage.
  5. How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    Understood. I didn't feel targeted, but I did disagree with your assessment that the OP was being shamed by anyone.
  6. How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    I don't see anyone shaming. I do see ppl siding with the OP in that she recognized she had a different feeling of an individual based on thier appearence and they don't like that they now have that reaction. Nobody called out the OP as a racist or bigot - but shared in her disgust that Americans are now reacting with such paranoia.
  7. How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    Imo, Dubois would benefit from more diversity. Not specifically black folks, but more middle Eastern, Hispanic, and Asian. Daily interaction with ppl of another culture is a great way to void phobias.
  8. How safe should we feel even in DuBois?

    To me it sounds like this gentlemen would have welcomed a warm greeting. It's too bad the opportunity was missed over paranoia. It's sad that many Americans feel this way and I hope our nation trends differently in the coming decades.
  9. What The Heck Is A 'Pittsburgh Potty' ?

    I have one. I use it when I'm downstairs in the basement and really really gotta go. Probably used it twice last year.
  10. Turn on the news now!

    Did they link the attacker to ISIS already?
  11. Trick or treating.

    Right on. When I was growing up we did trick or treat on Halloween night, as well as in the dark. It was perfect.
  12. I went to college at two different Universities. Neither one supplied me a personal computer or loaned me a calculator. I used the computer lab for most assignments. I had to buy my own graphing calculator for Calculus (it wasn't a TI-82 and was less than $20). High school students don't need personal PCs. Use the lab, every high school has one.
  13. Prayers for Shooting Victims in Las Vegas

    Domestic terrorism is horrible. I'm curious as to why he targeted this type of event and his motives.
  14. So, Dunkins is coming...

    There isn't a Dunkin Donuts in the DuBois area. To my knowledge, this may be the only drive thru coffee/doughnut business. It will be easy access for those traveling and coming off of I-80, those coming to town for shopping, and those of us who use the Dunkin Perks app and get free coffee. I can't think of any reason why this isn't a good choice for DuBois.
  15. Ready! Set!............

    i thought we couldn't advertise local deals on GoDubois? I got bitched at for advertising a local special last year and my post deleted.