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  1. Future Republicans. They read the label warning of the hazerdous effects, but didn't believe the scienstists who studied the chemical profile and regarded it as 'fake news'.
  2. It's safe to say the most recent spike is due to the GOP tax plan. This is the first piece of major legislation passed that had effect on the market-where did the 2017 gains come from? The DOW has changed hands as the Trump greatness meter.
  3. True, if you're on a keto or similar diet you may be buying a lot of meat-which of course is priced higher. Good points
  4. Pa. Turnpike Tolls To Rise 6 Percent

    You're correct, Corebett went in at 2011. IDK why I was thinking it was Rendell.
  5. I'm unsure. But, if the DOW is the preferred metric of economic growth cited by the average Trump supporter you can't deny the steady increase for the duration of Obama's time in office. "DOW hits 25k - go Trump!" That's nice, but it's not like he's digging it out of the ground-its been moving up since 2009..... Thanks Obama.
  6. Obama can get credit for steady economic growth from 2009-2016. 7 years of solid upward movement.
  7. I disagree as I find the healthy items I buy are the cheapest. Eggs, dry rice, lettuce, dry beans, wheat bread, milk, avacados... None of that costs more than a few bucks. I did however buy flavored creamer... It was 3.50.
  8. Pa. Turnpike Tolls To Rise 6 Percent

    Even so, if you exclude sales/excise tax you'll find PA is still trailing CA. Despite the Rendell era gasoline taxes we are currently enjoying we still are not the highest taxed state.
  9. Pa. Turnpike Tolls To Rise 6 Percent

    https://wallethub.com/edu/states-with-highest-lowest-tax-burden/20494/ Nope. We are far behind.
  10. james harrison signs with .....pats

    He's one of the hardest working guys in the NFL. Good for him, hopefully he gets some well deserved play time. The Steelers are idiots for keeping him off the field this year.
  11. sling tv

    No. I use an OTA (over the air) HD antenna for my locals.
  12. Kohlhepp’s True Value will downsize

    Wasn't there a BBQ joint where firehouse pizza is currently located? Went under pretty fast if I recall correctly.
  13. She's a perfect fit for this administration. I will say I think she does a better job Spicer imho. Even so, having to explain to the press the assanine comments and actions of our golfer-in-chief can't be an easy task.
  14. sling tv

    I use Sling TV. It's a stand alone application, which is owned by DishNetwork. It is not part of Dish Network service and can be used by anyone. I have it on both my Amazon Firestick as well as a Roku on different TV's. It is independent of your cable service and you don't need to sign a contract. You can buy, and cancel, at anytime. I pay around $20/month for the base package so I can watch AMC. They almost always have a 7 day free trial you can sample. There's no gimmick, you can sign up and enter your credit card info but cancel at the end of your 7 days and no charge. I did this for multiple weeks (using different email accounts) before just paying the monthly fee.
  15. Meet The Squatty Potty

    I've used this product several times..didn't notice any benefit.