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  1. He is not the dad of the children involved, he is a uncle to them.
  2. Super 8 in Brookville is hiring for a housekeeping/front desk person. Must work 2 days a week 11pm-7am front desk and a couple days in housekeeping. Apply at hotel.
  3. We have to wear mask at my work, and people coming in also are to wear one
  4. Today is my first day of being laid off, both sons living at home are also laid off. Just relaxing today then going to spring clean and throw out a bunch of unused junk laying around.
  5. bvillewolf

    Faith Marie

    Great news she is going home. Such a sweet little one. Keep on fighting little peanut.
  6. Beautiful little one. Keep on fighting Faith.
  7. bvillewolf


    Thoughts are with you. I lost my 9 yr old boxer suddenly in Jan.
  8. Yes. When I had to take my 11 yr old boxer to the vet for the last time, almost a year ago. He was starting to fail, not eating or drinking, weight loss. I could not let him suffer even though it was hard on his people we done what was best for him. I miss him a lot but could not let him hurt.
  9. thanks dyna...does he have a green thumb lol..i will stop and see ya soon i have monday and tuesday off
  10. dyna how to you start one of these plants from a cutting? and would you like to share some?
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