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  1. Dobby

    He is Resin

    Thanks be to Dogs
  2. It's only good if it's a cold Reese's PB cup😎
  3. I like fried chicken & fish & ff so I can do without fried pickles.
  4. So how many people have died from injury on this trail...natural selection?
  5. Hey, is Fred even Amish? thanks
  6. Who builds chicken coops or Better Duck houses?
  7. Frank's plain cheese love the corners and Sabrina's in Philipsburg PA plain cheese.
  8. He's NOT very funny, so he shouldn't quit his day job.
  9. Dobby

    Bee keeping

    Thanks I will would love to raise all bees needed to help our natural food chain.
  10. Good Vibes to your friend & family!!
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