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  1. New Business on Hamor Street?

    Where did the Swede's go? Why is the Swede club closed down?
  2. Creepy!

    Update on "The Creepy" it listed here under sales. Check out the add for large estate sale & antiques. Estate of who exactly?
  3. Lady Gaga Sings To Clearfield Boy

    Awesome story!
  4. Upcoming Vietnam PA

    I was listening to NPR on the radio in the car; whenever, I heard about these upcoming programs.
  5. Upcoming Vietnam PA

    Check this out Sept. 14, 2017 about PA & Vietnam. Then starting Sept.17, 2017 a ten part series regarding Vietnam.
  6. Rent A Goat

    Just burn the poison ivy
  7. Creepy!

    Here are the pictures. My kid only took 3. Two of the "just for Jesus" & one of some figurine, but the house is Loaded with very elaborate merchandise, capademonte & a load expensive stuff.
  8. Creepy!

    No he does not have a " good" success rate.
  9. How about the library? Are people allowed there to look for artifacts?
  10. Creepy!

    Kid has photos on his phone. I will get today. Yes, this was the self proclaimed bishop' s "old" house. Was just too creepy! I was less frightened by IT this weekend because this real "it" has too much power in this community & should be arrested, locked up, and shoved down a well!
  11. Creepy!

    Stopped at an "Antiques Sale " today. Not out looking for antiques. Just decided to stop & check it out. Hole entire house is Full of stuff. Told we could go in & look around by some young girl in the garage on a laptop. Supposedly she was working on setting up a web site. We did, but it got a bit creepy, and I said to my kid, this is some kind of cult. He took some photos on his phone. I will post later. Out of no where pops a young women who offered us coffee, and went on to explain that she works here, and She even showed us all the "beutiful " beading that Mrs. Wisor had done & something about her daughter. I asked if the sales go to Mrs. Wisor & her daughter. She said no the "stores" sales all go to Jack Wisor and had I heard of him? I swear she was on something that her so sickening sweet, and that made me want,to shake sense into her, but I bit my tongue, and exited, texted my kid to get his ass to the car. He had a bit more fun by leading her to believe he was very interested in some furniture. I'm a telling you all that she creeped me out, and I wish he could get caught and or busted for something!! Supposed to go see IT Sunday with the boys & hubby. I'd rank her up there with IT.No one else stopped on our way by, but us. Just weird ass creepy!!!
  12. DRMC became Penn Highlands & haven't heard one good thing since the take over happened!
  13. Where is the local football sports forum?

    Coolio & Thanks!
  14. Where is the local football sports forum?

    Perfect & Thanks!
  15. For too lazy to look people ...me. Is there just a local sports forum with weekly scores of games & simple standings? My example would be Brookville, 2-0, next game Friday vs. elk county.