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  1. You are correct! Pay it forward!!!!
  2. Fund the firefighters,police, EMS!!!!!!!! Library's,schools,playgrounds, animal shelters!!! If I were rich.
  3. Also, dodgeball in gym class should not be banned.
  4. Welcome to T.L. & don't get me started on Zitomedia a.k.a. crapholemedia!
  5. Dobby

    Movie Theater

    Yeah, ❤️🗝️🚯🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  6. Trampoline in my yard, law darts in my yard, and cap guns & slip/slides and we love it!!!!!!!
  7. Dobby


    I don't believe that is possible. Not for anything alive & needing care. Most geocache that need any maintenance = the owner adding a dry log to write on & such. Any questions simply Google geocache. My too long explanation is not the best;
  8. Cops have him confined... I'm still in post Infusion & starving
  9. Ok, so as of 12:30p.m. on 09/12/2019 the suspect is out & about with a gun?
  10. By law anybody & everybody has the duty to report any kind of abuse of children. You will NOT get in trouble!
  11. Dobby


    I will try to explain Geocache. There is a free app that allows you to join, you need to make a user name & passo. Next you type in a city & state. Then you select navigation to the site. Example: I choose DuBois,PA and all these areas light up (so to speak) THEN you pick a cache, Read about it, and then hit navigation, and usually you drive to it, and that can be a few miles to 100's of miles. Geocaches are hidden everywhere throughput the World. Now say I pick one that's 6 miles from my current location, I read the description, & this includes the name of it, who hid it, if there's any Special/Specific instructions (dogs allowed, not at night, parking available, ticks, poison ivy, etc) It will also tell you who found it & sometimes reading this helps you get to & find it, sometimes there's a picture, & or a note that says owner should maintenance due to log book wet or empty no treasures. So now I drive to the area & park & walk & once your within 100 feet the app tells you & then you walk,look, at 30 feet give or take a 100 feet the app vibrates. Ok say I found it. Now I open it, ALWAYS being a pen, sign the log take a treasure, put everything back, and them log it on the app & a smile face comes up & a grown face if DNF ( did not find). The siZe can be Miro - only a log to sign to Large. Treasures can be anything that will fit in the container from a marble to a big stuffed animal. So there's no real values. But I am addicted to the hunt, getting to sign a log, maybe getting a treat, & sometimes helping out a sad cache by replacing a log adding treats. It takes me & dog to many nice places & I snap photos of everything from beautiful views to dilapidated buildings to wet muck. Sounds CRAZY but it keeps me moving. We have been to DuBois & many surrounding areas. You'd be surprised that they are everywhere! Sorry so long🤯
  12. Dobby


    They are everywhere out there
  13. Dobby


    Time Left: 1 month and 22 days

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    Looking for land or property With or Without any structures, buildings, houses, that is within a 60 miles of DuBois,PA that is NOT located at Treasure Lake. Preferably an owner with the land rights, that's looking to get rid of it for free or with payment plan. Thank you


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