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  1. Turn on the news now!

    Guy in hospital after using budget rental truck & plowing through bike lane & hitting school bus in upper Manhattan.
  2. Whooping Cough

    Kids are not allowed in our Dubois area schools without ALL up to date immunization, so I am not sure how this is happening...?
  3. FYI - Moonlight drive inn

    2 scary movies being offered at the Brookville, PA Moonlight Drive Inn for the weekend. Check website or Facebook if interested.
  4. Whooping Cough

    Boo Hiss!! To whooping cough!!
  5. Whooping Cough

    11+ cases so far of whooping cough dx in Armstrong County, Ohio. parents were notified & being cleaned.
  6. Where are the police in DuBois

    80's rule! Big foot trucks & big hair! I'm sure we went too fast & raced down the Blvd & no seat belts & we lived!
  7. Where are the police in DuBois

    Teens need a place to cruise!! Can they loop around the Chinese resturant by the Post & still pull out of library bottom lot ?
  8. Check grocery store shelves where the juice is & dollar stores carry it. Your making me thirsty! I like the one with the carrot on the bottle.
  9. Polo, Glad they are home! Is that a photo of one of them as your picture? Regardless, what a face!!😎
  10. Looking for Halloween Scares

  11. rue21 Closing

    Duhams moving up there would be a good move!
  12. rue21 Closing

    I was at dunhams recently looking for a pair of sneakers (on Sunday) a young gal stopped by & offered to help me. She was immediately swamped by other shoppers. She was dong the best she could!! I could see that the back room where she had to look was a disaster!! It was Not her fault! I waisted my best daytime energy helping myself prior to her stopping to assist me. I also waisted my time. I purchased a pair of sneakers for me, and two pair of dress shoes for my kid online after that experience. The one pair of shoes came in the mail this AM with free shipping.
  13. "are likely" when will we know if they are real?
  14. road 255

    Are the monks still there?
  15. road 255

    Where are the storage sheds in Narrows Creek? Is it true that a bunch of monks bought property/a camp & lived there at one time?