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  1. It's always the current husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other. And they are always very helpful and ruled out & cleared. Meanwhile evidence is destroyed & then holy crap something or someone talks and wallah all fingers point to the person that was supposedly innocent. DNA testing has come along way & this cold case or whatever some blogger calls it should be reinvestigated ASAP. Maybe she was mentally challenged but that doesn't mean she wasn't a victim!
  2. Dobby


    Thank you!
  3. The Moon is a non party supporter!
  4. Dobby


    Thanks for the information. I can tell in certain areas where a houses steps once were & how daffodils were planted on the bank by the home. I had to retrieve my lab once from digging there & she dug up some old children's clothes & a cowboy boots in a Montgomery Wards bag. It just creeped me out a bit. There is definitely some weird things we've come across on the end closer to Snappy's which is where the old bar Jessie's place once stood.
  5. Dobby


    Hey, yo conservative man could you or would you be able to share any history you know of the old route 255 up behind Snappy's? I have walked this area many times & I'm curious to who used to live on it. You could pm me & vice versa if applicable. Thx
  6. Dobby


    Awesome they relocated them to the Camp ground per information in this chat. Snakes in a tent...hmmm...maybe Samuel Jackson could be available for this sequel type movie...?
  7. Hamburger meat cooked mixed with brown rice - cooked &1 can of black beans & 1 can of chili's & red peppers & whatever shredded cheeses were in fridge baked x 30 and it's a delicious hamburger casserole.
  8. Dobby


    The fish commission
  9. Also hiding under DuBois PA Zitomedia steps!
  10. Dobby


    Contacted the proper authorities & it's in the hands of the landlord & they will not be bothered. Thanks for any & all information & help. I will hope no one gets hurt minus the landlord (R.M.)
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