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  1. I guess I will call Aqua & ask them to explain why my bill for January 2020 is more than I've ever paid. I have walked thru the muck of the TL" office " with the dog. I don't understand it. Stay tuned & any and all other input is helpful.
  2. Thank you for the info & keep it coming as will I after investigation on my end😎
  3. Dobby


    Unfortunately I will be excluded as what I've name myself " first class, white trash, no cash" people think that treasure lake inhabitants think themselves better than others, well I don't! I know I'm white trash & obviously no cash or I'd of left 12 years ago. It's not my destiny😭
  4. It's tied in with this fee & that fee. How about an internet provider that's NOT with any cable company that I can get? No dtv,no zitomedia, no Comcast, no Xfinity,. Just an internet plan. Trust me I hate the lake & always have & always will, but I'm stuck here til death of myself or other half. Where I am I cannot get any other cable/internet combo because I can't go & cut down my own trees or other people's trees. I don't need the tv !!!! I've wanted rid of it a long time!!! So what is a internet company that fits my local? Thanks for this club & helping as you all always do😙
  5. Have & hate as we call them Crap-o- media, we need internet, but total Q month bill with low level package of some local & loads of crap plus net is $125.00/month. Help!!!!!
  6. Time Left: 1 month and 21 days

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    Looking for locally owned Honda to purchase with clean title & current inspection. Nothing over $3000.00 OBO. Please contact me


  7. Autopsy better reveal something suspicious or get a new coroner.
  8. Last cheap whiskey I drank yrs & yrs ago was Ten High & it ate the vanish off of the table & probably the lining of my stomach...or at least it felt that way
  9. Dobby

    Local attorney

    I hold a higher standard for people that are supposed to be professionals & he failed!
  10. IDK. I hear train horns at all different times in these hear parts. I guess I was just hoping that the need for PA using trains to haul merchandise or items would help DuBois. I know trains are unloaded to trucks. I know that in cities trains bring in stuff & it helps cut down on traffic jams.
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