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  1. Exactly!!!πŸ˜‚ People need to chill a bit & help stop all the fear & lack of knowledge
  2. This closure will increase crime & unnecessary hospitalizations due to withdrawals. This will be taking the DuBois area back to the Wild West era.
  3. I want his address so I can send him a thank you card! Please post if anyone gets the address.
  4. Dobby

    Need used car

    Time Left: 26 days and 1 hour

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    Looking for used car with current inspection & title. Will be used to go back & forth to work & PSU DuBois,PA. Price range $1.00 to $900.00. Sounds silly, but I have to try. thx


  5. Shouldn't Peta be worried about animals that are being treated in a cruel manner & are suffering from abuse & beatings & starvation & all forms of neglect? I'm an animal lover & advocate but I eat meat & don't understand Peta.
  6. 12 hours after the attack & who was it ?
  7. But it's still Wendys correct?
  8. Well, dropped the tv / cable part of crap - o - media. We still have internet via them cause of the lack of company's available. But I'm quite happy with my new situation!! And I highly recommend anyone that's in my situation SHOULD DO THE SAME πŸ˜‰!!
  9. So what company is the one you talked with after 3X ?
  10. I've looked into internet for my local & if it'd work Hugh's net would be $100.00+ without tv. Still searching & Please keep input going for the CLUBβ›„πŸ˜Ž
  11. I have been googling this & I cannot find anything. IMG_20200117_133238.dng
  12. I guess I will call Aqua & ask them to explain why my bill for January 2020 is more than I've ever paid. I have walked thru the muck of the TL" office " with the dog. I don't understand it. Stay tuned & any and all other input is helpful.
  13. Thank you for the info & keep it coming as will I after investigation on my end😎
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