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  1. I love Platt Road & the amazing transformation each Spring of an old liter filled road shrinking place. I have walked it's loop many times & it's amazing how the rain & trees & grass replenish the birds & tadpoles & rabbits and nature. There's old train tracks still used to bring items into the shipping businesses hub. There's years gone past of debris from busier train times.
  2. Remove it by twisting counter clockwise & bag it with the time and date written on bag. Call your PCP. Get antibiotic & take full course. Also use a sharpie & circle the round red area and see if bullseye shrinks once you start antibiotic. My PCP wont mess around with not ordering an antibiotic for ticks. He's saved me many times over the years with many situations. Praise Dr. Devlin & his PA Casey DeLeo❤️❤️❤️ .
  3. We just need a AWD vehicle. Used & cannot spend more than $6000.00. Should we wait as well? Thx for information 😎
  4. Has anyone tried a mask with the filter? If so are they made in America? I'm having trouble at work with the cloth masks. The increase in outside temperature has caused this I believe. Thanks for the information 😎
  5. Is the DuBois JCPENNEY going to exists?
  6. Nope, or ok if he is put in with regular population while awaiting new trial😈
  7. I like feeding the crows. It's always nice to see a murder in the yard. FYI more than 3 crows is a murder😎
  8. Fine Wine & Spirits is Smart! Only 25 people in store & that include employees. As 1 customer goes out, then 1 can come in. Carts are wiped after each customer that uses one. Customers are directed to the items they want & can not mill around looking for items or be on cell phone calling people. It's: in purchase & out.
  9. Dobby

    Last Dance

    He's donating all money made from the Last Dance😘
  10. WoW look at the bail amount! Guess he won't do that anymore!
  11. Recently gave up all meat except fish or chicken & deer ground hamburger.
  12. Dobby

    Background check

    It's not free unless paid by the place that one may be hired & you won't get a copy of it. Only hired or not.
  13. Dobby


    Easy homemade mask from t-shirt: Old t-shirt , cut 15 x 15 inch square, through both front & back of shirt & this gives you 2 squares. Next fold a square in triangle. Use 2 pony tail holders & wrap one on each side of triangle. These will hold your masks on over your ears. Works very good & cheap because we all have old t-shirts and if you don't have ponytail rubber band holders they're probably a buck at the dollar store. Just trying to offer some help to anybody that doesn't want to buy one my son and I did this and it works really well plus then you can always wash it just easy to do and undo. Thanks 😎
  14. Dobby

    Last Dance

    Also amazing how Jordan had to lift weights to gain weight/muscle mass because he looked like nothing but muscle. Love Air Jordan & I wanna be like Mike
  15. Don't mow as usual for a week or leave patches. Please for all of us!
  16. Let's just go back to the cowboy days😎
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